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  • kumarc123
    06-04 04:12 PM
    Hello there,
    I called of them, took me less than 15 minutes. i am sure everyone else can call too. The selfish brats who have EAD's and are acting ignorant, remember if something goes wrong you could be stuck on EAD's for another 5- 10 years. The point is, we all as a highly skilled immigrants have an obligation to help ourselves and the ones who are stuck in this limbo till we get our GC.

    You can either choose a piece of pie or take the whole cake home for your family and friends. Life is all about choices and a man is as good as his word. So give out your good word and help the others. 15 minutes that's it.

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  • wawa
    09-30 12:30 AM
    Hi there,

    I received the exact same Email notice from USCIS as you on Sept. 28, 2007. I'm confused! I got my H1B 7th year extention approved in Feb. 2006. What happened to this case?

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  • ElectricGrandpa
    06-20 09:55 AM

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  • MYGC2008
    11-03 04:06 PM
    Congrats vikki76,

    Looks like most of 2004 cases are getting approvals.

    Congrats on getting physical card caliguy--today even both of us got our CPO emails. :D.
    Your posts along with alterego, kabmilegaGC and others ..were quite helpful. Ironically, in the entire time, since GC process began , it is only last 2 months that were most stressful but rest of the time, I didn't even care when dates will become current etc.etc..was just going with flow. I wouldn't want to repeat time from Aug 10th to Nov 2nd.--just waiting, waiting and waiting..and nothing happening.
    If USCIS becomes more transparent and follows FIFO strictly.then that itself will give lot of relief to waiting applicants.

    485 CPO Email: 11/3/2009


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  • santb1975
    02-01 02:08 PM
    I am planning on sending some question so the Hillary Clinton Townhall. I will check in with the experts before I send them in

    Employment based immigration is a very small part of legal immigration.

    Here is a break down of legal immigration #s for 2006 according to Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, published by Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) (available at Spotlight on Legal Immigration to the United States ( By Gretchen Reinemeyer and Jeanne Batalova | Migration Policy Institute, November 2007).

    1,266,264 immigrants were granted legal residence in 2006.

    159,081 immigrants who received green cards through sponsorship from their US employers accounted for 12.6% of all legal permanent residents.

    However, 87,702 (or 55.1%) of the employment-sponsored immigrants were spouses and children of principal applicants.

    The share of employment-preference immigrants has varied between 3.3 percent (59,525) in 1991 and 22 percent (246,878) in 2005.

    The other categories are family preference (802,712), refugee + asylee (216,454), Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 + parolees (43,546) and Diversity Lottery (44,471).

    Employment based immigration is legal. However, it may help to add legal to the title.

    Employment based immigration is skilled. I think employment based immigration includes cooks, priests, .... They consider themselves to be skilled just like everyone else!

    If you just ask for improving legal immigration, they will improve family based or asylum.

    As some persons learnt yesterday, legal immigration has very low priority as compared to undocumented. Similarly, employment based immigration has no priority in legal immigration!

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  • sundarpn
    01-19 09:00 AM
    Folks who had delays in getting H1b stamped due to the PIMS verification at Chennai Consualte:

    Can you look at your H1b approval notice (i.e. I-797) and see if there was an A number (something like A123 456 789) mentioned under the "Beneficiary" box?


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  • RandyK
    11-06 11:50 AM
    Senator Grassley sponsored H-1B Supplemental Fee legislation which the Senate passed but collapsed at the conference a few days ago. Yesterday, in the "unrelated" "Farm" Bill session, the Senator requested a ten-minute time and made the following statement on the Senate floor. Abstract of the statement -"It Ain't Over T'll It is Over."

