Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tom brady crying

tom brady crying. for crying out loud!
  • for crying out loud!

  • SoftMango
    Jan 26, 05:53 PM
    Ok guys I just found this glitch within iREB to downgrade your ipod touch or iphone. I was trying to load up custom firmware to my ipod touch 2nd gen and I got stuck with a black screen, and I start to fiddle with itunes and ireb. Downgraded my 2nd generation ipod touch from 4.2.1 to 2.1.1 (the very first firmware for this model). Below ive put the instructions on how I did this. (Ive only tested this on my ipod, but it should work on anything that iREB can support.

    iREB is not available for Mac users as of yet, will update if changes occur.

    1)First you will need to change your hosts

    Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and locate “hosts” file.
    Open this “hosts” file in Notepad and add this " gs.apple.com at the bottom of the note".

    Credits to Komentra for the reply

    2) Download iREB V4.0.x/4.1:


    3) Download the ipod firmware that you wish to downgrade to. (unless a new version of iREB is released, anything above 4.2.1 wont work. (I KNOW IT SAYS V4.0.x/4.1 BUT THATS PART OF THE GLITCH)

    Download Firmware Here: http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/

    4) Plug in your iPod/iPhone and load up iREB.

    5) Select your device from the menu.

    6) Wait for iREB to put your device into its SPECIAL dfu mode. (not the normal one)

    7) Now, open iTunes and wait for your iPod to come up, now heres where I was experimenting.

    8) put your ipod into dfu mode (I know what your thinking "oh this guy is an idiot, he doesnt know what hes doing" well this where stuff gets interesting. You cant see whats going on the ipod but wait for those USB chimes so you will know what to press and when. - Hold both the power and home button at the same time untill you hear a usb sound from your computer. When that sound comes let go of the power button and keep holding the home button and wait for the second usb sound. -

    9) Hold shift and click restore in itunes and find your old firmware (ie. 2.1.1)

    10) AND YOUR DONE!

    I know what your thinking again (im a mind reader) WHY WOULD YOU WANNA DO THIS? well for me, iOS 4.2.1 is a load of bull for me, it goes way too slow and jailbreaking it makes it even worse. and pretty much all I do on my ipod is listen to music and nothin else, no lies. Seriously, and if you need to downgrade for a practical reason, then why not.

    This should work on any OLD firmware that is older then your current one. (again ive only tested this on 4.2.1)

    Hope this helped.
    SoftMango out.

    Update For 1st & 2nd Generation devices

    3.1.3 cannot be downgraded with this method. Here are the steps to solving this problem:

    Download the following files:

    Sn0wBreeze: http://www.mediafire.com/?2wt8v7yw1jlpnoc

    Firmware 3.1.3: http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/

    1) Plug in your ipod touch/iphone

    2) open sn0wbreeze and say ok to the release

    3) go to the next step and browse the firmware (3.1.3)

    4) On the next step click build ipsw

    5) let the program create the custom firmware.

    6) go to the next step and instructions will pop up showing you how to put your ipod into dfu mode.

    7) follow the on screen steps and then your ipod will be put into a pwned state.

    8) restore your ipod in itunes with the custom firmware that was made earlier.

    9) Your Done!

    I will be continually updating this thread when new stuff is out.

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  • Apple Hobo
    Mar 7, 08:29 PM
    • I knew of a good person in another online forum who died of cancer.

    • There's a threat of Alzheimer's in my family.

    • I leave my machine on 24/7 (screen turns off after a few minutes), so why not have it do something useful?

    • I like to tinker with scientific software and command line apps.

    tom brady crying. None of the above
  • None of the above

  • blevins321
    Feb 23, 08:41 AM
    Thanks all. Pic #1 is actually a sunrise. First one I'd seen in awhile :D. I think I'm just going to stick to this being a hobby. I use Aperture3 for my library, and I'll definitely play around with the post-processing features. Didn't use them for any of the posted photos. Thanks for all the advice!

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  • OldManJimbo
    Jan 25, 03:06 AM
    Deleting the plist did not fix the problem bt deleting the INBOX.mbox did. Unfortunately it also took out all the emails I already had in the INBOX, so i'm glad I just left it on the desktop.

    This has been a strange day and it all started when I subscribed to .Mac for the first time.

    I wonder if that was just a coincidence.


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  • heylookitskarl
    Feb 21, 11:37 AM
    When you do a group interview, be the most outgoing, talkative and fun loving person possible. Apple wants a go getter not a sheltered person who is afraid to speak up, talk, laugh and crack jokes. If you're afraid to talk in a group setting how are you going to be able to communicate to a customer.
    Hope this helps.

    I'm new to this so I don't know if I quoted this correctly =)
    AFPoster is right. I just recently went to one but I think there was some age discrimination there because I was the only one in High School who showed up. I don't get it though, the recruiting seminar went great and I made a lot of the people laugh, I was talkative but just today got the email of death saying that they turned down my application.... What did I do wrong?!?!?!?

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  • mcmillan
    Sep 28, 07:50 PM
    Use RapidWeaver, seriously, it's the best app for making easy, fast, and good looking websites. The site in my link was made using RapidWeaver, and version 3.2 is coming out this October. The software is shareware, I think the cost is $35~. You don't need to know anything about HTML, you don't need to use any tags unless you are using the sidebar, which is usually for really simple stuff. You can make blogs with comments and RSS and a lot of other stuff. This app has everything.

    http://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/index.php Enjoy!


    tom brady crying. Tom Brady Crying: Why His Tears of Sorrow Were Just Plain Stupid
  • Tom Brady Crying: Why His Tears of Sorrow Were Just Plain Stupid

  • deral
    Nov 16, 02:56 AM
    On iTunes, using the search function in iMix and here's my dilemna. Always wanted a search to find an iMix, and now that I can do that. i don't know what to search for. My first search for an iMix, I type the word "song".

