Sunday, May 29, 2011

new iphone 5 pictures

new iphone 5 pictures. New quot;iPhone 5quot; Photos Surface,
  • New quot;iPhone 5quot; Photos Surface,

  • dime21
    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    Do any of these suits ever actually get resolved?
    no, they languish in the courts for years, what with all the appeals and what not. eventually, after 6 or 7 years have gone by, and all the products and technologies involved have lost their relevance and been obsoleted, and all the people involved has either left the company, or forgotten the details, the two sides will reach a settlement agreement, usually involving some kind of stock swap, licensing agreement, or other shady shenanigans instead of real actual money. welcome to the world of corporate law.

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 pictures.
  • new iphone 5 pictures.

  • bigandy
    Sep 26, 07:56 AM
    I hope it isn't O2, that would be a shame. To be honest, any network lockins would be bad.
    My vote would be Orange if I had the choice.

    I've found that through and i can get anything sim free, sometimes even before it's launched on the network.

    that's how i got my current smartphone.

    i REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY hope its orange...

    as the choice of mobile phones they have at the moment is the poorest i have ever seen in the UK.

    ive been waiting on a p990i since march.....still dont have it on orange, was told yesterday it could be end of october now.

    i am gauranteed a free upgrade on any handset, so come one apple!!

    I got fed up waiting for the P990, and ended up getting a free upgrade to the SPV M600. I wasn't a fan (read "I loathed") Windows Mobile until I got this phone. It's fantastic.

    The only thing the P990 does that the SPV doesn't is video calling. And, to be honest, I've got a lot of friends with 3G phones, and not a single one has ever used the videophone feature.


    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • farmboy
    Dec 31, 11:58 AM
    Hurf. There was a checkbox for installing a trial version. You didn't uncheck it.

    Maybe this is why you're using OSX then. It makes choices for you. Not yours, but you know...

    Just like the choice was made for you by Adobe to install completely unrelated software if the user doesn't happen to catch the checkbox. Yeah, that's so much better.

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  • belief that the new iPhone

  • aristotle
    Apr 20, 01:44 PM
    Watch the video. It was happening on the guys phones who discovered it in the UK. Unless AT&T's signal is better than people let on, I doubt they have signal in the UK. ;)

    Edit: From tatonka's link below, this is Southern England.

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  • new iphone 5 verizon. then the

  • BornAgainMac
    Sep 15, 05:48 PM
    I thought 10 Mega Pixels were possible with some tech that is suppose to arrive at the end of this year for phones.

    I wonder if the new phone was like the original iPod Shuffle. You wear it around your neck. That would be funny. I would like the Star Trek Next Generation phone where you tap it on your chest to call people and it automatically goes into speaker phone. That was sort of like the shuffle concept with simple controls and no screen. Even works with iTunes.

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 features. new
  • new iphone 5 features. new

  • Durendal
    Oct 27, 10:54 AM
    Yes, they should just just shut-up and vote for corporate-sponsored Republicrats or Converalabour every four or five years and take it.

    It's a shame that there is no longer any meaningful democracy.
    Yes, and that certainly justifies being a loudmouthed asshat. There are ways you can get a message out without being a douchebag, but that's rapidly becoming a lost art on any part of the political spectrum.

    Anyway, I'd be pretty pissed off if a bunch of Greenpeace guys were screwing with my baby kid without even talking to me about it. I don't care if it's as inconspicuous as them putting an apple in the pram and snapping publicity photos. They had damn well better get permission before doing it.

    new iphone 5 pictures. New iPhone 5 Get Edge-to-Edge
  • New iPhone 5 Get Edge-to-Edge

  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 22, 08:24 PM
    Backlit keyboard on it and I am in. Perfect form factor and feature set for what I do all day every day. And less weight in my bag

    Currently have the 13 mbp and would love to get a MBA to lighten my load.

    I've heard this request from a lot of people on this forum. Is this really a deal breaker for you? the screen isn't bright enough at night to illuminate the keys that you need a separate source of light?

    new iphone 5 pictures. Iphone 5, Apple Iphone 5, New
  • Iphone 5, Apple Iphone 5, New

  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Mar 16, 04:49 PM
    No, it is the same nonsense that Microsoft and its apologists have been saying for the past decade. It isn't any truer today than it was a decade ago.

    It this utter ignorance and false sense of security in the Mac user base that I would use to my advantage if I were a cyber-criminal. While I completely appreciate the lack of malware OSX has enjoyed thus far, I've seen more than enough evidence over the past few years to tell me that it's far from safe. The latest Safari/Webkit hacking contest result alone should be enough to cause any reasonable person to take notice. I think a few people will be changing their tunes the day the crap finally hits the fan.

    For some reason, a certain famous quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy about the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation comes to mind regarding certain people who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.... ;)

    new iphone 5 pictures. New Iphone 5 Will Use Ipad 2
  • New Iphone 5 Will Use Ipad 2

  • toddybody
    May 3, 11:04 AM
    Very, Very cool move to allow a swap for the track pad instead of the magic mouse. +1 Apple.

    The magic mouse is a total POS IMHO.

    Razer Mouse + iMac FTW

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  • it is the new iPhone 5,

  • Eidorian
    Aug 28, 12:18 PM
    Yeah for the portables, but Conroe for the desktop.Did you read the guide? You're talking about the iMac Core Duo, correct?

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 pictures. new
  • new iphone 5 pictures. new

  • neiltc13
    Apr 28, 03:28 PM
    Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done and as a customer I am very pleased with all of my Microsoft purchases.

