Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • factoryman
    10-09 10:38 PM
    if you can go to biometric center within 10 days of original appointment and do a walk-in on a walk-in date, usually WED;
    go to biometric center and hand over the originals (after keeping a copy) and ask them to reschdule and give them for ex., any date after 25th OCT 2007.

    PM me for more info and we will talk.

    U R better off rescheduling your mexico appointment - its something that could be done within next 3 to 4 months for sure. The problem of rescheduled FP is, it kind of throws your case in the back and based on ASC's load, it might take them upto an year or more (think 800,000) for them to put you in again.

    Its just my opinion based on my conversation with my lawyer - since we were in S. Africa and my lawyer notified me about the FP and my lawyer blurted out what I said above.

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  • naushit
    12-04 09:53 PM
    I too support idea of getting Attention of Janet to clear GC backlog.

    But instead of letter and FAX (protest mode) , I suggest, IV representatives should take her appointment for 20-30 minutes and explain her Administrative problems to her.

    If nothing happens, We should start protest, by sending letters and faxes to gain her attention, but I believe first we do professional presentation and explain what are we talking about!

    My main problem with current USCIS administrations are

    - Out of order processing of cases (In my opinion case processing should be done strictly by PD)

    - Lack of transparency to Visa bulletin decision and numbers.

    - Better case status report on USCIS website.

    Please add yours!

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  • madmonkey
    08-24 07:00 PM
    Have you tried contacting your local congressman or senator's office? Many times, a request to take action on a pending case from a congressman's office has much better effect than a service request or infopass.

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  • roseball
    04-22 02:04 PM
    Dear all:

    May I ask what I should do in the following situation?

    I hold F1 visa and my new job starts on Sept 1. The int'l student office of my current university mistakenly set my OPT start date on May 6. My OPT has been approved and EAD card arrived.

    That is, I will have 120-plus "unemployment" days accumulated by early August, which will then violate the "90-day unemployment rule" of OPT.

    I am under tremendous pressure and really want to hear your opinions.

    Many thanks in advance!

    ISO is the one which updates the SEVIS database. Since you claim its their mistake, you should approach them for advise on this as well. I have heard that voluntary work (no pay) in your field of study can help you to maintain your status and not count days towards the 90 day unemployment rule. If true, you can pursue that option as well till your job starts on Sep 1.


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  • sideeque
    12-15 04:29 PM
    Is there any rule saying that she has to complete minimum 18 credit hours before going for vacation and stamp.

    She has just completed 3 credit house(when was in H4). Is she able to go now and stamp visa?

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  • dollar500
    08-07 06:32 PM
    I know it's a naive question...but i can't guess...Is it last Update?


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  • snathan
    04-15 11:37 AM

    I concurrently filed both my I-140 and I-485 back in Oct 09. My I-140 was approved on March 18th and then nothing since. I read that by concurrent filing the process is quicker. I am on an EB1-C. My question is has anyone had any experience in the time frame for concurrent filing under the category i am under? I have checked the tracker and cannot see anyone in similar position. Time line is what i am looking for or is it a "wait and see" situation?

    Please provide us more information. If you are working as a manager in IT and especially from Indian companies, USCIS is investigating the EB1C cases as there is rampant corruption and manipulation. I am not sure what you mean by EB1-C - is it china or EB1C.

    would you mind to tell us which company sponsoring your GC.

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  • λ
    04-23 05:05 AM
    I :love: the first one :)


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  • manja
    05-24 07:57 AM
    Alright. Thanks for the clarification :)

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  • girishvar
    08-08 11:18 PM
    1. There is no need that you should stay with your father.

    2. For Canada trip go through Canada Web site based on your nationality. you might need an visa depending on your nationality.


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  • lecter
    July 21st, 2004, 08:45 PM
    one thing I found with my IXUS v3 is that the pre-flash sometimes fools you into thinking the shots done. I have not had a lot of success with P&S and moving indoor targets. Where this is an issue, I revert to some thumpers.
    Manual mode might be the only way........

    Looking for a Cratique [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : Looking for a Cratique

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  • minimalist
    08-15 04:40 PM
    I will be travelling outside US using AP by end of this month. I don not have valid stamped visa. Recently small part of my old company (A)got acquired by new company and my job was moved to new company (B)

    Lawyer at company B applied for New H1 in May 2008 ( old is still valid till 2009)�but haven�t received approved 797 notice yet.

