Monday, June 6, 2011

barcelona fc vs real madrid

barcelona fc vs real madrid. Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-1
  • Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-1

  • willmtaylor
    Apr 5, 09:18 AM
    Anyone have a sub to the CR online that could copy + paste the story for us?

    If this isn't "allowed," my apologies; I'd just like to give it a gander.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid.
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid.

  • liavman
    Mar 25, 08:28 PM
    Federal Agency Will Review a Kodak Patent Claim.

    A federal agency has decided to review Eastman Kodak�s patent claim against Apple and Research In Motion. The International Trade Commission said Friday it would look at a judge�s finding in January that Apple�s iPhone and RIM�s BlackBerry do not violate a 2001 Kodak image-preview patent. The favorable decision revives Kodak�s hopes of negotiating royalties worth $1 billion or more. The agency�s six commissioners will decide by May 23 whether to alter the initial determination by its chief administrative judge or let it stand.

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • garybUK
    Nov 14, 09:42 AM
    I fly between Manchester and New Jersey (Newark) a Lot, like 7 or 8 times a year for personal reasons :)

    Anyway, I fly a mixture of KLM / Northwest Airlines, Continental or British Airways, it would be pretty cool, though most of the time I use my ipod whilst sat in the lounge then when on board I watch their movies, they offer like 6 of them and some good comedy channels.

    Then again if I loaded some movies onto my ipod I could probably watch them, its just deciding before you go what mood your in!

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. Atletico Madrid – FC Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid – FC Barcelona

  • Mintin8
    Apr 14, 01:38 PM
    I rated Negative, so should you. Please, move to Page 2.

    I don't know why you care to be honest????


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • dipenmehta
    Mar 10, 03:04 AM
    I have no word about that facebook is doing well and he deserve the best

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • SockRolid
    Apr 5, 01:08 PM
    A touch- or proximity-sensitive home button would cause enormous grief. Just imagine playing a game in portrait mode. Move your thumb too close to the home button and boom: back to the home screen. Unacceptable.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. FC Barcelona V. Real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona V. Real Madrid

  • sjo
    Apr 17, 12:15 PM
    Speaking of morons, you definitely appear to be one.

    I used to have a couple of WinMo phones before my iPhones, and WinMo is fully customizable. MS is not trying to lock it with every minor upgrade, and there are whole open communities cooking customized ROMs.

    They are moving quickly into that direction with windows phone 7 and kin.

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • kashimo
    Nov 13, 01:59 AM
    Actually, it is the taste of Kanto (around Tokyo) not that of Kansai (around Osaka). But for the image of Apple in Japan, Kansai plot is not suitable, I guess. Because the image of Kansai is not cool.

    As a native Japanese, good one is iLife one (someone calls it "iRife" BTW).

    Actors are comedian duo called "Ramens" (you know ramen as in chinese noodle)

    Eh Kansai not cool? No way...Shock!

    Kind of unique that instead of using regular actors they are using a manzai group. Way to go manzai boom. Cultrually unique.

    The Rahmens (
    More about the Rahmens (

    Why? Oh Why use Kanto Manzai.... damn manzai boom. Drives me nuts. Much of it is painful. I would prefer wearing braces to watching kanto humor. Kanto humor is drier than a desert.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. real madrid vs barcelona 1-1.
  • real madrid vs barcelona 1-1.

  • redeye be
    May 25, 12:20 PM
    Here (, now don't go around saying I never do anything for you :D.

    I was actually going to post that before I even read your request, but I figured for sure someone would beat me to it.
    Darned, shouldn't have asked.
    But thx, You rock dude! :D

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • Pastorius
    Sep 15, 01:40 AM
    I've gone under anesthesia twice now, once under general anesthesia for a broken and dislocated arm, and on the other under a peridural for the removal of a pilonidal cyst directy above my tailbone (not nice).

    I'll tell you straight away the general anesthesia was MUCH worse. I was about 12 at the time, and it was all pretty smooth throughout. Don't try to cheat while fasting, otherwise you'll almost certainly throw up. I stayed under observation for about two days, and it was worth it. When I was told I could walk, I went to the bathroom with some help from a nurse to take a bath (or at least rinse a little) and fainted (the only time in my life). I woke up a little later on the bed, still a little dazed. After that it was hard to keep food or drinks down, too. I'm absolutely certain it was the anaesthesia, since I was only on paracetamol and I have NEVER had ANY problem with that, and I have migraines once every two or three days (genetic thing).

    During the cyst operation, which happened in january of this year, the peridural was smooth. I was given something to make me sleepy, since I told the anaesthesiologist it would be boring and I'd be annoying him with questions about how everything was going "down there". I could "walk" fine after I laid on my gurney for a couple of hours, though you have to remember that a surgeon had just removed all the tissue above my tailbone. First time I had ever seen a nurse I deemed "hot as hell".

