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  • amit_md
    04-14 07:39 AM
    Contributed $100, a small drop in the contribution.

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  • red1234
    07-10 01:34 PM
    talked to my attorney and he did get 1 or 2 applications back from USCIS. but he is not sure whether it is from July 2nd filers or after that.

    obviously they are returning applications.

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  • zhongweizhu
    04-26 01:33 PM
    just fire up $300

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  • chanduv23
    02-01 12:54 PM
    When I am trying to reqruit someone from dice, I see resumes that are heavily bloated to an extent. I see similar resumes with names changed and some words changed both from same city, so maybe they are from same consulting company, i have to dig through in detail to figure out a good resume and finally the chances are that I may have gone through a bloated resume are high.

    One suggestion that is in above post is good, INS can releease skills associated with filing h1b petition and match with skills on resume.


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  • wantMyGC
    07-14 07:27 PM _businessweek+exclusives

    The Gandhi Protests
    Denied the permanent U.S. residency they'd been promised, high-skilled workers are taking to the streets in nonviolent protest

    Engineers, computer programmers, and tech workers aren't known for outspoken collective action and political protest. But on July 14, up to 1,000 high-skilled, legal immigrants will gather in San Jose, Calif., to express their outrage at the U.S. government's failure to deliver on a promise to hasten the processing of their green-card applications. Many of these immigrants came to the U.S. from India on visas and have been stuck in what they say is an interminable wait for permanent residency and the freedoms it brings.

    "We're stepping out to bring this issue to the attention of lawmakers and the public," says Ashish Sharma, 37, who has worked as a manager at a tech firm in Los Angeles for seven years, awaiting his green card. "The debate has been dominated by illegal immigration, but we want to put a spotlight on the hurdles we're facing as a hard-working and law-abiding group. It's time for corrective action."

    Sharma says he spent $5,000 flying his wife and children to the U.S. from India to prepare green-card documents that the government originally said it would accept and then later decided not to accept. Tomorrow, he will drive more than five hours to San Jose to meet hundreds of others stuck in the green-card backlog who want to make a public statement about their frustrations.
    Long Delays Spur Protests

    The rally follows a symbolic action on July 10 in which hundreds of green-card applicants sent flowers to the director of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services in a show of peaceful protest reminiscent of Mohandas Gandhi's nonviolent campaign against British rule before India gained independence in 1947. The idea for both the flower sending and the rally emerged from Immigration Voice, a group that advocates for high-tech immigrants in the U.S. on visas.

    The Gandhi protests, though grounded in years of frustration and anger, were sparked by recent events. On June 12, the U.S. State Dept. issued a bulletin promising it was ready to move hundreds of thousands of green-card applicants into the final phase of processing, known as the Adjustment of Status. Visa workers rushed to complete their Adjustment of Status applications for July 2, the first day they could be submitted. Applicants scrambled to gather signatures, birth certificates, and immunization records, many taking off work and rearranging travel plans. But at the beginning of July, the State Dept. retracted the bulletin, explaining the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services had already fulfilled its quota and would not accept further applications. The immigrant community exploded, with critics saying they are the victims of bureaucratic incompetence and a broken immigration policy.

    The green-card backlog has emerged because of a mismatch between the number of visa holders and the number of green cards available to them each year. Tens of thousands of foreign workers enter the U.S. on work visas each year, and many apply for green cards. But current government rules limit the number of people who can be admitted to the U.S. from any particular country to 9,800. The result is that for larger countries, including India and China, the wait for permanent U.S. residency now stretches for years. As they wait, visa workers are required to maintain the same job and salary, or they are bumped back to the long queue. That leaves many of the most educated and talented immigrants feeling stuck, sometimes to the point of hopelessness (see, 6/21/07, "One Easy Fix for Immigration").
    Joining the Chorus

    Many American companies are concerned about the government's immigration policies. Tech companies, including IBM (IBM), Motorola (MOT), Oracle (ORCL), eBay (EBAY), and Intel (INTC), have pressured Congress to allow in more skilled workers on temporary and permanent visas. Google (GOOG), with many immigrants at the company including one of the founders, sent one of its top executives to make the case in Washington (see, 6/7/07, "Immigration: Google Makes Its Case"). Bill Gates, Microsoft's (MSFT) co-founder, also made the trip to Congress to argue for a change in policy (see, 3/8/07, "Gates to Senate: More Visas").

