Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • goMac
    Apr 21, 06:21 PM
    Yet another sign Apple is going to kill the Mac Pro.

    You'll see! With Final Cut Pro on it's deathbed there is no way the Mac Pro is sticking around!


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  • JackAxe
    Apr 18, 05:02 PM
    How dare Samsung use a black rectangle with rounded corners! * sarcasm*

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  • Macist
    Apr 21, 03:54 PM
    I said this back when the Xserve was killed. Apple should make the MacPro rack mountable with optional rack ears. Server users would love it. Music studios and video production people would love it. Why not?

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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 5, 12:26 PM
    Wilmer will be missed but he was slowing us down with his incessant blather. I'm starting to get hungry so let's try to find a kitchen in this dump so the wizard can make us sandwiches.

    Vote - Move to the next room (take Wilmer's body along with us).

    Jorah, I'm not certain we are going to be able to follow the "Leave No Man Behind" SEAL philosophy ad infinitum as there will eventually be too many to carry and too few to carry them.

    And just so you know, I believe it is Beatrice who is reputed to be a sandwich maker extraordinaire. I for one, have no first hand knowledge unfortunately.

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  • gonnabuyamacbsh
    Apr 18, 05:15 PM
    Maybe LG should sue Apple.

    they made a rectangular touchscreen phone before the iphone


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  • ShnikeJSB
    Aug 4, 01:03 PM
    Apple never was a part of Mhz rat-race. Look at its bestselling Powerbook. How fast was it compared to the then PC laptops. Anyways, WWDC is suppose to be developers conference, so we should speculate more about Leopard and hopefuly MacPros (because they are long due) insted of iPods and MBPs.

    It sure was! Anyone remember when the Pismo hit 400MHz, and Intel's best was still at 333MHz (or somethign to that effect)?

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 25, 10:25 AM
    Steve Jobs is a dick because I hate Apple. Android is open and I love open. I can open it. I can wigets. I can overclock the **** out of it. Apple is Closed. Hypocrites and Evil.
    And I'm 12. :rolleyes:

    hate is hate, at any age.

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  • johnmcboston
    Mar 28, 09:47 AM
    Maybe not at WWDC, but I don't see them waiting till Fall to put out new iPhone hardware, hold iOS5 till then, maybe, but not new hardware.

    They risk losing people to Android, WebOS, etc... as the remaining iPhone3GS people all start coming off of contract, and nobody will go iPhone4 knowing 5 is just months away.

    This waiting around also gives 3GS users a few months to check out other products (new Pre w/WebOS, etc). Apple does not want people looking around during that break time.

    I'm in that boat. although I'm most likely not willing to 'jump ship'. :) would just be disappointed at a few more months of an 'old phone'.

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  • paolo-
    Apr 9, 08:24 PM
    Kind of a stupid way to write it. That's why most people add unnecessary parentheses when writing equations on a computer in ascii.

    My answer would be 288.

    My official answer : slap in your face.

    I don't see how people end up with 2? What ever PEMDAS is (french-Canadian here). A division is just the inverse of a multiplication, how could one have precedence over the other (same for addition and subtraction)? 48(1/2)(9+3) gives the same answer. It sounds like a lot of people don't really understand what they are doing but rather following a magic spell.

    The confusion really is what is being divided is it 2 or 24. Even if you follow pemdas you should end up with :



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  • wordoflife
    Mar 28, 10:07 AM
    Maybe they are waiting for the iPod event so they cab release a 4 inch iPhone and iPod touch at the same time so there isn't fragmentation

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 5, 04:34 PM
    Android is still open... They are just going to be much more tighter on what Products qualify to get the google Logo and the android name.

    I predict it's going to go much tighter than that. I keep seeing too many articles about security risks and issues with Android.... it's going to bite them hard and they will need to tighten the ship significantly or loose control.

    Open source is a great concept, but in a commercial world, someone needs to step in a set the rules and walls or it just becomes it's own monster and a total mess.

    Within the year, we'll see major changes in the Android camp.

