Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • shana04
    02-12 04:07 PM
    if I-485 is denied, you are out of status and must leave the country immediately.

    In case one is using EAD and 485 rejected for some reason. you have 180 days to safe guard one self.

    please check other threads for detailed responses.

    Good luck

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  • adusumilli
    12-06 09:32 AM
    I am in the same boat and my case was filed on apr 3 and mine is eb3 nebraska.
    even my employer opened a service request.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-20 01:49 PM

    I was not able to access website over the weekend and wondering why! Here it is.

    Great job. I saw that we still have the great feature and same login defect :)

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  • eb3retro
    02-27 03:03 PM
    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

    and for god sake, please update your profile.


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  • uslegals
    08-20 04:12 PM
    Can somebody please reply..? Your advice will be priceless for me at this stage..! Thank you!

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  • sheshadripv
    12-13 12:02 PM
    Hey mind your language. I just wanted a prompt answer. If you don't know about L1 visa, you don't need to reply.



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  • WTFever
    12-02 04:51 PM
    Hello everyone. Sorry if this is the wrong section.

    My mother has trouble with her knees and it is hard for her to do things around the house sometimes, and it is getting worse. She would like a live-in person to make things a little easier on bad days. She just needs someone that can help with or do everyday household chores, but does not require professional health care support.

    She has a friend in the philippines doing christian outreach work. The friend introduced her to a nice lady willing and able to come assist mom, and they chat often and have become friends. My mother would like to bring her to the USA to help around the house, and maybe enroll her in school since constant care is certainly not needed. (There are several good colleges closeby)

    I have tried researching it for her, but am now honestly confused. As far as I could make out, mom would need to get the lady here on H-2B....but i could be wrong.

    Can someone give us some advice please?

    Oh, one other thing. The condition of mom's knees are still up in the air with the docs. It is unknown whether surgery will be required, or how long healing might take...if it occurs at all. I don't think she can get the lady an indefinite stay, but I think she can come here and the lenght of stay be adjusted if needed.

    Thanks for any advice or help you can offer. I hope to be able to get a 1-2-3 condensed version. My eyes are bleeding from reading rules and regs

    Please name your thread appropriately, dont make it look like an ad for caregiver. Also, you are going to need an attorney for this and you will not be able to get your problem solved with forum posts. -- Admin

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  • vijju123
    04-28 04:51 PM
    Sometimes employers have an agreement with the law firms that all primary correspondance should happen between the employee and employer representative usually HR / Immigration Compliance administrator. Employer representative will direct the employee to the law firm if they are not able to answer their questions. This is the scenario with my employer. Hope this helps.



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  • paskal
    08-22 07:03 PM
    I am also from MN. Living in Minnetonka. Willing to know anyone going for Rally.

    many are going! we are planning a bus....

    please join the chapter- click on the link below and provide all the info requested- we will be delighted to include you in our plans!

    Dean- i need contact info for you as well- please.

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  • EndlessWait
    04-12 07:12 PM
    Considering, if lobbying with $ is how things work here and it will help the govt. to fund the war, I've a great idea.

    Tell the lawmakers, we legal H1b highly skilled workers are willing to shell out $10K-$20K, if they can have a provision after I-140 to let us get I-485 Premium Processing. This fee, lets call it Premium processing GC fee, can help government in all the good ways.

    Paying this premium processing is giving government funds to support various things namely balance budget, fund the troops in war.

    IV should consider this seriously and debate.

    Say what???


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  • eb2_mumbai
    10-22 09:11 AM
    If you filed G 28 then both you and Lawyer will receive the copy of RFE. In case you have not filed G 28 only you will receive the RFE copy. USCIS does not care who answers the RFE as long as it is satisfied with the response.

    Just want to double confirm, are you sure that if G-28 is filed along with I-485, ONLY lawer receives RFE letter. Can you please point to any official link?

    I left my old job where I filed G-28 with I-485. At my new job, HR in immigration department are telling me that there is no need to file G-28 since RFE is received by the applicant. Nor they recommend filing AC21. So no G-28 no AC21

    Please guide.

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  • anandrajesh
    03-30 03:13 PM
    I was interviewed by National Public Radio(NPR) recently abt the whole immigration stuff. This can be heard on the following link

    My 2 cents worth of thought, that has reached the National Audience. Getting Media Attention is pretty important with this fight.


