Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • 3N16MA
    Mar 8, 10:25 PM

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  • InuNacho
    Apr 19, 04:23 PM
    Unreal 2004 struggles on my 2008 Macbook. I'm sure the current Macbook graphics are a step up, but not by much.

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  • IEatApples
    Nov 1, 12:06 AM
    spicyapple, hmm... I'm not gonna say it, but "she's"... Damn, I said it! *lol* :rolleyes: ;) :D

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  • 100Teraflops
    Apr 11, 11:18 PM
    First, it's ALL 3rd party RAM, since Apple doesn't make RAM. They put other manufacturer's RAM in their computers. Second, upgrading the RAM or hard drive yourself is not a violation of warranty, so there's no need to put the original RAM back before service. Hang onto the original RAM, in case you have a problem with the RAM you buy.

    They wouldn't, anyway. See above.

    Apple Warranty: Installing Memory, Expansion Cards, User Installable Parts Does Not Void Warranty (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=13946)

    From 2011 MacBook Pro User Guide (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/MacBook_Pro_15inch_Early2011.pdf):

    Thank you for the reassurance. :D


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  • nitynate
    Oct 17, 12:25 PM
    Simple, Boring...

    What I want!

    A red MacBook Pro with C2D

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    May 1, 01:32 AM
    Hey guys, well i know absolutley nothing about programming.. where should i start ?
    I have a couple of books;
    Apress: Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners


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  • Mariusz1977
    Mar 5, 09:41 PM
    While running Handbrake, open the OSX Activity Monitor and look at the CPU usage meter (Command-2). Are both your processors maxed out at full? If so, then it's probably not a question of the Hard drive being too slow, as it's feeding the program with enough data to keep it running full blast.

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  • frunkis54
    Mar 11, 03:35 PM
    Woah. I'm first in line. And only person in line. I'll be one of the first people to even open the box. :-)

    its not officailly a line till someone gets behind you


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  • Flying Llama
    Aug 20, 08:06 PM
    Now with moving wings! (He just learned how to fly so he's a little nervous, if you're wondering why he's shaking)

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  • asphalt-proof
    Dec 2, 01:21 PM
    Smalldog lists the their used iMac (with the same specs as mine except mine has more ram) at $800. $1000 may be high but that's why this is just a feeler. I do have some additional software but my son destroyed the discs (love my 1year old!!) I have dmg. of a few of the programs. I realize though that I can't list them on this forum.


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  • iwoodworkshop
    Apr 11, 10:19 AM
    Very nice. How heavy is it?

    The zebrawood one weights about one kilo, funny thing is that my wife uses it for her documents when she goes to office. She does not have a macbook she uses..... well you now what OS i mean...:-) And i refuse to buld suitcases for windows laptops...:-)

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  • mgguy
    Apr 21, 10:20 PM
    So, do we know who or what organization put this idea forward?


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  • G-Force
    May 1, 07:59 AM
    I'll let it know in this topic. Could take a few weeks though.

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  • SuperChuck
    Jan 21, 09:59 PM
    You mean short of finding someone with an unbroken installation CD or buying a new copy of the OS?

    You could try that application whose first syllable is a tangy, green fruit and whose second syllable rhymes with fire...but I don't know how much luck you'll have.


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  • Buckeyes1995
    Apr 23, 07:52 PM
    I loved my MBA 13 Ultimate so much, we decided to go and get my girlfriend one.. I got this one at the local apple store..

    When I bought my MBA, I ordered AppleCare separately, a few weeks later.. for hers, I got it at the Apple Store.. noticed today when I went to register hers for AC, there was no serial # in the box, etc.. I assume that registration happened automatically when we bought it.. since we bought them together from apple.

    Does this sound right?


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  • hazedragon45
    May 5, 03:13 PM


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  • dcv
    Sep 14, 11:08 AM
    Yes... coffee, tea, cola (including Diet coke), even red wine are all really bad for your veneers. If I had dropped $1K on teeth whitening I'd have to reconsider drinking all those teeth staining yummies. :(

    To the OP: maybe a cheaper method-- cut down on the aforementioned beverages and use teeth whitening toothpaste as well as whitening strips. I know that when I have tried Crest Whitestrips I could see a noticeable difference only using one strip a day after 3 measly days! It's much cheaper and you won't feel as bad if you do slip up and drink the yummy-teeth stainers. :p

    right i definitely need to change my username!! i don't drink that much diet coke!!

