Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Ann Ruben
    10-22 12:39 PM
    I agree that an error in name order on an EAD is not likely to cause any major problems. However, You can apply for a replacement card by filing another I-765. If the error on the EAD is due to a USCIS mistake, no fee is required. However, if you caused the error by providing incorrect information, then you will have to pay the full $340 filing fee again.

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  • raj76
    05-08 12:03 PM
    This may sound strange but, here is my situation. I'm currently on EAD and my I-94 expired last year after i got my EAD. Does this have any impact on my EAD renewal????:confused:

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  • kshitijnt
    07-24 04:49 AM

    My spouse recently started working on F1 OPT. She also got her H1 approved (port of entry was requested and not change of status). H1 was through lottery to start from oct upon stamping. Suddenly our PD moved forward and we will file 485 next month.

    We are going to India in dec. By that time we should get our AP. My question is does my wife need to go for H1 stamp or can she enter using her AP and keep H1 status. Both of us have different employers. Her 485 will be filed as my dependant.

    Secondly - I will also get a new EAD. Can I work second part time job using that ead while maintaining my permanent job using H1?

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  • andycool
    01-24 03:09 PM
    I have an employee who was a student and then got employment authorization. She asked me to begin the process of getting her an H1B; but then we determined that she really wanted a green card. Can I use the LCA I got for her H1B to apply for her I-i40?

    LAC for H1B and LCA for Green card are entirely different .



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  • vijay1974
    09-18 10:15 AM
    http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/sep2007/db20070917_552357.htm?chan=top+news_top+news+index _businessweek+exclusives

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  • mzafar125
    02-14 10:53 AM
    I was under the assumption that you cannot file for EAD unless your I-485 application has been filed. How come Amit1234 applied for his EAD, his priority date is Jan 04 EB3. Just curious.



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  • neeidd
    06-30 09:23 PM
    Looking at your profile, your date is current now - hope you don't need to apply for anything and get the GC itself...
    I hope so :)

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  • sh2005
    08-03 06:43 PM
    Today, I received an email from USCIS that my EAD application got approved. My receipt date is on the 3rd week of May of 2007. What I don't understand is that the current processing time at NSC for I-765(EAD) for pending I-485 is March 26th, 2007.....


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  • Beemar
    08-30 09:44 PM
    IRS is very clear on this. SSN+ITIN couple filing jointly, no rebate for either of them. See this link http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=179211,00.html

    However, you should apply for an SSN for your wife ASAP. You may retroactively get this 2007 rebate when you file 2008 taxes.

    Using your wife's SSN for tax purposes will not impact her legal status in any way.

    Is it true that H4 spouse, who do not have SSN are not eligible for tax rebate if while filing a joint tax return for 2007 ITIN is used for spouse.

    It seems ITIN is given to illegal aliens too and hence it is not possible for IRS to determine which ITIN holders are legal and which are illegal. Thus they are not going to give tax rebates to ITIN holders.

    My wife is on H4 and has a EAD/AP. Should I apply for SSN to receive the tax rebates? But since the tax rebates are based on 2007 tax return I will have to file the tax return using her SSN to get the rebates.

    Also will SSN affect her H4 status if EAD is not used?

    What do you guys think?

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  • vivache
    11-08 12:33 PM
    Hi there.
    I plan to go on vacation in Dec to Peru.
    I also need to get my h1 stamped.
    Has anyone stamped from Peru or some South American country?

    Can you let me know if any issues.
    The embassy has a number that gives access to a service where I can schedule an appointment .. but does not allow me to speak to anyone.


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  • sachuin23
    08-10 02:53 AM
    Address should be home address which in your friends case would be address in India.
    Same applies for the home phone.

    I believe you can put tentative travel date for his travel to US. This info is usually used to determine start date for validity of visa.

    For last question, I had used name and contact info of graduate adviser/Department Head.

    Hope it helps!

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  • neoneo
    12-07 08:43 PM
    IV Folks,
    There are a bunch of people who want to send webfaxes, but they don't want to register.. these are green card holders.. please change it so that people cn just type in their NAme and address instead of registering like numbersusa.org


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  • ybinds
    11-03 02:16 AM

    I have been on H1 for 4 years in the US and left the country last november voluntarily due to personal reasons. My H1 is still valid till next year september. Now that I have over the "365" days rule... my employer propositioned me to come back and work for them. My question is :

    If I apply for H1 after november would USCIS consider this as a fresh 6 year period starting next year?

