Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • godbless
    01-16 02:02 PM
    I need some information too. While flying from USA to India with a stop over at Heathrow, London would I need a transit visa? Please inform as I have to make my reservation today itself due to some emergency back home. Thanks in advance.

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  • gdhiren
    09-08 06:31 AM
    It's going to be bright and sunny Today.

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  • someone14
    08-27 11:08 PM
    I have been waiting for EAD for the last 120 days. I had an info pass inquiry last month. I was told that my I- 765 and AP applications are on hold because of back ground check. Please advice can I get interim EAD from Detroit office while my application is on hold. I have info pass inquiry for next week for Interim EAD, will Detroit USCIS office help me out OR just another endless waiting time. I don�t know what to do, I have been out of work for last 4 months because of work permit. Can anybody advice me, what should I do. I have applied for I-485. Thanks

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  • finmarnov
    08-14 02:55 PM
    My application was signed by BESCH as well on 07/05/2007 at 9:37 am


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  • dealsnet
    03-28 08:08 AM
    Good to know. Thanks.:D

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  • vikram2101
    08-01 09:38 PM
    Emergency Appointments

    A limited number of visa applicants may qualify for emergency visa interview appointments. To obtain an emergency appointment you must satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below.

    The criteria:

    For applicants from all consular districts

    You need to obtain emergency medical care or accompany a relative or employer for emergency medical care
    You need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild)
    You need to attend to an urgent business matter where the need to travel to the U.S. could not be predicted in advance
    You are a student or exchange visitor who is within 90 days of the start date of your valid program and who was not denied a visa within the last six months
    You are a temporary worker (H & L visas only) whose visa has expired and who wants to renew your visa and return to your employment in the U.S.
    You need to make an appearance in a U.S. court

    For applicants from the New Delhi and Kolkata consular districts

    * One or more of the criteria above; and/or
    * You are a parent, sibling or grandparent who needs to attend the marriage ceremony or graduation of an immediate family member (son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild).

    Why is a Marriage or graduation ceremony considered an emergency by the New Delhi and Kolkata consulates and not so by the Chennai consulate?
    (extra points for creative answers :rolleyes: )


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  • Munna Bhai
    12-07 12:12 PM
    $1200/- & above,this is only attorney fees.

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  • jasonpark
    August 12th, 2005, 12:50 PM
    Appreciate the input - look for individual posts from me soon.

    D80 [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : D80


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  • birdwing
    10-11 11:34 PM
    i don't care anyway :lol:

    Kirupa looks good as a priest :beer:

    one day I'll understand these references.

    until then I'll admit to being a complete and udder Nooooooob :trout:

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  • SeanDell
    07-10 09:58 AM
    life time free renewal :)

    Hi ameryki....Have you renewed your AP under this new fee structure?



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  • manand24
    10-08 08:26 AM
    I am also facing a similar situation. My lawyer advised me not to worry about this.

    Also, I think there is another thread talking about the same issue.

    See signature for details:

    PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
    I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007

    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007;RD 09/18/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007

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    11-01 08:38 AM
    I am currently on OPT (Optional Practical Period) which is one year work authorization after completing my masters degree which started in Fed 2010 and valid for one year, and I got married to a US citizen in June 2010 (she is a born US citizen) and we applied for neutralization and our interview was scheduled in Oct 2010, But the thing is my wife was hiding one fact that she was married before and was divorced in 1999 She did not told me this until the interview was schedule with the fear of loosing me as she lied to me from the beginning when we first meet back in Aug 2007 and she continued with same lie with the fear of loosing me if she tells me the truth and assuming I will never find out about it, but later after the immigration interview was scheduled she told me the truth thinking something might go wrong and could land me in trouble and we went to court to get the divorce papers surprisingly the divorce was not finalized and after doing the paper work the divorce is now finalized.

    Since we applied for immigration when her first marriage divorce was not finalized our application becomes invalid so we withdraw our application and we received an acknowledgement for the same.
    Now that our marriage is valid and can apply for it again, but now my questions are.....

    1. I don�t understand what is my current status? Am I still considered as a student? Shall I apply for H1B Visa in premium process as my OPT expired in Feb 2011?
    2. Can I continue to be a Foreign Student (F1 Visa Status) after my OPT expired in Feb 2011.
    3. Shall I reapply for Change of Status again with new application? With new papers??
    4. While I was a student I worked on Cash is that going to be a problem for me??

    Please Advise, and let me know If there any questions related to the above case.



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  • andy garcia
    01-28 03:32 PM
    I have a original copy whereas the lawyer has the approved I140.

    Should I ask for the original or is that copy good enough?

    This is taken from the 495 instructions:
    Evidence of eligibility.
    Based on an immigrant petition.
    Attach a copy of the approval notice for an immigrant petition that makes a visa number immediately available to you, or submit a complete relative,special immigrant juvenile, or special immigrant military petition which, if approved, will make a visa number immediately available to you.

    You do not need the original at all. It is property of the employer.

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  • waitingonlc
    02-17 03:15 PM
    I have a pending I-485.
    My case was file in jan 02. I have approved labour and I-140. I filed my I-485 in Jun 2005 and have an EAD and parole. How do I find when can I file my spouse's case.
    visit http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_2805.html and look under emploment category


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  • denver
    07-25 03:29 PM
    thanks for all your reply.

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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 24th, 2003, 11:19 PM
    Black and white does look more "timeless"


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  • ebizash
    01-27 10:33 AM
    Well, ITGrunt seems to have been taken down already.... Good Riddance!!

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  • Lasantha
    10-10 02:35 PM
    The current bulletin is alwasy archived as soon as it is released.

    Yes, that's true.

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  • eb3retro
    05-30 10:21 PM
    It is difficult to predict the timeline.
    The house members are not happy with the Senate bill.
    I have read that the conference committee may meet next monday ( all hearsay).

    We can only pray and hope for the best.

    how long is the conference comittee process? and after that should the bill go thru house also? or will it go to president's desk??

    12-05 08:47 PM

    07-10 09:17 AM
    Yes lets create threads as per our convenience..:mad:

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