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Westfall Village Apartments

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  • indianabacklog
    04-22 02:16 PM
    Spoke with Carl Shusterman today and he has requested a copy of my law suit. He his heading a meeting with AILA in two weeks and it appears wheels are in motion for bill/amendments to cspa to protect children who have already aged out!!!!!!!!!! so you may wish to keep checking out this thread also subscribe to his news letter at

    I am sure all of us who have found ourselves in this horrible situation will keep watching.

    It is not before time that this piece of legislation got a review to close some of the gaping holes in it.

    I am hoping in particular that those of us whose children aged out while our labor certification was languishing in the backlog centers get to join their families again.

    Thank you for posting this update.

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  • pappu
    05-13 07:12 PM
    Congratulations.Hi Everyone

    Finally i got the email saying card production ordered on May 10th. My priority date is Ju26th 2006 , EB2. Thank You IV , Aman , Anu, Himanshu, Gopal and all other IVans for the help and most importently Aman for forming IV and giving us a forum to congregate and fight for our cause.

    I am donor member since 1.5 yrs, was a member of advocacy day event last year. This april i could not take part because of a family emergency back home. IV has helped me immencely both informationwise and also psychologically during days of regression.

    I will continue to be DONOR member in the future as well. I hope that will help other IVans.

    I wish you all best of luck in your wait.


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  • Getafix
    10-16 01:21 PM
    Hi ,
    My old passport and the relevant passport renewal forms reached CGI Houston on 09/30/2008. I am still waiting for get back my new PP . I haven't been able to raise anyone of the phone who could give me an update on anything.

    So I am just waiting ...

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  • pappu
    03-24 04:16 PM
    For your PD and EB category, you are able to enjoy 4 years of AOS benefits just because of IV. You will soon get your GC, only because of IVs continuous fight with CIS.. But hey you won't see it because it all happens behind the scene and someone else is picking your tab...

    Such people come running to IV if they get a denial/ NOID and lose hope. Rt. now they are busy tracking their cases, predicting and hoping to be current in a month or two. People who feel the pain of retrogression value what we do for them.


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  • willwin
    03-31 11:49 AM
    Can I begin Cons.Proc.after uscis approved my 140 case?or only when my PD become current?thanks

    Ideally, you should have opted for CP at the time of filing your I140 and that way your I140 approval would have been forwarded to NVC and they would have initiated the CP. If you had opted for 485 9on your I140) then changing to CP is a cumbersome process.

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  • pdakwala
    09-20 12:02 PM
    Three unbelivable things had happen in DC.

    1. Aman forgot his cell phone in the Cab. This phone had all the important contact information. One passenger using the cab found it and he decided to return it to the owner of the cell phone. The passenger did not want to give his cell phone to the cab driver since there is no guarantee that the cab driver will return the cell phone to Aman. He therefore decided to find the passenger (Aman). The passenger asked the cab driver who was sitting in this cab before he took this cab. Where did he dropped the passenger (Aman).

    The driver brought that passenger at the Washington Monument. The passenger asked the driver to find Aman. The driver found Aman and the cell phone was returned.

    2. I forgot to get my laptop from the cab. The cab left after dropping me, Kushal and Ashish at the hotel. The only thing we knew was the color of the cab. The laptop carrying case had important IV documents, checks that some members had contributed and my personnel check book. Ashish and Kushal were helping me to find the cab company waiting outside the hotel on the road. We spent approximately 2 hour waiting on the road. Kushal kept calling each cab company informing that we have forgot to collect the laptop from the hotel. Ashish kept collecting the phone numbers of the different cab company.

    Not only that Meenal who was attending different meetings in capitol hill kept asking different cabs about the ways to find the cab and laptop when she get some time between the meetings. At 6:30 PM Aman, Tamsen, Nili, Meenal, kushal, Rajesh, and I met at Bombay palace for the dinner since we all were very hungry. Aman told me that we will dedicate the whole day Wed. to find the laptop and he was very confident that we will find the laptop. Tamsen was trying to find the cab company on the internet using color combination. I can see that everyone was concerned and were wishing that I get my lost laptop back some way.

