Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • zoozee
    12-13 12:46 PM
    Yes' Paid membership for IV is definitely a good idea.


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  • aadimanav
    10-16 04:23 PM
    bump :p

    How do I find out that I am "suffering" from namecheck? :confused:

    PD: EB3 --> April 2004 --> India
    I-140 Approved.
    I-485 Received on July 2, 2007
    Fingerprinting --> DONE

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  • nik.patelc
    04-08 03:59 PM

    Did it say anything on your online account about RFE when you received the email, or you just got the email i.e. when you click on the receipt number it shows status of the case which usually shows a generic message that the case was received and is pending, so did that message change?

    If not, then did anybody else who got the RFE had that message changed?


    Yes status has been changed to : Current Status: Request for Additional Evidence Sent.

    There is no information about RFE.

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  • drona
    07-11 07:45 PM
    Can we put a poll on this thread to see how many members will attend the rally? Thanks.


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  • another one
    07-16 06:15 PM
    Older 2 & 3 were very subjective and controversial so I suggest removing them

    Our letter is not about CNN hiring H1�s, and let�s be practical CNN is likely not to fire Lou Dobb, especially if we insist.
    ================================================== ====

    The Chairman, CEO Time Warner Inc and Senior Corporate Executives.

    Dear Mr. Parsons,

    We are deeply disturbed by the false comments aired on Mr. Lou Dobbs' show, on your CNN network July 9, 2007. On his show Mr. Dobbs interviewed Rep Tom Tancredo(R), Colorado who claimed that H1-B workers overstay their visas and do not go back home.

    Quoting Mr. Tancredo from your show: "H1-B visa is for 5 years" and "700,000 H1-B workers overstaying their visas"

    Even though Mr. Dobbs did not make the comments himself he aired them on his show. This makes both CNN and Lou Dobbs liable for these irresponsible and incorrect statements.

    Let us straighten the facts here for you on H1-B visas.

    1) H1-B visa is issued for a maximum of 6 years in increments of 3 years. It is not 5 years as claimed by Rep Tancredo on Lou Dobbs show. Further, once the first stage of Green card application is been pending for more than a year, H1-B can be extended indefinitely beyond six years.

    2) H1-B�s pay all types of taxes (Social Security, Federal, State etc.) from day-1. In fact, more than a 100,000 H1-B�s, have been working, paying taxes in US for 5-10 years, without even being a permanent resident. The issue of tax has been misreported on Mr. Dobbs show on multiple times.

    3) Fewer percentage of H1-B s have overstayed their visas than the percentage of senators who have been guilty of taking bribes, or the percentage of journalists who have misrepresented facts!

    4) Medical doctors, Researchers, Engineers, Bio-technologists, CEOs, CFOs you name it, a lot of them are H1-B visa holders. They are in demand in all industries. The shortage of high-skilled workers has in fact led Microsoft to plan the setup of a research center in Vancouver. But, that�s another topic, and is not the purpose of our letter here.

    Over the years, many of us have held CNN in high esteem for its journalistic capabilities, and we would still like to think of it is as the �Most Trusted name in news�. However, this issue is turning out to be a huge disappointment for the highly skilled legal immigrant community. We hope that CNN recognizes these errors and rectifies in a visible manner. If no action is taken, we are likely to think that CNN misreports in matters which are not so well known to us.


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  • jayleno
    09-23 07:54 PM
    ImmigrationVoice can sue that person for defamation, but it will not work because he/she can plead insanity(Isnt it very obvious from the post??) :D:D:D

    Very Advanced case of ROD syndrome. Sympotoms: Going to other forums and complain about IV red dots


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  • amitjoey
    03-09 11:20 AM
    Agree with macaca, It is not fair to expect a member to contribute the moment s/he joins.
    Suggestion: IV membership should be free for the first 3 months, after which there should be a minimum $20/per month to keep your membership and log in.
    Also at that time a member needs to update his/her profile to include contact information. This way we encourage new people to come study the issues, gain trust with IV and IV gets real people with real names that can be contacted if and when there is a need for mass-campaign.

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-31 11:21 AM
    If you are not using a sub labor and filing 140 in a week or so, there is nothing for you to worry about.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not using substitution labor. I do not condone any one who does it for monetary reasons.

    So the rule hasn't taken affect yet huh! I will definitely send my application out in premium processing this week. Just worried that I have passed the 45-day time period :( . Does my I-140 have to be approved before this rule is implemented, or just that my application needs to be filed ?


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  • gc_peshwa
    04-14 06:51 PM
    Lets help each others by spreading the word about this initiative to all directions...

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  • gkebiz
    01-15 01:06 PM
    Correct Link:

    Or loginto and search for "Immigration..."

    VOTE UP!


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  • Bokke
    06-07 08:53 AM
    so, is skinning the click wheel ok? because i don't think ipod skins have that....

    euhm yeah.. i've did it, but dont know if its legal..

