Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • b_boy
    04-21 05:27 PM
    I and my my spose applied for AP during April 1st week, both of our AP got rejected because of incorrect fee even though we paid correct fee (305$ each applicant), has any one been in this state, please share your experiences.

    I have re-sent the application mentioning Advance parole does not require biometrics so additional 85$ fee is not required.

    When I called USCIS they mentioned it might have been rejected in error, please share your experiences.

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    03-17 02:42 PM
    I have returned from India on AP three days ago. Immigration officer just asked questions on my employment, but he did not ask for proof. If you have multiple APs you should submit all of them for stamping. Thats it!

    I got AP..and H1B till 09..I am hoping to reenter using AP while comming back from india..Apart from AP do I require anything else. like employement letter to reenter the contry??..

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  • indyanguy
    10-14 09:51 AM
    Mine is 11-3021.00 job zone 4 applied in Jan 2009. Anxiously waiting. :-)

    What is the reason behind you saying 'case may be audited' for the OP. Just curious to check your side of thoughts.

    Per lawyer, almost all EB2 cases are being audited (due to the harsh economic climate). DOL believes that if a job falls under Job Zone 5, then it requires enough preparation to justify a EB2 filing. If it falls under Job Zone 4, it's not "normal" and DOL would usually require a Business necessity letter.

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  • mrdinh
    February 7th, 2004, 01:03 AM
    hey heard it might be under $2k...and if its good or better at high iso...then time to fork out dinero for a 2nd body...

    cuz my d1x sucks at high iso

    What is after respond to REF?? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : What is after respond to REF??


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  • vnsriv
    10-03 03:42 PM
    lets do this. been a while.

    let the brickbats rain from those who want me to go to vatica and eat thali :D

    What's need of creating such kind of thread . It is just wastage of time.:mad:

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  • saketh555
    10-09 09:59 AM
    Victim of bodyshopper?? Never say that dude, are you forced to join? Its your choice when there is no other choice or hope. A so called bodyshopper is your last resort before packing your bags when you are thrown out. All the bodyshoppers are same it may IBM or a desi company.
    After lay off in 01, i joined a desi firm and i'm happy with my employer.


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  • anakris
    03-20 04:41 PM
    They are CSC now. Still good organization to work for.

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  • mdipi
    10-21 05:33 PM
    very good! i love it. i need to find a good font site,,,anybody got anything?:q:

    mike :cyclops:


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  • vicky2008
    11-20 11:44 AM

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  • valysivec27
    10-29 01:21 PM
    Hello, I've been offered a job and have less than 180 days since applied for I485. I have EAD document thourgh my wife as well.

    In case I accept the job offer do I need to withdraw my pending I485?. If will work part time with my current employer will my application be affected in any way?

    Valy Sivec


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  • meridiani.planum
    11-12 02:03 PM

    I am currently residing in US on H-4 visa. My husband is on H-1 visa and our Green Card processing is in progress - our
    I-140 has been approved. Our priority date is in May 2008.
    The current "priority dates" for EB-3 as per USCIS is April-2001. Based on this, When can we expect our "485" to be filed and our EAD to be approved ?
    I have a law degree from India (12+3+3) and currently I am pursuing a paralegal program from an ABA approved university. I might loose my job oppurtunities if I don't have a work permit. Is there anyway that I can get a work permit with my pending GC application process, without hampering the GC process ? Can I get a work visa (or EAD) based on my education ?

    With a priority date of May 2008 EB3-India, unless there are legislative changes (or another July 07 fiasco) you are expecting a wait of atleast 4-5 years before you can file your 485 and get an EAD. Perhaps longer, considering how EB3 is ~8 years backlogged.

    Your best bet would be get H1-B sponsorship.

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  • singhv_1980
    01-29 04:30 PM
    What is unemployment wage report? I read that many visa seekers were asked for this.

    Also, they were asked for a notarized list of all the employees with their job title, salary and immigration status. Wow now to get salary information for everyone is breach of privacy.


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  • ps57002
    03-02 08:42 PM
    Mnkaushik and mailmy_gc

    Thank you for your responses. It helps ease my fears.

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-27 10:06 AM
    In addition to doing QA, please continue with your current responsibilities also so that job profile would not alter too much from what is given in the beginning.


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  • Macaca
    02-26 02:59 PM
    Here is the article about Skill shortage: http://www.cnbc.com/id/17188440

    Does not mention us. I did not see a blog site for comments. Am I missing it? Thanks.

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  • reddymjm
    06-19 05:00 PM
    I am sorry to ask...If H1B doesn't have I-94 attatched to it and it was approved when my friend was in india, he can work on L1. My question is, if he moves out of country and get H1B stamped, can he work on L1?

    As it is not a change of status. If he gets it stamped on his passport and enters the county on H1B. YES he can. I strongly recommend to get his visa stamped in India until unless he has a US degree.


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  • kshitijnt
    08-27 07:48 PM
    Hello All,

    I am in a strange situation.

    My attorney is about to file my I-1485 this week.

    My details:

    Previous company:
    Perm PD: June 2006 EB2
    I-140 EB2 approved in Nov/2006.

    Current company:
    PERM filed: Oct/24/2007
    I-140 EB2 filed on Jan/31/2008
    trying to recapture the old PD of June/2006.

    Today, when I checked my I-140 status, it says "Request for Evidence sent" yesterday.

    What are my options now? I do not know if I am eligible to go ahead and file my I-485 now ? What are the implications if I go ahead and file my I-485 now.? Please let me know your ideas.

    Thanks in advance

    wait for the RFE. And respond to it first. Or you can go ahead and file anyway.

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  • gccovet
    06-10 04:55 PM
    My attorney by mistake has applied for my ead renewal 10 days before the 120 time frame. I was supposed to send my application to USCIS by June 20th but my attorney sent it today and did this by mistake. can the gurus please explain me my options. i would hate to miss the line for being diligent. do they reject my application and if so will they send it back. can i apply a new app before i get this application back or do i have to wait till it comes back (if it comes back). what other negative implications should i be worried about.
    thanks for your advice

    Check out the following:


    especially this one.




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  • myallapragada
    07-11 08:27 PM
    I am new to this forum. Just registered myself. I hv a question if u guys can help. I got an RFE for I485 for employment verification. Lawyer says he sent the employer verification letter with his signature instead of employers bec employer has given him authorization to do so. can anyone do like this. does this pose a problem for my I485 approval. Please help.

    04-16 01:36 AM
    yeah nice job man!

    08-13 07:37 PM
    Southern California members,

    We have organized an Immigration Voice booth this Saturday August 18th at Pierce College, Woodland Hills at the IALA (India Independence) event. 14,000 people attended this event last year. Our aim is to talk to the general public about our issues, increase our membership and to generate publicity for the DC Rally. We will be handing out printed material, giving presentations and discussing our issues with the public.

    The booth will be open from 3pm to 11pm. Come volunteer at the booth or visit us on the day. For more information on how you can volunteer, join the Southern California chapter here:


    Note: We are aware that retrogression is a problem that affects people from all nationalities, however, due to the vast number of visa holders of Indian origin, the idea to take part in this event was proposed by a few members in our group. The So Cal IV group will gladly take part in membership drive events by other nationalities should those members come forward and propose such ideas.

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