    Mr. President, earlier this year, the Senate tried to solve the very complex and emotional issue of immigration reform. The immigration bill we considered included border security, interior enforcement, and amnesty. It also included many needed reforms to our legal immigration process. I said throughout the debate that Congress needs a long-term solution to the immigration issue. We cannot pass a bandaid approach that includes a path to citizenship for law breakers; rather, Congress needs to improve our legal immigration channels. I firmly believe companies want to hire legal workers, and people want to enter the United States legally. If we fix our visa policies, we can restore integrity to our immigration system, and all parties can benefit. But if we cannot pass a comprehensive bill--and I think as time goes on it is going to look more difficult as we go into an election year--if we cannot pass such a comprehensive bill, I think that we should consider passing legislation we can agree on. I am taking the floor at this time to talk about the H-1B visa provisions that were included in the immigration bill and ask my colleagues to take a second look at these needed reforms. Many companies use H-1B programs. It has served a valuable purpose. But we need to reevaluate how this program operates and work to make it more effective. The H-1B program was officially created in 1990, although we have brought foreign workers legally into our country for over 30 years. It was brought into existence to serve American employers that needed high-tech workers. It was created to file a void in the U.S. labor force. The visa holders were intended to file jobs for a temporary amount of time, while the country invested in American workers to pick up the skills our economy needed. We attached fees to the visas that now bring in millions of dollars. These fees and the dollars that come with it are invested in training grants to educate our own workforce. We use the funds to put kids through school for science, technology, engineering, and math skills. We provide students with scholarships with the hope that they will replace imported foreign workers. Unfortunately, the H-1B program is so popular, it is now replacing the U.S. labor force rather than supplementing it. The high-tech and business community is begging Congress to raise or eliminate the annual cap that currently stands at 85,000 visas each year. These numbers do not include and account for those who are exempt from the cap. For instance, we don't count employees at institutions of higher education or nonprofit research organizations. We don't count those who change jobs or renew their H-1B visa. My point is, we have many more than 85,000 H-1B visas distributed each year. I am here to tell my colleagues that increasing the visa supply is not the only solution to the so-called shortage of high-tech workers. Since March of this year, the Senator from Illinois, Mr. Durbin, and I have taken a good look at the H-1B visa program. We have raised issues with the Citizenship and Immigration Service as well as the Department of Labor. We have asked questions of companies that use the H-1B visa, and I have raised issues with attorneys who advise their clients on how to get around the permanent employment regulations. I would like to share what I have learned. I want to give some fraud and abuse examples. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the H-1B visa program. In 2005, a man was charged with fraud and misuse of visas, money laundering, and mail fraud for his participation in a multistate scam to smuggle Indian and Pakistani nationals into the United States with fraudulently obtained H-1B visas. The man created fictitious companies, often renting only a cubicle simply to have a mailing address. He fabricated tax returns and submitted over 1,000 false visa petitions. Another man pled guilty last August to charges of fraud and conspiracy. This man and an attorney charged foreign nationals thousands of dollars to fraudulently obtain H-1B visas. He provided false documents to substantiate their H-1B petitions. The Programmer's Guild, a group representing U.S. worker interests, filed over 300 discrimination complaints in the first half of 2006 against companies that posted ``H-1B visa holder only'' ads on job boards. Anyone can go on the Internet and find jobs that target H-1B visa holders. There are more than just national anecdotes, however. Everyday Americans are affected. Since looking into the H-1B visa program, some of my constituents have come to me and spoken out against abuses they see. One of my constituents has shared copies of e-mails showing how he is often bombarded with requests by companies that want to lease their H-1B workers to that Iowan. There are companies with H-1B workers who are so-called ``on the bench,'' meaning they are ready to be deployed to a project. Hundreds of foreign workers are standing by waiting for work. Some call these H-1B ``factory firms.'' This Iowan even said one company went so far as to require him to sign a memorandum of understanding that helps the H-1B factory firm justify to the Federal Government that they have adequate business opportunity that requires additional visa holders. It is a complete falsification of the market justification for additional H-1B workers. These firms are making a commodity out of H-1B workers. They have visa holders but are looking for work. It is supposed to be the other way around. There should be a shortage or a need, first and foremost. Then and only then do we allow foreign workers to fill these jobs temporarily. Another constituent sent me a letter saying that he saw firsthand how foreign workers were brought in while Iowans with similar qualifications were let go. He tells me he is a computer professional with over 20 years experience. He was laid off and has yet to find a job. He states: I believe [my employer] has a history of hiring H-1B computer personnel at the expense of qualified American citizens. Another Iowan from Cedar Falls wrote in support of our review of the H-1B program. He is a computer programmer with a master's degree and over 20 years of work experience in that field. He says: Despite all of my qualifications, in the last four years I have applied to over 3,700 positions and have received no job offers. He believes he is in constant competition with H-1B visa holders. I received a letter from a man in Arizona who works for a company that employs dozens of H-1B workers. When he asked his supervisor why so many foreign nationals were being hired, the head of human resources said: If the company has an American and a person from India, both with the same skill set, the company will hire the person from India because they can pay them less. These are firsthand stories from U.S. workers. I ask those begging for an increase in foreign workers to explain these cases to me. Why are Americans struggling to get jobs as software developers, data processors, and program analysts? Senator Durbin and I inquired with several foreign-based companies that use the H-1B program. Rather than sending a letter to all companies that use the program, which would be over 200 companies, we decided to start our investigation with foreign-based entities. Our intention was to learn how foreign companies are using our visas. We learned that the top nine foreign-based companies used 20,000 visas in 2006. Think of what a high percentage that is of the 85,000, just nine foreign-based companies, 20,000 visas in the year 2006. I say that twice for emphasis. It just so happens that Indian companies are using one-third of the available visas we allocate each year, but there is more to learn. We are not done asking questions. We, meaning Senator Durbin and I, continue to talk to U.S.-based companies and companies in our own States that use the program. The Citizenship and Immigration Service also has concerns. Our review has prompted discussion among the executive branch, businesses, labor unions, and workers, and workers are the ones we are concerned about. So we are not the only ones asking questions. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is also worried about fraud in the program. This agency's investigative arm, that subdivision called the Fraud Detection and National Security unit, is doing a fraud assessment of the H-1B and L visa programs. I asked the unit to brief my staff on their work, and they reported they are not finished with analyzing the data. Senator Collins of Maine and I put the agency on notice that we are anxiously awaiting this report so we may continue our quest to reform the program appropriately. In the meantime, the bill Senator Durbin and I introduced includes measures to rein in the abuse. It goes a long ways to close some loopholes to protect American workers. It is our hope that these measures will bring the program back to its original mission; that is, to help U.S.-based companies find highly skilled workers to fill the shortage for a temporary period of time. That is what the H-1B visa program is all about. Under current law, companies can bring in foreign workers on an H-1B visa without first attempting to hire an American.

