Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • sbdol
    07-21 07:11 PM
    My H1-B visa expired on June 16, 2007. Extension (I-129) has been filed in May 2007 (before expiration). It has not been approved yet. It's still pending. My LC has been approved on July 09, 2007 and my PD is April 2004. My question is: Can I file concurrently I-140 and I-485? Will my application be rejected or will an RFE be issued?

    Thanks for your input.

    Yes you can. As far as I can see there is nothing unusual/illegal in your situation.

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  • gcdreamer05
    10-02 01:47 PM
    I saw so many RFE recently. I am wondering If there is RFE, the attorney can not represent me. Can i just send RFE by myself to CIS? Or the attorney has to do it.


    RFE one pending 485 or RFE on what, please clarify...

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  • EndlessWait
    12-14 11:17 AM
    if so then its tough

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  • fatjoe
    10-25 03:25 PM
    My Rec #'s not avilable online also. I called USCIS and I was told that Rec #'s are always not available, and may not be available at all on-line.


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  • pitha
    03-28 11:23 PM
    I read, a liberal blog site, often. Recently, there has been a spate of postings there that are anti H-1B and anti high tech immigration. One example, from today, is: I have been posting comments as cacophonix. is the most powerful and most popular liberal blog. Opinion that gets set there is influential with Democratic legislators. There is significant support there for high-tech immigration, but I think the tide could easily turn.

    I need help from fellow IVers in refuting such ridiculous diaries as the one above. Please register and follow developments there, and please post responses when these issues come up.

    I can't stress this enough: dailykos has a strict trolling/abuse policy. If you lose your cool and start abusing, you will get banned in a flash. So please be courteous.

    I read your response, it was good and I signed up as well. I will post my response refuting anti h1 rhetoric.

    On a separate note Logiclife response was spot on and I hope IV will follow in the footsteps of dailykos in dealing with the nonsense mongers.

    I will take this opportunity to bring some anti-h1 rhetoric and h1 bashing that happens in our very own IV site!!!!!!!. I don’t want to name the individual who specializes in h1 bashing, so as not to make it a personal attack on that individual. A few days ago I posted a message on one of the threads in IV saying day by day reading some responses on h1 bashing makes me feel like I am on an anti-immigrant website rather than a website fighting for legal eb immigrants.

    It feels sad and disheartening to see some members attacking h1 when they themselves are on h1. By attacking h1 they are attacking the very movement and people that IV is trying to help. Sure there are some abuses on h1 but lets not attack h1 like anti immigrants. Let’s fight the people outside who attack h1 and this community but let’s also clean our own house as well and not parrot the same anti h1 rhetoric in IV forum.

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  • needhelp!
    11-13 09:29 AM
    > > apostrophe IS OUR 100TH MEMBER < <


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  • cdeneo
    04-03 03:56 PM
    Will the Canadian tourist visa be issued for only a year since AP is valid for only a year?

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  • BEC_fog
    02-27 09:10 AM
    One interseting thing you mentioned about your current employer "which is paying me half of what I should be earning as a GC holder".

    Not paying the prevailing wage that the employer promised in the GC application....I don't know if you can use that to move and show that you wanted to work but the employer was not paying the prevailing wage and you had no option but to leave? I am sure that this is illegal on part of the employer...make sure you keep your paystubs to show this. But consult an attorney to see what he/she thinks.


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  • vdesai_8
    03-18 11:52 AM
    If your wife is on H4 she has no income hence she qualifies for free medicaid insurance. provided you fill out the forms the right way.

    And there is a seperate Health insurance sponsored by government for kids below 18 years. based on your wife's Medicaid, your child can qualify for that insurance in your state.

    You might need to buy insurance for you.

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  • chanduv23
    12-01 06:27 AM

    If one IV member moves from State A to B, what would be the process of transferring membership to state chapter?

    Will it merely be a deleting datbase record from one state and adding it to another state? Or would it be again filling up survey to new state chapter..?


    If you are moving to the Tri State Area - we will give you a red carpet welcome into our chapter :)


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  • dipmay2002
    11-05 02:08 PM
    Notarized NOC is needed from you and your wife but was never checked for my daughter when she came back from India with my mother-in-law six month back.

