Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Imm_Exploited
    07-26 02:02 PM
    Can some one please help to 'Activate' 'Quick Reply' feature?? Thanks.

    Details in my signature.

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  • pappu
    11-16 10:23 AM
    You can find all information here

    We give updates and next action items via state chapters

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  • FredG
    January 24th, 2005, 06:59 AM
    Agree. I bought a better beamer just for that. I've only used it a few times with mixed results. Definitely worth the practice to get it right.

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  • bp333
    05-24 09:43 PM
    In my case I applied for my MIL visa extension on March 15th. We received the approval last week. Her I-94 expired on May 15th, we chose to wait till we heard the decision.

    I only requested for 4 months. Also, this is the second extension I applied for my MIL and this is her 4th visit to US. My take, you should be good as long as you state a valid reason and show good financial support..


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  • kirupa
    08-19 01:02 PM
    Ah, that won't really be possible unfortunately by applying it directly to Frame. The Frame is basically a window through which you view the world (XAML pages loaded into it). It has no real control over what gets loaded - it is only a spectator.

    What you can do is specify a transition effect on each XAML that plays when that page loads. The end result is that tour frame will display a transition effect, but that transition effect would have been entirely defined in the page that gets loaded instead of having it live on the single page containing the Frame.


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  • jack123
    12-09 06:02 PM
    I am on H1B visa. My visa expires in April 2010. I was arrested in New York for a misdemeanor charge which was subsequently dismissed by the court. There was no guilty plea etc so under immigration law too I DO NOT have a conviction. I have all the final court docs. I am travelling to India to renew my H1B visa. I have a few questions -

    (i) Is there a possibility that I am selected for 221 g screening? How long does the 221 g screen take?

    (ii) Since I have a valid visa am I allowed to enter the US while they are completing the process? I have left the country before and entered on my current visa. I was sent for additional screening at the airport but had no issues since I have all the court documents.

    Any insights would be appreciated


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  • solaris27
    01-29 09:17 AM
    You can't use both .

    If you use EAD then h1b will be invaild.

    You can ask second employer to apply for part time h1b visa.

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  • frostrated
    09-09 03:52 PM
    My case was approved on Aug 19, 2010. I received my card on Aug 26, 2010.

    Unfortunately, The EAD card had a wrong start date. I have sent my cards back for correction on Sept 2, 2010.

    (I do have approval e-mail of my cards and the case.)

    So, Question is, Can I work while my cards come back with the correct date. I don't have receipt of the replacement cards in my hand yet.

    Please let me know.

    you need to be in possession of the card to work. the fact that you sent the card back does not make you eligible to work, as the card had dates that were wrong. what were the wrong dates? you can work only for the dates that the card was approved for, provided you have the card in your possession.


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  • mohitb272
    08-03 07:03 PM
    Please forgive my ignorance Gurus but I want to know when EAD is approved, how would one receive a SSN? Does that need to be applied separately at the local SSA office? If yes, then as per my understanding this would mean a further delay before one can start work, since it takes some time to receive a SSN.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    I am referring a common scenario for all H4 visa holders who do not have a SSN.

    Please share some knowledge on this.

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  • rv485
    09-01 12:15 AM
    Thanks for your reponse.
    What about my wife application should I represent for my wife or Should she represent by herself?

    Should I send the self representation letters to the following address.

    U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services,
    USCIS Texas Service Center,
    PO BOX 852685
    Mesquite, TX 75185-2685


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  • sbmallik
    09-07 09:08 AM
    Please note that an I-485 approval invalidates the H-1B visa.

    I would travel to the US before Advanced Parole expiry to obtain the GC and return. I am not sure of any exceptions - please post the question in 'Ask a Lawyer' section ASAP.

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  • p7810456
    03-30 09:51 AM
    I had the same case. My attorney refused to tell me the case number for my labor because according to him my application was owned by my company and they didn't want us (applicants) to know our case numbers. I tried looking for any alternatives, but nothing worked. As few people suggested me, try contacting BEC directly.. and may be they'll send you some snapshot or something, but i guess even if they do.. they'll send it to the attorney, not to you directly.

