Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • whoever
    07-20 01:59 PM
    hey, so you got h4 by just producing marriage affidavit and not marriage certificate?

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  • bluez25
    08-23 03:48 PM
    I really appreciate Pappu and this is why I like IV a lot... Staying focused.. I wish I could come to the rally but due to lot of personal reasons I will not be able to attend. ..... and coming back to the focus point of this thread....

    Guys please stay on top of your case and make sure your's is not one of the case sitting in the dead box..... The actual message from the other thread just to avoid the jump....

    From a user expected from other forum

    Finally it's my turn - a Sunday phone call changed it all...

    ...after hearing lots of crap for 6 years, finally I also got my approval on 8/, no,'s not over for me...they wouldn't let that happen so easily... they approved mine...but they didn't approve my wife', I am still waiting....just half way through....

    here is some snapshots my long story....

    EB3, India

    Labor PD: 10/18/2001 [ my own labor, NOT A SUBSTITUTE ]
    I140 / 485 ND: 11/13/2003
    I140 AD: 04/2004
    FP1: 12/2004
    stuck in Namecheck till 6/2006
    Xfer VSC to TSC: 3/2/07
    FP2: 5/9/07

    Status of case since then:

    6/4/07: All ready for approval, waiting in queue
    6/5/07: Assigned to an officer
    6/27/07: Officer on leave, reassigned to another officer
    8/6/07: Case waiting to be assigned to an officer ??? wtf ???
    8/13 - 8/17: Contacted everyone mentioned in this board, this isn't my first time...just the n-th time....

    8/19 - Sunday 5:56pm - actually this is the MOST important event. So, I shall never forget the time. I received a call in my home phone from extn. 1202. The gentleman with a 50sh voice, identified himself as an officer from USCIS. He mentioned that he is aware my case is stuck and wanted to know all details that I have been complaining about. After hearing everything from me and my wife, he looked into some stuff in his system. He particularly looked in details to whom my cases was assigned to....finally he apologised and told me, probably my case was assigned to AN OFFICER WHO IS NO MORE WITH USCIS FOR call for around 48 minutes...
    he apologized again and told me that he would inform Texas Center that there are cases assigned to this person who is not with USCIS anymore...

    8/21 - 8:01 am - I got only one mail from CRIS "Approval Notice Sent for I485"
    ...don't know when I would get the "Card Production Ordered" and "Welcome" mails

    Well guys, did you notice the flurry of approval today?...mostly old cases....does that have anything with my Sunday's phone call?.....I am guessing so...

    My wife's cases didn't get approved since it is with another officer...hope to get that one soon...

    All the best to everyone in this forum....I hope lot's of more approvals to come in September....
    EB3 India
    PD: 10/2001
    I-140/485 - ND - 11/2003
    I-140 AD - 6/2004
    I-485 - Transferred VSC to TSC - 3/2/07
    FP1 - 12/24/04
    FP2 - 5/9/07
    6/5/07 - Case assigned to an officer
    6/27/07 - Officer on leave, case reassigned to Another officer
    5th EAD AD - 7/26/07
    SR raised on - 6/11/07
    Reply on 7/26/07 - Complications lead to additional Reveiw - 6 months
    I-485 - AD: Never

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  • indianindian2006
    03-24 07:47 PM
    Does a dentist qualify under STEM.Please advice.

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  • mk26
    03-21 09:36 AM
    I had my h1 extension from 2009 and I went to Kolkata for stamping in Jan2011..surprised to see there was a desi VO(may be US citizen). he interviewed me and it was smooth, he asked about the company and looked in my past tax returns and approved for visa. He did not even asked about client letter or any agreement. I worked in anther country for 4 yrs that he asked and confirmed though.
    I work for a small consulting company, this was my 2nd extension.
    Hope this helps


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  • ar
    02-04 06:07 PM
    I don't think your design skills are quite good enough yet to be starting a studio. No offense but I think you'd be better off with a bit more practice before you step out in to the world of the design industry.

    Who were you talking about

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  • gbof
    02-16 08:48 PM
    Guys, Any idea how much time NSC is taking for EAD approval? This is for a fresh application not renewal.


