Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 10:12 AM
    There is simply not enough room for either a Mobility X1800 or Geforce GO7800 (was GO7700, meant 7800) chip in this 1" thick notebook. Stay in fairyland . . . why can't people be a bit realistic?

    Because being realistic isn't fun. I'd love to have the option of a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX, but I know it isn't going to happen. It's still fun to throw out there for giggles.

    I'm going to go hang out in fairyland for awhile. Please stay in the real world, thanks.:p

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  • kntgsp
    Apr 24, 04:52 AM
    Apple's problem is that they put "Looks" before performance.

    They crippled their chances of ever becoming a serious competitor to the PC for games due to deciding to use giant laptops on a stand which meant they could not cool any decent graphics cards, handing the gaming crown to the PC for years on a plate.

    As for the future who knows.

    That issue could have been largely solved if they had just faced a standard high end GPU with the intake facing towards the back and the exhaust on the side. But Apple is too vain to put a vent on the rear of the iMac to accomodate the intake of a high quality GPU, let alone a slim exhaust vent on the side.

    If they had simply used a standard GPU like that it would have opened up quality gaming on the Mac and made it simple to upgrade to newer cards so that people didn't have to chuck the entire computer every time they wanted a new video card.

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  • wclyffe
    Jan 6, 11:10 AM
    So I've played with the TomTom iPhone Car Kit for a couple of days and here's my initial observations.

    * It mounted to my dash really well and the adhesive worked better than I thought it would. I like how the phone pops in and out of the mount with one hand.

    * The internal chip definitely adds speed and connectivity in more difficult areas. In LA, I get a lock on my directions in about 5 seconds most of the time.

    * I'm using an FM transmitter to broadcast my music through my speakers...seems to work pretty good, but the input is a little strong so I have to back my volume down on the iphone.

    * I do not like the bluetooth speaker phone built-in for phone calls. It is far inferior to my BluAnt, but luckily it seems I can have both connected and easily switch back and forth.

    * Lastly, this is the thing that may make me return it...it rattles, as it is not built very well!! Where the car kit spins to landscape, it is just a little too loose of a setup. Does everyone else have this problem or do I have a defective unit? Would love to know if its worth bothering to exchange it. Thanks!

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  • andyx3x
    Apr 20, 12:35 AM
    This will definitely be the first iteration of the iPhone that I will pass on. It's certainly not much of an upgrade from the iPhone 4.

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  • andiwm2003
    Mar 29, 08:58 AM
    i can see the value of having a backup on the cloud. but if you really listen to a lot of music through the cloud your 2GB data plan is used up in no time. as well as your battery on your phone. assuming you have good reception.

    maybe I'm oldfashioned but since it's no problem to buy a 16GB iPhone or an Android phone with SD card you can have most of your music with you anyway.

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  • adamchronister8
    Mar 28, 10:20 AM
    I don't see why this is such an issue. I would rather they wait until they feel the need to show new hardware instead of just throwing something out there to make the press happy.

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  • princealfie
    Apr 6, 05:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an awesome device. I really enjoy it. The Xoom is extremely impressive and for me, moves beyond the iPad first generation I own. I am going Xoom I suspect with the WiFi version.

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  • taylorc
    Sep 15, 09:19 PM
    Could you bump that up if you called back and did the overnight gig?

    Just curious.

    My friend (an apple employee) used his discount and ordered for me at the store. I don't think he ever asked me about shipping, I assumed it was standard for every consumer.

    I can see an extra week to added on to throw in an extra gig and ship from China, not NINE days! Either way it will be here and in the meantime I'll HOPE FOR THE BEST, and expect yonah.

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  • nubero
    Mar 30, 02:55 AM
    Are you willing to pay more for your Mac gadgets so they can be made here?


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  • GGJstudios
    Jan 12, 09:57 AM
    This is quite ignorant on a number of levels:
    It's not ignorant at all.
    1. Trojans do exist for OSX,
    Yes, a handful do, and they can be easily avoided with a reasonable dose of common sense.
    although unless you're logged in as admin (and who routinely operates their Mac like that?
    I do, as do many others. There is no problem running on an admin account, if you're even moderately aware of what you're doing.
    the request to install should alert you to something wrong.
    Exactly. See "common sense" remark above.
    2. Security through obscurity is no security at all, especially as OSX and iOS become more mainstream.
    The market share myth is ridiculous and has no basis in fact. The fact is, OSX has a larger market than ever before, growing by over a million Macs every month, and the number of malware threats is at an all-time low, the number of viruses is now zero.
    3. If you send files to friends, relations, or business colleagues with a less fortunate computing experience it would be playing nice not to pass on nasties to them.
    If they use even a tiny amount of the above-mentioned common sense, they already have anti-virus running on their computers. If not, they have a much larger exposure to malware from other sources than they do from a Mac user sending them a file. If someone stands in the middle of the freeway, my choosing to drive on a different road to avoid hitting them does nothing to ensure they're protected.
    Talk to GGJStudios about point #3. He will rip your head off and call you unprofessional :D
    No, he won't. He will, however, respectfully point out the fallacy of that argument.

