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  • raminmd
    09-15 01:11 PM
    I would like to think that there are lots of members who are interested in participating in campaigns like this. I participate in most of IV campaigns and have sent flowers and called all reps for 5882. This is a campaign that I would be interested in participating in. If you are going to chat about this on IV chat (which many members cannot access because of restrictions), then please post the transcript and summary here so that we can at least understand the viewpoints of the participants and the action plan.

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  • krishna_brc
    01-29 12:47 PM
    USCIS might be processing the applications in the order of recipt date
    (need not adjudicate the application which is based on priority date)

    So, i think USCIS can process applications without priority date being current.

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  • ras
    08-01 08:07 PM
    I guess people are willing to shell out few extra hundreds as long as it expedites the process. Anyway thousands are being spent on attorney's instead if all this money goes to USCIS, atelast things gets done faster. Ofcourse the string attached to this is that the money should be spent for improving process rather than fattening the pockets of few. I am also told that most of the fee money goes towards the Border security ( May be taking money from legal applicants to curb illegals)

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  • jayleno
    10-02 10:25 AM
    Just made a payment of 50 dollars.
    Transaction id: 86HZ9-DBRNW

    Come on people, let us help ourselves.


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  • Raj_345
    07-11 04:51 PM
    Thank you so much for the information :)
    I am sure this information will help many ppl in this situation...I'd really appreciate if others can chip in their thoughts as well...

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  • andy_8214
    09-15 07:49 PM
    4th thread by administrators not monitor this?


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  • ca_immigrant
    05-15 05:04 PM
    Thanks for the reply !

    Does anyone know if it can be mailed out of the country or brought by somebody else who is travelling to India ?

    I remeber reading something about it earlier on this forum but could not search it out/


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  • reachinus
    11-19 03:55 PM
    1. My friend is on H1 and have EAD (June'07 filer) for both him and his spouse... his spouse (secondary aplicant) is currently working on her EAD.. If his company lays him off... Would his wife have any effect on her employment?

    2. Could he renew my EAD/AP on my own with no employer support (despite he has no job)

    3. What if he goes to India on AP (or otherwise).. would that have effect on his wife's EAD/employment?

    3a. If he goes to India on AP.. for how long could he go?
    Untill the day before the expiry of AP

    4. Could he take up any job and keep switching till priority date becomes current?
    Yes. but advisible to stay in same or similiar job

    5. Also what happens if and when priority date becomes current?
    Should obtain an EVL from the Current\Future employer assuring a full time permanent job.


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  • chanduv23
    09-12 09:57 AM
    Yes they do it. They do random google searches. Our issue is not resolved just because they are given directive not to use wikipedia, because they may use a lot of other resources on the internet.

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  • camarasa
    08-01 07:01 PM
    Did we ever hear anything back regarding the July 2nd questions she sent to USCIS? Remember she gave them three days to answer?


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  • hpandey
    07-03 11:49 AM
    If you can convert to EB2 ( eligible for it ) and recapture your earlier PD of EB3 then it would be the best course of action . If you keep on waiting for the bills to pass ( and they don't since this is an election year ) then you would just lose time.

    I know we are all frustrated because of this seemingly endless wait but I am positive - it is not endless . It will end one way or the other - for some sooner and for others later.

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  • new_horizon
    03-12 05:12 PM
    Does this mean I can port the PD even if I moving from a technical position to a managerial position in a different company. of course I know one has to file a new perm and I140 with the new company.

    refiling perm and 140 may be to help you promote from eb3 to eb2 category and still let you keep the old PD.
    Also, refiling could be required if your job categories are changing. from technical to managerial or so.


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  • kshitijnt
    12-04 02:39 AM
    I am not sure why it's so hard to understand what I want :)

    1- My wife's h4 visa will expire after 4 years
    2- I already have my h1b extension
    3- What I am saying that if I don't get the stamp in time, I am planning to enter with AP

    Given all the points above, and the fact that I'll be working on H1b status, would this void my wife's h4 visa?

    You never told anyone that ONLY you filed 485. Generally this is not the case.

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  • visshy
    09-13 03:40 PM
    o ok. how abt the insurance at that time? will she be covered or does that drop off too?


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  • hebbar77
    08-13 01:09 PM
    I have same case.
    X:EB2-I-140-PD DEC 2004 approved JAN 2008
    Y: EB2-I-140-PD DEC 2007 approved July 2007

    485 filed on Jul2 2007 with Y I-140

    On aug 1st lawyer sent a request to USCIS to process the I-485 with X-140 PD.

    Still no LUD on I-485/I-140...
    Anyone knows how long it takes for such cases?

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  • gcretroiv
    04-26 04:56 PM
    Brownback rescinds immigration bill support

    Look at this story. Sen Brownback, who supported last year senate passed CIR, now turning back. Sen. McCain already back off.

    "I would not vote for the same bill," Mr. Brownback told reporters yesterday morning, saying that after the bill passed the Senate he had a chance to study its effects and decided it led to too much immigration.
    It's a major reversal for a man who is listed as one of seven original sponsors of the bill, along with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who spearheaded the bill.


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  • keith_in_us
    04-11 11:10 PM
    In response to a previous question, I am from Hong Kong SAR, and I have never applied for labor cert. I have been on H1B visa my entire time.


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  • skpanda
    05-17 07:10 PM
    Upgrade of the existing case.

    Good Luck!

    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?

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  • WeldonSprings
    10-14 12:30 PM
    I have a few questions on using AP-

    1. I have a valid AP till Jan. 04, 2009. I have applied for a new AP in Sept. last week. Can I travel on my current AP which is valid till Jan. 04, 2009 or will I have any problems with I-485, since I cannot travel on current AP, because I have applied for a new one.

    2. Next, suppose I travel on my valid AP (the one till Jan. 04, 2009) in November first week and return on Dec. 10, 2008, what date will I get I-84 till? Will I get it till Dec. 09, 2009 or till Jan. 04, 2008. Ofcourse, the officer will stamp 'Parolee' on I-94, but till what date?

    3. Have anyone had any bad experience, when boarding airlines at Indian airports, particularly Mumbai- Do they understand what AP documentation is, in lieu of the normal visa on passport?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    Renew you AP before Feb 25, 2009. You are usually paroled upto an year from the date of entry.

    Yes you can file for AP your self, its as easy as filling out the form.

    The stamps having nothing to do with the renewal.

    07-02 11:47 PM
    If we plan to send flowers, we should send them to the SAME place, same person, if a 100 different news stations receive these flowers, this would be of no consequence, the ideal person to send these to would be Bill O reiley, God (yea I invoke his name ;) knows that he loves to talk aout himself, and if you get him involved, and throw in the words like , "BUSH wanted us to be able to AOS", he is going to be all over it.

    I am going to see if I can send him a note :)

    LOL Yeah Bill O' Riley!!!

    I was hoping that we could send it to USCIS!

    It should be addressed to EMILIO T. GONZALEZ (Director of USCIS). I'll put the address out here once I get it! :)

    05-28 08:08 AM
    I got my renewal EAD from TSC last week. It starts from the expiry of my current EAD.

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