Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • santb1975
    01-31 08:49 AM

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  • eb3India
    03-08 06:45 PM
    So I am assuming we have a way to track who they are. Why don't we tag them - on the colored button on the top right, saying something like "xxx doesnot want to contribute but has posted 239 messages" and let people decide whether to read or ignore his message.

    I like the idea but we should tag members who are contributing

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  • whiteStallion
    06-12 05:40 PM
    Very true. Also members should stay away from promoting one presidential candidate versus other. How does it help our cause? This has nothing to do with free speech. There are so many other websites for such discussions.

    Though I agree wholeheartedly that this is not a platform for supporting any of the candidates in the Nov election, but given that more than 90% of the people who frequent this forum are not even citizens of the country and cannot vote... Even if I get hugely motivated towards any of the 2 candidates, by reading the motivational messages from other fellow posters, what can I really do ?
    I cannot how does it matter ?

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  • Vexir
    06-10 03:11 PM
    Uh, can I redo my entry?


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  • Life2Live
    07-16 11:39 AM

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  • gsc999
    07-11 01:52 AM
    Excellent idea......need only be singles.....:) :)

    Yes, and we will make sure flowers are yellow or white. Isn't that the color of friendship.


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  • gc12292004
    09-14 11:45 PM
    where is the poll at?

    We were approved on 9/2.
    Had opened an SR on 8/25 and had sent an email to TSC streamline on 9/1

    What is this email to TSC streamline ? How send email to TSC?

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  • Illegalx17
    06-21 01:38 AM
    Well, i saw it ended tonight so i crapped this out in 20 seconds. I don't think i'm gonna win, but i had fun i guess. First battle i've tried on Kirupa. Toyed around with colors a bit, enjoy!


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  • vasa
    07-13 02:57 PM
    Good Luck Guys...

    Thank you for your efforts for the good of the entire community.

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  • letstalklc
    08-26 11:42 AM
    Yes, You are right...ICICI screwing up the customers like any thing.

    Try using for money transfers and u can also open NRI account....I have also used to use ICICI before but from past 1 year I am not using any more ICICI bank....If you guys want to open speak with New York Branch Asst Manager Saikrishna, he is so nice, he will helps you like any thing in terms of every thing...I have ever seen such type of friendlyness in any govt organizations.....SBI also gives better rate than any other banks or web sites.....

    Guys time to realize that the ICICI is not a good one....more over it's private bank.....with govt banks you have 200% security.....


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  • Administrator2
    09-25 03:23 PM
    Juist to prove the original posters point about IV being intolerant about different points of view and the trigger happy attitude of some members about giving a red dots just because someone else speaks his point of view - I got a very personal and abusive remark with a red dot just for my post above. Not that I really care about Red or Green dots. My GC journey is over. This forum helped me a great deal when I was waiting for my GC. Now I am hear to help others with what I know in their GC pursuit and help with any on going action items. Just wish some members here would grow up and learn to live and let live! :)

    Thank you Lasantha for bringing up the issue of abusive remarks. We take this matter very seriously and we do our best to disclose the information of the member who leaves abusive remark. Since you posted about abusive remark, we looked at the remarks posted for you. Here are the remarks left for you in last 1 month. We are not sure which of these remarks are abusive. Kindly excuse us as I personally do not know the meaning of abbreviations MRN or pos. But your help in pointing to the abusive remark will be very helpful.

    Lasantha 10:31, 25th Sep 2008 -152 Simple. Though I had PD 3 years earlier than you I am still waiting for my GC and I am pretty sure it will take more than 2 yrs. Just becuase ur ROW u dont deserve an early GC. Grow up MRN.
    Lasantha 11:25, 25th Sep 2008 50
    Lasantha 14:58, 25th Sep 2008 -46 you are row pos
    Lasantha 15:04, 25th Sep 2008 188 ignore the reds
    Lasantha 15:06, 25th Sep 2008 37
    Lasantha 15:06, 25th Sep 2008 223 I strongly agree with your views, I appreciate your posts, you always post sensible messages. Here is my green to undo the red
    Lasantha 16:11, 25th Sep 2008 0 As you do not care take one more.

