Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    04-13 11:25 AM
    "Chalo India" :)

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  • Siboo
    07-27 03:06 PM
    I am July 2 filer...

    I mailed second set yesterday...

    Then I thaught I mailed to Nebraska address then I mailed my third set to Texas center, dont want to take any chance whichever will be accecpted first.

    I am smart...;)

    It is not late now.

    You may send one to California Service center, one to Vermont Service center and the final one to National Support center.

    I am sure you will get at least one Receipt number. :D :D

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  • softcrowd
    10-10 03:13 PM
    ....I am not sure why someone is portraying Infy or Wipro as companies that go for "Easy money..." that's completely ridiculous. Agreed they are not doing lots of so called high-end R & D projects and majority of thier revenue is still from service industry. But that does not make these companies any lesser.

    I am not sure how much insight you guys got into these companies, but they are doing quite a lot of good assignments. Also, the processes they got in place & the maturity they show in execution of assignments is definitely on par with any other software services company in the world.

    Probably a bunch of you folks are frustrated with these companies because the billing rates are driven down & opportunites in US (for consultants) are becoming less due to these companies' offshore model - but that does not make these companies shallow as you are trying to portray.

    PS: I am not an employee with either of these companies. FOr that matter, none of these offshore-based companies. But the facts are to be accepted.

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  • qplearn
    12-12 01:02 PM
    im waiting for the groans and moans
    aren't you one of those who should be groaning too? Or are you one of those who already have the GC and don't need to groan?

    There is nothing to be shocked at if a large number of people groan at this. Can't believe your insensitivity. :(


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  • wonderlust
    10-03 11:42 PM
    Hi, I got two "receipts":

    Number 1: received date: July 2nd and notice date: September 4. Receipt number: WAC-XXXXXX, It was sent from CSC

    Number 2: this is a "transfer notice" with Receipt Date Aug 31 and Notice date September 7th. It said that my case had been transferred to NSC because I reside in the NSC jurisdiction. Please note that I sent my application to NSC to begin with...
    Strangely, the transfer notice was also sent from an envelpe with CA stamping.

    So I called yesterday and asked why the case was transferred back and forth and whether the delay in between affect my sequence in the processing time.

    Answer: 1.Why did it get transferred? Because NSC center is overwhelmed and need help from CA center. Then CA center was overwhelmed so the case has to go back to NSC.

    2. Does the delay affect my sequence in the processing time?
    NO, the "Received Date" of July 2nd is recognized.

    My thoughts: You can call and verify the information. My first call got to a woman who did not know what she is talking about.:mad: I had to call the second time. Please share your info if you had called or will call. USCIS is unreliable and random. We need to verify a couple times and see whether the answers are consistent--this has been my strategy dealing with them.

    Thank you very much.


    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.

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  • abhijitp
    07-02 05:01 PM
    Medical examinations, Vaccinations, Xrays: $915
    Notary fees + Shipping charges for birth certificate related affidavits: $160 ($40 + INR 5000)
    Photographs: $50
    Lawyer's fees: $920 (over & above what was paid by company)


    Total: $2045

    (There was a mastercard for that... the value of the efforts put in by my entire family including my kid who HATEs to enter the doctor's office... priceless.)


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  • abracadabra102
    12-05 06:06 PM
    Does any body think of people who did not get a chance to file I-485 who had earlier priority date(2002-mar 2005) ?

    Nag, you mentioned in one of the posts that your wife has a PhD in CSE. Why can't she join a university as a Post doctoral fellow (PDF)? I do not know what type of work authorization is required for that, but my guess is she can easily get it. She gets paid and will have a chance to apply under EB1 category which is almost always current. You can file as dependent. No point whining about folks discussing their EAD/AP issues. Everyone knows BEC guys got a short shrift in this.

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  • GCwaitforever
    04-01 10:03 PM
    no. 10 and 11 today. Shall visit the senators office on Monday as well. This would the last chnace to make a difference. Go for it.