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  • raj2007
    06-11 08:28 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I need an advice from you.

    The situation:
    -- Involved in a collision few months back. As I had rear ended the vehicle, as per the investigation, it was found it was my fault(80% mine - 20% others)

    -- Now after more than 18 months, I get a law suit for 3.25 million dollars(. This was served against ppl who were involved. Right now my I have my EAD and AP and maintaining H1 status.

    So what are my options now?

    1. Check with attorney and start defending..?
    2. pack the bags and go back to my country ? If so, will there be any issues in coming back again, say after 3,4 years?
    3. What about my GC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I guess it would be a biggest decision of my life ..

    PD is Nov 2006.

    What's your insurance coverage? It seems you had rental car. Have you taken the rental coverage at that time?

    Send me PM and I can ask my friend, who was invloved in big accident like you. Insurance company will fight for the last penny and after that you have to pay, if it is not covered.


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  • Hassan11
    07-16 02:29 PM

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  • abuddyz
    01-22 12:36 PM
    My wife and I had our interviews on Jan 3rd. Consulate handed the passport to VFS on Jan 4th. DHL (i think) delivered at home on Jan 5th.

    Congratulations!!! thanks for posting your reply.. it will be great if you can let us know when was your H1 approved...


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  • bkarnik
    03-11 12:05 PM
    If you treat the forums as your workplace then it will be better for all of us. No discussions on politics and religion. Period. Just be professional in your replies and you don't have to respond to each and every post. If you do not like it then do not respond. This is not family that you need to correct/straighten every person.

    Let it go y'all. Peace.

