Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 25, 06:43 PM
    Fearing a design change to something like 16:9 ratio for the 2011 refresh, I bought my 2010 in late November. I really hope they remain the only computer company to not go with the 16:9 ratio. I even keep my dock parked on the side, not the bottom to get the maximum vertical space.

    Other than that the current design is simple and elegant and I love it. Having a snap in slot for a second hard drive which could quickly swap to a DVD drive would be great.

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  • bedifferent
    May 3, 10:48 PM
    ... which is a better display in any way you care to name, except vertical resolution with the 30", than the 23" or 30" ACDs.

    Just like every other vendor, they realized it was pretty much impossible to implement. Use Windows at 150% mode and you'll see what I mean; *everything* is horribly broken. There will be pixel-doubled Macs within the next year.

    The prosumer market is tiny. Everyone in the country who is not dirt-poor or a Luddite has a phone. There are a few hundred thousand prosumers at most. You don't make money engineering expensive, cutting-edge products just for that market.

    Merging? Some iOS interface features are being added to Lion. They are not "merging." Lion is not losing any capabilities (other than Rosetta).

    You are saying Final Cut X is meh before anyone has even seen it? :


    There is no margin whatsoever in commodity desktop hardware; it's THE most price-sensitive part of the PC market. Apple doesn't do things where it can't generate high margins. It's not a charity, it's a business.

    What capabilities are missing from Lion as a result of iOS interface influence?

    How is the Magic Trackpad "painful?" Mine is my favorite input device ever by a huge margin. My only problem with it is that Apple took about 3 years too long to release it. What would you do to make it not "painful?"


    What benefits would 64-bit provide to the user, other than a very small performance improvement? iLife applications' GUI threads are not using more than 4 GB of RAM.

    Are you in favor of the prosumer, or the elitist "pro" who thinks their app is debased by a consumer feature? Prosumers use Facebook and (especially) Flickr. Since Apple already built the feature for iPhoto, it costs them nothing to throw it into Aperture.

    How is easier app installation hurting you?

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  • Torrijos
    Apr 25, 06:34 PM
    Here begins the age of LiquidMetal :cool:

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  • bstpierre
    Nov 13, 02:01 PM
    I have to disagree. Rogue Amoeba in *no way* violated Trademark or Copyright rules with this. In fact, they used Apple's own OS X APIs.


    I agree with you. If they are using an image sent by Mac OS X for just such a purpose they are not doing anything wrong.

    It makes me think that maybe there are some lowly app reviewers who are letting the power go to their heads.

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  • asdf542
    Apr 14, 12:18 PM
    unfortunately, also bingo.

    Err... no.

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 25, 01:07 PM
    Maybe the next design will allow you to avoid being burned while playing games on the Macbook Pro :p

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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 24, 06:40 AM
    Tell that to Apple. If Apple ever ships an AMD system and decides to use an AMD platform for the next Air, combined with a 6000 series GPU, I'd be all over that as an upgrade.

    For now, there is no reason to speculate on AMD systems from Apple.

    My flat mate has one of those new Fusion based Netbooks. Seems pretty good. Could see the next gen of them in an Air. Considering getting one myself when I find one not made by Acer.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 01:27 AM
    I really don't think it is necessary to call me or any member of my family "pathetic." There's nothing wrong with manipulating the system to your advantage, if you do it for a valid purpose (such as teaching a crappy driver a lesson).


    no I am going to say it is pathetic and proves that the system is clearly broken.

    Ethically your mom and your family is in the wrong and clearly your mom is not teaching you good ethics.

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  • Dagless
    Apr 28, 07:53 PM
    LOL @ all the people claiming Microsoft is dead. I mean, seriously? They were $76 million worse off from Apple and according to most people on this forum, Microsoft aren't pulling their socks up and trying and innovating anymore. I don't think that is at all bad at all. Lazing around and still making a profit at the end of the day.

    Makes you slightly embarrassed to be an Apple user doesn't it?

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 29, 06:51 AM
    I'm pretty sure the guy doesn't deserve to be shot down.

    It seems to me that by "MB" he did not bean "MacBook" as is the most common use of these two letters, but "Mother Board" which makes perfect sense, covers all Yonah macs and is perfectly true. Disregarding the soldering issue of the 'books, which is a different point.

    I'm a convert from the PC mob and whenever I see MB I automatically think of "Main Board" as well.