    Immigration Voice has for several years been a forum for visa workers awaiting green cards, but it is now becoming a critical organizing tool through its Web site, volunteer leadership, and increased lobbying efforts. Immigration Voice President Aman Kapoor says green-card applicants are busy organizing a series of rallies to take place across the country on one day next month.

    "This is not the usual population to go into the streets and protest; it's a group that has remained quiet and follows the rules," says Kapoor. "But people have lost faith in the system, and we have reached a tipping point in terms of frustration. There's an understanding that more dramatic action is needed."

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  • gsc999
    07-11 01:44 AM
    What do you guys think, should we get some flowers at the San Jose rally too and give them out to the supporters?

    That will display continuity of thought with our flower campaign and weave that into the peaceful protest.


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  • green007
    07-15 12:59 PM
    Thanks for your great job.Thanks a lot for immigration voice for the superb service they are doing.Iam so happy to have this platform.I just sighned the petition.I encourage all of the members to do the same.UNITED WE STAND

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  • sc3
    06-12 03:02 PM
    See the following link for explanation:

    Excerpt from above link


    First: Priority Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required for fourth and fifth preferences.

    Second: Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required by first preference.

    Third: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide level, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences, not more than 10,000 of which to "Other Workers".

    Fourth: Certain Special Immigrants: 7.1% of the worldwide level.

    Fifth: Employment Creation: 7.1% of the worldwide level, not less than 3,000 of which reserved for investors in a targeted rural or high-unemployment area, and 3,000 set aside for investors in regional centers by Sec. 610 of P.L. 102-395.

    Exactly, everywhere the language is similar.

    If EB3 were to get only the leftover numbers after EB2 is finished, the statement would read "...not required by second preference", because the statement in EB2's paragraph "not required by first preference" would add to Eb2 numbers (and may no longer be differentiated as EB1 rollover numbers). So a statement in EB3 along the lines of "not required by second preference" will clearly say that rollover from EB1 is to EB2 only. And any further rollover from EB2 will be considered depending on the demand for EB2.


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  • sriramkalyan
    12-03 03:36 PM
    Lottery & Pot Lock ...are NO NO NO .. ..

    Best is to Charge to start a thread and monthly minimum charge to maintain the account..

    Less effort max affect!!

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  • tampacoolie
    07-21 08:07 AM
    My company got an RFE for ability to pay from USCIS. we are responding back with my companies 2006 tax returns and w-2 which shows more than proffered wage determined by Dept of Labor during PERM. I hope this should be fine and I will get a favorable response.

    My concern is whether I should apply for 485 or should I wait till 140 approval to apply for 485.

    please advice.

    I also got an I-140 REF on A2P. USCIS requested my company's 2006 Tax Return, my 2006 W2 and 3 latest pay stubs. I am still waiting for my employer's tax return, However I am going to apply I485.


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  • Ankou
    06-09 04:18 AM
    Thanks B3NKobe. I've been meaning to jump in on a battle here and this seemed like the perfect one to try (my first ever!). The image you picked was easy to work with... which was very nice.

    I really wanted to do something with the big ugly grey button, but figured it might be considered more like a mod and not a skin. So I just left it.

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  • rongch60
    10-29 04:43 PM

    Could you please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. NAPOLITANO-. My e-mail address is

    Thank you.



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  • pbojja
    10-02 11:12 PM
    EB2 india/china... see this..
    and then see this

    ab bajao ghanti... aur chup chap baithe raho
    (translation: sit there like a paraplegic in the line and do nothing ... while a massive line jumping is in process... you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.. EB2 I/C is in for a really really long wait.
    Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!