    i spoke to the dental hygienist yesterday about whitening and she said generally whitening toothpastes don't do very much. they help slightly to remove superficial stains from coffee, tea etc but the only way to get noticeable results is professional bleaching. she also said products such as 'pearl drops' are quite harsh and can damage the enamel from prolonged use. i asked about the home whitening kits you can buy and she said they're not that effective because most are only about 1/10th or even 1/15th of the strength of the professional stuff so results don't last as long, plus i think it probably takes longer.

    i just found crest whitestrips on the web. they're �50 for a 21-day supply. could be worth a shot i suppose but with the professional method you see results in one hour instead of wearing these strips for a few mins a day every day.

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  • AP_piano295
    Apr 21, 10:16 PM
    Did you know the ACLU is a Zionist anti-american based organization bent on destroying religous freedom?

    Did you know you display many signs of having paranoid delusions?

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  • bytethese
    Jun 15, 12:14 PM
    I haven't pre-ordered, but at this point do you think it will make any difference. I plan on heading to the Apple store at 6:00 am or so.

    I reserved mine and I still plan on getting to the Apple store about 5-6am on Fri. :)

    May 1, 02:10 PM
    Did you put it in DFU mode?

    Apr 3, 04:55 AM
    Must you ALWAYS have your phone with you?

    Leave it at home.:rolleyes:

    Apr 8, 04:22 AM
    It IS a reasonable price to protect your 1GB Shuffle. People are protective of their Apple kit, because it is designed so well. They want to preserve the look, even if it costs a little extra. $30 is still way cheaper than replacing your Shuffle because of scuffs and scratches on the case.

    And besides, it's blue, to boot... ;)

    interesting way of seeing it...

    yet, why preserve the pristine look of the shuttle when you will not be able appreciate it with this case on?

    and then of course, alu scratches badly, so one would need to buy a case to protect the case. yikes! :)

    Austin M.
    Apr 6, 03:31 PM
    This looks pretty cool.


    Here is the company's website (http://www.vazo.kr/index.html) and the product (http://www.vazo.kr/metal.html).

    Apr 26, 01:16 PM
    To be honest, I had forgotten the apple even existed, until I saw the FP iMac commercials early last year. As soon as I saw the commercials, I drove 2 hrs to the closest Apple store to check them out. But, being a PC user for 15 years, I was iffy about going with something I knew nothing about, but, the main thing that limited me was my budget at the time was only 1500, so I couldn't get the iMac w/ the Superdrive, grrr.....

    Well, sadly, I ended up going with a slapped-together Athlon system. Everything was running smoothly, so I thought I was happy with my decision. But, after a few months of playing with system, and countless Windows XP reinstalls, due to system errors, driver conflicts, and that devil-incarnate directx, i started looking at apple's again, even though I had no money to buy one :(

    Then, as luck would have it, during a Thanksgiving day Beer/Football fest, a friend of mine offered to by my Athlon system for 1800, which I couldn't pass up. So, in short, I sold the system within the week, & promptly ordered an iMac, still had to get a 15" (but with the SuperDrive) :) although the 17" was amazing, at the time it was a little out of my budget.

    After using the iMac for a few months, I was very pleased with my decision, I miss the games, but my wife bought me a playstation2 to take care of that, heh.

    After watching my financial situation improve since the beginning of the year, I decided to buy a laptop. I was open to all brands/platforms, and, to be honest, I was intent on buying a peecee laptop, since there were a few things that i HAVE to have a pc for, so I did.....actually I bought two....

    The first one I bought was a Toshiba, but it had a bad video chip, so i returned it, the 2nd was a sony grv-680, a very powerful machine, but 9 lbs was too much, and it had very bad build quality, so I returned it too.

    After researching for a few more weeks, I went to look at the 12" Powerbook....played with it at the Apple store, and took one home that day :)

    (it's got the SuperDrive too, hehe)

    anyway, with the money I saved going w/ the PBook, I stopped by WalMart, and bought one of the 499 HP bundles, which handles the few things that i needed the peecee for, hehe....

    Anyway, after playing with the Powerbook, I've decided that I want the 17"....so, if all things work out, I'll be owning a 17" by the end of summer, my wife will inherent the 12", & my 5-yr old will get the iMac.

    Anyway, that's my story, I went from forgetting apple even existed to owning 2 Macs within a year


    just thought i'd share my story



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