Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • goldbuckle
    March 14th, 2006, 10:29 PM
    I started shooting rodeo last year with my Nikon D70. The lighting at the rodeos I am shooting is very poor. Last year I shot with a Tameron AF Aspherical LD 28-200mm f3.8 to 5.6. I was able to get some good shots but mostly I was disappointed. I shot up to 1600 ISO in manual, with the lowest f stop possible for the zoom used, auto white balance, AF-C, single area & dynamic area AF mode, and experimented with shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/500. I was very displeased with the results I got. On the 1/60 end I got to much blur and trying to stop the action the results were to dark. So I invested in a Nikon Speedlight SB-600. Occasionally I would get a could shot, but I almost always get red eye or the horse or cattle eyes are solid white from the flash. I even tryed to fill in the shadows with flash on manual at 1/64. I still get the white animal eyes. This year I bought a Nikor 50mm f1.8 lense. The lighting was very poor, but most of the pictures were better than last year. I am still not pleased with the quality though. I shot with and without flash. Without the flash pictures were still to dark even at 1.8 and had to be digitally enhanced. I shot some at 800 and 1600 ISO. The images are just to grainy. Any one got any advise. Here are four examples from about 2200 shots from Fri & Sat.

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  • ivgclive
    05-05 03:54 PM
    Thanks to everyone who responded. So in summary, it looks like:
    * I can own a business on H1B.
    * I cannot take any proceeds/profits from the business, but can use it to grow it further.
    * I can work for the business as long as I don't take any money from it.
    - Can a guru please confirm this?
    * The business can buy me equipment and accessories to work.

    As everyone suggested, I will consult a CPA and immigration lawyer to confirm but wanted to get some initial idea.

    It is very simple, when you are on H1...

    You can work hard, even hard, kill yourself on anything without being paid.

    Here is the meaning for "Slave" in a well known dictionary..
    1 : a person held in servitude as the chattel of another
    2 : one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence
    3 : a device (as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another
    5 : H1B

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-29 10:30 AM
    Thank you so much Elaine for your quick response..

    So am I correct to assume that there is no need to renew the I-94 if one enters using the AP.. I am myself also planning to use my AP for re-entry later this year, but have the H1-B approval valid till 2011, so was a little confused as to if I would be needed to renew my new I-94 if it is issued for 1 year based on AP..

    Your H-1B stays valid for as long as it is approved, even if you enter using AP.

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  • pappu
    02-11 11:22 AM
    I agree, and so just to vent, IV forum participation must be a give and take, it is shameful and unethical to ask questions and run away once its been answered or their problems are resolved, we have thousands of members and only a handful of them have contributed towards 2009 contributions, the total has not even touched $1500?? there is a limit to being a free rider, at times like these when legal immigration has hit bottom in the priorities list, cant we atleast pool some money and support those who are trying to work for us?? is it too much to ask? its just not enough to say "god will help us", god helps only those who help themselves.

    I agree. We are not able to exploit our full potential and come up short in our efforts due to lack of enough support. Imagine if we had hundred thousand members.
    or even if we can get the current 30k members to contribute it will be a huge boost. I feel if we can get everyone from other websites to IV that may help us get more participation and contributions.

    Individual $20 or $50 should get mass participation. We collected 1K yesterday after a lot of effort. That 1K will be peanuts when we take it and talk to a lobbyist. It will not even get us past initial briefing session if you really want to do full fledged lobbying. If your average lawyer charges you $250 to talk to you only for 15 minutes, imagine how much a lobbyist can charge you to talk let alone go out and allow you to purchase the political capital he has. You should look at how much our rivals spend against us. They even have full time employees and lobbyists on payroll and an office . On the other hand we are simply trying to manage this effort while doing our day jobs and reducing our family time in the evening, nights and weekends. Some of us take time off from work and travel to DC. That time could have been used for trips to Home country or for vacations. Core members, chapter leaders and many active members since the beginning of this effort have made sacrifices. I just hope members are able to see the complete picture of this effort before forming an opinion and taking a decision.

