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  • immigrationaccount
    08-14 11:53 PM
    Thank you for the response dentist1.

    I am not sure on how to interpret LUD, here is the summary

    1. 485 received date Aug/1/2007, notice date Sep/27/2007 - for all three of us.
    2. We applied for a change of address in May/2009 and received acknowledgement from USCIS in June/2009 - for all three of us.
    3. My son's RFE response acknowledgement dated July/2009.

    Please help me to figure out LUD for our applications.


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  • krishmunn
    05-03 02:29 PM
    You probably still have enough time if you go for PRemium Processing. LCA will take around a week and Premium H1 will take another 2 weeks .

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  • sintax321
    10-22 02:40 AM
    Thanks guys. I just sat down and started trowing things on the canvas. It all came together by accedent. I still have some other little stuff to add to it.

    I know it is kind of old school to use radial blurs and scan lines but the look so cool.

    I'm humbled by yuor comments thank you:goatee:

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  • optimist578
    10-17 07:37 AM
    I am in the same situation as thesaintmav. My priority date is Mar 03.
    I am really curious to find out more about the conversion process from EB3 to EB2, especially, whether it can be done staying in the same company.

    Waiting for the EB3 pointer to move from Apr 01 to Mar 03 might take ages, I would guess at least 1 to 1.5 years - given that the EB3 visas are retrogressed in "all categories" - not just India or China.


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  • I485applicant
    07-19 06:19 PM
    Hi All,

    Here is my situation, would appreciate any advice or pls ping me if you are in the same boat.

    I have approved an I140 from previous employer (A), (PD Mar 06) thinking that retrogression is a given for a long time I took up a full time job with employer(B), where I was consulting. My Labor and I140 has not yet been started with Emp B.

    As E2, Eb3 ... is current upto Aug 17, I'm trying to file I145 based on Emp A. They are willing to file but putting a steep price (trying to take adv of the situation)

    a. I know one can Self file I485, can I include my old employer job offer letter assuming that it would take > 180 days for USCIS to process the application in the mean time negotiage a deal with Emp A.

    b. Self file I485, without Emp A offer letter, wait for RFE and in the mean time negotiate the deal with Emp A.

    Any advice will be appreciated, please.

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  • ajaysri
    07-05 10:26 PM

    My 9th year H1 expires this month and I am planning to use EAD to continue in my job (not extending my H1B). Can you please tell:

    1) What do I need to do to with respect to Employer and USCIS to move to EAD status from H1B?

    2) I read in some forum posts: there is a new law OR amendment - people working on EAD with adjustment of status will be deported.. we need to continue maintaining H1B it legitimate?

    3) My current Advance Parole is valid till Oct'09. As I move to EAD, is AP renewal required for any other reason other than travel purpose?



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  • cooldude
    07-02 08:56 AM
    I heard USCIS already retrogressed and rejecting Jul filer? is it true. need urgent help :mad: :mad:
    What's your source??

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  • optimist578
    04-20 03:11 PM

    I have my I-140 application (regular) still pending with USCIS when I got laid off. I don't stand a chance of asking my ex-employer to file a premium processing I-140, who has already agreed not to revoke anything.

    Now I am looking for a new employer who will be willing to sponsor my H1B and GC. Has anybody experienced such a situation?

    I am on my 9th year of H1B with PD Mar 2003 (EB3).



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  • meridiani.planum
    05-09 11:33 PM
    With the possiblity of the annual spillover coming up soon, wanted a quick poll to see the upcoming PD distribution within the IV community. EB2-India and waiting for adjudication only please (we can start another one for EB3-I & ROW)

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  • milind70
    04-28 12:46 AM
    I have a approved I-140. Applied for 3 year H1 extension in Oct 2006. 3 year H1 extension approved on 5th Feb 2007. Received H4 dependents extensions. Did not receive my I-797. Requested my consulting company to check why I did not receive my I-797 with I-94. They lied to me that they called USCIS and I/they/lawyer will get copy in 30/45 days. My MN drivers license got canceled/suspended on 04/24/2007 because I did not submit approved I-797/I-94. Company lawyer informed my company that they applied under premium processing for duplicate copy on 04/16/2007. I called USCIS and they told me this is bullshit. There is no premium processing for duplicate document. Lawyer does not want to reveal which form he filed for duplicate document. I also applied this week using form I-824 for duplicate copy of approved H1 extension. Called USCIS, and they said I will get a receipt number in 15 days and copy in 2-3 months. This copy will not include I-94, so it is useless. What options do I have. My lawyer is an American and he thinks it is below his dignity to answer my calls.

