Friday, June 24, 2011

ivanka trump jared

images Ivanka Trump Gives Us the ivanka trump jared. Ivanka Trump appears in this
  • Ivanka Trump appears in this

  • Guig0
    02-03 10:42 AM
    You voted for me?? :beam:

    you�re the best! :P

    did i mentioned you have the best footer? ;)

    thanks man, you made one kirupian happy =)

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  • EBX-Man
    04-29 01:07 PM
    This deal has nothing to do with retrogression and how CIS works. That will remain the same irrespective of whether India buys american planes or not

    ivanka trump jared. Last week, New York Observer owner Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump became
  • Last week, New York Observer owner Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump became

  • vxb2004
    11-09 11:06 PM
    Mine was filed on July 17th at NSC with RD Sep 10th. It got transferred to TSC, I received EAD,AP for me and my wife but havent recd FP. Opened service request 3 weeks back of no avail....:confused:

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  • Berkeleybee
    02-05 01:02 PM
    Good idea. Most of the Bay Area folks are in South Bay and I am sure would find it pretty easy to get to ICC.



    Did you get a chance to look at the ICC board of directors? They are exactly the kind of people who we need on our side (and in our bank account).

    I may be getting carried away here -- but if we get coherent enough, wonder if we could do a fund raising event at the ICC.



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  • Ivanka Trump is pregnant!

  • tdasara
    01-31 02:23 PM
    Conversative estimate..

    if 100,000 of them file for 485 USCIS would get $90 million!!!

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  • His wife is Ivanka Trump.

  • alterego
    10-11 04:27 PM
    Has anyone thought of the people who missed the august 17 deadline because the labor was not cleared within time. Because of no mistake from ourside, we have to suffer. What a screwed up legal situation ?

    As of now PD is apr 2001, I dont know when will it move ?


    Sorry to hear about your situation.
    The one consolation is that once you get to file your 485, you should not spend too much time in that pending 485 situation.
    So if you ask me today, would I rather have filed 485 with a PD of 2006/7 or be in your situation, as bleak as your situation looks today, the better choice might be your situation.

    Good luck.


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  • by Wendy Lerman

  • Pewter
    02-02 11:41 PM
    I LOVED soul's castle...

    especially how it was 3d and just looked very nice


    eilsoe's was also quite hip...and it was also well done, but the comic speech bubbles made me....

    vote for eilsoe...

    but both of yours are very nicely done.

    2010 Last week, New York Observer owner Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump became ivanka trump jared. Ivanka Trump Gives Us the
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  • the
    12-20 11:00 AM
    GOD! This is the best news I have heard this year ! I am yet to read the document in detail. Thanks for digging this out...

    After being in the dark for so long...


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  • sandy_anand
    11-06 12:21 PM
    For December 2009 visa bulletin - Please call Ajmeri Baba at +44-91-29-2434343434

    Hey! Maybe instead of donating to IV, we could pool some money and get Baba's prediction on Visa movement. I'm sure his prediction would be just as worthwhile/less as Charles Oppenheim's!!!;)

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  • sheep
    02-22 07:47 PM
    i made a castle and put it in Help Build Kirupaville long before this thread started. ....wonder why i wasnt included,,,???

    racist sheep haters!


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  • greatguy
    11-13 09:20 AM
    I have prior bitter experience in taking employer to court - and my take is, it is not worth it. Here is my story:

    At one point, my employer owed me over 20k+ in backwages and unpaid overtime. I threatened him to going to court and he paid about 5k.

    I then submitted a formal complaint to virginia department of labor, who sent it to me back stating 'since a formal employment agreement is *in place*, they are will not interfere' and directed me to go to the courts. Two months passed.

    I then filed a case against my employer in the small claims court in California, where my employer resides. Small claims courts can adjudicate upto 5k. They took my case and asked me to be physically present in the court. Visiting CA, salary loss, hotel etc, would add upto 1k. Also, if the employer does not show up, I need to file another case in the normal court for attaching his property. Long shot and therefore withdrew the case.

    I then contacted an attorney; surprisingly most of the attorneys did not want to take up my case( unless I have a company). Finally, one guy offered to take up the case, but insisted on paying him 4k upfront as retention fees and $200/hr rate. With no certainity of making my employer pay, I did not pursue.

    There was a happy ending though.I bluffed to my employer that my team is hiring big time and I can get him some business, but before doing so, he should pay me all the past dues. I conducted some mock interviews through my friends to make the drama look real. Presto, he paid me every penny.

    The whole cycle took over a year and then I resigned, going back to square on green card; but atleast had the money.