    Anyway, yeah. Good times. Oh, and both were IV. According to my father, who is a surgeon himself, gas is hardly used nowadays, and the main reason for it to be used is if the person does NOT want needles. If its general, you'll probably be woozly later and feel light-headed, although it might be local for you, I'm not sure. It seems scary to be awake while someone is cutting you with a scalpel, but you really feel nothing at all. For kicks, get someone to film you when you wake up, it can get really funny. :p

    P.S. First post, yay.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • freeny
    Aug 14, 12:40 PM
    Worst Apple ads ever. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, and Apple's all about the vinegar.
    Elitist elitists:rolleyes:

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • brucem91
    May 4, 09:45 AM
    Yes this is partially the reason. The other reason is that Apple refuses to even allow the option of current generation video cards in their products. Even when they upgrade they are often not top of the line. The best card on the imac you can get is capped at 512MB which was starting to be a small amount of video memory even back in 2006. I think a current generation gpu should at least be offered as an option.

    Yes Windows has had "minimize" too for many many years. Just press Alt-Tab, this is not exclusive to OS-X.Not minimize, but rezize on the fly. However, i'm not to sure about the graphics card argument, because, like you said, the game runs better on the same mac, just in windows, which I have also noticed, but I still prefer to run SC 2 in OS X.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. Real Madrid at Camp Nou on
  • Real Madrid at Camp Nou on

  • Schizoid
    Apr 5, 09:57 AM

    Will it blend?

    That is the question!

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • Phil A.
    Mar 17, 04:21 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 4: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    �6.00 an imperial gallon in the UK, which works out about $8 for each (smaller) US gallon


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • Dorkington
    Apr 25, 09:08 AM

    It should work if you do it this way...

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.
  • FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.

  • flopticalcube
    May 3, 08:28 PM
    @flopticalcube: So do you like paying more taxes or do you live on capital gains and only pay 10 percent taxes? Some of us have to actually "work" for a living and pay high taxes already.


    Sucks to be you, doesnt it? :p

    I would take the NDP and higher taxes over rolling our social programs backwards. I can see, however, that our politics are drifting ever more towards a left/right schism, just like the US. As I said before, I would like to see all three major parties move towards the center.


    barcelona fc vs real madrid. arcelona fc vs real madrid
  • arcelona fc vs real madrid

  • redeye be
    Oct 3, 03:28 PM
    Hello all,

    It's been a while. Life has been quite busy here for me. A few weeks ago everything started falling back in to place again.
    After a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing but trying to decide (summer break @ edu job) i pointed the gun towards the church tower (it's a dutch saying : The bullet is through the church - decision has been made).
    Today i started my first day of school. Finally doing something I really like :). And after some tryouts with jobs i could do while studying i landed on a sweet spot at a retail shop (guess what i'm selling :D;)).

    Anyhow, school really will take up most of my time, so i will have to choose between a masters degree or a cool widget.
    I could stop reading MR... :rolleyes:

    The widget now works again.
    Download here ( or use the link in the first post.

    If you, or anybody you know would like to continue or redesign a folding widget, feel free to contact me. It's a great way of getting started with webdesign and javascript. I mentioned the possibility of making a Konfabulator version of the widget to EOC, they seemed to like it and, just maybe, if you play your cards right, there could be something in it for you.
    I'm throwing in the towel but am more than happy to donate all my work and conversations with EOC to somebody who is really interested in making this a very cool widget.

    Thx for your support while making this widget. You guys rock, all (well ok, not all but most ;))

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.
  • FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.

  • iNeko
    Mar 25, 09:32 AM
    :D got mine! It's MUCH better than I was expecting, but the auto-stereoscopy does my head in after only a few minutes :( It's really, really impressive though, you have to see it in person!

    Here's a quick pic ;) fingerprints already!

    Edit! Found the Mii creator QR Code generator, so anyone can add my Mii :D

    barcelona fc vs real madrid. FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.
  • FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid.

  • mcapanelli
    Feb 23, 01:27 PM
    Here we go kids!! Expect lot's of grandstanding and some real knee jerk legislation cause this IS the year to gear up for the big election. I wish someone would inform people that it's their responsibility to be informed consumers AND parents. My kid racked up $380 in cell downloads in one month. I didn't need my senator to step in. I took away her phone for a month, blocked her ability to purchase ANYTHING on it, and worked out the bill with my provider (AT&T) who practically wiped it all away. This is just going to burden us with more laws and subsequently, more taxes in the form of direct taxation of products, indirect taxes by way of price hikes due to a rise in business tax, or BOTH.

    Apr 7, 05:02 PM
    The tea party isn't about fiscal responsibility at all as is evidenced by their "soft" targets and their emphasis on abortion, NPR and other social issues.

    It's sad to see them shut down the US based on that.

    Sep 24, 05:23 PM
    I'd go with the Shinza one, as it is better looking and seems like it would absorb shock better. Ten bucks extra seems to be a reasonable price to pay.

    I bought the foof bag (, as I usually put my PowerBook inside of my backpack and I wanted something to protect it from scratches, etc. But it is a bit girly, and takes longer to get to you since it is handmade.

    Sep 15, 12:23 PM
    Originally posted by scem0

    I dont see how anyone can say this when I can get a 2.8 GHz custom built speed-demon for 1,300 after shopping around, and I cant get **** from apple for 1,300. Well I could get something, but nothing that compares speed-wise to the pentium 4.

    Does this include everything that comes standard on a Mac box?

    Mar 30, 04:04 PM (

    Feb 18, 10:58 AM
    Everyone is dressed up but Steve....awesome.

    He did wear a tux to the oscars at least.
    That's pretty interesting, I would find it more PR-Stunty to see him in his Steve outfit at the Oscars than at a Dinner with one of the most important people of the world.

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