    When they see it as their own effort they will participate more actively and make IV their website to go to and participate.


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  • gc4arun
    08-23 03:09 PM
    Any specifics on the interview? Were you asked any documents to submit? Was the interview for both the applicant and the dependent?


    Yes, I had been provided a standard list of documents to come prepared with. Some of them included:

    1. All EAD's APs's
    2. I 94
    3. Tax returns last 3 years
    4. If I have changed employers ac21, and paystubs( in my case I did, so I took copies of Ac21 EVL and recent paystubs)
    5. Passport
    6. Drivers license
    7. All H1b's
    8. Marriage certificate

    There were other items in the list, but were not relevant to my case.

    My ( and my wife's) interview happened July 30th in chicago at 8 am . I was asked to take an oath, and asked for some of the above documents one by one specially 4, and 1, 6 and 8. The IO had my complete file, and asked confirmatory questions on the information that I had provided in I485 form. It was a pleasant experience, and since my dates were not current then, he asked me to wait until it becomes current. Since I had 2 I 140's attached to my ac21 eVL , I reiterated that my case has been current in the past and I am EB2 and he was initially surprised, because he had not checked that I had a second I140, and said that he will make a special notation on my case that it was Eb2 and not Eb3 as was mentioned on the comments on the first page on the file( my gosh!!that was an eye opener inspite of my having provided all the right papers, and inspite of being together in a single file that they had right in front of me, the notation on the top still considered me as Eb3). My wife, who is a dependent on my case was asked same questions one by one. It took less than 30 minutes for both of us.

    So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Sept..........and I would like to think of myself as preadjuciated:) I received a soft LUD the very next day with no status change.
    hope that answers all your questions

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  • kanshul
    02-01 10:42 AM
    Your EB3 date (dec 2004) will not be current for the next 12 years, check the link - when will I get my GC on the front page for this site.


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  • leo2606
    09-15 08:20 PM
    I would think at this point every thread should talk about just DC activities next week, chandu is right.

    You might say even I have too much time in my hand, YES I have for IV activities and monitor people like you who are demotivating others.

    Thread number 8 by must have filed under EB - "Too much time on my hands"

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  • maine_gc
    09-20 04:11 PM
    I checked the processing times of TSC and i did not see the times for I140. TSC no longer processing 140 applications?


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  • hpandey
    07-03 11:49 AM
    If you can convert to EB2 ( eligible for it ) and recapture your earlier PD of EB3 then it would be the best course of action . If you keep on waiting for the bills to pass ( and they don't since this is an election year ) then you would just lose time.

    I know we are all frustrated because of this seemingly endless wait but I am positive - it is not endless . It will end one way or the other - for some sooner and for others later.

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  • sidbee
    04-17 06:27 AM
    Which state are you in? In CA you can drive till one year with foreign license. In case there is a traffic violation , or for some reason he breaks a red light the fines are 3 times the regular fine since he wont hold a USA license.

    Also the insurance companies have different requirements which you need to confirm with them.

    are u sure its 3 times?? can u please give me the link from the point where u got this information


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  • nixstor
    06-30 01:00 AM
    I am using a labor substitution (dated 2005) that requires BS + 3 years. I had only 2 years experience by 2005. But I have an MS degree in related field. Would this be ok? Would MS+2 years suffice for a labor for BS + 3 years?

    Please respond soon. I have prepared all my paperwork for I-140 and I-485 and meeting the lawyer tomorrow. I am planning to file by Monday. My stupid attorney told me only today that the experience mismatch can be a problem.

    Thank you all in advance.

    Sorry wrong time. Move on!. They gave 2 months time for this, But screwed up the VB big time.Now age old labors are flying and body shoppers are sending emails personally. Damn I received one of them 4 days back. Bas*8** doesn't leave much info. I did not had the time to follow up and get him nailed.