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  • jhatz
    Apr 18, 11:17 AM
    I would try a Mr. Clean Magic eraser on a small spot on the bottom to see how it cleans. It should work well. I used it on my old black MacBook and it made it look like new again. Don't use it on the LCD however. Get Monster LCD cleaning solution (it comes in a blue bottle for like $20). It's well worth it, the consistency of the liquid is a gel type spray so it won't ever run even if you spray directly onto the screen panel itself.

    Back to the magic eraser, it removes pesky oily spots that appear to look like wear on the keys/hand rests/track pad. I haven't found any way to officially clean my macbook until I used them.


    tom brady crying. All I know is Tom Brady has
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  • alansmallen
    Jun 3, 05:34 PM
    Pics would be great along with a typed description of it's appearance / functionality.

    Works completely fine...can be hacked if wanted. Has been in an iskin revo and screen protector since purchased. Pics are attached

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  • chunhohuen
    Apr 22, 08:05 AM
    I'm surprised this compiles (i.e. that you only get errors when linking). The line

    string input=inputusername;

    must have thrown an error at you, since "inputusername" is not visible to functions outside the class.

    Where you define the code, you need to put in classname::functionname

    Do this for every function you define. This need not be done if you are within the class declaration.

    void login::find()
    ifstream file;

    string input=inputusername;
    string input_line;
    bool found = false;

    while( file >> input_line ) {
    if( input_line.compare(input) == 0 ) {
    cout << "The name " << input_line << " was found in file.\n";
    found = true;

    Thank you very much !;)!
    It can work now :p!


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  • c2kvette
    Dec 22, 07:02 AM
    Try the ice>Link from Denison


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  • Tom Brady Handles His Contract

  • B.A.T
    Feb 20, 04:53 PM
    Sell it to me for $500 and walk away with a 25% profit.


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  • Hey, Tom Brady, There#39;s No

  • jared_kipe
    Feb 11, 10:39 AM
    My favorite is SilverStripe. Not as widely used or known, but I love the flexibility it gives me as a developer and it is pretty user-friendly, too.

    Side note -- Ruby on Rails is framework, not really a CMS. It would be comparable to Cake, Symfony or Yii (frameworks for PHP).

    + 1 for SilverStripe, it is the CMS for software developers. The thing about SilverStripe is that although it has a GUI CMS for setting up pages, I like it more for its robust ORM and PHP framework features.

    I wrote jaredandkaylie.com (http://jaredandkaylie.com/) in SilverStripe

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  • jvmxtra
    May 5, 07:15 PM
    I have mbp 15 mb 13 2009(wife) and ipad 2/ipod touch 4 (phones, we are just waiting for iphone 5).

    We need one more ipad 2 :D


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  • Consultant
    Apr 28, 10:54 AM
    No problem with Snow Leopard here.

    What software crashes.

    Except I've had the same results on all the machines I've had that ran Snow Leopard.

    MacBook Pro 2.33ghz Late 2006
    MacBook Pro 13 2.26
    Mac Mini 2.26
    Mac Mini 2.4
    MacBook Pro 2.66

    It's been equally problematic on all of them.

    Seems to be user problem. You probably have one piece of software that's causing the problem.

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  • saguakid
    Mar 11, 05:03 PM
    At least 5.0.3 works (launched it from my SL partition).

    Well I have 5.0.3 and works with many bugs like don't let add bookmarks and doesn't reopen last closed tabs completely


    tom brady crying. HEY TOM, YOUR SLIP#39;S SHOWING!

  • karsten
    Nov 19, 01:13 AM
    any idea if/when this might happen for f@h? it'd be pretty cool

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  • zach
    Apr 3, 03:22 PM
    i think some linux distros can handle lack of video cards out of the box, and i KNOW you could configure one to.

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  • GeekOFComedy
    Apr 11, 11:58 AM
    Can you get into the recovery partition ( command-r ) ?

    Yup, I tried fixing the permissions, says the group was 0 instead of 80. After that and I reboot same thing :mad:

    Mar 11, 10:36 PM
    Line Update: Apparently my number are off or my eyes deceive me. Apple rep did a count and said there were 89. See pic.

    I drove by the Leawood Apple Store, but opted for BestBuy at 119th & Metcalf. I was number 19 in line and got exactly what I wanted. White 64 GB WiFi 3G AT&T.

    I may go by the Apple Store and try to get a Red Leather Cover.

    Feb 23, 04:08 PM
    i will trade you my 16 gb ipod touch for it. :)Is it unlocked?

    Please let me know. I also have the wall charger for it. I would love to get a :apple: iphone

    This is a four month old threat, its pretty clear already that the a trade has taken place by now or that he has pulled out.

    Jul 30, 04:06 AM
    At West Ed right now, about 50 people lined up. A lot smaller than what I was expecting!

    Feb 14, 08:01 AM
    Doesn't PDANet let you share the iPhone's internet connection over wifi? So the point of it on an ipod would be????

    Apr 19, 09:24 AM
    Did someone see my post regarding the minor developers? This is worthy to note as the main ones are leaving the PPC realm, while literally 1000's of smaller and minor companies, such as wondershare and others are still making universal binaries for both intel and ppc - a win win if you ask me.

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