    - Zune desktop software
    - Zune hardware and mobile software
    - Windows Phone 7
    - Windows 7
    - Office 2010
    - Office 2011 for Mac
    - Xbox 360
    - Xbox Live

    All great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products.

    new iphone 5 pictures. We#39;ve seen plenty of iPhone 5
  • We#39;ve seen plenty of iPhone 5

  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 11, 03:28 PM
    XBMC might finally be able to totally replace Apple's own software with the same basic functionality (other than rentals). The only thing it lacks really is AirTunes and video tag reading (the latter of which I gather is already supposed to appear in the next major release). An AppleTV Gen1 with a Crystal card running Linux would then be quite the system with full 1080p output and yet still be able to sync music to other speakers in the house with iTunes.

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 features. iphone
  • new iphone 5 features. iphone

  • bleaknik
    Mar 22, 03:26 PM
    Better idea: add an ExpressCard slot so I can put eSATA or USB3 on my iMac. Or you know...put USB3 & eSATA on my iMac for me *hint hint Apple*

    Why? Thunderbolt is essentially an external PCI-E port.

    new iphone 5 pictures. The format of the iPhone 5 in
  • The format of the iPhone 5 in

  • mightymike107
    Aug 29, 03:08 AM
    the MB keyboards are ugly, they remind me of some fool proof keyboard for military laptops. They reek of industrial utilitarianism.

    It's starting to get early on the east coast; the apple store is still up, are these bad signs?

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  • iphone 5 case leak iPhone 5

  • ender78
    Aug 23, 05:12 PM
    I see Apple stock going up on this news. $100 Million is getting off easy. Could have been a LOT worse.

    new iphone 5 pictures. The new iPhone 5 will come
  • The new iPhone 5 will come

  • !� V �!
    Apr 25, 03:50 PM
    In the market for a 17" to replace my 2007 version. Not interested in getting rid of the optical drive as I still use it to watch DVDs on it (have Netflix and the streaming content is far from being complete). The current one seems to have everything that I'm looking for. I'd like a SSD but they are just too much $$$ now.

    DiY SSD, works great and love the performance gains. Ditch the Optical Drive already its 2011. :apple: remember the Floppy ditch with the original Bondi Blue iMac, make it happen with the 2011 iMac and SuperDrive. :D

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • Eidorian
    Sep 10, 05:31 PM
    What tone? Yeah I don't want to spend that much. I'm thinking $4k max for an 8 Core-In-One Mac Pro. I'm sure I'll be pretty happy with 8 until I find out I still have to wait a lot for video compressions to happen. Then I'll be right back here complaining about how 8 cores isn't enough either.I still wonder if all this video editing is personal or for profit. :rolleyes:

    new iphone 5 pictures. iPhone 5 B New iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5 B New iPhone 5

  • Eidorian
    May 3, 11:51 AM
    Thunderbolt is DisplayPort 1.1a - DisplayPort 1.2 has daisy chain and much more bandwidth than a TB channel.I recall this being a complaint about Thunderbolt.

    new iphone 5 pictures. new iphone 5 pictures.
  • new iphone 5 pictures.

  • cube
    May 3, 11:44 AM
    As before, that support is entirely derived from ATI's GPUs and the available number of outputs.

    You can get 5 Mini-DisplayPort connectors on a single slot video card.

    You can daisy chain multiple monitors with DisplayPort 1.2, and it has much more bandwidth than a Thunderbolt channel.

    Sep 19, 02:54 PM
    Yeah it already lets you watch while downloading and frankly I think that this is a very important feature that is not often discussed. People bash it saying that it takes 1.5 hours to download a movie. Well if the movie is 1.5 hours long than wait 5 minutes and start watching. It is close to instant. I know that on my computer it only took 70 minutes to download which means I can start watching it right away. With Verizon rolling out their Fios internet with speeds of up to 30mbs even 1080p will soon be no problem. I am not sure just how big a 1080p movie is but I am hoping that within a year it will be do able for more people.

    Don't forget that Apple servers will be the weakest link here. Amazon servers were overcrowded the first days, leading to downloads of 8+ hours (and you can only rent them for 24 hours (or buy them, of course))
    They will have to build/purchase a data center or two

    Mar 30, 01:11 PM
    Thought it was clear so I'll try again.

    Notice the iTunes.exe in the middle? It being the actual program but is denoted as Application.;)

    Right... but your still using iTunes, an Apple 'application'. I think I would understand your point and your point would be made clearer if you showed a Windows program/software or any third party program/software that describes the file type as an "Application." If there are any, because I haven't used a windows in a few years. I'd boot up the old PC and check myself but I rather not.

    Apr 22, 01:39 AM
    How does streaming music to my iPhone help me, when O2 cap my Internet usage, and then charge when you use more.

    Sep 19, 11:47 PM
    Is everyone forgetting about the "special" dock kit Apple sells with "yellow" and S-video as well as audio out jacks on it, and a nice little remote AND another charger and sync cable? With the old 320x240 shows, it was barely watchable, lots of artifacts and about like fair quality VCR tape. With the new 640 x 480, the output is VERY watchable, not quite as good as DVD but better than my DirecTV digital signal. And, this little bundle of usefulness costs $99 and is available NOW. I have used one since about Christmas of last year, and it works pretty well. You DON'T have to wait for the iTV or confine your viewing to the computer screen or an ipod.

    Or I have been using my regular dock with a seperate monster cable I bought.
    With the new Res. I think it looks awesome. The only bummer is the battery life on my 30GB video ipod.

    Sep 9, 08:29 PM
    The Yonah is not related to Intel's big disaster chip, the Pentium D 810, but was botched to the point that the engineers turned off EMT64!

    Really? I had understood that Yonah was close architecture wise to the previous Pentium M, while Merom represents the first "true" Core architecture.


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