    Agreed...this is very typical of quite a few threads in this forum. The thread starts off with a very interesting and researchable piece of information and then degenerates into trash talking. I request all these senior members (Sanju, Mirage, and donors to regroup and focus on a strategy to keep the Senator's office involved in getting some better information for us since they have already started the process. One way could be to draft a letter in reply with the following points:

    1. Definition of "pending" applications in USCIS lexicon
    2. Breakup by year
    3. Are these 485 applications only
    4. Cna we get a similar breakup for the currently retrogressed major countries (India, China, Phillipines, etc)

    Additionally, it might also be helpful to request the Senator to get some information from the Department of State with respect to how many applications are "pending" with them for consular processing, since they also come in the same pool of available visas.


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  • kshitijnt
    07-17 10:29 PM
    Since Visa numbers trickle down, the more visa numbers there are available, the more will trickle down to countries with high demand... recapturing visa numbers might be easier than taking a poke at per country limit.. IMHO...

    I am thinking about future generations as well.

    1) Remove per country cap.
    2) Remove dependant number count

    Recapture of visas is good but its only 1 time thing. Unless its automatic recapture by law.


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  • kpchal2
    07-18 04:57 PM
    how can i talk to those knowledgeble service reps from the service center. can you please suggest me how i can get to them, i have been trying to talk to them since morning and i could not get beyond the first service rep. any tips on how to get to them

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    02-09 02:55 PM
    You can keep your PD if your 140 is approved from your current employer. I know of a person who did this succesfully.
    But I believe you need to restart your greencard application from scratch.


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  • vadicherla
    05-08 11:50 PM
    I had soft Lud on my application last week and i received Finger Prints for my wife but not for me.

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  • rkg000
    04-19 09:54 PM
    Found one more without good education.

    Got to hand it to you man, your comments are Hilarious. You heard this .."Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". You said USCIS is screwing you you by giving H1 and GC to these lesser degree fellas, and shame on them for doing this, yet you stand in line to get screwed by USCIS, everyday, again and again. And you are standing in line for what? the past 10 yrs only to get screwed everyday. I don't understand the desperation. Anyway, hope you get your GC soon. I don't know which is more fun for you, getting GC or standing in the line.


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  • pansworld
    12-13 02:24 PM
    Let it be an open forum. The reason why Rajeev Khanna's Immigration Portal got so many hits before IV was that it is free.....Why we need to have paid membership when our funding drive was successful is still beyond me

    I never have and never will like the idea of being asked to pay, I give what I can unasked. What of the people that by circumstance do currently not have these amounts of money to spare. I should not have to feel excluded nor should I have to explain my very personal reasons why to everyone.

    Have you guys looked in the forums lately, people are getting "yelled" at and talked to rudely if they do not disclose how much exactly they have contributed. So we are only allowed to an opinion or help if we have money?

    I will contribute when I have money to spare, however it seems I will have to leave this organization based on the comments that have been out there before I get to the point where I can afford to contribute. That goes for both time and money, some of us have responsibilities that we do not want to disclose.

    *sigh* I might have just opened myself up to the ones that like to attack....go ahead...

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  • uma78
    08-25 01:09 PM

    I have tired MoneyOrder and it is fast (in minutes), reliable (from my experience) and very close to the market rate.


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  • sanju
    03-11 11:38 AM
    I repeat my request to admins. BAN sanju. He is a menace to this forum. I would like to ask the admins, why is there a favourable bias towards him? Anyother person would have been banned a long time ago. Look at all his previous posts.

    oh ya, I remember you from the days of mumbai attack when you were supporting the terrorist and acting like their spokesperson, right?


    09-25 11:46 AM
    Was that a U turn. I did not get that meaning B4.

    07-12 02:18 AM
    We need help:

    - putting together some wooden banner structures. We will provide material. Please PM me if you are in Sunnyvale area and can meet in person on Friday in Sunnyvale for transfer of material.
    - Ten or so volunteers to help direct and manage the Saturday(07/14) event.
    - People to help with misc. activities like registering the participants who come to the event.

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