Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • joeshell383
    Nov 11, 06:34 PM
    American Camera? Err.... I don't know any American brand that makes cameras... :rolleyes:


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  • Fraaaa
    Apr 21, 02:16 PM
    Not enough to justify the non-inclusion of LTE/4G.

    Two years from now, you'll be wishing you had faster access to streaming content (the mythical "cloud") than a bit more processing power to play a game that was designed to be playable on the iPhone 4 anyway.

    I justified in my post why LTE/4G is not good for the next revision. Make an argument against that statement.

    Beside, two years from now I'll be wishing nothing. 3G is good enough for browsing and I get WiFi in my house, at work and university. Two years from now, is two iPhone revisions. Most people don't even use SmartPhones, nor they care and the iPhone has the highest reselling value in hardware. So what should I be wishing for?

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  • Old Muley
    May 5, 11:06 AM
    Move along citizens, nothing new to see here...

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  • dscuber9000
    Apr 7, 11:23 PM
    Yeah, I really don't understand the move to kill planned parenthood. Any way you look at it, killing it would lead to more unwanted pregnancies... which is probably a big contributor to abortions. :p

    I think Republicans just have this weird vision for America where everyone is capable and responsible. We're not. So we need planned parenthood.


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  • iAppTime
    Nov 27, 06:22 PM
    Why ?

    If it were genuine White iPhone 4 parts, Apple most likely wants to investigate where they got leaked.

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  • skunk
    Apr 3, 06:09 PM
    It's time to take back the asylum.You don't have to be mad, but it sure helps.


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  • reden
    Apr 30, 05:18 PM
    So you'd recommend the PC version over the MAC??

    Not at all, can't say I would because the Mac beta was just released. They probably need to fix bugs, and it will run on par with the PC version sooner or later. I'm honestly thrilled the beta is out for Mac now, because regardless of the performance issues, I much rather play the Mac beta, instead of having to boot in Windows just to play it. More than anything, the game bogging down happens when I haven't explored the map, very weird. As long as the area is not shaded, it's all good. Plus, I do play this on 2650x1600 resolution, might go down a notch for the Mac version til they fix this.

    It's like xmas this year for Mac! SCII and Steam, yay! Can't wait to play Team Fortress 2, rock on.

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  • skunk
    Feb 26, 05:15 PM
    Where's Bill Gates?Not in California. This was for people based in California.


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  • bloodycape
    Nov 13, 01:37 AM
    Just wondering how Japan perceives Apple as a company - if anyone knows. I know they don't like Microsoft (as in Xbox). I can't imagine they sell many Apple computers over there. Ipods a different story?

    Last I remember, Japan and Korea tend to show loyalty to Japanese companies, hence Sony playstation doing well in Japan. I also remember reading that iPod is #3 in like Japan, a #4 in Korea or something.

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  • foneschlomo
    Aug 14, 03:37 PM
    These brands do not have to overtly say that they are superior to a Kia, because that is accepted by most people. The average person invests more time thinking about cars, houses and clothing than they do about computers- face it, we're geeks. Apple is attempting to create, for themselves, a premium image that goes beyond people who are invested heavily in this kind of decision. Similar to when premium beers started hitting the market, or premium mens skin care products. Many people will tell you they prefer sam adams, though if pressed to tell you why it is better, many couldnt come up with good reasons (maybe taste). Same with Skin Care. I dont use the store brand stuff anymore, but I coudlnt tell you why the brand I use is really better- I know little about that stuff, so I have to go based on product claims. Most people arent that sensitive that they are going to cry when a commercial implies their purchase isnt as cool as someone elses.

    Beer commercials do frequently point out that their competitors beers are crap- in a crowded market, you have to give customers hueristics. Computers are something that people put research into, but generally do not even understand what all of those things mean- trust me, I've been involved in many computer purchases for relatives and friends.


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  • ct2k7
    Apr 22, 09:40 PM
    All this Mac vs PC subjective stereotyping is useless. [Cumulative] correlation does not mean causation.

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  • MacCoaster
    Sep 24, 02:40 PM
    Originally posted by {1984}
    i guess everyone knows about the whole "MHz myth" thing...
    Reason for G4 processors killing the Pentium 4 is cuz of the pipeline and i'm not gonna bother cuz everyone probably knows...
    Funny that Motorola had to add a few more pipelines just to have the G4 catch up to the Pentium 4. Sorry bud, in pure performance, the Pentium 4 2.8GHz and Athlon XP 2.13GHz 2600+ has got it beat. *IF* the G4 was at ~2.x GHz, sure it'd beat the Pentium 4, but the fastest one is 1.25GHz. Dual 1.25 GHz != 2.5GHz in real world so, as pointed by the "benchmarks," Approximately 2.25 GHz G4 (1.25x2) performs just as good as a single Pentium 4 2.8GHz. There are also *A LOT* other things that contribute to performance other than just the stupid pipelines. Memory controller, bus, pretty much anything.

    Right now, the G4 simply sucks. We need the G5 or the new IBM PowerPC. G4 isn't living up to its expectations unless Motorola has performed some miracle to boost the G4 to 3GHz overnight. That ain't happening, either. The best G4 Motorola has ever done was the 7410. Those Dual 533MHzs kicked other arses!