    Neway, finally I got my labor certified last month.


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  • kaizar
    05-06 07:56 AM
    Hi, I have question about my case.

    My family was applied I-485 by my mom's working at the company, and all my family had EAD which is working permit and received SSN with that EAD.

    However, 2008 January our I-485 have got denied because of sponsor got closed.
    That was the before our EAD card gets expired. So I couldn't renew the EAD card.

    So My question is, is there any way to renew that EAD now?
    if I still want to work, what does I have to do?

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  • senthil1
    07-24 10:26 PM
    If EB2 you may receive within 2 to 4 years from your PD and if EB3 then 4 to 6 years from your PD. But it will change postively if there is increase of GC temporary or permanent. It will change negatively if they increase H1b and not GC

    I've been reading a lot regarding how many people is submitting their application this month, some how after see the possible figures I feel demoralized, looks like before July 2007 all of us were having an idea of our process, then the USCIS mess appeared and now I have no idea of when I will receive the GC or if some day I will receive it.

    The USCIS just gave us the sense of advancement but in reality they did not giveus anything, just look the facts, you will have EAD and PAD, but if your I140 or I485 fail then you will be ouf of status, so many people will decide to maintain their H1B status, so why did we apply?

    Can any one elaborate or give an estimate of when will we be receiving our GC (whe nI say we I'm thinking in all the people applying under the Visa Bulletin 2007 mess).



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  • gcmaker
    03-28 07:07 PM
    I used my 485 EAD, which I received when I filed my 485 with my spouse. And now I want my employer to apply H-1B for me. I am wondering if I can apply change of status to H-1B within US or I have to apply H-1B petition, which requires me to get out of US and get the visa at some US consulate or embassy.

    I'd really appreciate any info.

    Thanks a lot.

    I am not sure I understand why would you want to do this? You are on EAD, correct? This already gives you the right to work for any employer; getting an H-1B would be a step back in this regard. Am I missing something?

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  • jasonpark
    August 12th, 2005, 12:50 PM
    Appreciate the input - look for individual posts from me soon.

    D80 [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : D80


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  • obelix
    07-27 02:55 PM
    Its anybodys guess....but u r one lucky guy to get ur receipt within 10 days...


    Not really. If you see the late June submitters thread, many of us who applied in the June 20th timeframe have got their receipts. It took us 5 weeks to get the receipts from the date of filing.

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  • truthinspector
    10-19 10:37 AM
    Truly inspirational, Thanks a lot!

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  • stucklabor
    03-25 10:17 AM
    Xu1, could you please post a separate thread or email admin about this. Right now, this post is buried in the thread about Immigration Voice featured in Roll Call.


    Thank you for taking up such a good cause!

    I have one suggestion for the website.. Search engines are usually parameters-averse. For instance Google claims they may stop crawling if the links have too many parameters. The non-forum part of this Joomla powered website mostly utilize &s and ?s parameters in the URL.

    The Joomla installation comes with an SEF component that converts &s and ?s into comma-separated directory structures.. You guys can turn it on in the admin panel. The conversion makes the URL look even uglier but it is at least SEF-compliant. Or there are other third party Joomla components that do a better job (though may require slightly more tuning)

    08-01 04:58 PM
    My application got approved today! Good luck to everyone.

    04-09 02:48 PM
    Pardon me if this question has been asked before. This query is for my friend who got laid off just before his 140 got approved in 02/09.
    Case details: PD 08.2007; 3 yr. H1B expiring 08.2009

    What are his options to keep the GC process rolling & things to consider?
    Can he return to his home country, India, and apply 485 by consular processing when his PD is current?
    Thank you.

    Company should not revoke his I-140 and support him with all the documents for the interview. There is no AC-21 for the CP.

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