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  • h12gc
    09-21 05:26 PM
    Hello Dear IV california members,

    First I want to congratulate all you guys for the success of the rally.I have recently joined this group and contributed $100 towards the rally.Now on wards i want to be active member of this group.I live in Sunnyvale,CA.I will give my best for this cause.I want to be part of California chapter activities.As i said i'm a new member i'm not aware of all the activities involved in chapter.If any one can message me their contact no.i will call you guys and discuss future course of action.


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  • johnamit
    07-17 09:44 AM
    Yes you are right, there is bound to have EAD flood in market, with spouses of hi-tech worker will come to market to search hi-tech job with spouse phone support. I have seen such cases countless times in past few years and yes they will be in future without exception. However, matter of fact, these fresh EAD (previous H4) don't get the dream job in first attempt, it takes good 2 year to find a similar job that H1b hitech worker does.
    But thats the realty of market, every year new jobs are added and every year new job seekers join the crowd.
    On the otherside, a hitech worker is suppose to always learning something new and getting his/her position more stronger everyday, its a knowledge market, whoever knows more gets better $$. With my 7yr US exp and total 10 yrs CS exp I have no scare that any single fresh EAD will come close to me. A senior is always a senior no matter which field you talk.


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  • nave_kum
    07-31 03:08 AM
    Howz one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in onez culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There r simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.

    One of the contradictions is NOT obtaining a Green Card.

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  • bujjigadu123
    03-03 03:33 PM
    Can you guys guess, why isn't there an update on this thread after the visit?
    Do you think we will ever see an update from OP?

    Hope, all have gone well with this guy and soon will see update on the visit. :)

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    ICE officer did not visit me on the scheduled day. There is no communciation from him so far on reschedule also. I donno what happened. I also did not want to follow up with him.



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  • dc2007
    08-23 03:42 PM
    GOD Bless you !

    PS: There is no need to be so prominent. We hear you.

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  • ilikekilo
    09-19 07:32 PM
    any idea how many came to the rally?


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  • RNGC
    04-24 03:05 PM
    Want to keep this alive....

    After reading the sad post at

    I feel stronger to unite and help ourselves to overcome "unnecessary" restrictions on Legal Immigrants....

    Lets keep this thread alive...want to know what difficulties people go thru being here in US and see how they can be avoided..

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  • amsgc
    08-05 09:30 PM
    Can you start a poll for EB2-I the years - 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 in this thread?
    It's been a long time since we had an estimate of how many cases are really out there waiting for approval.

    I am trying to keep track of 2004 cases. I think USCIS is not doing fair justice by not giving preference to 2004 cases. Please post your priority date, I-140 approval dates(if approved), I-485 received dates, Name check cleared date(if cleared), finger print cleared date(if you gave finger prints and they got cleared)

    My Details :

    PD : 12/23/2004
    I-140 Approval Date :05/03/2007
    I-485 Received Date : 07/26/2007
    Name Check Cleared.
    Gave Finger Prints.

    I think mine is straight forward case. :confused:


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  • gcseeker2002
    01-12 07:45 PM
    I am traveling this month end to India via Frankfurt. I am on AP. I checked with German consulate in US and officer told me we need transit visa both ways (going and coming back). there are no exceptions. He confirmed the same twice when I went in person to get Transit visa.

    I would rather listen to German consulate office rather than interpreting stupid sentences on German consulate web site. So please do get Transit visa with 2 entries.

    No transit visa required. I got an identical response when I checked with the german consulate in november. Nevertheless, I did not take transit visa, and with visa stamping expired in March 2010, I travelled with AP on Lufthansa from IAD to BLR in December, and returned in Jan 2011, and nobody even mentioned the word "transit" anywhere along the route. Lufthansa staff is very knowledgeable about AP, both in Wash.Dulles and BLR. In fact, In BLR I saw that even Air France also does not require transit visa for Paris and allowed people with AP to board without transit visa. So folks, dont waste time and money on transit visa. Nothing is going to happen , unless you miss your connecting flight in Frankfurt, in which case you will not get to stay in a hotel and would have to spend the transit time in the airport.