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  • cox
    November 21st, 2005, 05:28 PM
    I agree with #2 as best. #4 is also interesting, but I like the clarity & eye contact in #2. Great capture, Joey. :)


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  • franklin
    07-27 08:45 PM
    Based on my recent experience - H1 B 1 year extension, not 3 years, was based on the approval date, not receipt date of the application. :o

    However, to be safe, I guess after Aug 17th is a pretty good bet

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  • gclabor07
    02-12 08:31 PM
    Sorry, if this seems off-topic.

    I'm on H1B visa and my wife is on H4 visa. We file our taxes as a joint return. My wife is currently studying for MS. She has received in-state tuition fees. We received 1098-T from the university. I'm thiking about getting a lifetime learning credit which will reduce my tax bill. My questions are:

    * Are people on H1/H4 allowed to take lifetime learning credit for graduate studies?
    * Will this have any negative effect on our greencard in the future?



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  • chanduv23
    09-09 10:35 AM
    I agree that TANA & ATA are big organizations. But their focus is entertainment. And I heard that there is a lot of corruption. There are some allegations that people spend lot of money to become the president(or some other highest post). Who ever is competing for the highest post, they spend lot of money towards new membership program. they register all new members and ask them to vote for them. This happens just before the elections for the post. I do not think, people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for new member registration with out expecting some thing back. Probably, there may be lot of corruption involved. I do not think, it is good idea of joining such kind of organizations. More over, there may be more organizations for each indian language in USA. Are we going to attach with all of them?

    This is my opinion. If you do not like, you can remove it.

    I agree. All these organizations are like that. A good example on how fraudulent trustees iof temples might be check this - this is about tax fraud at Flushing Ganesh temple

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  • lonedesi
    10-20 12:01 AM
    I would appreciate, if any of you can answer this question either through their personal experience or their knowledge.
    I recently got my H1b visa renewed(& transferred) for 3 years based on a previous I-140 approved from my earlier job. I would like to get my H1b visa stamping done either at Mexico or Canada based on the current validity(for 3 years) of my H1b approval. If after stamping, I change companies will I need to get a new stamping to reflect the new company on my passport? If I don't need to get a new stamping, then if I travel to my home country and then return to US, will it cause a problem at the border post if my H1b approval paper shows a different company than that on the passport? Your advice in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


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  • glus
    11-06 03:47 PM
    glus, Since she now has an approved I140, she is eligible for a 3 year H1 extension, provided her PD is not current. She need not be continuously be on H1 to be eligible for applying H1 for the 7th year.

    Once you get the H1 paper, you would have to enter the US, so that the status changes from "Adjustee" to "admitted" i.e., H1 status...or, if the H-1B paper come with the I-94 stub, you need not travel out and get it.

    OK, thank you. Has anyone done this? Going from AOS to H-1B? I mean, getting into H1 status w/o leaving the U.S.?

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  • sushilup
    08-19 03:50 PM

    I think many of us send the affidavit of non availablity..your case must be in mad man's hand....I guess what other guys suggesting should do the job for you...
    Did you c a update online or you just recived the RFE with no online status change.
    Good Luck to you.
    I have submitted 3 affidavits and non-availability certificate, but NSC sent RFE asking for oldest evidence of birth
    a. medical records with child and both parents name
    b. hospital records with child and both parents name
    c. census records with child and both parents name
    d. school records with child and both parents name
    e. religious records with child and both parents name for naming ceremony.

    I do not have any of them, at the most the school record is 10th grade with only fathers name.
    Any ideas?,. Lawyer says its OK, send whatever is available and write an explanation why any of the above can't be obtained.

    EB2- India/
    PD: June 2004
    RD; July 1 2007

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  • ajay
    12-31 09:58 AM
    Ajay, did you receive 3 years of H1 extension? I am in my 5th year of initial H1B. wondering if I will receive 3 years extension when I file for H1B transfer with an approved 140. I am changing jobs using AC21 to join a new employer.

    Let me know your exp. Did you also get new I-94 attached with H1B ext approval notice?
    I got it.

    Please let me know the procedure you followed for filing AC21. Did you go through your own attorney?

    12-07 02:44 PM
    I believe consular processing can be used only if the dates are current. It might take a long time for 2003 April EB3 India to be current. Since Green Card is for future employment, is there anyway to continue the Green Card process while in India ??

    08-22 07:54 PM
    We really need more friends like you. Following link is for Bus voting from MN. Please vote and let us know if you will be intrested to go to the rally by bus.


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