Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • ajm
    01-26 04:48 PM
    This definitely raises a red flag, given that it is so open-ended. Come to think of it, all companies invest in training/educating their employees. Asking the employee to refund those costs on seperation seems a bit absurd.

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  • lazycis
    12-17 07:17 PM
    4. What are the advantages of filing AC-21?

    I do not see any.

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  • akred
    07-14 06:35 PM
    it is not clear to me that this version allows legal kids to benefit
    it talk about people being "otherwise deportable"
    someone needs to clarify with an immigration attorney or something

    Siskind says it only benefits illegals. Read his comment on his blog at

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  • venkygct
    09-05 10:54 PM
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    02-03 01:16 AM
    the trend continues...

    soul and eilsoe were my favs as well. But, [sigh] I had to decide
    of course. And I did, bravely and valiantly.

    Nice work everyone!


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  • leoindiano
    06-02 11:11 AM
    Do not think anything wrong in voting. Atleast so many IV members are again active due to this voting. No harm...


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  • kumar1
    01-04 03:10 PM
    Now as I am thinking hard - H4 might stand for HAREM visa. Bring as many as you want and have your own Harem!

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  • godspeed
    11-03 01:36 PM
    no, its called covering our behind, if in future something comes back to bite ;),
    As long as your orig employer does not complain(which i hardly doubt anyone will do) you are fine, worst case scenario if someone does, then its not a big hurdle to cross with an able attorney's help.
    Just to put your mind at ease, i have several friends(not friend-of-a-friend) who had quit at various intervals (1-2-3 months) after getting their GC's and haven't faced a single issue while in process of becoming a citizen.
    In short its better to be safe than sorry so these attorneys suggest staying for atleast 180 days.
    If that is the case, then why is it that all immigration attorneys are asking us to stay with our current employers citing this "Intent" thing? Are you saying that it's all smoke and no fire?


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  • anai
    07-19 02:20 PM
    Most people from India will have PPD test positive as they have received BCG vaccine in childhood. PPD test in not mandatory. Negative chest xray is sufficient to prove that you are free from active TB (you may still have dormant infection but that doesn't matter at this point of time). Plus USCIS/CDC had published a guideline for civil surgeons instructing how to perform the Medical exam for immigration purposes and it clearly says that applicant can choose not to have PPD test and negative cxr will be sufficient.

    Please cite the source for the claim that an applicant has some sort of a choice about the skin test. I disagree with your claim for the following three reasons.

    (1) See instructions to form I-693 (the medical form): "Applicants two years old or older will be required to have a tuberculin skin test."

    (2) Also, while this next link is less authoritative than USCIS's link above, see this page on murthy: (dated mid May)

    (3) Note also the USCIS memo (dated April) that went into effect by mid June:
    This states that, unlike earlier, petitions filed without initial evidence are more likely to be rejected than to be RFE-ed. (See towards end of first page). "To avoid denial, USCIS urges applicants and petitioners to file complete
    applications with all of the required initial evidence. The initial evidence for each application and petition type is clearly listed on the form instructions and in the regulations."

    As always, please read the instructions to the forms. Most questions will have answers there.

    And if the original poster found any of the answers in this thread useful, consider contributing to IV.

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  • asindu
    07-14 12:27 PM
    The dream act is an awesome legislation, my dad was one who sent his application for I-485 and it was received on the 2nd of july. However, due to the July visa fiasco he is stuck like the rest of you guys. My point is rather that I aged out in June 2007 and could not be added with my family, for the month of July. I would receive benefits because this would put me out of status as well...also children of illegals are still children. They are not illegal because they did not choose the right to come here but came without any knowledge. So Please everyone take your time to call your respective senators and email them. You can find the names and numbers of your respective senators on the link below...


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  • eb3retro
    10-29 02:32 PM
    So, you are saying that you are irreplaceable? Dare to post your skillset? I bet I can find atleast 10 americans (resumes or candidates who are looking for a job) in 10 minutes time in your skill set. Wanna give it a shot?

    If you are replaceable then you have false claimed in your application that no American is available for your job. It defeats your H1B and Green card application. America invites H1Bs and gives them greencards not because they are paying taxes but because employers prove no american is available for our job and we have unique skills for job. 'Best and Brightest' is we are and USA needs us. Without us the economy will be more bad.

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  • h1techSlave
    06-10 01:13 PM
    Can you call up the customer service to know your status as to whether you are pre-adjudicated or not?

    As per this everyone who got pre-adjudicated would be receiving their GC in FY2010. But, there are people from EB3I with PD as late as 2007 who got RFEs recently and got their cases pre-adjudicated( I am one of them even though my PD is March 2003 and when I called up NSC, they said my case was pre-adjudicated and waiting for a Visa number ).
    With EB3I staying at 1 Nov 2001 when the new FY2010 quota starts in October doesnt match to what Ron Gotcher says.
    Anyone have any opinion?


