Saturday, June 4, 2011

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brunette long hairstyles. Best Brunette long Hairstyles. Best Brunette long Hairstyles. Brunette has become the unlikely toast of Tinseltown. In addition to light runettes who have
  • Best Brunette long Hairstyles. Best Brunette long Hairstyles. Brunette has become the unlikely toast of Tinseltown. In addition to light runettes who have

  • VulchR
    Mar 24, 06:11 AM
    I do wish people in this forum stop referring to 'the military' as though they were some sort of alien life-forms. 'The military' are people, and even if you happen to be in the oh-so-unique moral high ground of opposing war and violence from your comfortable desk, soldiers deserve the best kit we can afford to give them. Ditto for the returning veterans. And their families.

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  • fhall1
    Apr 14, 12:06 PM
    Does anybody know what happened to nadyne the Microsoft rep that used to hang around MacRumors and had good tips on how to solve certain issues with Office?
    I urgently need to get the template support in PowerPoint working correctly...

    It seems that her last post to the forum happened in October 2010...

    According to her blog she left Microsoft months ago and went to work for (I think) VMWare

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  • grmatt
    Apr 5, 10:49 AM
    I'm guessing it's just a prototype of some sort. We know that Apple tests out many different variations of hardware.

    I'm with others in thinking that it would be inconvenient to have a capacitive home button for when it is accidentally pressed. My guess is that Apple knows this and has somehow figured out a solution, if this is indeed the direction they are going.

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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 28, 07:59 AM
    Got yesterday. Traded in 5 games at EB for $125 credit, DSi for $80 and CoD:BlOps for $40, sooooo yeah! I figured why not. They still had a TON of them left at 5pm. Either not popular or they made too many.

    No games though! Too poor to afford any so I have just been messing with the AR games and faceraiders. Quite cool. I second MRU on the jaggies... needs a 6950 crammed in it somehow ;) And I second JackAxe, why glossy finish? Frankly, the DSi was the perfect DS hardware. Good buttons, dpad, screens, size, finish and the 3DS is a step down. And damn is it ugly! I couldn't handle the blue, it's about 5 different colours.

    I was really curious about the 3D effect and the test nearly made my eyes explode. It was weird and actually hurt. Luckily I don't find actual use like that. The jarring thing is the menu. Since the upper screens (the "title screens") of the Apps is in 3D moving all around while the touch screen obviously isn't. So looking between the two causes my brain to yell at me. My girlfriend immediately turned off the 3D and told me she is never going to use it.... so yeah.

    For free I am happy. I'll be happier once Zelda/Mario/Starfox comes out. And my girlfriend will crap herself when Animal Crossing makes it out.


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  • TheNewDude
    May 10, 05:11 PM
    Did you actually get the beta from Blizzard? Or did you just download some random beta from a pirate site?

    If you're not a part of the authorized Beta, you're not going to be able to play maps (as far as I know) on a Mac. The beta is based on online multiplayer only.

    My buddy gave me the copy he got.
    So i guess I'm outta luck!

    Oh well.... I guess I will go bother Best Buy for my Beta Code!

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  • flurffmeister
    Apr 6, 11:07 AM
    Though it's not very clear, it looks like the capacity is listed as 12(X) GB. From what I've seen in any mass storage device, 8-10% of the storage space is missing for whatever reason (my 32GB iPhone has 29.1GB.) Even if it says 120GB, that's only 6.25% gone.


    The settings also show a 128GB capacity.

    If this were a genuine 128GB unit, the settings would show something like 118GB capacity.

    128 GB (storage size speak = 128 billion bytes) = 119.2GB (binary speak)

    Subtract about 900 megs to a gig for the OS (judging by the stated capacity on an iPod touch 4 at iOS 4.3.1), and you have somewhere around 118-118.3GB.


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  • dvdhsu
    Apr 16, 03:42 PM
    Steve looks more and more like the guy on the screen every day!

    I know!

    Totally! :D

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  • mags631
    Jun 19, 09:03 AM
    Pour all their R&D into technologies that don't even exist yet, while continuing to throw up excuses for why they can't include technologies that do. Like Blu-Ray.

    I recommend you listen to this interview (

    While this quote ( doesn't specifically mention bluray, it seems like Apple is choosing not to "ride" Bluray into the future:

    Apple has a history of doing that, Jobs says, noting that Apple was the first company to dump the floppy and later, to adopt USB. “Sometimes when we get rid of things, people call us crazy….But sometimes you just have to pick the things that are going to be the right horse to ride forward….And Flash has had it’s day…but HTML5 is starting emerge….The video looks better and it works better and you don’t need a plug-in to run it. And while 75 percent of the video on the Web may be available in Flash, a lot of it is available in HTML5 as well.”


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  • pubwvj
    Apr 5, 10:02 AM
    Huh. Are there other tablets out there? I mean besides the Ouija board and Etch-a-Sketch? I thought the others from Sony, HP, Microsoft and such were all just pre-manufacturing prototypes... I've seen iPads. Everywhere. Never seen any other brand.

    Speaking of such things, I have seen the Barnes and Noble Nook. Ugh. Ick. Yuck. Disgustipating. Maybe it was a joke. They had them at a Barnes and Noble setup for users to try out. Most didn't even work so they're not durable. Those that did work had problems with applications not functioning, books missing pages (in an eBook?!?) or not working, etc. Sound was poor. I'll save my money for an iPad.