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  • kumar4875
    03-01 03:00 PM
    Always try to go for group policy with your employer, even if you are paying 100% of the premium and your company is not contributing a dime. That way your premiums are lower than what you get from the open market...may be you do not have that option but good to know... I can vouch for Kaiser, they are very good.

    I was using my employers policy where I had $1000 deductible and paying $1100 per month (2adults+2kids).I switched to BCBS for personal insuracne with $5000 out of pocket limits with $435 premium/month. my calcualtion was I pay $5000 as monthly premiusms + $5000 max deductible -$1000per month just like I was with my employer. At least we can see some saving until we have to spend some amount on healthcare as deductible+outofpocket expenses.So far luck is with me and hoping it will continue.

    But Again --these plans keep on increasing their price yearly --So I am also looking for good plan in Maryland.When I compared from BCBS had better plans than Kaiser.but Kaiser seems to be public choice here.

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  • nk2006
    05-02 12:03 PM
    a. If I move now, can I take my 3 yr extension filed by company A with me or

    I think you can get the extension with new company too. While applying for the transfer request extension upto Feb 2010. You might have to provide the I140 approval again to prove that you are eligible for 3-year extension.

    b. should I join company B in September 2007( when I complete 6 yrs) during the 3 yr H1B extension period ?
    I think you can join the company immediately. To be in safe side you can apply for transfer in premium.

    As you might be aware there is no such thing as H1B transfer - every h1b application is a new one for that company and you as beneficeiry. So when applying for H1B with new company - you have to provide evidence that you are eligible for the H1B. The evidence is to show you are already on H1B (so that you are not subject to annual cap); and that you have enough time on H1B if you already completed 6 years then evidence to prove that you are eligible for further extension of h1b. So in short yes you can get 3 years with new employer. (NOTE: I am not lawyer this is my understanding based on various sources; I am also considering moving after my i140 is approved).


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  • cooldude
    08-03 10:10 PM
    LIN -> Nebraska
    07 -> Year in 2 digits
    225 -> Number of working days since October 1 2006
    5 -> Default for all electronic data
    4234 -> Serial number for the receipts issued on that day starting with 0001.
    My question is from where do you get this number?? If they just processed 4,000 odd applications, it's going to take for ever to get the receipts.

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  • raj2007
    07-20 01:21 PM
    We're in a unique situation. My wife and I married in India and didn't register our marriage; we're now citizens of country X. To get our marriage (and birth) certificate, we went to the local Indian consulate, which provides these services. But we were told that, since we're no longer Indian citizens, we should go to X's consulate. Is there a way we can get the certificates? How about registering our marriage in the US?

    For BC, our parents sent us the affidavits and we were thinking to get a certificate of BC's non-availability through . Is there a quicker solution?
    For BC you can use school leaving certificate with affadavits


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  • vrbest
    02-12 03:50 PM
    Hi I am on the same status. My lawyer said I dont need to worry. She said I am still on H1 as the extension is applied and is pending.

    I am not sure what my status is at present.

    I re-entered in US in Dec 12th 2007 with the I-94 stamped as valid till duration of H1. My H1 Visa expired on Feb 6th 2008.

    My company lawyer has filed for my H1 extension in Nov 2007 and I am still waiting.

    I do have the EAD permit and the AP which I presume is not being used at present.

    Please provide some guidance. My lawyer is not responding.

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  • Imigrait
    02-07 12:44 PM
    Hi! I am on a H1 - B visa and had a question. If I marry someone from my home country India and she is working out there as a physiotherapist, can she come here and start practicing immediately or she needs to give some exams and do I need to file her H1 - B in the quota opening in April or is she outside the quota?

    Not sure about H1B, but I know this that she has to get give some certification exams for the state that she wants to practice from. A friend's wife got a certification done and then she worked in the US, and her employer filed for her GC and the GC was approved in 6 months in 2006. They are from India. I believe the US has a huge need for physiotheraphists and so under some rule/quota they get a GC very fast.

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  • aadimanav
    12-10 09:08 PM

    10-26 04:08 PM
    Can I fill AP directly instead of going thru the lawyer?


    yes! Include the copy of your 485 receipt inthe appplication.
    EAD and AP are simple enough that you can apply/renew on your own without paying a lawyer.

    02-18 06:12 PM
    ragz4u and everyone-

    My 1st 3 yrs of H1B is gonna be completed this year.My DL is valid until 2009 issued by Santa Clara DMV in CA State.If i move to PA State or for that matter other state in US would DMV deny me a new Driver's License until my new H1B is extended for 3 more years??

    Pls. let me know your comments!!

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