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  • delhirocks
    06-14 03:02 PM
    I don't know much about the process...but can't you just scrap your old labor...file with PERM (15 day preperation time, 1 mth Ads, 1 mth waiting period -- puts you in sept 1st), Labor cleared in 3 weeks (sep 21st) and then file 140 & 485 together. Might cost you like 10,000, but in my books its totaly worth it, if you & your wife get an ead even 6 mths earlier.

    Years we have been told priority date establishes your place in the queue.

    We have spurned job offers and declined the new PERM process to hold on to the priority dates.

    Many are still awaiting labor certifications from the backlog elimination centers. Out comes USCIS and says everyone with a LC can file I140 & I485.

    People still waiting for LC with priority dates in 2003-2004 are seeing applicants who have priority dates as late as 2007 but with approved LCs through PERM walk through to I485.

    Net result, USCIS is going to be flooded with applicants enough to retrogress the priority dates 3-4 years back as early as september. (Everybody with a LC will be able to file for I485 in July). So applicants with priority dates of 2007 are going to get EAD and GC, while LC backlogged 2003 applicants to have to wait for another 3-4 years before they can even file I485.

    Aint fair. Aint fair at all. How can this be. How can rules be changed in the middle of the game.

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  • rishikesh75
    11-13 05:18 PM
    2 wks max. I submitted it to them on 10/8 (in-person) & got it on 10/17. Keep aside 2-4 hrs when you go to submit as there is only 1 window operational.
    Hi Guys do you know how long it is taking CGI Huston TX to send new passport for expired passports, Original passport was done in India.

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  • illusions
    04-01 10:07 AM
    reports that 12 485 approvals (ROW) on the 31st, and EB3 catagory are being approved for PD 2007! mainly from TSC.

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  • Getafix
    10-16 01:21 PM
    Hi ,
    My old passport and the relevant passport renewal forms reached CGI Houston on 09/30/2008. I am still waiting for get back my new PP . I haven't been able to raise anyone of the phone who could give me an update on anything.

    So I am just waiting ...


    andy murray girlfriend kim sears. Andy Murray#39;s girlfriend Kim
  • Andy Murray#39;s girlfriend Kim

  • tonyHK12
    02-05 11:06 AM
    I will answer some of your questions to the best of my knowledge.

    There is also a lot of information on advocacy on the top of this page, 'Advocacy' tab.
    Red threads are action items started and approved by admin/core. donor threads say "donor forum" on the title.

    Admins are still in the process of organizing, and a lot of this can be done only once we finalize most of the volunteers and donations collected - it will depend on this.

    Contributions are optional and no money is expected from volunteers, except what you spend for your own stay and travel. Of course every one knows There ain't no such thing as a free lunch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( people still do wish though!
    The only free lunch is meeting your local lawmakers as they are obliged to listen to your issues. That is the only thing we have asked most people to do in large numbers

    Business dress code should be good enough. We are trying to convey we are high skilled immigrants and future entrepreneurs who create jobs.

    You're right most lawmakers don't even know we have a problem and the reason is we as a community are not reaching out to them. Representatives of house change every 2 years.

    Thanks for your efforts. Employer support is very important in conveying our issues. Large companies have their own political lobbying group. Support of citizens and Green card holders helps a lot.
    We still need a lot of volunteers all over the country, who are ready to work and not just post brilliant ideas on online forums.

    Everyone has to work and spread information. Its no good saying why doesn't core do this or that and everything else.

    Dear All,

    First of all I am pleased to inform you that I will certainly attend the advocacy campaign. This will be my first participation. I am eager and hope to make it. I have also started making travel / stay arrangements.

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  • vicks_don
    07-21 03:33 PM
    I thought there was another thread ..but will post here too
    efile on april 28 at TSC
    FP approx 20 days after that
    June 24 card prod email
    no card as of july 21

    if anyone in similar situation .please send me a message ..will be calling TSC in 3 days ...are they out of plastic ??

    Mine is approved on June25th. No card till now. I talked to IO and he said that he sees it in printing queue( Not yet Printed ). They printed approvals from June 19th on July 14th. So I am hoping they print mine this week.