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  • bluekayal
    11-02 11:23 AM
    Ellen D. Krengel
    Practice Limited to Immigration & Nationality Law

    3301 El Camino Real, Suite 220
    Atherton, CA 94027
    fax: 650-363-2373

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  • girishvar
    08-10 04:44 PM
    No Priority Date mentioned or upto 2002 - 51
    2003 - 46
    2004 - 117
    2005 - 140
    Upto May 31, 2006 - 70


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  • sanju
    02-06 10:28 AM
    We filed for 485 in 2007 july fiasco... and so far, we never received FPs for me or my wife..
    my lawyer called the TSC a couple of times, and I called at least 3 times, and all the time, they say it is fine, and they will contact me if they need anything. We got our EADs and APs renewed as well, but never received FPs...

    Every time I contacted them and explained the problem, they would open up a case to investigate and they send us letters a couple of months later saying my application is within the current processing times...

    I am hoping this is only normal, and there are others out there in the same boat as mine...
    Am I wrong in assuming so? Let me know if there is anything I should do?

    pal :)

    Hi pal,

    Two things -

    a.) If your priority date is current and you are EB2-India, then your priority date in your profile is incorrect. Could you please fix it, along with other data in your profile.

    b.) Based on what you said, if I were you, I would take an infopass appointment at the nearest USCIS center for the entire family and speak with the IO face-2-face and ask this -
    i.) My dates are current, how much time will it take to approve your application, and at what stage it is stuck?
    ii.) You have not recd FP notice, is that ok?

    I think IO officer will most likely print an FP notice right there, and that will bring up your file, if it is lying in some rubble. It would have someone look into your application.

    Hope this is helpful!


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  • chansek
    07-22 02:08 AM
    rajeshiv, Thank you for your response. I mean, i used my personnel check (My Checking A/C with Chase) to pay the I-485, EAD and Advance Parole fees.

    Please let me know if this cause any problems.

    Thank you for all your help.


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  • rajsoni
    05-06 09:18 AM

    Yes, there is no labor substitution.
    My case has been filed in July 2007.

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  • memyselfandus
    06-03 08:59 AM
    Since i had to spend US $ 70 on passportport photos during july 2007 filing, i wrote my own app to format passport photos. some of my my friends and i used it for filing AP the last couple years. i can email it to any of you if you want it. just PM me.
    you would need .NET framework(minimum version 2.0) to run it.
    it supports indian passport photos too (3.5 cm by 4.5 cm) :)

    I have used this site to generate several times.


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  • mbartosik
    01-30 08:42 PM
    See 37.21 of part 2.

    Some states stood up for us, but DHS just don't understand.

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    09-02 11:35 AM
    One of my ex-colleagues got his GC approved out of turn last year itself. He was EB3 - PD November 2005. They approved it for him, his wife and his two kids! He is a big devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I think he certainly got his blessings on this one..!


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  • wanaparthy
    03-25 01:32 PM

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  • funny
    08-13 03:46 PM

    Do you know if USCIS is still waiting for NC to be cleared before approving the 485 application? Are they following the memo ( >180 days doen't matter) or not?



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  • txh1b
    08-17 09:47 AM
    When I went for H1B stamping my B1 was cancelled and I was told one can not have more than one visa at the same time.

    That is totally wrong on whoever said that to you. One can have B1 and work visas on their passport without any problems and use it based on the nature of the trip. Only conflicting visas will likely be cancelled. Eg would be L1 and H1 at the same time for different employers. The VO could cancel the one that isn't being used.

    Either the VO that took your case wasn't well versed with the law or made a mistake.

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  • krustycat
    10-31 03:03 PM
    Still the same, they are telling me the same story.
    Wait, wait and wait. That's all.

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  • sonyyy
    06-07 04:12 PM
    It's not going anywhere. And I don't think it will go anywhere. They have never mentioned it being discussed or voted.

    Does anyone know what is going on with Sen Cantwell's amendment (1249) that was favorable to high skilled immigration?

    10-16 03:03 PM
    I used AP first time to enter. I had to go thru 2nd inspection where I was instructed to sit and after 15-20 mins, I got my AP back with stamped. I had applied for H1B visa also in India and it got stuck into 'administrative processing'. After extending my stay by 1 week, my employer/attorney suggested to use AP to enter. I did not had any issue @SFO POE even though my visa application is still under 'administrative processing'.

    06-14 07:05 PM
    That was a very helpful info!

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