Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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    01-12 07:40 AM
    The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week in Las Vegas. This is the gadget wonderland I've attended for the last several years. Due to my father's illness, I decided to skip this year's show. But I'm avidly watching online for announcements of the year's best new innovations. The show is put on by the Consumer Electronics Association and they've recently launched "The Innovation Movement" which seeks to encourage public policies that foster innovation and promote prosperity. The movement embraces a lot of issues and I'm pleased to see liberalizing immigration policies in the technology sector among the issues...

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  • black_logs
    02-21 02:11 PM
    This is a very important call as all these states have their senators in the senate judiciary committee. Please come forward and sign up for the call. Please send a mail with your contact info to either of the 2 id's and we'll send you the conference details after verification

    Conference number : XXXXXXX
    Access Code User : XXXXX
    Date & Time : 02/23/06 at 09 pm CST(10 PM EST)
    Invitees : volunteers
    Max Lines : 50

    Agenda :

    1) Introduction by each member
    2) Overview from IV representative at where we stand today
    3) Make strategies how we can meet the Lawmakers
    4) Make strategies how we can increase our membership
    5) Appoint Team leads for WI_IL_OH_AL_KS
    6) Closing minutes

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  • Abhishika
    10-04 07:47 AM
    Hi All,
    One of my friend has been working for a desi company for 6 months and now is moving to another company.

    In the desi company offer letter there is no information regarding leave encashment and it says that he is eligible for one day leave per month.
    There is no statement regarding leave encashment policy in the offer letter

    So if he resigns now will he get any leave encashment or is there any virginia state laws governing the leave encashment

    Thank You


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  • ronhira
    12-22 03:48 PM is reporting the President saying that "Still committed to immigration reform".... maybe he plans to do immigration in this session of congress, after going to bed & before waking up in the morning....

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  • gregspirited
    08-27 11:15 AM
    This is related to the experience letter and PERM.

    I have been working with my current employer for last 3 years in software engineering role. Now I'm planning to move to program management role and planning to apply PERM from this new role.

    1. To get experience letter for PERM, can I use the experience gained in my current company. What are the chances of AUDIT if I do so?

    2. With my previous employer (3 yrs back) I worked in software and consulting role. Does this experience suffice for my PERM in program management role...Is it something the lawyer has to worry and not me..

    Any answers are appreciated..Thanks in advance for the reply.

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    09-14 10:10 AM
    Most people know the story of this famous Austrian family that was the subject of the musical play and film The Sound of Music. Many may not realize that after the family fled Austria, they immigrated to the United States and brought their singing talent to American audiences. They also opened a lodge in Vermont that operates to this day. Father George and mother Maria passed on many years ago, but some of the children of that large family are still with us. Oldest daughter Agatha is now 96, but just a few years ago wrote a biography. Her sister...

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  • nandakumar
    05-30 12:37 PM
    'khelanphelan', who was kicked out of IV has started his disgusting and malicious campaign against IV in forum.

    folks who are members of forum please reply to his postings in the section '140/485 Concurrent Filing' topic "Can we create a Group to call/mail/fax Senators to support 485 filing even without PD"

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  • kaki
    02-13 01:24 PM
    Any clue?


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  • pezz77
    03-06 10:34 PM
    I received my approval documents yesterday and today I noticed that my name is different from that displayed on my passport and previous H-1B approval.
    I have a two-part last name and only the first part is displayed. Will this become an issue? The attorney tried to brush it off and said that the name was the same as the one on the petition (which of course he filled, so I don't know why he used this as an excuse).
    I'd like to know if I need to do something about it. I don't want to have problems when exciting the country.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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  • vad
    05-17 02:57 PM
    Could anyone kindly provide guidance>
    My wife, daughter and me have different dates on our green card with mine being the earliest. I am now eligible to file the N400 but my wife has 6 months to go. Does she become eligible only then or does she become eligible as my wife now, once I get approved. My daughter being a minor I guess should be fine on my application

    Thank you for any guidance. Tried calling USCIS- cannot get through


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  • techbuyer77
    06-17 06:01 PM
    I am eb3 row, i-485 filed on 6/1/7
    Can I expect an approval based on nsc and tsc being march 2007?
    Like in 3 months?:o

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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-14 11:40 AM
    My PD is still another 10 months away but my AP which was approved 2 months back is getting a Soft LUD everyday since the last 4 days. Does it signify anything?



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  • txh1b
    08-27 11:53 AM
    To retain the PD, you would need the copy of the I140. Without that, there isn't much that can be done when you switch companies to keep your PD.

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  • pansworld
    07-08 02:16 PM
    Does IV have any contacts with tech lobby so that messages can be sent out as soon as possible?


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  • zfgreencard
    04-08 12:36 PM

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  • reddymjm
    06-12 05:17 PM
    Why is this thread not showing


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  • ArkBird
    12-13 01:20 PM
    Recently I got soft LUD on my approved I-140 which was approved back in April, 2007.

    Any ideas what it could be about?



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  • smarth
    10-15 07:09 PM

    I applied for AP(I-131) to Nebraska Service center last month on Sep 30th. Howmany days will it take usually to get the approval from this center?


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  • skdskd
    08-30 06:37 PM

    08-02 09:09 AM
    I'm not sure, I just read about it online so I thought I'd have a go. I've only been visiting Kirupa for the past couple of days.

    11-19 04:36 PM
    Legal immigrants and visa recapture in the dream act

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