    At exactly 8:36 PM I got a call from one passenger who was living in VA and told me that he had my laptop. He along with his wife came all the way back to DC capitol (45 MINUTES DRIVE) just to return my laptop.

    3. Whoever have came to DC for this rally had met real IV members. I have not seen or met any individual who said that he or she made a mistake coming to DC for this rally. This was an unbelivable event. People who did not came to DC for sure made a mistake of deciding not to come to DC for any reason.



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  • pappu
    03-21 02:55 PM
    Advocacy day reception is on Tuesday 5:30 PM to 8 PM in Rayburn building.

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  • vgayalu
    06-19 10:04 PM
    People are loosing hope on CIR. For time being Pl. keep CIR aside. It is election year. we are not priority for congress in this election year. Why do not we ask for filing I485 even VISAs are not availble. If we get ability to file I485 tens of thousands of people will get relief.

    IV core group please think about this. We know you people are working under great pressure and criticism. I appreciate your patience and affords. Pl. think about my proposal.



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  • pappu
    02-01 10:04 PM
    Admins or mods must change the title of the thread. This is going to disappoint a lot of our friends in this forum.

    Well this thread has a good begining and then some suspence and then a dose of harsh reality.

    Isnt that the story of some of us who came to US with a rosy picture in our mind and worked hard and the immigration system in the country gave us heartaches and headaches!!

    It also tells our members how difficult getting a law passed is. We all need to work harder and harder to get anything done. We need everyone's full support in order to achieve our goals.

    Good night!!

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  • mbawa2574
    07-12 07:29 PM
    Gonzales flowers Statement is gone from USCIS website. Probably Press/Legislature asked too many questions that they were forced to withdraw.


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  • rnednur
    09-03 03:22 PM
    How do we open an SR?

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  • saturnring11
    08-04 11:08 AM
    No approvals today or what?

    I had to search to find this thread.

    What is going on?

    The slowness in the approval rate has me a little worried. In July many people got approved at within the first few days - that does not seem to have happened for the first 3 days of August so far. I'm hoping that this is just a blip and the trend picks up shortly.


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  • pd_recapturing
    08-15 11:01 AM
    I had an infopass appointment today and that was big waste of time and i had to drive 4 hours(2 hrs each way) for this.
    They did not offer me any more information than the regular customer service.
    She told me that they have received my FP on 7/22 (although I have given mine on 6/19) and it is not unusual that my application is pending. She asked me wait for another 30 days and come back if I dont receive until then.
    I asked her if she could send an email or open an SR to the service center, and she said no saying that she will do that only after 30 days have passed beyond 90 day period.
    I asked her about the interim EAD and she did not understand what I was talking about. When I provided her about USCIS memo, she said "yeah that is what im saying, we will contact the service center for that 30days after the stipualated 90 days have passed". Basically she did not know what she was talking about.
    Im planning to contact the senator next week (this time I want to make sure that 90days have passed before I approach them)

    Interestingly she told me that many people are coming to her everyday regarding the same (EAD renewal) and that Service Centers are aware of this (although this does not make any difference to us).

    When I asked her if the case was assigned to an "officer", she told me that EADs are not assigned to officers (unlike 485) they are just reviewed and approved.

    Hopefully they will approve our eads soon so that I can atleast drive a car.

    EAD eFiled May 23rd
    FP on June 19th
    When I spoke to an IO one day before my ead got approved, she said my case is with an officer and in your case, they are saying that case does NOT get assigned to officer. I guess, no body knows when happens insde uscis ....

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  • gcformeornot
    04-12 01:16 PM
    I was looking at a different file:

    any idea how i can resolve this?! :(

    the press release said.... they will return applications filed at wrong place with instructions as to what is correct location....


