Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-08 04:39 PM
    vote to delete thread, not constructive when time is key, we don't have enough time for everyone to keep going back on forth. Lets get back to this after the rally.

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  • krish2005
    12-04 05:37 PM
    I told you folks, that I will be redded. It was true...

    You may idolize a super cop or a good cop. But without basic humanity he is not even a human. You might red me on this perhaps. But I would not as its your view and this is my view. I hope other fellow IVians will acknowledge this.

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  • sammyb
    11-16 08:24 PM
    With Thanksgiving right around the corner lets take the time to thank IV for all the successes we have had so far and for all the hardwork that has been put into this cause. Let's make a Holiday contribution to IV. Please join me in this effort. Let's all contribute. Cheers

    wish you all a happy holiday season ahead :)...

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  • pappu
    11-16 08:13 AM
    through paypal

    Receipt ID: 62014441XL478203T



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  • Lollerskater
    02-27 12:44 PM
    Brilliant idea by OP

    Dear realizeit,


    As an IO working in USLameIS, I absolutely cannot agree with your sentiments! In fact, that is the worst idea I have ever seen. Why, if we did that, we would give you applicants a sense of security. We can't have that. You would be released from your suffering and anxiety. That would render our cleverly thought out process to make-you-wait-forever meaningless.

    On top of that, you add a layer of work to me! That cuts into my 3 hr lunch, 2 hr coffee time, and 1 hr toilet break. NO!

    And the worst thing ever is: should the idea be implemented, it would add transparency to what we are doing and.. and.. oh noes! *GASP* we would have to provide accountability! NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOooo.

    Worst idea ever ok? realizeit? Plsdiekthxbye.

    Yours sincerely,
    Another IO from TSC on vacation with your tax dollars.

    P.S. For the slower of mind, this is a sarcastic post. OP has a brilliant idea.

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  • deecha
    07-21 08:09 PM
    First, deecha, and VZLAN you are brave men..hope you get through. When the immigration system is so arcane, you cannot blame yourselves

    next, I am in a similar 'somewhat out of status' position myself. i am filing for i-140/i485

    I have been with the same employer since Jan 2004, and have every pay stub since then. However during some time in 2006, the company was in deep trouble, management takeover etc. and we were only paid for time spent on a major project (which was the cash cow). Because i was not directly involved in it, I was paid at about 50%, but every week, which lead my final W2 for 2006 to be around 76% of the total on the LCA. I looked at my paystubs and the total weeks at less than 100% is 5 months.

    For 2004, 2005 and 2007 (on course) I am on course for my full salary. Also I got a bonus and stock options as the project took off and we are all in a better shape and my 2007 W2 should be higher.

    Before 2004, I was a student on a F1 (MS degree) with one h1 in the bad days of 2002. However, my change of status was on the dot.. i.e. i got laid off on a friday and i filed my change of status to f1 the same day. My h1 visa was stamped in 2004 in India. My H1 was extended in early 2007

    I am filing a self-sponsored I140. So, my question is:

    1) Should I wait for 2008/whenever to file my i485 and hopefully show one year w2 and try to see if that goes through?

    2) Try to convince my employer to pay me the back wages for 2006 (they may agree) in lieu of some future pay cut or paid out vacation or trade my stock options. File an amended return with a new 2006 W2 (what are the risks of an audit??)

    3) Try to wait till 2008, stamp my visa extension and then file for i-485 showing only 2007 w2.

    Please send me your perspectives.

    Please see one of the replies I have above in response to another post. You employer could not pay you, but it is not your fault. If a RFE comes up, you can file affidavits to that effect. You have to consult a good lawyer.

    If you are not going to be leaving the US, you shouldn't have to worry about the H1 stamp because you should be getting a new I-94 with your H1 extension approval notice.



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  • drirshad
    08-22 04:37 AM
    Why does his profile have same date for everthying .............

    I did notify them. First I called USCIS and told them about this, they opened an SR and after sometiem I received some bullshit response for the SR.

    Then I took an Infopass appointment to return the EAD (Someone else's). Then this IO was at the counter, she was stunned to see omeone else's EAD and the response for the SR I had opened. I asked her, if they had sent a new EAD to the other person, she said no and thanked me for taking the pains to take an appointment to return it back. That day also, I aksed her about our Namecheck status.

    I was happy to see her at the counter today, as she was very nice and help the last time and was hopeful that she might help me with the namecheck status with an Infopass appointment.

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  • senthil1
    08-12 08:06 PM
    That is the way green card processing works if they follow rules. The perm process is to test any candidates are available for the position. If they find a qualified person then that position will not be available. But still the company can process GC for another position if they are willing. Most companies used try to reject all the candidates to get a green card for a H1b person. But recession made the things worse. To change the situation either economy need to improve or Change the green card process. One of the option is change to point system with increase of Annual cap. That will take away the control from employers and chance of explotation is less. But point system got a negative response from Lawyers and employers.

    Hydeboy is right.
    My american employer rejected to file PERM after ads are posted. They were supposed to befiling in EB3 and they said they found candidates so they are not going to file green card...I am totally depressed..This is the true picture in almost all american companies. BEWARE of green card.