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  • reddymjm
    08-07 09:55 AM
    you made my was so funny

    It was Funny....


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  • goel_ar
    12-17 04:46 PM
    Please keep this thread handy... For my wife, we went through hell due to super coordination between, immigration & social security office.

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  • CaliHoneB
    09-21 10:50 AM
    After 7 + years of wait time I am thinking just sticking to the rules(or not using creating solutions like buying labor, porting etc not that I am judging any one) may not help me get GC in near future. Previously I thought may be it will take some extra years but ultimately I will get my GC but with latest USCIS misallocation of numbers for last year it seems getting my GC is simply a moving target.

    I am proposing a solution which could be relatively easy but it does need help from USCIS and should not cause any major backlash (except from a few Eb2 folks). It is relatively easily implementable and I believe it is well inside current laws so nobody need not worry about breaking the law.
    The solution is simple
    Eb2 = B.S+ 5 years of experience or M.S degree
    So the current Eb3 folks who accumulated 5 years experience since filing the LC are asked to apply for consideration of Eb2 category and USCIS has discretion over whether it can be granted (or LC is recertified as Eb2)

    I am sure a lot of folks had thought about it and probably mentioned it but what I am proposing is to include USCIS in the discussion on how to achieve this. I am sure anybodywho has a concept of fairness understands Eb3 candidate waiting for 5 years deserves to be in Eb2 just by definition of Eb2 and he is not taking any new job which means he is not displacing any new american worker.
    I am sure USCIS also understands that the laws are archiac so may be it is willing to help administratively. I am drawing this conclusion based on how it acted during backlog elimination centers..a lot of people were cleared using RIR in the end days and I am sure USCIS overlooked a few things there because those people deserved those labors and it wasnt their mistake for the massive buildup.
    Similarly Eb3 folks are not responsible for all the Visa number wastage which would have alleviated this problem and the responsible party (USCIS) may do something in its power to correct this.
    The beauty of this the porting Eb3 applicant will always be behind Eb2 by 5 years and gains 5 years experience to be eligible for Eb2. If Eb3 has enough numbers this is non issue but in case (just like now) Eb3 is falling behind there is an option to port it to Eb2 after 5 years of waiting.
    I know it is a wishful thinking but I see this as a most practical solution on the table.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-04 05:26 PM

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  • peer123
    06-13 07:52 AM
    IV core shud approach republicans who are saying no amnesty to law breakers.
    Let us approach them and convince them to bring amendments to reward law abiding people like us.

    Great point.. core team should develop a strategy and share it with entire group as to how they are working towards getting these ammendments in and whom are they approaching ....


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  • rayen
    05-13 08:53 PM

    My friend got a letter from USCIS saying his H1 B transfer got Denied due to Client Contract / Letter.

    1. Is he out of status?
    2. He can appeal with proper evidence to show that we have contract..with clients..
    3. What si the procedure.. pelase advice

    Thanks in advance.

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  • beautifulMind
    07-16 02:48 PM
    I posted it there as well

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  • GCard_Dream
    07-27 01:07 PM
    hahaha.. this is so funny.

    Good one. Please keep it coming. :D

    There was a joke on something similar. I hope no one finds it offensive. It is just plain funny.

    This guy walks into a sex doctor's clinic and begins with "My friend has a problem..."

    Doctor: Ok..Take off your pants and let us have a look at your friend.

    01-20 02:35 PM
    The new look is awsome.
    We sure picked the best day to launch this change.

    11-15 11:01 AM

    USCIS assigns Unique A# for each individual, who files I485 , some people recieves A# even in I140 too.

    When your adjustment of status application(I485) approves then you will be registered as Permanent Resident.

    thank you very much, I understand now exactly what that means.
    thank you all for your time and patience.
    Good luck to all of you,

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