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  • macEfan
    Aug 7, 01:50 PM
    one word : *drools*

    I want one:D

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 23, 06:36 PM
    Piggie, you're my favourite!

    You were quite concerned about how far behind Tegra 2 the iPad 2's specs were going to be and then when the tables turn in Apple's favour for specs it's, "but why, who needs this?"

    Are you trying to say that having a higher resolution wouldn't be beneficial? Especially in light of your comment about the iPad's resolution.

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  • gkarris
    Apr 7, 02:27 PM
    They only need like ~100,000.

    If that....


    Maybe they can buy some broken iPads and take the screen out and cut them down to size... :eek:


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  • LucasG
    Apr 26, 02:26 PM
    Unfortunately, only 25% of the US market agrees with you. ;)

    Who cares? After all it's just personal choice. Whether you use iPhone or Android, it's your choice and nobody else but yours.

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  • whatever
    Aug 7, 04:23 PM
    Thats a little better, but what about having a single processor $1500 model like they used to do with the G4s? If Apple really wants to build their market share, they have to realize that people often buy PCs because they can be customized and some of those people don't want $2500 computers. Not having a customizable model in the desktop lineup that is under $2000 is a bad idea.
    One of the big complaints I hear about Dell from my friends in IT that buy computers for our company (10,000+ employees) is that Dell has to many product lines and to many options. All with prices and specs that change daily.

    Are you forgetting that you can buy a Mac for as low as $599.00 and it's customizable too!

    People who are buying Mac Pros are not the casual shopper, who walks into an Apple store to look at the latest iPods and walk out with a computer (those people buy iMacs).

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  • mojohanna
    Jul 30, 09:12 AM
    Why on earth should Apple "go with" a company like Verizon or anybody else?

    Just sell the phone unlocked and let anybody with GSM service pop their sim into their iPhone. Perhaps make an unlocked CDMA phone as well.

    If they have it right with this phone and there is then therefor the sort of demand for it that we have seen for the iPod, the providers will be forced to offer it according to how Apple dictates (can put music on using computer, etc.), rather than disabling the phone to suit the company's marketing schemes, and the providers will offer it at a discount to attain/retain customers.

    You guys seem to think that the service providers dictate what phones we use. Beyond having to be compatible with the network that we choose to use (GSM or CDMA), they don't. I haven't gotten a phone from a service provider for years as I need a phone that I can pop a sim into that is appropriate for whatever country I am in.

    I'm with you I think this is the most likely scenario for a release of an Apple branded phone. That way you will get all of the cool features available to you and YOU can pick the carrier you want or the one that works best in your state, city, area.

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  • GeekLawyer
    Mar 28, 09:33 AM
    I'm not so sure about that interpretation.

    Not introducing the new iPhone would be a serious break from Apple practice.

    But I guess it's possible. My iPhone 4 still feels "magical" to me. Maybe Apple will hold pat with iPhone 4 - what with the CDMA version and the white model being "new" this year.

    It would be a serious break from past practice.

    And on Macs...

    "Now that we've shown you Lion, with all these great features from iOS that we're bringing Back to the Mac, here's a look at our newest iMac that takes fullest advantage, yada, yada, yada."

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  • LordTyroxx
    Apr 5, 03:38 PM
    I mean a car from 20 years ago runs fine if you haven't driven any other car. The internet from 10 years ago would be fine if you had never experienced todays broadband. Hell life as a virgin would be cool if you didn't know what sex was.

    When you say your phone is far from unusable, its like a virgin saying life without sex is awesome.

    Well Cydia is like being a virgin then having sex with a whore then getting STDs that constantly slow down your OS. It might be good in the short term, but you'll have to work hard to keep the swelling down with various lotions and creams. But unlike STDs, you can revert to a clean version of the OS anytime you want. :P

    Chip NoVaMac
    Nov 26, 08:08 PM
    I don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an Apple MP3 player. I mean, the existing ones aren't great sellers.

