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  • khare81
    01-08 03:13 PM
    My current visa status is H4. As i cannot work on this visa, I am interested in doing an Unpaid Internship. Please clarify whether I can do so on an H4 visa.
    I'm trying to secure the internship in a nonprofit organisation. Will there be an exception for them, in case it's not allowed otherwise?

    Thanks a tonne!!!

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  • pa_arora
    04-02 12:55 PM
    yep, i saw that on immigration-law too...wanted to email all the reporters with this PDF. but alas yahoo says too many email ids /receivers for the mail.

    can somebody tell me how to send email to 500 ids (approx) thru yahoo?

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  • thakurrajiv
    09-29 07:42 PM
    We had our fingerprints yesterday. They use scanners. No ink. They take 1 picture and prints of all the fingers of both the hands.

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  • amitga
    02-22 04:06 PM
    If you had an approved H1B last, that means that you already are on H1B status as of Oct 01 2006. You can continue to work in US on H1B and get it transfered also. Only when you go out of country then you will have to get new H1B stamped. I also had L1 to H1 change.

    The visa officer will surely ask you that "why did you change your status from L1 to H1" So be prepared with a good answer for that.


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  • ragz4u
    04-19 09:49 AM
    Guys i am new to the forum
    I know its a tough one to guess but

    any idea what could be
    Most Optimistic Outlook for Eb2
    Most pestimestic Outlook for Eb2
    Median Outlook for Eb2?

    I know how much the PDs mean to us, but what will this guessing achieve? In any case these are wild guesses, take one yourself and be happy with it!

    IV is for trying to bring some sense to this senseless bureacratic procedure...lets all chip in to that instead of just guessing possible dates and keeping our lives on hold.

    Thanks for understanding....

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  • hydubadi
    07-23 07:55 PM

    I am in a process of getting name change for my wife on pending I485. This is because her first name is given as 'FNU' by USCIS on the I485 file, EAD and A.P. As she did not have first name in passport.

    We recently got her name change on passport by adding my(husbands name) as SURNAME. Now we want to refelect this change on EAD and 485.

    For this amendment my lawyer is charging $400.
    I want to know, if we can do this amendment on our own and avoid lawyer. Do any one on this forum know how to deal with this situation. Please let me know.

    Your answers are highly appriciated.



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  • pcs
    06-14 01:05 PM
    My lawer is a delay master & I believe one can file himself. Is there any experienced guy here ?

    Do one has to file 485 EAD & AP together or one can file 485 first & can file EAD & AP later on ?

    What are the big NO NO & traps / mistakes one should avoid ??

    This thread can be a big help for new filers...

    Please share your experience


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  • GotFreedom?
    07-24 01:46 PM
    Your H1-B visa approval notice for the new employer comes with the new I-94 when you renew/transfer it, that is valid till the visa expiration date on the notice. Check the apporval notice and there must be a detachable perforation at the bottom which says I-94 on it. This new I-94 needs to be attached to your passport. If you do not have it, ask your employer, they might have it. Legally, you should have that I-94 in your possession.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-27 08:30 AM
    President Obama will send up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the Southwest border and increase spending on law enforcement, yielding to demands from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers there that border security be tightened, administration officials said.

    That was the opening of an article in the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/26/us/26border.html?partner=rss&emc=rss). Here are additional excerpts:

    Homeland Security officials said that the troops would provide support to law enforcement officers already working along the border by helping observe and monitor traffic between official crossing points, and would help analyze trafficking patterns in hopes of intercepting illegal drug shipments. They performed similar tasks in an earlier deployment along the border from 2006 to 2008, when they also assisted with road and fence construction. The troops have not been involved directly in intercepting border crossers.

    In addition to the soldiers, the White House said it would request $500 million in supplemental funds to pay for more federal agents, prosecutors, investigators and technology at the border.

    Homeland Security officials have said that they have significantly increased border security efforts since Mr. Obama took office. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona, said last month that the border was “as secure now as it has ever been,” though she conceded there was room for improvement. Critics on the right derided her remarks as out of touch.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/ERNnamVYvK8/)

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  • deepimpact
    08-16 04:38 PM
    I checked the German Mission in the US website and there I-797 is not mentioned among the documents permissible as exception for Transit Visa. Best is to call the German Mission and confirm. When I spoke to them it looked that they were already aware of this confusion and gave me a definitive answer that I didn't need the transit visa.


