Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • gnutin
    05-05 03:46 PM
    Thanks to everyone who responded. So in summary, it looks like:
    * I can own a business on H1B.
    * I cannot take any proceeds/profits from the business, but can use it to grow it further.
    * I can work for the business as long as I don't take any money from it.
    - Can a guru please confirm this?
    * The business can buy me equipment and accessories to work.

    As everyone suggested, I will consult a CPA and immigration lawyer to confirm but wanted to get some initial idea.

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  • srini1976
    07-11 04:44 PM
    :D Congrats dude!

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-18 10:52 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    Howzzat there is a CLEAR clause in that statement

    "If we cannot even contribute $10 a month". There is a clear IF in that statement. And yes after all that IV has done and all the advantage IV members have obtained FREE OF COST just by sitting on the fence (on their behinds), while the core team, who by the way have full time jobs AND families, slogged MORE THAN FULL TIME to get IV's very first goal to be achieved, THEN I say I am FULLY JUSTIFIED in calling those people CHEAP.

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  • gumpena
    08-03 10:16 PM
    USCIS press release states that it has issued I-485 receipts upto July 11 2007
    and for Texas upto June 26, 2007


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  • kumar_77
    06-07 07:16 AM
    Ya Thats True , Bill Like This passing will be a major Issue , If some one can get an amendment to set a cap around 30,000 or Get an amendment to set
    it as MS degree + 4-5 Years Experience in US = Green Card Then this has a major chance to pass any Thoughts

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  • cessua
    11-07 05:41 PM
    Here is where you will be able to find the best consulting companies and all kinds of information about them:

    Saludos y buena suerte!


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  • sai
    12-31 08:00 AM
    Did S.1932 say that we have to wait for I-140 approval to apply for I485 ?
    There was lot of discussion regarding this in S.1932 thread but I did not know the actual facts.

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  • lacchij
    11-06 11:03 PM
    My AP status was changed to Document mailed on 10/29 but i didn't receive anything yet. Heard that Lawyer would be receiving them if you have signed G28.

    Keep in touch with your lawyer and ask them to forward it to you as soon as they receive. Otherwise, some lawyers will take their own sweet time to send it.


    We are in a critical situation. My wife's AP was approved on 10/18 and the current status is "Document Mailed on 11/05". It also says "You should receive the document within 30 days".

    Our flight to India is on 11/15 and we are wondering typically how long it takes for us to receive the physical paper after the status changed to "Document Mailed".

    Can you please share your experience?



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  • marty
    01-09 11:30 AM
    We need to talk to our local govt. officials about the delay and discrepancy in the processing times published for the USCIS service centers. Please go to the following URLs and find out about your local govt. representative:

    US House of Representatives

    US Senate

    I am providing you the text that you can use in your e-mail. Please also download the processing time for the service centers from the following URL:

    E-Mail Subject

    Delay and concerns about USCIS processing time updates

    E-Mail Text

    Dear [Name of your local representative]:

    I am writing you in reference to the USCIS processing times updates on their web site at Following are my concerns:

    1. The last update on processing time was published on November 18, 2008. No update was made to the processing time since November 18, 2008.

    2. There appears to be discrepancy between the dates the processing time is posted and the service center processing dates. Attached is the processing time report from November 18, 2008 for California Service Center, Nebraska Service Center, Texas Service Center, and Vermont Service center. Please notice the date processing time was posted was November 18, 2008 and the service center processing dates was given as of September 30, 2008.

    I will appreciate if a corrective action is taken so that the processing times are published on time and the discrepancy between the date posted and service center processing date is addressed.

    Thank you,
    [Your Name]


    Please let me know if anything else needs to be added to the e-mail text.


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  • InTheMoment
    03-01 10:34 PM
    That is right. If it is feasible go for it. Also, what do you mean by residency for ur wife..medical one ?

    In either case she can always come here for interviews on a B2 visitor, I know people who have done/doing it for medical residency.


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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-12 10:18 PM
    Celebration should not need a reason :)
    Thought this might help when the mood is gloomy, folks are tense n stressed out, checking visa bulletin every minute :D

    wait a min..success of what??

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  • roseball
    01-06 10:27 PM
    Has anyone claimed unemployment benefits in EAD in TX state after being laid off? Can you please tell whats the procedure. I do not want to get into the debate of whether UB can be claimed while in AOS state? I just need to know the procedure. Thanks.

    Yes, one of my colleagues in Dallas applied as he was unemployed for more than 8 months before he landed another job. However, the reason he applied is he was ok with having to go back to his home country incase of any complications. He is still is US and is happily employed.....This doesn't mean someone wont run into trouble by applying for benefits while in AOS.....Just sharing what I know....


