Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • reddysn
    06-17 10:46 PM
    I dont know about it

    But you may want to read this for the procedure for applying waiver for medical issues

    First of all, sorry to open a new thread for my problem, but didn't find a related thread.

    I was tested positive for genetal herpes 6months ago, but after that i didn't have any outbreaks. Now i have to go for medicals for my I485 next week.
    Iam very much worried if it will effect my chances of getting GC.
    Should i let the civil surgeon know iam positive for herpes and show my medical reports before he does the blood work, or should i wait till he finishes my blood work? I have read that i can apply for a waiver even if im tested positive for herpes, is it true? If so, can any body please tell me what is the procedure? Do i need to do it when we are filing for 485, or is it a separate process?

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • mzafar125
    09-22 01:24 PM

    I am getting ready to file my I-140. Can someone please tell me what additional documents I will need to file with my I-140 petition. I appreciate your assistance.

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  • kvrr
    03-20 04:59 PM
    Here is the link from USCIS website: D&vgnextchannel=e7d696cfcd6ff110VgnVCM1000004718190a RCRD

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  • nozerd
    02-23 12:38 PM
    Is IV aware of this meeting


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  • VickIowa
    12-28 05:40 AM
    Hi all...thanks for taking the time to help me out...URGENTLY need advice based on your knowledge or experience...

    I'm scheduled to travel to Mumbai via Amsterdam tomorrow morning. I just noticed that my I-94 card is missing (was stapled to my valid H1-B visa). My H1-B visa is valid until August 2011 and I have the original I-797A Notice of Action.

    My questions are: (1) Will I be allowed to board the plane going from US to India? What should I say to the airline officer who asks for my I-94 card? , and

    (2) Will I have any issues returning back to US? What precautions should I be taking to guard against this?

    PS I did some initial research and do not have the time to I-102 since I'm supposed to catch a flight tomorrow.

    Any information in the next 12-24 hours would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all, Vick
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  • waitin_toolong
    08-13 10:08 AM
    I think you misunderstood a point made there. Though it is possible to extend renew H1 for employer if EAD was used some time, but that is like recapturing that status and means fulfilling the terms of H1, by giving up on part time job.

    You cannot be on H1 and use EAD for second job at the same time.


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  • Templarian
    08-20 01:08 PM
    I'll try it when I get off work in 3.5 hours and see how it goes.

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  • dpp
    11-17 09:48 AM
    House bill passed long back, but there are very few differences between Senate and House bills. They have to reconcile.


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  • sharma258
    02-10 03:44 PM
    Hi Guys,

    please let me know how long we need to stay with sponsoring employer after getting GC.


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-17 12:51 AM
    On passing of the nuclear deal. As you all must have read from the immigration voice newsletter, once the nuclear deal is through we will get renewed support from the Indian American caucus on our legal immigration reform needs.

    Once again hearty congratulations to India on crossing the first step of securing civil nuclear technology! Jai hind:)


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  • sts_seeker
    07-05 05:09 PM
    Hey guys,
    See guys, My original LC was approved with PD of 2003 from this same company but I-140 was denied due to A2p and now is in appeal. This lc sub is from other worker with lower salary and he left the company 3 yrs ago and I am still working here. It's not like a desi consultancy where they sell approved labor, hold your h1 so you can't transfer your h1, get pay cut and put innocent people's status in jeopardy and create problem for everyone else who want to do LC sub in a honest way. It's a genuine LC substitution and I want to do it as long as the law allow me to do that.
    I am also fraustrated with USCIS messed up policy of doing whatever they want and hopefully something will work out for all of us in good way!

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  • Sai gc
    05-15 03:46 PM
    Thanks a lot for your time Victory.
    What you said is correct,so even me decided to keep quite and wait for the mercy of USCIS.

    Wish you goodluck buddy.


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  • yabadaba
    06-20 09:23 AM
    take a photo of yourself with a digital camera....go to upload the photo and crop the output jpeg and upload to walgreens. Print from there

    total cost 19 cents

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  • jonty_11
    02-06 05:57 PM
    Good advice vamsi_poondla. Changing job is always a problem in I-485 stage. Making this more flexible is one of the administrative fixes IV is proposing in the letter to the President. One more reason for everyone to mail that letter, if not mailed already.
    correct please get to the core problem rather than duscussing the cursory nature of AOS status. We need to get a resolution to our problems. Please post the letters...!!


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  • freeskier89
    01-14 12:35 AM
    I'm impressed! :) Very nice work!!

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  • masti_Gai
    01-05 03:58 PM
    that might stop ppl from visiting the site and contributing their views in regards to the various immigration issues


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  • indian
    11-17 12:51 PM
    of the passage of the US-India civil nuke deal for us here is that with this piece of legislation out of the way, IV should find it easier to draw upon the resources of the USINPAC and India caucus.

    Before this bill's passage, I doubt anyone from Indian caucus/influencial Indians with serious connections in congress would have bothered to listen to or do anything for IV.

    Now that its done, we should find it easier to draw upon the strength of India caucus.

    IV is not india-specific. But fact remains that Indians are among the worst affected w.r.t. current skilled immigration policies. If we can use that as our strength and draw upon the resources of India caucus/indian-american community, everyone here benefits.

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  • cybergold
    05-13 09:25 AM

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  • kothuri
    06-09 11:35 AM
    Get a good lawyer and ask them to file a Nunc Pro Tunc. Since you are under 6 months it shouldn't be a big deal.


    02-18 01:43 PM
    Well, thanks all for your responses, but I am as cfused as I was before I posted the question. Do any of you have any sources to back your claims. I know for sure that worldwide income has to be reported, so thanks for that clarification desi3933. But do you have a source that mentions that a person on H4 can for sure work outside. Many thanksa again guys. All your help is appreciated.

    I just checked and earlier info was incorrect. Please accept my apologies for providing incorrect info.

    It is against immigration rules to work in any form or manner on an H-4 visa. The immigration rules clearly state that H4 status holders can only do voluntary work.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

    07-11 11:49 AM
    we made our point, lets move on to the next thing, which might be contacting senators, making them aware of our issues and showing them to coverage of flower campaign in NYTIMES, washington post, reuters etc,

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