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  • raj3078
    08-26 10:54 AM
    Seems like everyone here hates ICICI... I have been using ICICI for 8 yrs now...Had no issues transferring money..... They might have robbed me few paisa from exchange rate but i did not pay that close attention as i found that exchange rate at remit2india from times and Citi was always bad compared to ICICI. I do know about their bad practices in India where they force people to have min balance of 10-15 K and so forth. I think its time that RBI makes gets rid of min balance requirement or put upper ceiling on it. Having such a large sum (Equivalent to 2K USD when considered Purchase power parity) is ridiculous and kind of stealing of people's hard earned money. But again, ICICI is not the only one doing it so cant single them out.

    After reading so many bad reviews about ICICI, i would like to check out SBI service, but not sure if they allow direct deposit in banks other than SBI? my parents are with IDBI so it is very convenient to have ICICI transfer money directly....Please advise


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  • aristotle
    02-06 02:13 PM
    which country you belong to?

    India, sorry for missing that in the earlier post.

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  • srikondoji
    06-07 12:38 PM
    In same vein, driving on road is privillege not a right.
    With 'privillege' you have to follow existing rules religiously then if it was a 'right'.

    In anycase, what we can only do with existing law is work with law makers and not protest.
    Thanks again for nice discussion.


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  • dallasdude
    10-08 03:31 PM
    Looks like things are going down there now.. due to Current American economy status.

    India facing ripple effect of global crisis, will act fast: FM

    I agree. it makes no sense to invest in India now.

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  • kpchal2
    07-18 04:43 PM
    these uscis reps dont even know that the uscis reversed their visa bulletin. all they were told was they will be rejected and that is what they are reiterating. they do not even know that the people at service centers were asked to hold them back. they are just like a bunch of kids who were told

    1+1 = 2 but they do not know that 1-1 + 2 = 2 becuase no one ever told them that :-)


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  • caliguy
    10-27 02:03 PM
    Thanks @ nrk. I hope you become current and get your GC soon.

    congrats caliguy

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-10 12:14 PM
    IMHO : To be plantiff, we should have made reasonable bonafide efforts to file.

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-19 11:26 AM
    Just a 3 years in USA, getting a GC by porting into EB2 with a B.Com and some online degree!!!!!! What a pathetic situation for us!!!!!!!!!. Wake up USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fully agree with each word you said. Many people with legit US education (not TVU kind that many not so educated people on this forum are taking shelter under the umbra of) who have been in the US for more than 10 years are still lawfully waiting in the line. And this idiot with a BCOM and MCA ( correspondence course from IGNOU) is dreaming of porting into EB2 and screw us up. Shame on USCIS and Shame on DOL. I am really concerned that if legit EB2 applicants don't talk to lawmakers and send emails to USCIS, we will be stuck here for years due to these fradulent porting.

    06-19 07:38 PM
    Heres my entry. I call it the iOtter. Anyone else here addicted to otter pops?

    03-13 08:11 AM
    I am an IV old timer and I was wondering where the IV old timers were?

    black_logs, ragz4u. logiclife, waldenpond, berkleybee, shilpa?

    How many core IV members have already received their GCs besides Aman, just curious?

    Of late is there anything of note even happening on the lobbying front? IV seems to have become another Immigration Portal kinda website where people are now posting all sorts of info, some of it not even immigration related.

    It would be nice if someone in the core team updated the rest of us, who cannot join the state chapters due to personal reasons on the website.

    WaldenPond is too nice to answer your question. Personally, I wouldn't consider it obligatory to answer a specific question by someone who cannot volunteer due to "Personal Reason", whatever that may mean. If you cannot volunteer, cannot participate in IV's action items, cannot contribute, then you are most welcome to use IV's portal to get answers to your questions or get other kind of information - but do not expect updates from anyone as your right!

    IV is not a top-down organization and if you think that it is becoming like Immigration Portal then partially it is due to people like you who do not want to participate but just want 'updates'.

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