    On the other hand, for productivity, the Macintosh experience is the simply best and fastest, but as a research computer, I'll take a quad Xeon running FreeBSD 5.0 for the price of a high end Power Mac G4, thank you. Otherwise, if I want to get my **** done, I'll simply buy an iMac 800MHz with the best desktop OS.


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  • clintob
    Oct 26, 10:48 PM
    Awesome, I love it! I want to sign up for .Mac so bad, but I can't justify it being worth $99 per year. I would gladly pay $49 per year, especially since I would use iWeb, Photocasting, and all the other good stuff.
    $8.25 a month is too much to keep multiple computers in sync? That alone is worth $8.25/month for me. I hardly use the .mac Mail, and rarely even the iDisk (although it's nice to have). The syncing of bookmarks and address book is mindlessly easy, and invaluable for me.

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  • rtheb
    Apr 26, 04:32 PM
    Try and Repair Permissions in Disk Utility and see if that helps.

    Then try to diable Bluetooth and then enable it again.

    Then try pairing again.

    Also change the batteries for giggles as well! :confused:


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  • shadowfax0
    Sep 23, 09:06 PM
    You sure it was 5H and 52M? My friend's single 867 get like 6-7 hours...but any details on how you ran it would be nice too :) But still, I'm liking that time, about ( about people, about, I swear if I hear about this someone's gonna die...) 5 workunits a day, not bad, not bad at all...

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 5, 11:23 AM
    So Counsumerreports publishes that they can't recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna. Then they later realized that they were dumb asses and the iPhone antenna issue is a non-issue. Now they can't just change their mind, that would make them look like an idiot, so they stayed stubborn saying the iPhone 4 had an antenna issue, because they were too stubborn to admit they were wrong.

    Now the iPad is out they are trying to prove to the media that they are not being biased against apple.

    However, the iPad 2 is the best tablet. That is just a no-brained


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  • CylonGlitch
    Mar 25, 09:31 AM
    I would really like to read the patent. Yes, there are some very generic patents out there; some are upheld others are not. Going based on only what I have heard; a 1997 patent for a preview of a picture may not hold water. I say this only because there were video cameras at that time that had the preview screen (I owned one) and it could be argued that this is just an extension of that technology. Thus not a new invention or one that exists with prior art and thus making it invalid.

    BUT it depends a lot on the details of the patent. I've been through the litigation process over a generally generic patent. The patent itself was fine, but the lawsuit stretched the coverage of the idea. What happens, and I'm sure is what happened in this case, is that they hand over their patent portfolio to a company that specializes on suing companies for patent violations. The company gets a percentage of everything they win; but the general mode is to sue everyone and hope someone settles. Very often, these companies don't really know what the patent is, they just guess that you have something similar so it must be in violation so they sue. The company who is being sued can settle for much less; or fight it in court to determine if they actually did infringe, which could be just as expensive.

    It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out . . . I really need to get back to writing patents, there is big money involved there.

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  • pixpixpix
    Aug 19, 11:57 AM
    If you are concerned about letting friends see where you are, create a list called "placesfriends" and use privacy settings to only show your "Places I check in" to friends on that list.

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  • MorphingDragon
    Mar 27, 03:48 AM
    Im no expert on body language, but him leaning back suggests hes relaxed. Him having his legs crossed means hes talking about something serious. His hands suggest hes asking a question or offering something.

    Is he smiling in the picture?

    Mar 24, 04:09 PM
    Grrrrr, I can't decide. Looks like I'll probably get the 32GB.. 399 + $45 taxes. Anyone think $444 worth it for the older 32 or do better deals exist? I'm somewhat convinced since it is new.

    I'm debating 16 or 32. It's for the wife to take to the gym with her.

    Sep 25, 10:23 AM
    Apple doesn't have to have a public event to update the machines. They'll just appear on the website someday.

    Exactly. MacBooks appeared with no fanfare at all.

    Mar 19, 08:04 PM
    I miss the days when I could order an 8 pack of eMacs for our school for $4995. That comes out to less than $625 each. Now the cheapest computer I can get from Apple is $899 for the 20" iMac, (maybe $825 if I buy 25 or so and sweet talk my account rep). That's like a $5000-7000 difference for a lab of 25. Not small peanuts by any means when it comes to school budgets.

    This $20 discount is a kick in the nuts from Apple. They'll still charge us 29 bucks for each stupid dongle and make that right back. (cue Clark Griswold rant)

    Sep 25, 11:32 PM
    According to US law, a trademark holder MUST defend their trademarks, or they risk losing them. Google is struggling with this, as they're trying to encourage people not to use it as a generic verb.

    Wikipedia Linky (

    The question is, what trademark is Apple defending? Going after a podcasting company when all you have trademarked is the iPod may be trying to stretch your trademark a bit far.

    Feb 19, 11:03 PM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    Good! That means he takes his liver transplant ( seriously.

    Very skillful in how Jobs face and legs are hidden. Im beginning to think the newspapers are right about his condition.

    Also, pretty tasteless to dress the way he does. I'm not a fan of Obama, but if I were to meet him and sit next to him for dinner, I would respect the office enough not no dress in freakin' turtle neck.

    Jobs has ZERO class, none.

    My parents are the same way. They hate Obama, and yet get offended if someone doesn't dress up for him. Funny how that works.

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