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  • sledge_hammer
    04-18 01:15 PM

    No need to worry if your employer is consulting company. If so, then in reply to USICS mention that you are employed by employer, but works/worked on different client sites for them which are in different states.

    Keep all your previous LCA ready or better attach copies of all with your reply. Not a big deal.

    I think its not a difficult RFE to respond. Consult your attorney for formal reply.

    @waitingmygc - What you are saying is plain garbage. The OP has all the more reasons to worry if his employer is a consulting company. These firms send their consultants to various client locations, but don't file for LCAs each time.

    @OP - It is very strange to see USCIS is going back to see if any LCA violation occurred at this stage of your application. You will need a good attorney on your side. Good luck!

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  • wizkid732
    08-24 12:29 PM
    I have been in this too long and want to decide if it makes any sense fighting anymore and anticipating the cards. Any advice is greatly appreciated

    I contacted the Senators office and the rep there made a query to USICS> this is the response she got.

    �This case is currently in an extended security review area."

    She then tried to contact this area and the Officer advised that it cannot be released at this time. The Service is aware that there is a visa available, however, since it is still being reviewed for security issues it cannot be released at this time

    Any Advise?



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  • number30
    10-22 04:47 AM
    Your wife can't change her status because she is not currently maintaining status if the H-1B was approved as a change of status. CIS will only approve a change of status with proof that the applicant has maintained status. She needs to leave the US and return in H-4 status to effect H-4 status. She has been out of status since October 2008.

    If the company has revoked the H1 prior to the start date does she still needs to apply for H1 to H4?

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  • caca1225
    12-28 08:14 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    AILA believes that a sensible comprehensive immigration reform package will have to include smart enforcement, a path to citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently living and working in the U.S., elimination of family and employment-based visa backlogs, adequate visas to meet the needs of U.S. families and businesses, a new visa program for essential workers, and due process protections to restore the rule of law in our immigration adjudications and courts.

    More... (

    You don't need a "path to citizenship" to family reunification. Please do not link A-B and so C-D. They are totally two different issues.


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  • Carlau
    01-24 11:55 AM
    I have a suggestion, offer your company to pay a half an hour consultation with a lawyer, such as Sonal Mehta or Hooyou or Shusterman, this way you will not only get your H-1B 3 year extension but you will save your company from paying the 1k+ attorney's fee x 3.

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  • kiwi
    06-22 09:32 AM
    This is from my attorney:

    All your previous I-20s if you were student here, including all the notes made on the I-20s for any change (travel, course related paid work experience, OPT etc.);
    EAD card copy for OPT if you had any;
    All the visa stamps for reentering the States;
    All H1b approvals;

    I had some I-20s missing but I was able to contact my University International Student office - fortunately that they have everything on file.

    "Proof that person is maintaining valid status in USA since last entry in USA" - not last entry but the first entry. All the doucments are to prove your entry is legal and your stay is as legally approved.

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  • gmb
    01-14 09:45 PM
    Asfar as I know the I94 date is always linked to a visa and not the Notice of Action. when i faced the same issue this what I was told.
    invincibleasian is totally WRONG in saying this. Officer at POE does not always determine the expiry date of I-94 based on visa stamp expiry. In case of H1 or H4, the expiry date is determined by the expiry of the concerned H1B petition (Notice of Action) from the current employer. I don't know what kind of issue invincibleasian faced.

    Lemme share my own experience to prove my point. I entered the US in Sep 2006 with my visa stamp from my previous employer expiring in 15 days. The Notice of Action from my current employer however had an expiry date of Apr 2007. Officer issued the I-94 with Apr 2007 as the expiry date. No questions were asked. I guess that answers all of your questions.

    Shruti is right for the most part. However, I would re-phrase this sentence
    >>If the Officer gives June 2007 date, your wife should show the latest I-797 and get the date corrected.
    to say this
    Present the latest I-797 along with your visa stamp first so officer puts he correct expiry date on I-94, leaving no room for any mistake. With my experience, I can vouch that POE officers seem to be quite aware of this procedure.

    03-28 09:10 AM
    The Advance degree + 3 years of experience on H1B are not just a matter of fact formulation from the senators. It�s an effort to revert back to the 60�s through 80�s formula where the only way to immigrate to the US (at least for Engineers) was to pursue a master�s degree in the US and then adjust their status to a PR. There is a growing demand from academic institutions to revive this culture. America wants people to study here, specialize in evolving technologies and drive the technological innovation. Every day we see posts on this forum of folks wanting to include laws and regulations to fix the situation that they are in. We need to have a unified front with a common goal. May be we should learn from the �less educated� Latino community. They probably do not have the internet media to rally support but boy did they have their voice heard with ONE COMMON AGENDA.

    11-05 05:44 AM
    We will Lit 100 Candles by Diwali for sure

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