Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • quizzer
    11-16 01:03 PM
    Hi Raj
    If ur case is pending more than 30days from the processing time shown on there website ur lawyer or employer can open a service request(SR).they will send u the decision usually within30days from the date of SR.

    Quizzer rd is dec2006 EB2. But there site shows they r processing feb2007 case so after 30 days his lawyer opened a SR and got response that what he meant.

    Sunny is right.

    The approval came after 27 days of opening the SR.

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  • FinalGC
    09-22 10:22 AM

    Go and find another job in the another company......

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  • sam_hoosier
    04-05 12:24 PM
    Has anyone on a EAD or H1 taken a FHA house loan?
    FHA Loan Refinance and FHA Home Loans | Mortgages (
    Let FHA Loans Help You - HUD (

    Would be interested in hearing your experiences.

    - JK

    I am on EAD and will be closing my loan (refinance) this week. I had explained my immigration status to the broker upfront, and they had no objection to moving with the loan. My lender is US Bank.

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  • vedicman
    05-06 11:24 AM
    Bring it on PA, UT, TX (although backing away)
    The more the merrier! This certainly will bring the debates nationally all the time.
    More # of states want to pile on, Fed has to step in - with a ferocious appetite :D


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  • kmkanth
    08-06 07:08 PM
    LUD on I-140 on July.13.08

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  • sanjay02
    08-16 09:49 PM
    What are supporting documents reqd at port of entry for dependent who is travelling on AP( who is not primary applicant)?



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  • sku
    12-31 12:43 AM

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  • pani_6
    07-06 11:44 PM
    If I have to apply for a new PERM Lc and then I-140 in long would the entire process take

    PERM-How many months??.
    I-140- How mnay months??..(10th year of h1b can I get Premium Processing) done

    Thanks for your answers guys...I am really tired of waiting...


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  • nashim
    08-11 03:23 PM

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  • BharatPremi
    11-30 06:05 PM

    If one IV member moves from State A to B, what would be the process of transferring membership to state chapter?

    Will it merely be a deleting datbase record from one state and adding it to another state? Or would it be again filling up survey to new state chapter..?



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  • sweet_jungle
    12-07 12:30 AM
    My wife went for her biometrics today and what a surprise, her date of birth on the system was wrong.
    She only had DL on her and no passport. So, the ASC staff took her biometrics but refused to correct her DOB, claiming that passport was needed.
    So, we called up USCIS and upon description of the problem,were immediately transferred to level 2. Level 2 looked at the cases and confirmed that DOB was wrong on I-485. It was correct in I-765 and I-131. She said that the only way to correct it was to take infopass and present passport and DL.

    It is now more or less clear that DOB mismatch has caused her EAD to be stalled for so long.I have already got my EAD.

    Moral of the story : take passport for FP, infopass, etc. all the time.

    Our EADs and APs were filed separately with I-485 courier receipt. What a mess !!

    lets see what happens at infopass.

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  • n2b
    05-18 09:08 PM
    This is a really good action against the USCIS' lousy process! This should have happened long time ago and I wonder how many times several members have popped up the law suit approach before!


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  • veni001
    11-05 09:27 AM
    That is true, however, would that result in the 140 being cancelled? As per several discussions the 140 can still be used for extensions (assuming that the 140 has not been revoked/cancelled by USCIS due to fraud and that the PD is not current for that catagory). Again this is debatable and there are lots of opinions on this issue out there.
    Some people say that the PD of the older 140 (even if revoked/cancelled by the former employer) can be used when the new company clears the labor and is applying for the new 140.

    You need to consider two scenarios here...

    First: Approved I-140 revoked by employer, since the employee is no longer with him and or employer no longer want to proceed with immigrant worker petition.

    In this case the beneficiary of I-140 can recapture priority date to a future immigrant worker petition by his prospective employer ( at new I-140 stage)

    Second: Approved I-140 revoked by USCIS due to Fraud

    In this case the employer or employee can no-longer eligible to use that I-140 , which includes recapturing priority date.