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  • Macginger
    Mar 22, 01:33 PM
    Yep this is what I've been patiently saving and waiting for, think I've now actually saved enough to buy a car with the change :cool:

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  • roadbloc
    Mar 29, 11:21 AM
    The Nokia/Microsoft partnership will guarantee this. It is no joke. I'm already seeing them rise in popularity, plenty shops sell them now.

    And just for them who say Windows Phones are rubbish, they aren't. They are pretty damn good, although I do prefer my iPhone.

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 4, 06:59 PM
    I think it is the highly anticipated iToilet with universal iPod dock and count 'em four AppleTalk ports.

    Sorry the iToiletPaperDispenser is already out.

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  • revfife
    Sep 12, 02:35 PM

    And so the cries of disappointment begin...
    Thats the best part of these forums is watching the buildup until it reaches some ungodly device that is not probable or even possible and then sheer disappointment when Apple announces a decent upgrade to a great product. :rolleyes:

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  • Bomino
    Apr 25, 02:06 AM
    Uh no I didn't. I just interpreted the law. As someone implied earlier, this could all be a ruse. I might not have done anything I said in this thread. No one here can know 100% for sure, because you did not witness the event I claim occurred. That simple fact, in addition to any record searching anyone did without a warrant (which would be an invasion of privacy) would get anything I say in this thread thrown out of court faster than you could blink.


    fair enough, let me reword that: you just admitted that the person going 90mph, intentionally cuts off the other, and slams breaks in this hypothetical scenario is the one thats doing the wrong. give me a break.

    EDIT: I'm not saying any of this is usable in court (even though i would), Im just saying that throughout this entire thread, your telling everyone how right you are, yet in the post i quoted, you admitted that your actions are wrong.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 19, 09:33 AM

    Looks like Apple copied palm just changed the background to white and the icons to a square!


    Sorry to have to post this image again, but do you really find the iPhone similar to the Treo in the same way the Samsung is similar to the iPhone? Really???


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  • Mac Rules
    Sep 13, 12:22 AM
    How do you use the search function guys?
    Also, how do you ge the littel letter to appear, when scrolling through your playlists etc..


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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 05:05 PM
    You may be right, but we haven't seen the emails or the actual rejected programs.

    Furthermore, "The Client Is Always Right", not because they are, but as a matter of principle. The client is in command.

    And I insist, Apple's model makes them the client, which I have to admit brings many benefits to the end user and the platform in general -not so many to the suppliers or developers, except maybe for the fact that it makes the end user more confident to part with their money, of which Apple has the numbers to prove.

    I don't see Apple as the client. After all, they didn't ask for the app. They didn't provide any kind of spec, or put out an RFP, or specify any guidelines as to what it should do. To me they are more of an unwanted kibbutzer looking over my shoulder. On more than one occasion I've had Apple reject updates that did things my customers really wanted, for dumb reasons (usually reasons that they could have asserted for the 20 updates I did prior to that point).

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  • szark
    Sep 15, 06:33 PM
    What is NIH syndrome?

    NIH = not invented here. apple was notorious for this behavior in the 80s and 90s, much to their detriment, and success.

    Just to further clarify -- NIH syndrome is when a company chooses not to use technologies invented by other companies in its own products. They prefer to design and build the entire package themselves, in-house.

    I'm not that interested in an iPhone. Apple would need to add some very unique features for me to consider buying one.

    Aug 23, 05:13 PM
    Who's Creative? :rolleyes:

    Apr 28, 03:30 PM
    Congratulations to apple, eventually this day had to come. Microsoft has been slacking off in the past few years and this will make them see the larger picture.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Apr 20, 12:09 PM
    I can't dumb this statement down any further, sorry.

    You certainly can't make that statement any dumber, that's true.

    Apr 4, 11:58 AM
    OMG.. I'm with Felt. "Security Guards" shouldn't carry guns, and if they do there should be training and good sense that goes into using it. Shooting the suspects in the head is criminal.

    I carry a Glock 19 every day why should a Security Guard be any different?

    Where should you shoot them? First thing you learn is shoot to kill, there is no such thing as aiming for a less lethal area... also hollow points are a must to prevent collateral damage.

    I am not saying this is a good kill by any means; I was not there. However if it had to be done this is the way it should have been done.

    Jul 14, 09:31 AM
    Does anyone think we should be hitting 4ghz about now?

    I mean weve been stuck on 2.x for ages. Whats the deal? A 4ghz quad would be frickin awesome. :confused:

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