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  • tikka
    07-02 05:01 PM
    and the end of the your post .. will help us when we begin counting

    thank you so much


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  • tuhin
    08-23 05:04 PM

    I am in a similar situation and have a very simple question. Can I port from EB3 to EB2, while on EAD? I do not have a valid H1. AFAIK porting needs re-filing a labor application, hence the confusion.


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  • waitnwatch
    01-09 12:52 PM
    If you look carefully health insurance payments are deducted in advance from the paycheck. So if say you join the new company in February the old company's paycheck at the end of January should be deducting health insurance for February. Therefore if the new company provides health insurance from March you should still be covered without requiring COBRA.


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  • Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

  • gc28262
    02-22 04:08 PM
    Can you please provide me with the information about the questions your friend faced? In my case the client side project was completed. I would appreciate your response.

    I am not sure whether your case and my colleague's case is similar.

    This happened in 2007. USCIS conducts random audits on companies to verify their authenticity.

    USCIS conducted an audit on his company. They fixed an appointment with him in his office. They asked all the tax returns, W2, Paystubs etc. They also talked to his client manager and verified his duties.

    After that everything went fine. He works for the same employer now.

    Hope this helps.

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  • bsbawa10
    08-18 07:14 AM
    After I heard from the Infopass IO that my case is all set and it is sitting in the NSC examination room, I have been trying my best to get my file to the attention of an IO at NSC. This is what I have done till now. Don't know if this would work. If not, what the heck?

    1. Wrote to my state's senators
    2. Wrote to Ombudsman
    3. Wrote to my Congressman
    4. Wrote to the President
    5. Have opened a SR
    6. My attorney is taking an Infopass appointment to see why it is stuck.

    We 2004 guys are really out of luck. First BEC, then all these LC substitutions, July 2nd fiasco, and now this. Can't believe we got screwed in all the steps.

    I also think the same way. Life is so much unjust. (USCIS adds to this injustice)


    makeup Ivanka Trump amp; Jared Kushner ivanka trump jared. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka
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  • yabadaba
    01-28 02:51 PM
    We got FP notices for me & my wife on 01-25-08. Finger printing date is Feb 6th, 2008. Same date, same time for both of us. Just perfect!

    We filed our I-485 application/EAD/AP on July 6th, 2007.
    Ours is a transferred case (NSS-CSC-NSC).

    Did not open any service request.

    Looks like they started processing transferred cases.
    People who have been waiting should be getting their FP notices now.

    Contributed $300 so far..
    i think it depends where u r.

    on friday when i went for my code 2 fingerprinting for my ead, i was the only one there for greencard/ead type biometrics.

    everyone else, atleast 50-80 people were there at the same time for their N-400 (citizenship) biometrics.

    i think they are processing the citizenship applications with full speed to lower the 18 month processing timeframe. everyone over there was a pre July 31st filer, when the citizenship fees increase took place.

    girlfriend Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka ivanka trump jared. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka
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  • nrk
    11-04 06:11 PM

    It is the same agent id for all of us.

    I got my infopass with in 3 days. You don't need an attorneys presence in info pass.
    If you go there with 2 forms of id , plus the 485 notices that is fine.

    Things to ask

    1. back ground check is cleared or not
    2. pre adjudicated
    3. Is there any other thing holding up your case.

    Probably we have to give a complaint against the agent id, what ever the cases went up him he is giving the same message.

    hairstyles Why areivanka trump ivanka trump jared. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka
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  • ramudu
    11-01 09:41 AM
    To mailmy_gc : You are very lucky to have it on the 100th day i guess..Mine is pending 98 days and i went to local office - Newark, NJ today and they told me your file is with the IO and you are probably struck in background check - cant understand he spend 90+ days on background check alone! and i am still counting. I met atleast 3 people whose EAD is pending and expired and are counting days. I cant beleive USCIS is no ruthless and care a damn about legal immigrants.

    Can anyone tell me how else i can expediate? - I already tried 2 Info pass, one service request, Letter to CIS ombustman (they did respond with rrecommendation). I havent contacted senator (does it help - if so do i just call them or go to there office?). Any input will help.

    09-26 08:04 AM
    as per the certificate you completed the degree in June 2002 and you don't have five years from that date so it is tough now, filing for EB3 was a good option.
    Talk to the lawyer and see they can correct it at this stage

    10-15 03:08 AM
    I filed my I-485 (Nov 2004 EB3), but my old labor ( EB3 Mar 2003) got cleared. I am going to apply another labor in EB2 and move this EB3 priority date to that EB2, that way my case will be current.

    Not very much sure about its possibility, any suggestions.

    But coming back to the point, you are in a better boat by not filing, you can atleasr make it as EB2 and get the Green card Faster.

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