    Remember: To get H1B extension beyond 6th year one need to have valid approved and/or pending labor/I-140.

    If the PERM labor expires then you can not use that to get 1 year extension
    If I-140 revoked by employer then you can not use that to get extension even for the same employer ( if you come back to him):p

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  • srinivas_o
    08-22 05:45 PM

    Anybody else knows any contact number other than 800 375 5283 to find out what document was mailed by USCIS????


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  • smartboy75
    08-14 12:53 PM

    We are in similar situation only difference in our case it the RFE is for me and we have our FP appointment scheduled on Aug 22nd 2008.

    My attorney adviced us to bring in RFE letter with us and during FP appointment get it filed in by the Immigration officer who takes FP.

    Our attorney also suggested me to send FP appoitnment notification letter for my wife alongwith my RFE, so USCIS idiots know that this couple already done with their FP.

    This is ridiculous, e-file applicants have to go thro' this process of unnecessary RFE and delaying the process. Luckily for me my current EAD expires in Oct 2008, so we still have some time, but tink about the folks for whom the EAD is about to expire and USCIS delaying the process.

    I recommend stornly to go for Paper filed EAD renewals. Onoine EAD is convenient, but then you have to go thro' the hasle of FP schedule and the RFEs.

    Hey raju

    I did exactly as suggested by the attorney....I got the RFE filled by the immigration lady...took a copy of my wife's appointment notice with the biometric stamp on it and added a one page letter and mailed it to USCIS today by overnight delivery.....

    To ur question of paper filed or E-filed ..while I agree that there is a hassle of bimoetric but in the other hand there is direct confirmation of USCIS receipt of the application....

    Imagine u paper filed the renewal and send the package and for weeks u do not get a confirmation number for ur application.....that is even more frustrating than the hassle of e-file......

    not knowing where u r heading is worst than being lost ....:) The choice is ours....

    All the best buddy ....will keep u posted....

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  • gcdesirer
    02-04 10:39 PM
    Thx gapala, wandmaker and lostingcprocess... Appreciate your prompt response.

    No compensation only because it is for a close family friend.



  • neeidd
    07-10 11:35 AM

    I got the standard RFE
    1) End date in client letter
    2) EE relationship
    3) show project validity till h extension requested( 3 years)

    RFE response to be received on or before July 10 2010

    With all problems from vendor and client i was able to get letters but my lawyer sent the packet on July 9 and when I was tracking the status it says that UPS due to some unforeseen reason will now deliver this packet on 7/12 ..2 days after deadline, the packet has sent date 7/9 and was marked next day AIR

    My question is

    ) Am I screwed in this case and my H1 is gone. current H1 period expires 07/15
    2) Or will USCIS will accept the respnse since it was posted before on 7/9

    I am so mad at my lawyer but looks like H1 is gone and I have to pack my belongings ...

    any advice please
    I think, you can still work on H1 even though your current extension is pending

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  • psaxena
    05-04 11:16 AM
    My case is in Nebarska.. is their an email for that location?

    wow.... interesting post.

    i used ac21 to port and mailed uscis the info regarding the port. I wonder if i shud be resending that info using this new process.

    Got to send this to my attorney and get her input.

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  • dil_ip3
    02-25 11:35 AM
    Thanks Kopra for the reply.

    Also, if their are any Questions form the Port of Entry officer about Paystubs, can we say that employer couldn't find me a project; hence I'm changing back my status to H4 or is there anything else that we can say more appropriate.

    03-16 09:38 AM
    Hi, you may want to check out attorney Ksenija Kokanovic at I can definitely recommend her as she helped me with my case.

    05-21 07:59 PM
    Inspite of telling my lawyer she did the mistake of sending my EAD and AP before 120 day period. EAD filed 121 days prior and AP filed 148 days prior. I have gotten the receipts of both but AP status says that they have requested more information/evidence. I am wondering what additional information they need. Anyone else in this situation ?
    Is it 120 business days or just week days?

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