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  • firewood
    May 7, 11:19 AM
    Google wants to be Apple. So now Apple wants to be Google.

    Given the market cap of those two companies, it doesn't seem like that bad a strategy for either of them.

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  • mrblack927
    Apr 21, 05:02 PM
    I think the next Mac Pro refresh will be a huge milestone. Not only will it be the first case redesign in nearly a decade and add all the latest tech (USB3, sata III, thunderbolt, etc) but I believe Apple will take this opportunity to finally revise the pricing structure. Over the past few years, Apple has been making a clear shift towards the consumer market. Part of that is arguably negative ("dumbing things down") but the positive is more reasonable prices. The Mac Pro is the only computer left that hasn't been revised. My hope is that Apple will create a few models of the new Mac Pro, at least one of which is an affordable mid-range consumer tower starting under the the $2,000 mark.

    Unfortunately, they will probably wait to use the new performance desktop/server sandy bridge CPUs which Intel won't have ready until Q4 2011 (or later). If that's true then we won't see these new beauties until 1H 2012. :(

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  • daneoni
    Sep 11, 03:25 PM
    Not really sure if any of the rumoured devices interest me tommorow, as living in the UK we probably will be denied any kind of movie download service (still waiting for tv show downloads to start) The media streaming device might be a cool idea but unless it had support for divx/transport stream files wouldn't really interest me either and cant imagine apple allowing support of an outside player like VLC and without any kind of download structure available to view apple sourced files outside the USA cant imagine it taking off. Having moaned a bit though I have still ordered a 24 imac and cant wait for it to arrive ( I love watching hdtv files on my 20' imac now so 24' must be heaven)

    I was just gonna say that. As a UK user i'm not really bothered because we wont be getting anything....its all Yankee based. Heck even the battery recall is practically non-existent. I have yet to hear one UK user receive his/her battery whilst US users are getting theres as soon as 48 hrs of sending their requests.

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  • shurcooL
    Apr 24, 12:01 AM
    If the coming soon refreshed 13" MBA gets a 13" 2880x1800 HiDPI/Retina display, Sandy Bridge and Lion preinstalled... It will be so win. And PC guys will be stuck with their legacy 1280x800 haha.

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  • asdf542
    Mar 31, 08:58 AM
    Wow, the level of arrogance and lack of respect on MacRumors never ceases to amaze me. Every thread, and I mean every, turns into a free for all of personal attacks and insults. Interesting that I never once insulted or disrespected any one individual, yet two responses attempt to personally attack me. Do you know me? Why is this a personal matter for you?

    This is about opinions and civil discourse, not about trying to prove how smart you are or to put someone "in their place". That says more about you than me.

    Last time I will address this matter unless you wish to discuss the topic without rolling eyes, assumptions on my intelligence, and overly dramatic misinterpretations on my comments (that had NOTHING to do with you - and this relates more so for the first comment quoted).


    So where exactly did I personally insult you?

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 5, 01:42 PM
    Honestly, I hope Toyota tells Apple to stuff it.

    same here.

    Apple should look at this as something that clearly shows what people want an add that to iOS and let people theme it.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 03:21 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    No, apple will stop at nothing to destroy the JB "community".

    Ok Darth Vader. PS: What you let happen to Alderaan was jacked up.

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  • ChazUK
    Mar 28, 10:03 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Nexus S Build/GRI40) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    Hardware or no, I'll still eagerly await what's to come from Apple.

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 15, 04:50 PM
    I hope the 2.33GHz processor comes standard in the 17" since it�s the highest-end model...:D
    i thought merom went to 2.66 :confused: or was that conroe?

    Jul 30, 02:54 PM
    Man, I hope once and for all these rumors are true. The phone market has gotten extremely crappy. Even Sony and Nokia are making mostly ugly-ass phones. Symbian has gotten out of control. Really, in my opinion, the only interface that isn't awful is Motorola's (which I used to hate) and the only phones that aren't butt-ugly are the SLVR and that new black slim flipphone under Sprint.

    May 6, 07:23 AM
    Makes sense in that apple could control their own destiny in chipsets and CPUs, but it just seems like the PowerPC days all over again.

    Mar 31, 02:28 PM
    You get 20 gigs if you buy an album on Amazon. Here's an album for a dollar:


    You do the math.

    Only for a year. Fill up that 20 Gigs and a year later you can either empty it down to the free 5, or pony up.

    Don't panic
    May 3, 11:30 AM
    Hmm, interesting. I'm not eligible since I didn't play in Intell's last game, but this looks like fun.

    the rules look a tad restrictive in that.

    May 6, 07:58 AM
    GL on getting people to start making ARM binaries for windows 8 which only runs on tablets who happen to be extremely unsuccessful. If Microsoft makes an ARM version of windows 8 for tablets only, then windows-based tablets will be even deader than they are already.

    On a side note: All current ARM processers are designed for very compact and tight spaces where power efficiency is THE most important thing. Regular laptop/desktop CPUs are not, to the same extent anyway. ARM has yet to show us what it can deliver in that area, so who knows. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Windows is making a version of Windows that works on ARM and the regular processors, so ALL the software works for it. They wont be separate versions.

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