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  • conchshell
    05-16 10:44 AM
    I called all of them this morning, and left messages with HR numbers, my name and contact details. Now they all know IV very well. Most of them conveyed me that they are making a list and will present the list of people who called to the representative.

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  • nb_des
    04-10 02:42 PM
    This is the most insane reason i can think of.GC itself is a distant dream leave alone citizenship...and Aging you really know if they want to reside in this country here permenantly.3-4 months are over and they just want to escape from here coz they just dont like.And some mean children bring their parents to do nursery/take care of their children as free home nannies with paid airfare,boarding and lodging with food.

    That is not the case with me. My kid goes to day care and I always keep it that way. As far as them being happy here is concerned then yes I would agree they won't have much social interaction here as they have right now living in small town in India. But for me, as I am sure with many others the choice is not simple. Either I let them live alone where I am not there to take care of them or have them live with us here and they would rather choose the latter.

    Anyways, I think we should not take this thread into another direction.


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  • yabadaba
    10-12 04:27 PM
    Glad, you took pain to check and see all bulletins. Can you see India in 2003 bulletins? India was simple dispappeared from 2003 bulletins. It was no more "OverSubscribed" country as per INS. In reality in background Eb3 India was hold and almost all the year treated like step child by INS. EB2 India was doing good throughout 2003. Since bulletins kicked India out how can you know then? Mymajor source of information as usual was and I vaguely remember murthy came up with one or two warning articles about "administrative" hold on Eb3 processing and severe future Eb3 retrogressions then.
    ok dude..watever u say....maybe there was a law applicable only for you and your friends or something

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  • TeddyKoochu
    05-15 07:27 PM
    Just got the CPO mail.

    Thank you IV for all the efforts.

    Special thanks to 'Q' (who started original EB2/EB3 Predictions rather calculations thread), Teddy, Vdlrao and everybody who are contributing here. Your predictions gave me hope when I was really lost. Hope you will also get it this year.

    My best wishes to all who are still waiting.

    Many congratulations and thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your green life it's good to know that people find the predictions and calculations blog useful.

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  • kartikiran
    06-25 09:16 PM
    Sure. But it doesn't change a thing. Would've said the same thing in 08. By throwing a bone (EAD card) USCIS have played with EB3 indians and have very effectively throttled the green cards.

    The situation is the same. In my case and of course in most of others too, what he/she said is correct. Waiting for Eb3 to cross 2001 has become a difficult thing. If I started an EB2 app rather than hoping positively, I would have finished my wait for GC.

    Ever since retrogression started the dates have not crossed 2001. 245i or not, the backlog is a fact. Sad part, when there is action items from IV, trying to talk to my state members, I have realized and been told that IV does not cater to EB3 anymore. It is disheartening how much ever I try to explain, occasional members look at IV threads like EB2-EB3 predictions and say there is no hope for EB3 and also IV has no answer to it.

    I tried my part...too bad I was not able to participate in the IV advocacy day due to family emergency. anyway, let us hope IV's persistence yields us the results. My heart goes for a lot of EB3s who may automatically qualify for EB2 just due to their experience.

    Best of luck to all.

    05-06 05:15 PM
    E-filed EAD on 24th April.
    Supporting documents received on Apr 28th.
    Received EAD receipt on April 30.
    Last year I remember receing the receipt and biometric appt letter together.
    Has anyone who efiled for EAD renewal this year have received biometrics appointment?
    Please let me know.


    Yes, I did apply EAD renewal thru e-file on 4/26/2010. Rec'd FP for 5/20/2010.
    I just went for a walk-in today(05/06/2010) and completed the FP(Code 2).
    Waiting for the approval.

    08-03 03:02 PM
    Got the emails of "card production ordered" for both me and my wife today. A wait of 11 years came to an end.

    Congrats to every one getting approved..

    Hello friends who got approved ...can you please enter your RD and Service center


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