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  • maine_gc
    12-15 03:56 PM
    IVians in the state of KY,

    Please join the newly formed IV KY State Chapter. Click on the link in my signature to join the chapter. Let us join our hands together and fight to resolve our issues.

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  • JunRN
    09-26 03:18 PM
    Better wait for your receipt numbers from I-797. I think this case is for somebody else and it is about appeal from decision of previously adjudicated case.


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  • sjhugoose
    February 5th, 2004, 05:56 AM
    Just announced today is the new fujifilm S3 with its proported 12 MP sensor! It will consist of 2 "stacked" 6 MP sensors one for normal detail, one for highlights supposedly giving 4 times the dynamic range. The file output will remain 12 MP as was with the S2.

    DPR has the press release: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0402/04020503fujifilms3pro.asp

    In my opionin, it still does not sound like a real 12 MP, rather an enhanced 6 MP cause all they have done is extended DR by adding a second pixel at each photosite. Now lets see how DR is actaully affected, claims of 4x DR are pretty large and tough to live up too! If the previous camera had 4 stops of DR that would mean 16 stops now? Nothing I've seen ever had that wide a range!


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  • roseball
    07-26 09:00 PM

    I lost my jon w/big software consultancy. I found another project and then applied for H1-B transfer with Indian consulting company. Its been almost 1 month since new company have filed for H1-B transfer and renewal (my H1-B was expring on July 6th, 2009).

    so far, i've not received any H1-B recipt. I'm worried about it. I'm also getting married in the last w/e of Nov, 2009. Is it a good idea to file for Premimum processing.



    First, your attorney needs to call USCIS and ask if they received your application and get a receipt number. Then, you can file a form I-907 to upgrade it to premium processing. Moreover, you cannot start working for a company until you get a receipt notice, so this could cause issues to you incase you already started working. Have your attorney contact USCIS asap and track where your application packet is.


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  • Ann Ruben
    07-03 10:11 PM
    The minimum requirements for a particular job may, and often do differ from the minimum requirements for EB-2 classification. As long as the actual requirement for a given positon is at least a Master's Degre or equivalent (defined as a Bachelor's Degree plus at least five (5) years of progressively responsible relevant experience), then the position qualifies for EB-2 classification.

    The labor certification and I-40 Immigrant Visa Petition will not be approved unless the beneficiary is able to document education and experience meeting or exceding the actual minimum requirements for the job as set forth on the application for Labor Certification.

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  • webm
    03-17 05:46 PM
    if you have an approved H1B petition and you use AP to enter do you lose your H1 status?

    No, not at all...You can still continue working on H1B..


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  • continuedProgress
    07-27 02:04 PM
    The new fee structure goes into effect Aug 17.
    I vaguely remember reading an anecdote that there is no need to pay yearly renewal fees in the new fee structure. (Am I right?) Please share your views.
    Are there any advantages to filing per new fees?

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  • gbof
    07-15 04:59 PM
    What was done under medical ? Vaccination , TB test , XRAY , ..

    Thanks for your help.. also would you let me know doc's name if I PM you ?

    NO insurance company will cover the medical examination for immigration and this is true. Medical cost may vary.

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  • garybanz
    12-26 05:26 PM

    My company prepared for my PERM filing in EB2 category. They did all recruitement efforts. But at the time of filing, company annouced some lay-offs as "restructuring". Now my lawyer says, it is their policy not to file for PERM before six months of any lay -offs since some lay -offs involve same job title as my labor supposed to be filed. Since this is my lawyer's policy, My question is, is it safe to file PERM right now? What if I use different job title then the one my lawyer used before for recruitement efforts. (I understand he has to do new recruitement efforts for this ne job title, but is it safe?). What choices do I have, I do not want to delay my PERM filing. Please help...


    Most companies don't file any PERM applications within 6 months of any major layoffs.

    11-05 01:28 PM
    Hi guys,

    My LCA got denied today (reason unknown) and my H1-B has expired on Nov. 1 as well. :(

    I also have a pending I-485 petition with approved I-140. I also have a valid EAD. So I assume, I am currently shifted to AOS pending status working on EAD.

    My question is whether this denial negatively affects my pending I-485 application? I assume not but just wanted to confirm anyways :confused:

    Thanks for you responses.

    Your H1B LCA denial will not have negative impacts on your GC. To keep the records clean, fill out a new I-9 form and submit to HR.

    01-13 08:32 AM
    I have a similar situation. I-140 approved, waiting to file I-485.

    Will INS extend the visa if 6 the year of H1-B expires , say in about 5 months?

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