Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • cameronbrown13
    Apr 24, 01:47 AM
    Personally, I let the phone drop to 0% and then recharge it to 100%. You really don't HAVE to, but some recommend it.

    When the iPhone reaches 100% charge, it will not accept any more - so, no, it's not bad to keep it plugged in.

    Thanks, if you don't mind, I do have one last question. I have been trying to figure out if when I turn my phone off all the way, will it charge so I have turned it on and off a few times. Is this in any way bad for my battery or phone? Thanks :D

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  • zelmo
    Jan 23, 07:39 PM

    Where'd ya get the Xeons? They sound like some nice beasts.

    I'd love to have the Dual Processor one for my video crunching/gaming machine.

    The dualie is our back-up rip at work [prepress]. It doesn't do anything all day long, just sits there ready in case the primary should fail. Such a waste of a machine.
    The other Xeon in my new PC at work, which is way underutilized, or was until I put Folding on it.

    Both were done with the permission of my boss and the IT guy.

    you can also run two instances of folding on a machine with hypertreading, that could possibly be more easy.

    Exactly what we did today. Thanks.

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  • opinioncircle
    Dec 25, 11:55 AM

    I second that. And my car.

    Snow and ice together...Last night ride was a fun ride (once I got at my parents' place), though terrible (when I was behind the wheel) :)

    Had to get a snow type truck to get me out of the snow, or that'd have been a stuck-in-the-snow-in-my-car type of Xmas eve.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 14, 05:46 PM
    A little ducttape will fix it right up.

    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

    Red Green


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  • munkle
    Nov 9, 09:41 PM
    Didn't get the ad screen for me but I've stopped visiting SpyMac a loong time ago.

    And yes I hate those animated adverts, makes me vow to never buy the product that's being advertising. Had an odd situation on another website awhile ago, where the page would never render correctly in Safari when a Microsoft Office banner came up. If it was any other ad then the page would render fine, if it was Microsoft's turn then I would have to use Firefox...conspiracy I tell you! :eek: :p

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  • MacSA
    Sep 23, 12:59 PM
    Mybae Apple are updating EVERYTHING !!!! :D :D


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  • Insilin1i
    Mar 25, 02:08 PM
    Sherway Gardens usually has less people lined up since it is not very easy to get their by TTC. Well it had less people during the iPhone 4 launch compared to some of the other malls.

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  • Matthew Yohe
    Dec 18, 08:50 PM
    I plan to meet, I'm 24

    but of note:

    The specialty program "A Day at the Office: Microsoft Office 2008" will be ending with a panel session with the MacBU group at 6:30 on Monday and I will be attending... I assume no one else here will have this problem, but just saying.


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  • Applejuiced
    May 2, 10:39 PM

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  • dotdotdot
    Mar 20, 02:40 PM
    Well, If you own 2 keyboards and 2 mice then why don't you check to see if your monitor already supports 2 computers and that will save you money?


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  • jackyrog
    Sep 22, 11:36 PM
    These all information which you can share is really very great. I have their skin on my 1st gen iPhone as well as 80GB iPod classic, no issues at all. Cost is $6.99 for the full body skin.

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  • stevemiller
    Jan 1, 11:33 AM
    thanks so much for the replies. i gave the ps3mediaserver app a try and the results were better than i expected. i was worried that on the fly transcoding would degrade video to webcam quality or something! hopefully between that and the wd nas, i'll have a decent set of options for downloaded content.

    and fingers crossed that either a more competent browser or a better canadian netflix selection will show up on the horizon someday.

    in the meantime i just looked at the trailer for wipeout HD fury, @-SD- you have a surprising insight into exactly the type of game that i'd enjoy, thanks! :)


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  • anng12
    Mar 10, 08:02 PM
    If anyone is DEFINITELY going to Ardmore and is going to be there before 2:30pm... please PM me and I will give you my phone number and you can text me the status of the lines.

    In return, I'll throw in a SuperPoints Invite (the site costs $8 to join) but with an invite.. it's FREE

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  • MacBytes
    Oct 4, 02:50 PM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: Tips and How To's
    Link: How to Identify if the GeForce 8600M GT of your MacBook Pro Is Defect (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20101004155002)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug


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  • brokin
    May 5, 01:48 PM
    same issue here. any app that has an iAd in it stays up when i close the program. i can respring or just wait it out until it goes away. luckily only one app i use regularly has ads. its pretty annoying and i thought it was just me.

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  • amusiccale
    Jun 20, 08:51 AM
    As for pricing considerations, refurb. 3rd gens (4gb) start at $99 in the apple store, ipod2sell suggests $80. That is, of course, without the engraving to consider. I would, however, reemphasize that aside from the engraving, the iPod is in pristine condition.


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  • aarond12
    Sep 20, 08:53 PM
    That's quite a huge bug. :(

    Glad they fixed it, but that kind of thing should have never been allowed to exist in the firstplace.
    Why do you think that's such a huge bug? Do you know the account name on my computer? I don't know yours, either. Not only that, you would have to share your computer's files (something you have to do yourself) then open port 548 for the world to see through your router.


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  • adk
    Dec 3, 12:47 PM
    if your rating is low (I would say below 10) I would recommend that you just buy a bunch of cheap crap just for the feedback. I know they sell a lot of postcards and things for like a quarter. Other than that, I agree with ITASOR. The photo(s) makes or breaks the sale. Look at some other Imac g4 photos and see what looks good and what doesn't.

    And last but not least, don't gouge on shipping. that's just tacky.

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  • nava
    Jan 26, 03:27 PM
    Yeah, she should get teh MySpace if she doesn't have one already. :)
    Lol, are you being sarcastic?

    Apr 26, 02:20 AM
    I'm taking the summer off, and after having saved up quite a bit of money, I'd like to visit Europe. Here's my current plan, and I'd really just like some input from fellow board members that travel a lot, have visited these places, etc.


    Spain > France
    I'll work my way around the south of France, before heading up to Paris.


    Coming from sweden I've always enjoyed the following in france:

    Southern part:
    * Bordeaux (area) - nice red wine district - you can go sampling at most chateaus.
    * Marseille (area around) - nice sandy beaches
    * Carcassonne (city; one of the few wholly walled castle-cities)

    Northern part:
    * Normandy (area)- many nice museums and especially land marks from WW2
    * Bourgogne (area) - another nice wine district, distinct differences to bordeaux
    * Champagne (area) - this is where champagne is made, equally nice

    There are a lot more to see in france of course, but these are the things I've appreciated the most (though normally not all wine districts on the same vacation - I'm not a drunkard :p )

    Apr 30, 03:38 PM
    What geographical location are you in?

    I'm in Wisconsin at the moment. I didn't notice it when I was back in New York a couple of weeks ago.

    open the Activity window

    I'll do that next time I notice the problem.

    Oct 18, 09:29 AM

    who's a teenager here? ;)

    Dec 24, 01:24 PM
    Why is there a trailer for a website.

    Apr 9, 04:09 AM
    An iSurface would be pretty cool, like a giant ipad touchscreen to lay on your dining table - kinda piggybacking on the microsoft surface functionality but.. of course small =P and more beautiful.

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