Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • rockstart
    12-06 08:05 AM
    I had F1 visa from July 2002 - July 2007 stamped in my passport. I moved to H1b in Oct 2004 and stamped my H1 Visa in June 2005. So you can move to H1B from F1 without stamping any visa only if you have to leave US then you need to get the new H1 stamp before re-entering. Also do not forget to fax a caopy of your H1 approval notice to your school's international center so that they can stop reporting you in SEVIS

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  • senk1s
    06-22 12:39 AM
    Some think its wasted money, some think its a worthwhile backup

    1. No - nothing about canadian PR is required, only country of citizenship

    2. Nothing happens

    3. I dont know what LOE is - already having a canadian PR doesnt affect 485 (we've done the same) - you cannot maintain PR of 2 countries at the same time

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  • ivjobs
    09-06 04:46 PM
    Six swine flu deaths take India's toll to 131 - India - NEWS - The Times of India (

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  • QuintonBermuda
    04-26 10:26 PM
    Sorry, If you read towards the bottom there is talk of eliminating the per country caps...


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-31 11:10 AM
    Hey guys,

    Treat: Send mails:
    Trick: Just smile here but don't do anything.

    I am a little kid want halloween treat not trick. Please give me some....

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  • gopi544
    06-14 12:24 PM
    I need suggestion on travel.

    I have applied AP for my wife on April 16 and still waiting. We have expiated her AP last week, still no updates. She has an emergency travel on June 20th. Her previous AP is valid till June 24th.

    Can she travel out side on June 20th and come back with new AP when approved (I can mail her the new one once approved) or dose she needs to be in US until the new AP is approved?

    As the old AP is valid till June 24th, dost it mean that they will approve the new one only after June 24th?

    As this is an emergency I need your suggestion please...



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  • mkarothi
    07-11 05:41 PM

    I am in the following situation.

    1. I am going to complete my 6yrs of stay ( L1 period + H1 period) in USA by Dec 2008 (after adding my vacation time in India).

    2. I got H1 valid till June 2010 and got stamped on passport that valid till June 2010.
    ( USCIS approved H1 for me till 2010 eventhou I complete 6yrs by end of 2008)

    3. My LC was electronically filed in September 2007 in EB2 category in Chicago DOL. Got Audit in October 2007 on Business Necessity ground and was replied within due date.

    4. After several months of waiting (Audit response was accepted), it was denied on the following reason. "The internal job posting was not as per the DOL regulations".

    5. My Lawyer said, the notice that was submitted was in the proper format-the exact format specified by the regulations that applied for reconsideration

    He also mentioned that, he filed LC for other candidates with same job posting and got approval on their cases.

    6. Now, Atlanta is processing all permanent Labors. As there is a huge back log at Atlanta processing center, My lawyer suggested to apply a new application rather waiting on this reply.

    7. we need wait another 2 months ( for job ads and wait for response ) before even we can apply for new LC. even we apply some time in September 2008. I should get an approval immediately (as I am going to complete 6 yrs) otherwise I will be in trouble.

    Given the scenario, what are my options as I am on time crunch.....?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  • amits
    07-17 08:38 PM
    Whatever happened today couldn't have happened without the relentless efforts from IV team.

    As a token of appreciation of all those efforts, I have contributed $500 today.

    Would volunteer to any future IV efforts and action items.


    - Amit

    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 15:46 GMT-07:00
    Google Order #900330157495295
    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Shipped 1 Contribute 500 - Donate $500 to Immigration Voice. $500.00


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  • thomachan72
    07-14 01:56 PM
    My 485 status on USCIS site is showing Document production or Oath Ceremony. The status changed on 7/8/2010. What does this status mean. Does this mean approval? How long does it take to recieve the actual card once the case enters to this state.
    Thanks in advance.


    Pretty strange status. Totally confusing also...:D

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  • mita
    10-15 09:36 AM
    I am applying for my AP and EAD renewal, please help me with few questions:

    For EAD:
    14) Manner of last entry: H4? (I was on H4 when I last entered)
    15) Current Immigration Status: AOS? (My husband received his GC)
    16) Eligibility: ???
    17) Eligibility: None?

