Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • howzatt
    07-11 05:05 PM
    Gandhi would never approve this :D

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  • kirupa
    05-16 01:58 PM
    Try adding the price like metteBB mentioned. That would make this stamp really good!

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  • onsitus
    04-10 05:41 PM
    I redone it following Kirupa advice (still kept the name though :)) and done the writing part pixel by pixel.

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  • akilhere
    08-27 08:12 PM
    I'm currently working on an H1B (12th year) for my original sponsorer. I also have an EAD which i have not used yet. My spouse is working on an EAD.
    I'm planning to start a new business with a couple of friends of mine (who are GCs and citizens). How do i go about it?
    Do i have to make my wife a co-owner and work in this venture as a 1099 or can i be a co-owner in this company and use my EAD for it? Please note that i do not want to quit my full-time current job with my employer(sponsorer).

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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  • mikkisu
    07-05 08:42 AM

    I filed my 485 in Dec 2004.My PD is June 2004.
    Got married in 2005.

    If (Less Probability..) i get my 485 approved and not able to add my Spouse's to my 485.

    What would be my Options.

    Please advice.

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  • tonyHK12
    05-19 01:05 PM
    Don't you know this baby will stop Skynet in 2035 and save mankind ?

    Especially along the border, helping to create a large numer of manual, non-robotic, labor jobs that will help to pass CIR.


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  • JunRN
    05-18 12:39 PM
    If you haven't filed I-485 yet, you cannot use AC21 as it requires I-485 to be pending for more than 180 days. It means, that you're stuck with your ex-employer for GC processing unless your new employer is willing to file new LC and I-140 for you. You can port the PD of your approved I-140 to the new one.

    Once your PD becomes current, then you can file I-485.

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  • gdhiren
    09-07 03:32 PM
    Also folks, don't forget this. We need help from local members on accomodation/transportation.



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  • rodnyb
    03-03 01:12 PM
    http://kpkgs.com/files/The_Employment_Based_Green_Card_Process_and_the_Dr amatic_Negative_Impact_of_Country_Based_Quotas_on_ persons_of_Indian_Origin_Feb_20102.pdf

    Anyone knows the background of this recapture? This is the first time I know congress had a law for it in 2000

    The immediate solution is full accountability of all pending applicants for employment based immigrant visas both at USCIS and DOS. Without accurate data, it is difficult to hold the agencies accountable for their actions or inactions.
    Another solution is to �recapture� lost visas. Between 1994 and 2006, USCIS underutilized the visa numbers by approving less than the 140,000 employment based applications each year even though USCIS had more than enough applications pending. Due to the statutory calculation method (explained more fully by USCIS and DOS on their websites), USCIS�s failure to timely process a sufficient number of applications resulted in the loss of approximately 349,000 visa numbers that could not be used in future years since the law prevents usage in future years. In 2000, Congress authorized the use of 130,000 these �lost� visa numbers by what has come to be known as the �visa recapture� method. However, approximately 219,000 numbers have not been �recaptured�. The current worldwide pending cases in all employment based categories is approximately 340,000 applicants. A one‐time recapture of the 219,000 unused visa numbers could go a long way to eliminating this backlog and bringing much needed relief to many applicants who currently face the prospect of becoming residents of the United States after they retire.

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  • sury
    10-12 11:55 AM
    PriorityDate: Feb'2007
    Recieved I-140 receipt, Awaiting approval
    Received I-131 receipt, Awaiting approval
    Received I-485 receipt, Awaiting approval -:)
    Received EAD CARDS
    Received Finger Print notice(s), FPs due this month

    I have changed my Address just after we have received EAD Cards and after a week I got Finger Print notices to my old address, Obviously USPS will not forward those mails to my new address. My Attorney sent my original FPs to me and I am going for FPs to my old location.

    I have moved to new location 1st of October and Filed AR-11 within 10 days. I just want to know if this does not really bother me during my FP.


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  • rkp27
    09-21 01:59 PM
    yes i had receipt number for 140 but employer was not giving me 140 approval notice and labor certificate approval copy.

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  • arihant
    07-31 05:41 PM
    This is to track TSC. NSC is sailing ahead with receipt notices while TSC is crawling.


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  • tnite
    10-08 11:14 AM
    July 20th will be the RD
    Read this forums for more info link (http://www.immigrationportal.com/showthread.php?t=106446)

    Just my 2 cents

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  • pushpakladdha
    07-31 02:05 PM
    I think you will have to put whatever is ther on passport. I had the entry as nassau,Bahamas. I put in nassau bahamas.


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  • anjs
    11-07 11:24 AM
    I am from Knoxville

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  • kirupa
    05-16 02:16 PM
    Added the saharanogloss.jpg version!


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  • iam_amit
    10-02 12:17 AM
    I need URGENT HELP!!

    I have filed my I140 in jan 2008, I have PD of NOV 2007. I have bachelor's degree (4 years) + 7 years on same field exp.

    My I140 got denial 10 days back with reason that "LC specifies a bachelor's degree + 3 years in an alternative occupation is an acceptable combination of education and experiance for the position offered. Therefore, the JOB offer portion of LC does NOT demonstrate that the job requires a professional holding an advanced degree or equivalent."

    So basically in my PERM my lawyer had made mistake and it did not reflect EB2. BUT I 140 which we had filled was for EB2(which is true for my qualification + exp).

    Can anyone recommmed,
    1)what actions can be taken to reserve my PD of NOV 2007.
    2) Are changes in PERM allowed after nearly a year to reflect JOB requirement as EB2.
    3) What should be the best solution to my problem...

    Laywers mistake i have to suffer....can I sue my laywer.

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  • kv_ajay
    10-19 12:06 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply!

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  • Sunx_2004
    10-17 07:11 PM
    Is it possible to be on H1B after AC21 is invoked?
    Here is my situation-
    I filed I485, EAD and AP in July with approved I140. This month My company is acquired by new company. Starting November 1st I will be employee of new company.
    I just finished conference call with my lawyer as per him, There is no change in GC process only New Company has to file AC21 after 180 days of filing 485. When I asked him whether I can maintain my H1 after filing AC21 he said yes.

    Is it possible?

    Please advise

    07-05 12:41 PM
    This is the sort of news we should publicize.
    Here is a clear example of business leaders moving ahead of the politics of this issue. It will have an impact on any sensible person.
    It should get onto as many news wires as possible. Which sensible person can say that those 1000 high paying jobs going to Vancouver/Canada is in the interest of Seattle/USA. Imagine to spin off losses of this, to housing, to retail, to all sorts of areas of the economy where many Americans make their livelihoods.
    This is what people don't understand, push them too far and capitalists will weaken the US economy.

    05-15 11:17 PM
    By chance, I was browsing the USCIS homepage when I came across guidelines for the change of address form. It says that not changing your address within 10 days is a criminal misdemeanor. Does anyone know when this law was passed?

    Could you provide the link where it said so? DANG! Some laws are created JUST to make criminals out of perfectly sane and peaceful people

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