Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • onemorecame
    07-17 10:32 AM
    I cleared cookies, and refreshed my page around 100 time but everytime i am getting June one :confused:

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  • xyzgc
    10-28 07:52 PM
    Hi All,

    Sorry to bring this thread back.

    See, what IV few members have written. I found them again in user control panel along with RED dots. I stopped caring about RED dots.

    But, there are some comments that really hurts.

    1. Interpretation issues... 10-23-2008 05:56 PM fuck u
    2. Interpretation issues... 10-23-2008 05:39 PM u got a gc?. take this red bastard!
    3. Interpretation issues... 10-22-2008 05:21 PM get a life dude. I do not beleive in dots but your font hurts my eyes. I can read.

    These are the comments few IV members wrote about my posting while giving a RED dot. Though I stopped caring about RED/Green's

    One must behave like a civilized person. We came here with atleast Bachelors Degree. Some of them with Master Degree / PhD's. Majority of us are educated and know how to behave with people.

    Do you know , how it hurts some one?. Are they doing in Green Card frustration? or Are they doing it wanted?.

    Guys, all those who responded previously to this thread and and backed up fellow IV members, what do you say now?.

    Good Bye for ever guys?.

    dude, let me clarify even without you asking, I gave no red dots to you for your red font. some else did.
    I expressed a dislike for your humongous font and said so openly. This whole system of dotting is flawed but flawed gc process is bigger issue.

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  • pappu
    11-02 02:58 PM
    Questions for everyone to research and post the answers------

    -- Is there any real example on any internet forum, website or blog where someone faced problem in citizenship because they left their sponsor employer before 6 months expired? Do not find opinion but a real proof.

    -- Can any lawyer provide a case example to illustrate the above. We can go into detail, talk to USCIS and seek clarification.

    -- Is there anywhere in the law, memo or rulebook that says 6 month employment is needed after getting green card.

    I will repeat again that I said earlier.

    Again, do not quote some lawyer's opinion on this issue from his/her website.

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  • hindu_king
    06-01 02:49 PM
    Below are similar bills that were introduced last year (pulled from the opencongress webiste). These bills didnt go anywhere. They just ended as "referred to judiciary commitee" or "refered to subcomittee on immigration". How will this bill be different from these bills? I got a feeling nothing will happen in the end, not even a vote in the senate. I hope I'm wrong.

    H.R.5921 High Skilled Per Country Level Eliminatio... [4]
    H.R.5882 To recapture employment-based immigrant v... [4]
    S.3084 A bill to amend the Immigration and Natio... [2]
    H.R.6039 To amend the Immigration and Nationality ... [2]



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  • gauravsh
    02-21 01:22 PM
    I worked at a university and I140 approved TSC/AOS at TSC

    Sorry for my ignorance but what is TSC/AOS at TSC?

    Did you got your GC yet?

    My I140 got approved in sep'08 and I am a permament employe for a american company.

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  • chanduv23
    04-14 12:31 PM
    Customer service opened SR and sent to local office. Got letter from DHS (3 weeks back)that they researched case and are actively processing it, also if I dont get any correspondence with in 180 days contact them.

    Till date I did not get any letter saying that case has opened. Will it help if I take Infopass and go to local office. Please advice.

    Interesting. Talk to congressman and senator - talk to IV - IV also helps in these situations.


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  • django.stone
    11-03 03:58 PM
    I hope once DOS decides to change the spillover and give the extra visas to Eb3 (whoever ROW , India....). The ensuing discussions from from the self glorified EB2 crowd here would make for an entertaining reading. I would like to see how much they enjoy the predictions after that.

    Changing to vertical spillover will NOT help EB3 India or China. EB3 ROW is not current and it will suck up all overflow leaving EB2I, EB2C, EB3I and EB3C to their annual quota only. USCIS changing the process to horizontal spillover is the best thing that has happened to I and C community in the absence of immigration reform. Now there is at least some hope for EB3 folks to get a new job and apply in EB2, as at least that queue is faster. If we fight among ourselves and stop vertical spillover, it will only benefit EB3ROW as they will get all overflow from EB1 and EB2ROW. Please guys, let's not fight.

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  • file485
    01-06 06:09 AM
    I would follow the advise of your immigration attorney on this one. Sometimes they ask for pay stubs, sometimes they do not. So I would follow what your attorney advises on you. Normally USCIS will not ask for W2's. However an embassy will, when you go for stamping. They will ask for W2 and your tax returns to verify if you got paid whatever is written on your application as your salary.

    thanks Harsh...