    B3NKobe ?

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  • smsthss
    09-17 11:32 AM
    immigration thing being discussed


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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-31 11:42 AM
    To me; it looks like it could be a shift in change of policy. In the denial notice; it is the same officer number who sent the notice of intent to deny. Therefore; it is not a training issue; looks like something else is happening.

    training issue is when they send straght denial after 140 is revoked.

    Can you upload the denial notice - off course you can erase the confidential information. It will be useful to us.

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  • extra_mint
    04-24 01:12 PM
    I totally support banishing country quota. It is totally unfair specially to folks from India/China/Mexico and others (in EB category).

    However if we analyze the current mess. Following are some of the things that led to it
    First of all 65K is the number of H1-B's that are issued every year. Lets assume all of 65K applies for GC >> then we get 65 K * 2.2 (dependents) = 143K GC's.

    Then how come we have such a big backlog.

    1. H1b visa ceiling was increased to 195K during the tech boom of 2000's but they never increased the EB based green card (it remained 140K)

    2. Wastage of EB visa by USCIS. Some estimates are in range of 500K. But let's say they wasted half of it (250K). This should be sufficient to clear the backlog.

    3. Third of last few years with rise in economies of India and china and ROW, we have seen an increase in the L1's (globalization). I totally agree with this and have no issues with L1's. And many of L1's decide to stay in US. And of course GC comes from EB category.

    Simple logic is H1-B non-immigrant visa has been recognized as dual intent, which means holders of H1B can legally apply for GC.
    On the other hand Congress and US govt have failed to provide adequate GC for EB. The system is a total chaos now for all the above reasons.

    This is what we need to communicate to congress/us govt and if required challenge in court.

    Can't agree less with you pappu:)


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  • deba
    06-13 07:25 PM
    Friends, I understand the concept of marrying before and after 485.
    My question: Lets say I go ahead and apply for 485. However, my H1 has expired, so I will be traveling on AP. So when I travel outside the US, I am technically not on H1, when I come I right? So, if my spouse wants to apply for H4 visa will she be granted one? Since I had traveled on AP? I am sorry if I confused this with EAD. Bottom line, my H1 stamp has expired and I do not intend to go for another stamping while outside.

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  • mhathi
    05-23 03:19 PM
    Agree with original post.

    Numbers USA people are angry right wing citizens.

    Calls from legal aliens who can't vote won't move lawmakers one bit. Money and votes are the only 2 things that matter to politicians.

    Pressure groups and lobbyists have far more reach and influence. IV as a group can use lobbyists and other influence to get a lot more done. Individual phone calls are a waste.


    So you think its just coincidence that two of the lawmakers from Congressional Hispanic Caucus have decided to cosponsor the three lofgren bills at the same time that 200 of us have called? Despite the fact that the CHC has gone on record saying they will not support legal immigration reform unless it also has amnesty provisions, and the three bills are solely for legal immigration ?


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  • cashah19
    06-15 09:12 AM
    [QUOTE=manojp4]You cannot do CP for your spouse unless your I-485 is approved (an immigrant visa number is available for you). That is why the adjustment of status within the US is so much more preferable for most people - it lets you and the spouse get the EAD and start working without waiting for the approval of your GC.

    Thanks manojp4, appreciate your help. Just to clarify my doubt, she would need to file a 485 anyhow, before the dates retrogress again, right. Would it matter if I included her name in my filing, along with the marriage certificate. I guess all I am trying to understand is I know 100% that I will be married before I file, would that help her in anyway, lets say if the dates retrogress in August and she cannot file till then.

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  • MetteBB
    06-14 05:12 PM
    I ban dr_vroeg for being confused...

    Oh wait a minute! Wrong thread ;) ;P

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  • pmb76
    07-15 03:47 AM
    Me and my couple of other friends singed just now. But my question, is this petition enough to fire this guy or atleast anyaction wub be taken againt this guy by CNN......i doubt

    I don't know what this petition is going to do. Atleast it will convey to CNN top brass that there are people out there who won't tolerate such lies. Maybe it won't do anything now but we must continue our efforts and oppose such false propagation of information whenever we can.

    07-18 10:15 AM
    Thank you. Please encourage everyone to sign too. H1 visas have a fee to retrain, educate students in math and science. It amounts to billions of dollars that is used for educating students here. I think we need to educate him and not put up with whatever he feels can say and untrue. Besides we have all contributed and have not strained any support system like social security, medicare.

    06-23 11:07 PM

    What is the difference between Patriot America & Protection America other than 90/10, 80/20 option. From the comparision chart everything else looks the same. Patrior is slightly cheaper than Protection. One thing that I noticed is you can not renew Patriot if its bought <3months initially, however, Protection can be renewed. Any other good reasons for the price difference?


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