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  • v7461558
    07-17 09:56 AM
    Looks like it took it a bit to propagate across USCIS servers. Or else, they put it up and took it down, then put up again.

    With the EAD at Nebraska officially being at 112 days (zero movement since June 18 processing times release), it is no surprise they don't respond to expedited/interim EAD requests anymore when it goes over 90 days. Will we have to file mandamus suits on EAD soon?

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  • aachoo
    02-14 12:32 PM
    Is it a people manager or product manager category? Any idea what documents do you need for EB1?

    Not a people manager AFAIK. I think it is a group lead position but no poeple manager responsibility.


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  • sujan_vatrapu
    11-03 08:48 AM
    I have nothing to say about the dems in particular...........however, you are being extremely short sighted if you want Obama to loose. He is driving this country in the right direction, and you go with any republican who just talks nonsense of tax cut and national security, you may have a green card or even citizenship - and your children will be wishing to go to another country as there are no opportunities here!

    (When I say you and your children, I mean us and our children)

    i disagree with you, i love obama the candidate, but since then he did little to merit his election, so howz health care gonna help ppl who have no job in the first place, stimulus was a colossal failure by any standard, he referred republicans as "enemies", howz that for a "change" in dc? we all know this country needs innovation but therz no significant increase in R&D under his presidency, i love some of his decisions but saying he is taking country in the right direction and there is no republican who can do that is not true,

    he is too left, we need a leader who does not lean left or right

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  • go_guy123
    06-24 12:23 PM
    No way CIR or any form of amnesty for illegal will happen in the next few year.
    Immigration is one thing where majority of Americans are united in controlling illegal population.

    It can pass Senate but House it will never pass.
    Moment CIR comes up, the right wing will arouse the masses. House members focus on more
    local issues and in many districts people don't want illegal amnesty or CIR. They want a crackdown.

    Democratic members in the House will never pass CIR against a Republican opposition otherwise they will pay a heavy price in the election.

    In fact democratic party was able to get the house by selecting conservation candidates in the
    conservative districts. That is was the Howard dean/Rahm Emanuel strategy. Select candidates who can win rather than candidates who are steadfast with core democratic party principles.
    Thus you have democratic party members like Jim Webb who are ardent supporters of the NRA
    (pro guns) in a state like Virginia.

    Lamar Smith, Zoe Lofgren, Xavier Becerra,Howard Berman, Lincoln D�az-Balart, Luis Guti�rrez, Nydia Vel�zquez,
    Adam Putnam, Anthony Weiner.....all run in Hispanic leaning districts and therefore want CIR. But Congress members
    from other districts cant support this.

    Senators support doent matter much because in the past (2006), it did pass the Senate but it dropped dead in the


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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-05 11:56 AM
    At least he is better than my lawyer who did not allow me to file in EB2 and also discouraged my company from applying for a second labor. Now i have PD apr or may 2002 and I wait for my turn to come. To each his own, I have read his posts on the forum and the advice seems good.

    what does that have to do with anything?

    the title of this thread is "Ron Gotcher's take on VB." Its what he thinks on a forum hosted by him.

    a lot of these lawyers post "spicy messages." Its marketing in the 21st Century. He did not say that its grounds for a lawsuit, a reader of his forum asked him the question and he said he didnt know and the july bulletin would clarify things.

    A majority of the attorneys dont do anything for the EB community. the few that do attend rallies or do the ask questions type of conference call arent really serving the community. They are doing the same thing that Gotcher is doing. I am not defending him by any means. i myself had issues with some of his posts that I feel were directed at getting more traffic to his website, but this thread was about his impression about the july bulletin. With the lack of interest at predicting VBs, this is at least something to discuss.

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  • sk2006
    05-06 12:05 AM
    ... it is too late to link immigration with housing did pick up some steam as shiller and others discussed it ,...

    Shiller is smart but I think he is confusing the word 'Immigrant' with the word 'stupid'.

    I am an immigrant and why should I buy an unaffordable over priced house which no American is willing to buy?

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  • axp817
    04-06 03:09 PM
    One way of thanking IV is by making a donation, so that IV can continue to help others like you.

    just a thought.

    Good luck with your situation.

    05-18 01:22 PM
    Quotas are exactly the reason I cannot go back to India ever...I absolutely hate them....There is already classification under EB category....BTW I have a MS in EE from Auburn University....Best bet for us is lost visa recapture.....

    Me too!

    02-13 10:12 AM

    Thanks for the AC21 letter format. What do u mean 6yrs - minus remaining time? So, lets say, I'm in the 5th yr of my H1B. So the remaining time is obviously 1 year. My 485 is pending. So, will I get an extension of 6-1 = 5 yrs of H1 extension???:o If so...that wud be gr8. Pls emphasise on what u mean by that calculation.

    I mean to say 6yr - used time (if you are in 5th year) then it is
    6 - 5 = 1 yr remaining. (if 485 applied and you still have 140 approved - you still get only 1 yr ext)

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