    I will not leave the country and go face-to-face of all the places on the earth to the Madras embassy..!!

    Hopefully meanwhile, as always being hopeful my husbands EAD journey should reach and will switch on to that...


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  • bidhanc
    03-27 12:43 PM
    Are you going alone to Schumer's office?
    I am come along if you'd like.

    Varsha send me all the necessary docs. Let me know if I can assist in some way
    I just got a call from Schumer's office and they preponed the meeting
    with a staffer to 11th April 2:30pm.

    This is going to be in downtown Albany.
    I am not sure who all are up here in Albany but a head count would help.
    Or let me know who all will be available on the above mentioned date.
    For the time being I have told them 2 people will come with me.

    Tikka are you in Albany? Yes you can join me.


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-19 12:30 PM
    Guys as someone else has posted earlier, there is NO basis for asking for this.

    CP was created for getting your GC if you are OUTSIDE the US. It is now being conveniently used by people within the US to circumvent certain issues and to get the process approved earlier. EAD and AP are for people WITHIN the US.

    So please talk to a lawyer about finding out how to convert a CP to an AOS and you can apply for your EAD and AP. IV cannot keep adding to the list of things to ask for. This point has been stated by the core members over and over again. Currently you cannot have it both ways ie get ur GC quicker through CP AND in the meantime enjoy the interim benefits of the EAD/AP.

    Whether you have contributed or not is besides the point. The contribution is to speed up the GC process not for what each individual or smaller set of individuals want for their custom needs.


    1) IV is fighting for the ENTIRE GC process to be faster.
    2) IV Cannot keep changing its goals and what it stands for.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but that is the way things are and have always been.


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  • xyzgc
    10-28 09:06 PM
    oh God! all of you self-righteous prigs! get a life and give this person a break. He didnt like something, so came out and expressed it, and very politely, i might add. If all you want to do is show the world how pompous your ego is, then go do it somewhere else..enough already!! If someone expresses something, dont take it personal and start responding as if he directed his comments at you!

    that's exactly what we did you self-righteous prig!
    When we didn't like something, we came out and expressed it.

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  • priderock
    07-06 04:51 PM


    I wonder where you work and which country you live :confused:


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  • jonty_11
    07-13 04:47 PM
    Exactly this has been made clear by IV core taht Dream ACT is not for IV community...IGNORE IT

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  • mmj
    04-20 08:31 AM
    Thanks Neelu! Now if only we can get another 50,000 people to do the same :)

    Me too.

    I added some facts about how much I paid in SSN, Medicare, Fed and State taxes (in the last 10 years that I have been here) as well as some detail about what I'm contributing (patent pending) to this country. Another thing I mentioned was about my volunteering during the 2008 campaign (implying that I would be voting for the president's party if I ever become a US citizen in 2050 :~).

    Thank you, MMJ, for taking the initiative.


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  • leo2606
    01-04 06:46 AM
    :D:D:D That's funny.

    Maybe he can come under asylum or refugee status; after all he also probably has two mother-in-laws there and that should qualify. One is bad enough, but TWO?

    Its hard to maintain such a situation (, he will have to make a call and decide on a winner (

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  • stang20874
    03-22 12:01 PM
    I live in Montgomery County, Maryland. Who else? Let us team up please.


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  • javadeveloper
    08-20 04:01 PM
    I think he knows that you won't have the gut to expose him since this will also put you in an awkward situation since you paid for your labor and I-140 which, strictly speaking, is against the immigration law.

    I don't think It'll create any problem for employee.What a employee can do if employer demands for money

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-01 05:19 PM
    Sent fax.

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  • kart2007
    05-15 11:19 AM
    Its a good thing, hope this will lessen the abuse of the visas by these Indian companies. As I mentioned in another thread, I have seen that H1 and L1s who come from India dont get a very good salary. Not good.

    02-03 07:43 AM
    so wait, is it different now? ... Im lost, what changed?

    11-04 03:21 PM
    Coming soon..Rated R, for SCARY IMAGES....will make EVERYONE cry!!
    Playing on a computer screen near you!!!.....

    'V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-E-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009"

    *Disclaimer: Can cause serious mental distress, suicidal thougths, depression, excessive alcohol consumption. Not recommended for EB-XI/C, EB-3 ROW.Country of birth restrictions apply.

    Glad to see a good sense of humor :-)

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