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 17, 05:01 PM
    Want to welcome Monitor and Pixellated to the team, thanks for your contribution :)

    Monitor your stats:

    Pixellated your stats:


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  • iSimx
    Mar 28, 08:23 AM
    Hoping Lion will be launched then! :)

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  • optophobia
    Nov 17, 04:32 PM
    Stolen goods or not, nevermind that - but $300 per kit? :eek:

    Why not just buy a white case?

    sorry, but I will never put a case on my iPhone. It was made to look sexy as it is, naked.

    Cases just ruin it.


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  • lilcosco08
    Apr 1, 12:00 PM
    The black 3ds officially beat the iPhone in sexiness

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  • rstansby
    Feb 23, 06:34 PM
    Smurf Village is certainly an easy trap. You have to enter your password to download the "free" game, then your kids have 15 minutes to spend real money on in-app purchases. This has never happened to me, but my son did buy an album on the iTunes store once. Parents should obviously disable one click purchasing on any computer that their kids use. And maybe they should wait 15 minutes before handing the phone over to their kids. In my experience Apple is very good about refunding money in situations like this, so I think most parents will be able to get a refund if their kid buys $99 worth of smurfberries. After this experience those parents should disable in-app purchases. In Capcom's defense, they have placed obvious warnings in the app store and in the app.

    It would be nice if apple added "always require password for purchases" to the parental controls. Or a checkbox that says "keep me logged in for 15 mins" on the purchase window.

    I think consumers, and Apple, should solve this "problem" without the aid of the government.


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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 03:50 PM
    People are wrong who think Alacarte would boil down to a handful of channels. The opposite would happen as people would not purchase duplicate channels with similar content. They would choose the one they like best and then choose something more narrowly focused in their interest range.

    People are confusing ratings on tv with what people would actually pay for to have brought into their home every month. They are not the same thing.

    Yeah, people just listen to the media. Everyone I know would just buy what they want, even if that meant 2 channels.

    By their logic, cellular companies unlimited plan should be the only plan offered, and if cellular companies offered less then everyone would only buy the minimum plans, lol. Flawwed logic propagated by misinformation.

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  • goletastudio
    Oct 22, 12:19 AM
    Oh it is, is it? :rolleyes:

    Remember, it is up to you if you want to participate in this waiting game.

    Well, if I'm wrong than apple lied to our company.;)


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  • mdelvecchio
    Apr 5, 12:57 PM
    Why cant people just (I know this sounds crazy) listen to CR when they make factually based reviews (i.e., iPhone 4 antenna design CAN lead to dropped calls). I hate this blind bias some folks have on here.

    then how do you explain CR giving the nod to another smartphone that *also* demonstrates a deathgrip loss of signal? they all do. yet, there was no hoopla about the others. only iphone.

    thats what yanks the rug of credibility out from under them.

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  • IBradMac
    Aug 19, 08:22 PM
    Works in Ohio.

    Not in my part of Ohio.. :rolleyes:

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  • bizzle
    Apr 8, 08:33 PM
    But another unit is just what the 'system' requires of Sally, poor girl.

    You could do with a crash course in Economics, not that I agree with what they are trying to achieve.

    I am not saying no one should produce children. I am just saying its not the job of the government to make sure people are only cranking out units when they are "ready". Its called personal responsibility. If you get knocked up, deal with it. It's usually your own fault. Maybe your parents should have taught you to keep your pants on. It's not up the the government to teach you these things.

    Mar 29, 09:53 AM
    did you read it? it is exactly what I have been saying all along.
    No, it's exactly opposite of what you wrote.

    Apr 16, 04:02 PM
    x2 of what you said.... you verbalized what I was trying to say a lot better than I. :o

    Thanks! :)

    I wish they included this but I guess it was more detailed then they were willing to broadcast.

    After NewsToons was turned down in mid-December, Mr. Fiore did not try to submit it again, “mainly because it seemed like it would be so daunting.”

    “It’s not like I had a phone number for someone at Apple,” he said, adding, “interestingly enough, I do now.”

    Just goes to show how two-faced they are.. :(

    Look, believe it or not I'm a big fan of Apple for the most part but the UGLY way they've handled the APP store was/is just too much for me to not speak my mind about it. Oh and before people start screaming... WELL YOU HAVE A CHOICE... Yea I'm well aware of my rights and freedoms and one of them is to LIKE Apple and their products and STILL speak the truth about their militant behavior they exhibit over the APP store.

    Apr 2, 01:50 PM
    *caugh, caugh* It's 1.0.1. Also, It's not so much that it has bugs are anything, I think it UI is horrible.

    Yes, I think the UI is aweful too.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my feelings!

    Sep 27, 07:08 PM
    My friend had nothing but problems with his G5. The computer was constantly in for repairs and would spew out kernal-panics often. It ended up being a bad memory module, which was undetectable even with an extensive hardware test. The only reason he figure it out, is because he had lowned the additional RAM to a mutual friend while his G5 was in the shop for the last time.


    Yes, that might be it. It is the only thing that hasn't been replaced. The Apple memory has been replaced but not the third party RAM, I'll exchange for a new ones.
    Thanks for the input.

    Jul 24, 08:32 AM
    It turns out that my friends sold their Xbox 360 consoles after all these years. If I do get one it will be fore media extension from Windows 7.

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