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  • Rabbit
    05-03 08:45 AM
    My husband and I are both on H1 now. My H1 will not expire until 2009 but I plan to quit my job and transfer to H4 for family reasons. Suppose I quit from H1 on June 1, 2007, what is the best time for me to file I539 to transfer to H4? Do I need to file right now or just anytime before June 1?

    Another question is that if I quit H1 on June 1, but the change of status to H4 will not be approved until later, say, September 1, 2007, what will be my visa status between those time? Will I be considered out-of-status?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • trramesh
    09-02 02:27 PM

    Yesterday, it was our turn too to get the approval notice. It was a long wait like many of you. Checking into IV forums has helped me cope up with the delay. It is more than 8 years since entering US, 6 years since signing up with employer for GC, and five years since filing for labor. BEC and 485 were the biggest unpredictables in the journey. There were times when I thought if it was all that worth. Anyway, now we have completed this arduous journey (being an Indian).

    As a token of appreciation for IV and good will for my fellow countrymen continuing the journey, I am also making a contribution of $100/-. I saw someone already made such comment here. Needless to say, my contribution is along the way.

    Good luck to all in waiting.

    PD - Oct 29, 04
    I485 - RD - July 26, 07
    I485 - AD - Sep 01, 09


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  • CaveMan232
    04-24 11:18 PM
    Filed for renewal on 04/05 and still waiting for receipts. Current EAD expires last week of July and am running the risk of losing my job if I don't get it by then.

    Does anyone know what are my chances of getting it before then? Also, what are my other options at this point or before I lose my job. I read about interim EAD's on other posts, is this still an option?

    Your response is highly appreciated.


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  • needhelp!
    05-15 03:42 PM
    Hi espoir.. Thanks. Please have your friends from that constituency call their office also.

    I just called Congressman Cuellar's office. I live in his constituency. They took my name and address. I will call the rest in the evening


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  • trueguy
    03-19 10:29 PM
    -Visa Recapture
    -File I-485 irrespective of PD
    -Stop counting dependents against quota
    -USCIS backlog should be transparent so one can predict his turn.
    -Remove Country cap. Its unfair for people born in india to wait decades while other nationals get their visa almost immediately.

    Family reunion should be very important. I am separated from my wife for 3 years now because of Jul'2007 fiasco. Sent many letters to Senators, President, vice president but nobody is bothered to look at my case

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  • sanju_dba
    07-15 09:27 AM
    it reminds me of Independence struggle . before the results all were together, and afterwards a split in nation! :(


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  • CADude
    05-16 11:45 AM
    Similar from Senetor office but not this harsh. She noted details but requested me to contact CA senetors and my district rep. Anyway staff noted the details.

    I called congressman Hinjosa's office.

    The staffer asked me where I am calling from. Then said you are not a constituent of the congressman and was not willing to transfer to the person who handles immigration issues. I insisted on leaving a message and he took the message, but was surprised, did anybody else encounter this? How do we handle this if it happens with other congressmen?

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  • snathan
    03-27 11:47 AM
    With this attitude and arrogance, I rarely think there would be motivation for anyone to do anything for IV.

    I started discussion by asking , how can IV convince me that my donation is going to help, I got shot down by ARROGANT ******** and got all reds as if I care. I was planning on a charity/donation drive of my own to get some money for IV.
    Know lot of consultants, who really dont know what to do with their miles with every one a executive airline status.
    Already have 10+ people pledging Poker tournament from my poker group with their miles for Airlines and hotels. We are talking of a Million AA miles.
    Indian restaurants(s) having a Immigration week where a dollar of each bill be given to IV.
    I was even thinking of standing at Indian stores in Dallas to ask people to consider for IV cause, as long as I believed and hence was asking.

    I was just getting started with so many ideas for my free time.

    Good luck in what ever you do guys. Note that GC is not everything and note that I am still on extended H1, family on H1 and EAD never helped me. so assumption that EAD helped my life is baseless. All these hypocrites are long gone from IV once they get GC. All we get is response that Mr X or Y , even after getting GC, is working fro cause. How can I believe.

    Any organization can be successful if there are questions answered and not shot down. Just working at DC doesnt make some one a strong contributor for IV.Work at grass root level is so imp. What I have noticed is any one who went to DC has become headstrong, egoist and arrogant as if they own IV.