    Second - If I apply for H1 after november will I only have 2yrs since I have not completed the six year period. If so, what is the solution after coming back to make use of the six year period.

    I hold an MS from US, so I would imagine that I fall under the Advanced degree Cap of 20,000.

    Please post some feed back people.

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  • dealsnet
    04-15 04:18 PM
    It was a mistake by the guy who stamped I-94 (at CBP).
    Her H-4 must be expire on your expiration date.
    You need to go to nearest CBP office to get it corrected.
    She need deferred inspection to get it straight. USCIS will not do it.

    OR Do nothing about it and file H-4 extension along with your H1B extension.
    If you do not extend her with your petition, even if she have valid I-94, she may end up in trouble later.
    Read Murthy's

    I am a resident physician on h1b visa which is expiring on 6-30-2010 . I am in process of applying for H1B extension for my fellowship. My wife is on H4 visa (expiring in 3-20-2013 since she got 5 yr multiple visa). Recently she visited Kuwait and on her re-entry she was given entry (on her I94) up to 3-15-2013 (up to 5 days prior to her visa expiration). Will she also need extension in this case along with my extension or can she stay in US till 2013 with out extension Thanks.


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  • saibaba
    12-04 12:06 PM
    In the I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker, under �Basic information about proposed employment�, in the �Wages per week� column it is written as $XX,XXX/yr.

    Is this the amount my employer offered in the full time position that he offered while processing my GC?

    Do I have to make sure my salary with new employer should be more than $XX,XXX/yr?

    Also my original employer who filed my GC mentioned my designation as Software Engineer � Applications, Do I need to have same designation in the new firm? Or can it be anything under Software Engineering like design, programming, analysis,developer,data quality,testing etc?

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  • mombemoo
    June 19th, 2005, 05:06 AM
    well after getting up at 4:30 here is the results... critiques welcomed!



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  • rally
    07-10 05:52 PM
    I have got this response from Congressional Liaison, when I asked them for Update on my case whether I have to wiat till Oct or not based on the recent update on visa bulletin.
    They Sent me This Email:

    Your I-485 received on 5/21/07 and the Southern Service Center(TSC) is working these types of applications filed 9/11/06. They received your biometrics from the ASC 6/13/07 and the case has been assigned to an Adjudicating Officer for review. But, by the processing times, you still has a little time to wait.

    Couple of question: They received your biometrics from the ASC 6/13/07 : Is this mean my FBI and Name Check cleared : I did my FP on same day?
    the case has been assigned to an Adjudicating Officer for review: Is this mean I am in the last stage of getting final decision?
    Anyone ?


    How does one go about getting in touch with a congressional Liaison?


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  • Kituz
    11-30 03:13 PM
    Nebraska Service Center mailed I-131 approval notices for me and my wife on 28th Oct. But we never received them. Its been a month now. So, I called USCIS today morning and they say I need to reapply for I-131 for my whole family because some one else might have picked it up.

    I called up post office. They say they have no mails on hold.

    Is reapplying the only way out?

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  • prince_waiting
    08-20 05:29 PM
    Comprehensive immigration under Democrats did not have anything for us as high skilled immigrants anyways. With a decrease in EB visa numbers in fact it was anti high skilled immigrants.

    In fact the IV community was rejoicing when it fell through in the senate.

    Now that CIR has been pushed ahead, IV can easily put forth the perspective of having a legislation specifically for the skilled community.

    Lets look at it this way, CIR was an excuse used by a lot of politicians to avoid solving issues faced by the highly skilled community; with its demise they have one less excuse.

    11-03 04:08 PM
    I was on a 5 week leave of absence when my EAD was being renewed. I'm back at work now and was thinking I will keep a 'Leave of Absence' verification letter handy just in case USCIS asks for it. Does anybody have a format for it? I am thinking of this:

    Subject: Verification of Leave of Absence
    To whomever it may concern:
    It has been verified that XXX XXX was put on a Leave of Absence due to the ongoing EAD renewal during the period from X/X/2010 to X/X/2010. He did not receive any salary during this period.
    Please feel free to call us for any question regarding this.

    Is that good enough?

    Thanks in advance.

    02-11 01:06 PM
    Thanks. But then, how can he apply for extension of his H1 B? Can he do it staying in India?

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