    Can I travel outside US and comeback without haveing approved new 797 notice. I do have EAD and old 797.

    Any issues ? I don�t want to abandon my H1 status.

    Gurus please advise.
    BAsed on what I know, even if you use AP to re-enter and continue to work with the GC petitioning company, your H1 status is still valid.
    Your scenario is you will be reentering on AP , but switching the job to a new employer. You may lose your H1 status

    Not a lawyer
    EB3 I - MAy 2006
    Contribution -- $100


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  • javadeveloper
    08-13 11:27 PM
    No one Interfiled so far??

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  • sk.aggarwal
    11-08 09:46 AM
    Why do you think anyone in India including the government will spend there political good will to help people like us? Since we are planning to leave India for good and possibly become USC in due course of time there is nothing to gain from helping people like us. . They might ask for H1/L1 etc because it impacts Indian companies.

    India looses talent when we immigrate, it is unfair to ask them to help expedite this


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  • anon123x456z
    11-02 04:31 AM
    Hello ,

    I entered USA in Dec. 2007 on H4 Visa valid till April 2010. I got my H1B approved in October 2008. I worked for few months, and due to bad economy I do not have any project since last 5 months and also no paystubs. I would like to change back to H4 status. But I understand that filing for change of status from within US might require latest paystubs. So I am planning to go to my Home country this month ( Nov 2009 ) and return in Jan 2010.

    My questions are:

    1) The H4 visa stamp on my passport is valid till Apr 2010. So can I simply enter USA with the same stamp and valid H1b petition from my spouse to get the new valid I-94 in H4 status?

    2) Will there be any issue at Port of Entry ? Has anyone done this before ?

    3) If this can be done then once I get valid I-94 with H4 status, Do I need to file any other form in addition like I-539 to be in proper status ?

    Thanks in advance !

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  • learning01
    04-14 01:19 PM
    and stands at 90% (active members vs. total members) as of now.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 07:00 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BVX2dyjOs1A/S1ZGK27ZTCI/AAAAAAAAADw/EOUo9KGiiFM/s320/SteveKing.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BVX2dyjOs1A/S1ZGK27ZTCI/AAAAAAAAADw/EOUo9KGiiFM/s1600-h/SteveKing.jpg)

    Sometimes, there are no words to describe someone's insensitivity. You just have to let them express it themselves. So, I give you the words of Reprsentative Steve King (R. Iowa), explaiing why TPS for Haitians is not necessary:

    Illegal immigrants from Haiti have no reason to fear deportation, but if they
    are deported, Haiti is in great need of relief workers and many of them could be
    a big help to their fellow Haitians.

    Rep. King's statement is reminiscent of Scrooge's statement from "The Christmas Carol:"

    First Collector: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute.
    Ebenezer: Are there no prisons?
    First Collector: Plenty of prisons.
    Ebenezer: And the union workhouses - are they still in operation?
    First Collector: They are. I wish I could say they were not.
    Ebenezer: Oh, from what you said at first I was afraid that something had happened to stop them in their useful course. I'm very glad to hear it.

    Congratulations Representative King. You have reached the level of Ebenezer Scrooge in your feelings for suffering immigrants. I am sure you are proud of yourself.



    [url=http://ailaleadership.blogspot.com/2010/01/rep-steve-king-modern-scrooge.html]More... (http://www.blogger.com/%3Ca)

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  • jaocanada
    05-17 10:07 PM
    Anyone here who is in the same situation?
    I know my PD is in Aug 2006 and was casually checking the I-485 Receipt Notice I got during the July 2007 fiasco. Surprisingly, the "Priority Date" box on the notice is blank.
    "Received Date" and "Notice Date" are correct though.

    Anyone here in the same situation?

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  • elaiyam
    10-08 08:12 AM
    Yes.. you can.

    09-22 07:27 PM
    The LCA process is the same for every state, under the new iCert LCA system. Approval can take 2 weeks, or longer if DOL does not recognize the EIN, which is very common.

    08-18 11:48 AM
    You shouldn't have any problem travelling during Labor Cert stage. LC has no bearing on your status as long as you have a valid VISA which you seem to have according to your post. Enjoy the trip!


    My employer will be filing for my greencard (labour certification) within the next 2-3 months. I have a valid H1 B visa expiring next year. I was wondering if it is legal to travel outside the country at this stage ?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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