    What options do I now have? Any options will be appreciated.

    I think you can file Form 120 for a duplicate I 94 in case it is lost/mutilated etc. please check USCIS website. hope this helps


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  • patiently_waiting
    01-30 09:42 AM
    andhrawala, that is not correct.

    Please check here with Ron Gotcher's Reply regarding this

    Adding spouse to AOS (

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  • singhsa3
    08-08 12:58 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?


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  • arnet
    02-27 05:43 PM
    I have few question regd H4 visa.

    1. how H4 visa holder can study using education loan from india? if they get money through bank-to-bank transfer for education, they have to pay taxes right?

    2. also now I know F1 students get their SEVIS number and this number helps DHS to track the students study programs/activities/money in US. This SEVIS number is given to F1 students by DHS.

    so if H4 get this (education loan) money through bank-to-bank transfer, whether it will create a problem for H4 because they brought money from india without SEVIS number?

    Please let me know.

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  • oliTwist
    12-12 05:24 PM
    There was another thread on this already and we posted some of our stories in there. This I think will work and can be done by all sceptics here.There is no harm in writing abt your story and get their attention to our plight.


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  • abhishek101
    02-08 11:44 AM
    Yes you can using your I140, should not be any issue. Ask your attorney to do the paperwork, it should be straightforward.

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  • beautifulMind
    04-22 01:50 PM
    PERM prewailing wage determination EB2

    Position 15-1034

    My university is applying for a new perm application for eb2. I work for a university

    Myemployer sent a wage request to OES . They replied by saying that the prevwailing wage is not available for your zone so they basically gave me a level 1 wage when it should be the leavel 3 wage for eb2...The person said that should not be a problem

    Is thisgoing to be ok ?


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  • singhsa3
    08-08 02:20 PM
    No this time I will prefer hunger strike.. Care to participate?
    Why don't you file a lawsuit? :)

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  • SH2009
    06-10 09:04 PM
    Current employer A, H1B cap-exempt and in 2nd year. Both H1B and attached I-94 will expire on 7/5/2009.
    New employer B, H1B cap-subject, required starting to work on July 7/27/2009 or I may loose my offer.

    I-485 is pending > 180 days. I have EAD and AP in hand. On 2/4/2008 I used AP once and the entry I-94 says PAROLED until 2/3/2009.

    One attorney suggested to be able to start to work for employer B on 7/27/2009, I�ll need to file a new H1B (or you call it transfer) petition before 7/5/2009, requesting the start date on Labor Condition Application to be 7/27/09. The new H1B effective date will still be 10/1/2009.

    Regardless the issue of going back to H1B from parole, my question is what is my status during the gap between 7/5/2009-7/27/2009 (before LAC effective) or 7/5/2009-9/30/2009 (Before new H1B effective)?

    The other question is when you apply for H1B extension/transfer after using AP, which I-94 did you gave to USCIS?

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  • probe
    09-04 02:19 PM
    Thanks for your response

    10-29 04:43 PM
    Economy returns to growth after deep slump | Reuters (

    BBC NEWS | Business | US economy is growing once again (

    The Good and the bad of this news.

    Good: More Jobs created if the growth sustains moving forward to 2010. :)

    Bad: Lesser Spill Over numbers than is being expected for 2010. ;)

    06-29 10:58 AM
    First renew your passport as soon as possible.

    After that go to your local CBP office and request for I-94 update by showing your approved H1B petetion. If you are lucky, the CBP official might correct your I-94.

    If not, apply for your H1B extension bfr your I-94 expires( a month bfr will do) as you can file for H1B extension six months bfr the current one expires ...

    Good Luck ...

    I don't think you need to change that I-94. But you need it to prove your last POE and date. My I94 stapled on the PP expired long time back. I just kept extending my H1 to have the valid stay.

    Ofcourse you can renew you PP and keep the old I94 with your new PP. Try to do emergency PP renewal though.

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