    See the problem here? The reason the iPod took off was because it wasn't like the existing MP3 players.

    Take a look at a group of current products:

    1. The UMPC. Seems like a good idea, but not successful so far. Why not? Here's Gartner:[quote]

    This and your other comments are spot on.

    The perfect device will never be found IMHO.

    For work I am looking at the likes of the Cingular 8125. A better keyboard than my Treo 650, and 802.11b support. Add to that basic support for MS Office apps.

    For travel I see the Sony UMPC being OK. It could replace my Epson P-2000 perhaps for photo storage on trips. The shame is that cell phone companies have not let us to share a common phone number between devices - with out us being required to use call forwarding.

    I for one would love the ability to pick the device that makes sense at the time for cell phone use. At work, something like the 8125. When out and about sight seeing and shopping, some like the Razor. When traveling a small tablet PC.


    But the Tablet could be a good start point, before shrinking it to an iPod Video/iPhone Video form factor. Or could we have both? Hopefully.

    The only thing that would make the T1 renderings a "killer app" for me is a slide out keyboard.


    But the Tablet could be a good start point, before shrinking it to an iPod Video/iPhone Video form factor. Or could we have both? Hopefully.

    The PSP is the closest I have seen to the right device. Again add a slide out keyboard and I might buy.

    Nov 26, 05:17 PM
    November 23, 2006 CNN
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Cell phone owners will be allowed to break software locks on their handsets in order to use them with competing carriers under new copyright rules announced Wednesday.

    Given the above news, NO cellphone company may soon be subsidizing ANY phones.

    Well, it's a totally separate subject that's off-topic for this thread, but I would like to quote one single sentence from the related CNN news article.

    The new rules will take effect Monday and expire in three years.

    So, here's my question: If these rights are so important and have been recognized as being so important, then why would they want to deliberately sunset those same laws? Something here doesn't smell right.

    Aug 7, 04:22 PM
    Heres a funny idea, dont put words in peoples mouths. Why do you just assume people dont want a mini because they want to play games? And who the hell do you think you are thinking people want PCI slots only to never use them? Instead of acting like some rich pompous ass you could actually listen to what people need and not assume things based on your secluded little fantasy world where everything is wrong unless it revolves around you. There are a lot of 2D designers/artists, iMacs are not suffecient for obvious reasons and Mac Minis arent either, a Mac Pro is their only option and its a HUGE waste of power and money. Anyone who thinks a quad Xeon will somehow help a 2D worker in Photoshop is an idiot, Photoshop/Illustrator has been absolutely fine for years as long as you have enough ram. The fact is that Apple gave no option for a reasonable proffessional computer, they only gave us an extravagent workstation more suited for professional 3D and video editting. Why the hell should people have to pay several hundred dollars more for things they wont use? Before you run your mouth you need to think about what OTHER people need rather than whatever grand delusions youve come up with about yourself.

    i completely disagree that it's a waste of money for 2d folks.

    stability and increased speed of being able to do things faster and smarter, saves ppl time and that means saves them money and helps them earn more. anyone in that biz, who doesn't want to spend a couple of extra hundred dollars for those reasons which unfortunately don't have an 'upfront' price tag, should rethink their career path.

    i can't put a number to it, but i know i save plenty of time working on my macs compared to my pc. things just work faster, smarter and they rarely crash on my macs. now, when i work on my pc...i scream at it..."Why won't you do this!!!! or that!!!! or i hit the wrong keys expecting expose to kick in...instead of i have to click a window there..and there.. etc. .etc..

    those are intangibles which people forget. they are truly important.

    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Proof please that that was an actual reponse from Steve Jobs? O wait you can't.

    Now the media will latch onto this claiming Jobs is lying. The media are the best, so informative and truthful.

    Mar 29, 02:20 PM
    In 5-10 years the iPod will become extinct. By then the touch will be hanging on a thin wire.

    Note that MS is dropping the standalone Zune hardware, and moving the Zune interface into Windows Phone 7.

    If your phone can do it all, why make standalone music players?

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