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  • willwin
    02-20 01:33 PM
    As everyone knows that AOS for those who already in US and CP is for those who are outside US (theoretically). It is a personal choice for a person in US to file either 485 or opt for CP. The reason for CP was a popular choice due to 485 processing delay between 2001 and 2005. Between 2001 and 2004 all EB categories were current for all countries. No one heard of term retrogression in that period. No one was worried about EB2 or EB3. However due to severe processing delay (partially due to increased security check due to 911) in 485 applications during that period, it was taking about 2 years for 485 approvals. During those entire 2 year period visa numbers were current and did not fluctuate as it is happening now. Therefore people opted to go for CP, as US consulates in abroad were not busy. They scheduled the interview right away as PD was current for all categories, during that 5 year period. That�s why CP was popular choice that period. Now, in the retrogression climate and continuous fluctuation in PD (back and forth movement), opting CP is a blunder mistake. Furthermore, now (at least before July 2007 fiasco) 485 approvals are so fast. If PD was current, USCIS was approving 485 with in 2 months before July 07. Therefore one should not even think about CP, if already in US unless if you are in EB1 or EB2-ROW category. Therefore 485 is the only option available to enjoy subsidiary benefits like EAD/AP/AC21. If any one already filed CP, to switch back to AOS they must wait till visa number available to their PD again. It will be a long road, and it complicates. As already mentioned, there is no technical ground to award EAD/AP for CP persons if already in US. If IV goes and talk to USCIS, they will laugh. To achieve same result, one can lobby for administrative fix like awarding EAD/AP for a person whose 140 was approved and legally present in the US in a valid non-immigrant status. This may be possible.

    Ramba, I agree with you for the most part.

    Well, there are CP filers with PD as back as 2003 (not sure if there are any 2001/2002 filers left) and these people were not aware that in July 2007, DOS/USCIS would open the flood gates and put them in this plight.

    Imagine this, if DOS/USCIS had not made the PD current for everyone during 2007, what do you think the 485 filers would be doing now? They would have had approved I140 or they would have filed one, but what more? Will be just waiting for PD to become current. When it becomes current (say after 2 years), the actual processes (of going through name check, USCIS delay, FP etc) start and may take atleast a year going forward. But, when PD becomes current, guys in CP queue would get their interview.

    So, it wasn't that CP guys knew this before and still made a mistake - back in 2003!

    Otherwise, I agree, with this unpredictable movement of PD back and forth, 485 would be a safer route with all the changes happening to 485 processes (faster name check, proposed EAD for 3 years etc).

    Your post was highly diplomatic than most of your queue-mates. Appreciate that.

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  • shana04
    02-12 03:41 PM
    Hi Shana04,

    Did you invoke AC21 with H1 transfer? I mean did you transfer your H1B to a different company which is not your GC sponsoring company? If so give me more details..

    Am working for a GC sponsoring company and applied for 485 and received EAD, AP etc... Am not willing to move to EAD..can i change the company with a H1B transfer and invoking AC21? Pls give details..



    I have responded the same to "kishdam "

    I was in the same situation as yours.

    Just file H1B with different company but with same job title and jobe code.

    Then ask your attorney to send AC21, it is just a letter with new offer letter.

    Good luck

    10-01 12:43 AM
    Hi Ebizash-

    Did you noticed any LUD today on ure AP renewal case


    The reason that the USPS is not showing your documents delivered could be many. One of the biggest reasons that I have experienced is "unable to scan the bar code". This is more probable if you had printed the mailing label and affixed it on the envelope with a tape. Sometimes the tape can overlap the bar code making the bar code difficult to be scanned. I frequently use USPS priority mail and in about 10% of the cases this happens. But I never had a lost priority mail piece.

    Additionally the fact that you had a soft LUD on 9/28, I would think that LUD was for the reason that USCIS received the documents. I had applied AP online on the same date as you did, sent docs via priority mail the next day. USPS showed that the documents delivered on 9/25 and had soft LUDs on 9/25 and 9/28.

    Hope this helps!

    02-22 08:12 PM
    ehmm .. maybe because you never said that you wanted to participate in the battle ?? :sigh:

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