    Please read my initial post before commenting. I always said, I am for IV cause. just convince me so that I can convince some one

    Gisa pita dialogue,...dont ask what IV has done,, ask yourself what you have done... COMMON

    Here it is, I can write in BOLD and RED

    Your argument doesn�t make sense at all. All are lame excuses at best. If you want to see what people are doing, you need to start work with people, see and believe. We cannot give you the notarized copy of certificate. You cannot sit on the fence and ask people to convince. As I said earlier no one is getting paid for what we are doing and no one is doing any favor for others either.

    Dont waste everyone's time with your useless arguments. If you really want to do something, start the campaign for whatever you believe and if its really worth people will follow you.


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  • samswas
    04-24 01:02 PM
    Lets use this poll to track the May EB2 India approvals.
    If your current in May, select option Current in May and Once Approved, change your response.


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  • tikka
    05-31 04:46 PM
    /\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\

    Thank you


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  • prinive
    06-26 07:33 PM
    This is true. I heared the same from my attorney too. If you look at the history, there are two times they have discontinued the VB in the middle of the month. So let us hope the best and we will prepare for the worst.

    I am not sure how far it is true, but this is the content of the email I got from my attorney when I pressed him to file at the earlierst.

    "As soon as we have these forms back, all of the evidence for filing remaining from you, and I review the completed filing, we will file it. We appreciate your interest in filing on the first day the filing allows. We will endeavor to do that. I should point out that the current bulletin allows for filings throughout July. It is possible that the filings could be discontinued later in July. We are in touch with officials in Washington about this issue and will file your application in a timely fashion for obtaining the benefit when the filing is properly prepared."

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  • Sachin_Stock
    06-29 05:17 PM
    I wonder if such a reaction is warranted considering that there's official news from USCIS at this stage. I would not support the litigation.

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  • dtekkedil
    09-20 04:43 PM
    I and manish flew monday morning sept 17th on a short notice to attend 11:30AM appointment and then again at 3:30 PM with nagaraj.
    We had 2 more appointments on 18th with NH senators.
    All the meetings were great and one them exceeded 30 minute schedule to 50 minutes.

    It was great to meet all the members like aman, jay, paskal, kanika, meenal, nagaraj, pappu, gopal etc.

    Paskal: Where is my beer?
    Gopal: "Don't shoot the messenger" in the situation room.
    jay: Speech pointing fingure to capitol hill behind him. "We are here on offence".
    Mike: Step1 to step 5 entertainment

    These are some, but not all, of the memorable things in DC.

    I really had to mention pappu seperately.
    He is a dedicated person to this cause and needs special mention. I really enjoyed his company in the bus on our return journey to NH. We shooted all possible questions and got convincing answers.

    Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
    It was a true vacation.:eek::eek:

    Folks if you want to know how to handle an interview... learn it from Pappu!! He was smooth (read slippery) as... soap?... hell anything that is smooth :)

    Pappu... any training you can give me? :eek:

    I may even be able to pay you... once you get your EAD! :)

    05-31 04:45 PM
    /\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\

    06-16 07:56 PM
    From my reading, it looks like Dems can get lot of mileage from CIR for the election, whether it passes or not .

    If the bill passes, good for Dems because now the populace knows that Dems worked towards it and many republicans opposed it.

    If the bill does not pass, Dems can say Republicans killed the humane bill and they can not deliver anything (in last 4 years, huge surplus has become huge deficit; reengineering of Social Security failed; war was started by misleading people and good allies were dealienated and there is no end in sight; Katrina was bungled; President could not get his candidate to become judge, NSA wiretapping issue and now republicans can't even work out immigration policy and think gay marriage and flag burning are the most important issues of our time). Hispanics for the decades will go with Dems.

    So whichever way bill goes, Dems benefits. What they do not benefit from is by letting this bill go into oblivion. Hence unless some major issue comes up to distract the attention of nation (like Iran, terrorist attacks), Dems will try to keep immigration in limelight. (But it may die from attention overkill, desensitization)

    My take.

    probably implies that they are looking for a way to quietly kill the bill using procedures so that no one is red faced, come election time...

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