Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • gc_check
    05-11 01:27 PM
    Obama getting ready for 2012 Campaign !!!

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  • psaxena
    05-29 08:00 PM
    Guys go to this website and sign up and vote yes for this bill.

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  • axp817
    04-03 09:55 AM
    Thanks for contacting IV with your SOS.
    An IV core member is going to be helping you to fix this with USCIS. Let us know if you need help. He already tried contacting you yesterday.

    As IV grows maybe this is a help IV can extend to all its donor members and help them if they get in such extreme distress situations. This is one of the ideas we are thinking for our members in the donor group.

    +1. That is fantastic.

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  • lfadgyas
    07-22 09:42 PM
    Although I�m happy with my current employer I just wish for having such a problem � you have to wait 5 more months � or maybe 6 and there you go.
    We have to wait years here and have to be careful for everything � renew EAD, renew AP in time (how about H1 and L1's not able to file for GC ... ), oh yeah -do not change job or if you do you have to be conform with certain things; and do not be laid off since other than not having income it sucks a bit from the immigration side too�; and so on, sorry guys something is really f�. up here;
    Hope all turns out ok for all of us - and that includes you also.... :)


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  • sujith1
    12-03 01:47 PM
    I do not understand Number 4 : As far as I understand and what lawyers told me - your salary can go up and as long as it does not go below the posted number in your Labor Petition you are fine. But I hear this comment always - This confuses me as to how much truth is there in it.

    Most employers use this as an excuse to not raise your salary but that does not mean that you salary cannot be raised if the employer is willing.

    1) Life Insurance ... AIG refuses to give me the quot for 30 years (Ready to give me a 20 year term life quot) term life insurance knowing I am on work visa, US GC is in process (Though I did not mention that I am Canadian permanent immigrant). AAA issued me a policy that is 20 years not 30 years (Simply refused) when I gave the proof of Canadian permanent immigration and US GC filing. This is most current experience.

    2) After 2001 bubble burst many credit unions stopped taking H1B visa holders as member. I do not know the current practice.

    3) I think in illinoi, I have heard that H4 people can't get driving licence simply as they do not have social security. Now legally H4 can not have social security and thus no driving license. ITIN would not be considered for driving license. This story I also heard a while back. I do not know about current situation.

    4) In job, you can not have promotion, salary increment (Though Accounting workarounds ultimately can provide you what you want from the company).

    5) 401 K investment can become risky if you will have to go out of uSA permanently in a sense of 10 % penalty for early withdraw. Ya, Somebody can say that then do not withdraw. In that case, managing it would be hell by sitting thousands of miles away from US.

    6) You can not invest in Educational investments schemes ( Theoratically you can invest and they will take your money gladly) as those are ONE-WAY money, once gone you can not take out, only your children can take out. Now imagine you are on H1.. Invetsed money in eduction schemes for your children. Down the road after 10 years suddenly finding yourself in limbo you go back to your country... money is stuck.. ( I do not have full scale study of workarounds..Someone more elite on this subject can put mor light on this)

    7) By any chance if you get kicked out (For whatever reason including you kicked out yourself) from USA before 10 years of work.. you loose all of your social security (Not applicable to people of all other countries, but ceratinly applicable to Indians)

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  • JunRN
    08-22 11:22 PM
    Eb3 will definitely retrogress by about 2 years. Maybe back to June 2002 or 2003.


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  • dohko
    05-08 07:55 AM
    Sorry to hear that. I think it really depends on the Country of origin. Neither me nor my friends had any problems at the Embassy in Panama.

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  • ita
    11-06 02:49 PM
    When you set up the infopass appntmt do you have to select the option
    'EAD Inquiry Appmt' even when you are going with AP question.

    Thank you.


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  • CT_Green
    07-10 10:16 AM
    If everyone agrees we should have a media camapign where we contact all the media outlets and let them know how CNN is providing air time to Lou Dobbs for his own propoganda against legal immigrants.

    CNN should be ashamed of themselves for not providing fair reporting based on facts.

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  • saurav_4096
    01-04 03:07 PM
    Let me acknowledge..This thread made me easily come out of holiday blues. Above thats its friday...!!!!

    My take on this situation....ask your freind to apply for concurent H1b' works out well with concurent wives...!!!!:):):) He can bring one wife on each visa..!!!!

    May be he can apply for blanket H4...


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  • anilnag
    11-29 04:02 AM
    Even though the effect of retrogression is expected to reduce from the current 8+ years, it is still going to hover around 5 years in 2012 (assuming a weak economy and minimal filings).
    This line isn't true anymore for EB3 India after correcting the typo in dates. I believe this can be deleted because even in 2012 the wait time is 8+ years. With huge CP numbers (~20K) for EB3I, the wait time will surely increase further which is not factored in the report.

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  • sanbaj
    07-28 03:49 PM
    :confused: I have

    EB2 140 Approved Feb 2006

    EB3 140 approved June 2004

    My Lawyer says that when they filed my 485 in July 2007, they sent both 140 petitions. IS THAT POSSIBLE ?