    For AP:
    1.3) Class of Admission: H4?
    3.2) Expected length of time: ???

    Last time, my husband's company attorney had filed our papers. Since, my husband received his GC, we have to renew ourselves. Should I send a form to cancel G28? Thanks in advance to all for their time and advise.


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  • kuppas
    04-11 05:39 PM
    Both I94, one you got at POE and another you got from H1 approval notice has same number. I94 attached with the H1 approval notice has expiration date and you can use it until it expires. I assume, both are valid since both has the same number except the expiration date.

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  • munnu77
    08-26 04:28 PM
    i donno who told u this..thts is completely baseless and untrue..
    if it is true , i wud never need GC..will be in EAD all my life


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  • dbzfan33
    10-14 12:39 AM

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  • chunghongchunghong
    02-27 04:59 AM
    That is very great, it would be better if you add mopre frame after stopping.

    Too bad i am very beginner to this and cannot even make a simple movie


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  • chintainfogc
    03-09 11:58 AM
    Dealsnet is correct. Your wife should have no problem entering if she has a valid AP.

    Thank You, Anne

    Really appreciate your response.


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  • Kona Fan
    January 24th, 2005, 10:50 PM
    Now if Olympus and Konica-Minolta could only collaborate on a next gen dSLR we might hit the jackpot -- dust protection AND anti-shake!

    Olympus products are great both in terms of build quality and optics. You won't be disappointed.


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  • kgb
    06-02 12:47 AM
    Hi, This is my first time here. I have been hearing a lot about H1-extensions facing challenges. One of my friends, who is a consultant has got his H1-extended only for a the next 6 months. I understood from him that his client manager was called and asked how long his project will last and since the answer was, "6 months as of now, and longer if the market picks up", he was given the extn for 6 months. Another friend of mine who works full-time in a technology company has got his H1 extended for 3 years. My question: Has any of you(if you are a consultant) got your visa extended for 3 years, or do you know of a consultant who has got his visa extended for 3 years in the last few months. I know, that consultants face a lot of scrutiny, but wanted to confirm if for all of them, the extensions are limited.

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  • tdasara
    02-13 08:04 PM
    Can Carl Shusterman help us get USCIS release the numbers allocated and how they were allocated?

    He below argued how USCIS interpreted the law and won,60087.shtml

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  • Lisap
    08-25 12:03 PM
    Thank you- I am still trying to figure out what all the terms are.... I appreciate your response!

    08-01 09:38 PM
    Emergency Appointments

    A limited number of visa applicants may qualify for emergency visa interview appointments. To obtain an emergency appointment you must satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below.

    The criteria:

    For applicants from all consular districts

    You need to obtain emergency medical care or accompany a relative or employer for emergency medical care
    You need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild)
    You need to attend to an urgent business matter where the need to travel to the U.S. could not be predicted in advance
    You are a student or exchange visitor who is within 90 days of the start date of your valid program and who was not denied a visa within the last six months
    You are a temporary worker (H & L visas only) whose visa has expired and who wants to renew your visa and return to your employment in the U.S.
    You need to make an appearance in a U.S. court

    For applicants from the New Delhi and Kolkata consular districts

    * One or more of the criteria above; and/or
    * You are a parent, sibling or grandparent who needs to attend the marriage ceremony or graduation of an immediate family member (son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild).

    Why is a Marriage or graduation ceremony considered an emergency by the New Delhi and Kolkata consulates and not so by the Chennai consulate?
    (extra points for creative answers :rolleyes: )

    May 18th, 2007, 11:01 AM
    What sort of "tricks" are you after.

    I think it's fair to say that "learning to use the camera itself" is the easy part. Understanding of how to take good photos is a lifetime ambition for most of us... ;-)

    To put it another way, there may well be small tricks like "if you set this up, you can press that button, and you've automatically set it ready for doing X". Which is great. But if you don't know the basic things like: composition, lighting/exposure and control of focus/depth of field, which are the basic photography concepts, then you're barking up the wrong tree fishing for tricks.

    So, some tricks are "rule of thirds" and "blur out un-wanted background noise". But that's regardless of the camera you use.


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