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  • a_yaja
    05-07 08:15 AM
    Yes - your application will be up for lottery as mail delivered on non-working day will be considered as mail delivered on first business day after non-working day.

    Good Luck!

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  • waitnwatch
    04-12 03:14 PM
    hope you have received it.


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  • jsb
    08-13 10:26 AM
    I believe my case is pre-adjudicated.
    My lawyer says she has a way to contact TCS but not to NSC.
    Is there any way remind NSC about my case becoming current in september 2009?

    If your "real" receive date (what you see online as "your case was received on...") is within the published processing dates for your service center, and your case is straight forward, most likely it is preadjudicated. In that case, as their SOP says, they put them in PD order in waiting for the visa. See the SOP below (which is a bit out of date). You are pretty high in PD seniority. you should get a good news soon. Best of luck.

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  • FinalGC
    08-13 12:07 PM

    The objective of the people asking details is only to identify the anti-immigrants,which we have seen posting on this forum.

    Please respect the rules of this forum. All are expected to fill details. I hope you understand the passion behind some of these replies.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:37 PM
    Why? u looking for men..

    And you call yourselves a US MS educated with that Trash mind and mouth of yours. Now why would US want to give preference to this sad specimen of man hood i will never understand

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  • anda007
    07-08 05:55 PM
    Lot of people are sending the flowers or just Get well soon greeting cards based on the email chain thats circulated.
    They have either not heard of IV or don't care about it and read it
    So don't worry, the number is + 100 to whatever u see here

    If the flower campaign has to make a difference we will need more people...Guys we have nearly 15K members so please...


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  • number30
    05-11 01:28 PM
    'end of discrimination based on country of birth i.e. .

    You can call this also as jealous. There are too many people from the other countries will have to wait because not having people to mass migrate to US. Arguments can be made in way. So be sympathetic. Your issue may not an issue for me. Do not call it as jealous

    What they are saying not jealous. According INA priority date in case substitution is the day I-140 is applied. Somehow the original labor date was assigned as priority date . This might be an error but is causing problems and Inconvenience and injustice to some innocent people. You can call it as jealousy. That is alright but they have an issue which they need to fight. However small number may be it can benefit these guys.
    If you do not support them that is OK. The moment you start using the word jealous, anti-immigrant etc. it stops the discussion.

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  • santb1975
    11-16 12:38 AM
    This holiday season lets take the time to thank IV for all the successes we have had so far and for all the hardwork that has been put into this cause. Let's make a Holiday contribution to IV. Please join me in this effort. Let's all contribute. Cheers


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  • english_august
    07-06 03:44 PM
    Please make sure that the message you are sending with your flowers is polite and too the point.

    I included this message:

    You may use the same or something similar but it should be courteous.

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  • breddy2000
    08-22 12:21 AM
    On March 12, 2002, the House passed such an extension. Section
    245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act was first enacted as a temporary
    provision in 1994 and has been extended several times since then. It enables
    unauthorized aliens in the United States who are eligible for immigrant visas based on
    family relationships or job skills to become legal permanent residents (LPRs) without
    leaving the country, provided they pay an additional fee. Before an alien can apply
    to adjust to LPR status, the alien must have an approved immigrant visa petition and
    must have a visa number immediately available to him or her. Currently, to be eligible
    to adjust status under �245(i), an unauthorized alien must be the beneficiary of an
    immigrant petition or labor certification application filed by April 30, 2001. An
    unauthorized alien whose petition or application was not filed by April 30, 2001 must
    go overseas to obtain a visa.

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  • RNGC
    07-11 11:48 AM
    Most people think law suit is a bad thing, but that is not right. In a democratic country law suit is the right way to deal with things. We are legal immigrants, we have all the rights to file a law suit, but with full support of IV.

    People have already filed a law suit on the same day the President signed the bill! (yesterday, the wire tapping bill...)

    By filing a law suit, all we are trying to do is to fix the laws which are not working. Basically, we are doing the right thing. Not only us, but future Legal immigrants will be benefitted, they don't have to go thru what we had to...

    Here are the things that needs to be fixed...

    1. Country quota
    2. Recapturing visas..
    3. 3 year EAD/AP
    4. End the endless wait ( Proposing a new law ;))

    What is "End the endless wait" ?

    EAD is a very good example, If 90 days have passed after filing EAD, you have the option to go to a local USCIS office and get a temp one. We should have a similar option for all the peper work. For example, each and every stage in green card process should have a a day count for processing. Like name check should be completed in 180 days.

    Basically, when we receive any receipt notice, it should have a statement which reads "We have received your application and we will take action within 180 days. If we fail to act by MM-DD-YYYY, Please go to the nearest USCIS for approval.."

    Sounds little ambitious ?? well, we are not asking for too much, just a day count. Lets say if the whole Green card process takes 3 years or 10 years based on the day count for each stage, people can decide whether they want to immigrate to USA with a clear idea that it will take x days to become a permanent resident ( like how it works in all other countries except USA)

    Even a person jailed gets to know how long he is going to spend his time behind bars, but we do not know when we will be free from this immigration mess!

    07-17 08:20 PM
    Thank you IV team, this has been a great relief.

    03-06 03:50 PM
    Responded :)

    Add me for $25

    Kate123. Could you please vote?

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