    Can you please give a back ground of yours before talking about others ? Are you CEO of some company ?

    First learn to complete your profile ...look at the 485 mailing and receive dates ..

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  • senthil1
    05-24 04:38 PM
    I am mentioning that statusquo is better when they put more and more restrictions

    What do you see in this bill that is better ? I really want to know because every one is highlighting the negatives. Are ther any positives as you see ?


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  • legal_alien_007
    07-24 08:17 PM
    dear mr. "audience",

    one more "highly skilled" immigrant thinks she/he is "audience".... "audience"!!!! nice

    life is going waste in gc backlog but .... "audience", oh and someone forgot to ask, while you are watching this movie titled 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'.... would you like to get some popcorn and coke with it..... why? because that's what "audience" do..... they enjoy the game and movie when someone else is doing something..... but the "audience" sit on the sidelines and watch

    you seem to very much enjoy this movie 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'? with your kind of star cast it has got to be a grammy winner... thank you mr. "audience" for the wonderful performance.... time for you to speak out your garmmy winner speech, and don't forget to thank all the people on that list.... aila aila aila aila aila aila, and btw, and whom are we forgetting, did you miss out aila

    I 'm not sure if you are trying to be funny or sarcastic, but you fail miserably at both.

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  • nefrateedi
    07-20 09:50 AM
    i did the same, because i thought that what my lawyer wanted.
    The only way to track tme money order is after 60 day from bying it. You can go to the post office and they will invistigated. it cost 5 dollars. They wont do it before 60 days. i went and asked.

    That is true. It's a lot easier to track Western Union money orders as opposed to those that are issued by USPS.


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  • grupak
    06-13 12:18 PM
    There are 3 bills in congress that will reduce the backlog in EB3. Thats quite an achievement because no matter what bright ideas we might have in this forum, getting the representatives in congress to adopt the "language" for the bills is very hard.

    So, lets take advantage of what we have in our plate right now. We need the support of CHC members. So call them. And also call your local representatives.

    This is the best option we have right now. Lets do our best. Make the calls.

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  • vejella
    07-11 11:02 AM
    Does you think it might be possible that USCIS could hold the AOS application and automatically process the application with out any refiling cost ...with or With out encashing the checks...

    This solution might be a possible fix to all Folks even if their PD comes in OCT Bulletin ....

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  • karthkc
    02-11 01:19 PM
    I believe you have to file an amendment to let USCIS know that you intend to continue on H1B after you return using AP OR file for an H1B extension if you are within that timeframe before a transfer.

    AFAIK, when you return on AP, you are paroled into the US and the I-94 you get is valid only for the term of your AP. When you send that I94 copy across to USCIS for your H1B transfer, you may have an issue.

    I believe this is just procedural since I have seen a lot of people continue working on their H1B for their current employer (Same as GC) after using AP and they have not had any issues.



    06-20 12:46 PM
    Did you have a personal experience about pre-existing conditions getting covered? Or do you personally know anyone who got covered for pre-existing conditions? If so, please provide complete details. How much was the total expense? How much did they cover? Was there network negotiated charge? How much time did it talk to get the money back?

    If not, there is no point in talking about hypothetical scenarios and hoping that someone would cover.

    Absolutely not. The first time I thought about it was after reading post from Shirish in this thread who used it. I was personally never in favor of using Indian company and last couple of times I purchased from IMG(US based) but never used them.

    This time again I am hunting for medical insurance for my parents and from based on my initial research I don;t find much benefit in using US based company either. If you know someone who have good experience with US based company in emergency situations then please post it.

    06-14 01:36 PM
    Long as you are married before your 485 is approved you should be ok. What is your PD and category?

    One hint they give you is when they send the fingerprinting (FP) notice. You can't be approved without that. And after FP it takes any where from 3 - 6 months.
    My PD is OCT 2006 and category EB2


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