    Now that the dates got current in Aug 2008 bulletin , I asked them to proceed further so that my case could be adjudicated.

    They suggested me to wait and see since ,now, my original EB2 is current anyways.

    My question is, Is there any way to find out which category (EB2 OR EB3)will USCIS consider my 485 case to be ?

    Should I request infopass now or wait ?
    Yes, in my opinion, you can file with two I140s, especially, if you want to use category of one and PD of the other. You can find the PD for your 485 on your 485 RN and from that you can deduce that they are looking at EB3 or EB2 I140.

    Waiting for Aug/08 and calling USCIS for opening a SR is the good way to ask them to work on your case.

    Best of Luck.


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  • pappu
    06-17 10:02 AM
    Thank you for taking this initiative

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  • Carlau
    06-19 10:42 PM
    What is EVL, is it experience letter.

    yes, EVL is Employment verification letter, is a letter saying that you work for the company since... as ... (the position from the database).. for your real annual salary


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  • Sheila Danzig
    08-18 02:40 PM
    You cannot combine work and education for EB2 and for EB3 it must be so noted on the Labor Cert.


    Thanks for your response.
    Education evaluation was not done for bachelors because the Labor only required masters. My attorney is planning to use 2 years of my experience to compensate for the additional 1 year of bachelors degree


    Thanks for your response.

    Even my attorney says the argument of USCIS could be "building blocks" argument i.e. In US, for masters, 4 year bachelors is required. But, I only have a 3 year bachelor degree.

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  • GC_Wait2002
    05-14 11:11 AM
    Hi Folks,

    Here is my situation.

    My current working company - EB2- August 2002 - 140 is under processing....
    (receipt date for 140 is October 2007)
    (thanks to labor backlog center :mad: got stuck in backlog center for 5 years)

    With my friend's company - EB3 - April 2004 - 140 is under processing....
    (receipt date for 140 is July 2007) 485, EAD, AP filed and got them also.

    What all the options I have now? Which one will be better assuming both 140 gets approved.



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  • EkAurAaya
    10-11 04:30 PM
    Yes Sir. Unfortunate for labor not cleared in time.
    EB3 RIR March 2005.

    Off topic - Didn't PERM start in March 2005?

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  • AZ_GC
    08-20 04:17 PM
    We all know that LC can be used by the employer for substitution and I-140 is owned by the company too. The employer cannot be charged with anything even if you take him to court as he has not done anything illegal, except for breaking the verbal agreement between you and him. What you can do is take the wire transfer details or copy of the check you gave him and tell him to give your money back or you can prove in local court that the money was transffered to you (if he refuses to pay back). Of course this would mean you will probably lose your job and the H-1 status. Basically you will have to swallow this pill and just wait till dates get current or do H-1 transfer to another employer.

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  • BharatPremi
    03-22 12:57 AM

    Since EB2-India is current, I am exploring the possibility of interfiling.

    Goal: Interfile in such a way that my new application under EB2 (New case
    category) get attached with old case (EB3) priority date (07/2003) and
    thus enable me to take advantage of EB2 current PD as declared in
    April 2008 bulletin.
    GC Application/s history:

    Employer: xyz
    Category: EB3-RIR Conversion-India
    Priority Date: 07/2003
    Labor approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date: 06/2007
    AP and EAD approved
    485 receipt date: 07/1*/2007


    Employer: ZAB
    Category: EB2-India
    Priority Date: 06/2006
    PERM LABOR approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date:08/2006
    No AP/EAD/485 applied under this application

    Notes: (1) Currently working for company CDE on EAD.
    (2) "A" number on both I-140 are similar and different from "A" number
    on 485 file.
    (3) Occupation codes for both category are "Close" and matches the
    job profile with current employment on EAD

    Question: Is my goal achievable? If yes, then what to do and how to

    Thanks in advance for any help to sort this out.

    - BharatPremi

    06-27 01:58 PM
    Does anyone know if polaroids are ok?

    Otherwise, I have photos that I printed at Walmart (clicked using my digital camera) but those were a little dark and I enchanced the brightness. Don't know if those are valid or not?

    06-05 10:52 AM
    I think for few people this might be bad news. Some people changed their job without I-140 being approved. Sorry guys...i used AC21 but i have approved I-140.

    Form I-140 Petition Must be Approved Prior to a Favorable Determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    On October 18, 2005, USCIS designated Matter of Al Wazzan, A95 253 422 (Jan. 12, 2005) as a USCIS Adopted Decision. This AAO decision established that a petition that is deniable (i.e., not approvable), whether or not the petition is denied 180 days or more after the filing of the adjustment of status application, cannot serve as the basis for approval of adjustment of status to permanent residence under the portability provision of INA � 204(j). An un-adjudicated Form I-140 petition is not made valid merely through the act of filing the petition with USCIS or through the passage of 180 days. Rather, the petition must have been filed on behalf of an alien who was entitled to the employment-based classification at the time that the petition was filed, and therefore must be approved prior to a favorable determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

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