Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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  • qasleuth
    12-09 01:52 AM
    I can debate you rationally under one condition; the moment you resort to personal attacks I will stop. I will assume you have a fair grip of English language and decent comprehension skills. If you agree then lets get this rolling:

    First off, have you read the link which I have provided in my previous post ?

    If you did, then I hope you will stop making simplistic comparisons of Mexicans coming into US to lets say Bangladeshi's coming into India.

    "we all know how our Police forces and other investigative agencies treat and interrogate the people in their custody"
    No, we ALL do not know that. Even if it is true in every part of the country and in each and every case, it does not make it right.

    "Just one hypothetical question for these people...What if a pregnant female terrorist is arrested by police in India, just before she was about to engage in some terrorist act in India itself, is arrested and is shackled to her hospital bed, while she gives birth...would all of these "human rights supporters be saying these same things..."

    What you are making is called a straw man argument (Straw man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strawman)). In this case, the woman is NOT a terrorist nor
    was she suspected of any such crime, so bringing such hypotheticals will not give any weight to your argument.

    What you are seeing is a case of 'socio-economic' osmosis. Problems of this nature has been debated across many nations of the world. How you handle these issues goes to the core character of the nation. Shooting 'intruders' is perhaps one way of looking at it. Then such a solution cannot be undertaken by a 'super-power' who wants to hold moral superiority in the league of nations.

    A few 'simple' cases of water-boarding people thought will not have any repercussions. How wrong those people were. Similarly, police torturing 'intruders' and defending such actions does not make it right. It just erodes the basic character of the entire country. Would you want to teach your own kids as to how to treat such issues ? Shooting, shackling, water-boarding etc ? Please do not give a flippant reply, do think about it before you hit the submit button.

    Socio-economic solution along with a sensible immigration policy has been found to be far more sensible as compared to a pure enforcement policy. It has been proved over the years that a pure enforcement policy which many nativists support to be economically unviable. Minutemen patrolling the borders to Gov. Perry's multi million dollar border cameras, have proven to be ineffective and economically unfeasible.

    You are right on the money.
    And all of us who are from India, let us not forget that INDIA faces similar issues of cross-border infiltration ( the reasons may be different), form some of our less than friendly neighboring countries.
    Indian forces are trained and instructed to foil these guys from crossing over by whatever means necessary, including blowing their heads off with a well placed gunshot...and if arrested, we all know how our Police forces and other investigative agencies treat and interrogate the people in their custody...
    Just one hypothetical question for these people...What if a pregnant female terrorist is arrested by police in India, just before she was about to engage in some terrorist act in India itself, is arrested and is shackled to her hospital bed, while she gives birth...would all of these "human rights supporters be saying these same things...

    Where does the "humanity" that these "holier-than-thou" people are talking about, go.
    We all feel happy when intruders are shot or arrested at out land borders....

    If India has the right to protect its territory from illegal incursions by Citizens of other countries, why not US?

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  • brij523
    07-17 10:04 PM
    Although I am out from this GC fiasco, I would say IV team did heck of a job which requires salute from everyone who are reaping the benefit.

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  • dipsangel
    07-17 09:31 PM

    My request to all of us (potential immigrants), please do not forget this phase. This should always be remembered as our victory with integrity. Even when we become green card holders or citizens at later stage, we should always support a great cause like this. We have to support our fellow immigrants as well.

    May God Bless Us All.

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  • needhelp!
    06-09 12:29 PM
    Just got back to from DC and back to work. In a nutshell, it was amazing to relive the 2007 experience and reconnect with the dedicated IV members and Core team.

    More updates coming..


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  • americandesi
    11-11 02:48 PM
    Though I am a single, I can understand agony you�re going through. Your nanny had committed a crime which is a felony punishable by jail term followed by deportation for life.

    Since your baby is a non-immigrant victim of violence that had violated U.S. laws and had occurred in the United States, check with a qualified immigration attorney on weather you qualify for a "U Visa" which provides temporary immigration benefits to victims who help law enforcement.



    Don�t just walk away from this before even consulting with an attorney.

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  • kams
    06-19 09:02 PM
    I am in the same boat as u r............... i have emailed my companies immigration dept and waiting to hear from them............. if u hear something from them, can u please share it here with us............... will really appreciate that.............

    I emailed my lawyer too, A**hole is just repeating that he needs Her Legal name in USA. All her Tax filings, Licence, Social security etc have <First Name>, <Last Name> format. Passport doesn't have surname and Visa has First name - FNU and Surname - Firstname last name. Don't know what to do.


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  • gk_2000
    06-09 11:05 PM
    There is no doubt participation by all is very important. I have also emailed my regional politicians thru IV website and encourage everyone to do the same

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  • chanduv23
    11-11 05:30 PM
    For the love of God, there are things that you go and post on the Internet to get people's opinion and there are things that you don't! Unlike some others here, I don't want to too judgmental (something we, as a people, excel at) as everyones situation and experiences in life are different. But here is what you need to do ASAP. I mean right now and today: get out of your office if you have to but go out and do it right now.

    1. Go talk to an immigrant attorney immediately. You need to assess your liabilities in this situation. If you are at fault, you need to improvise a defense strategy and IMMIGRATION VOICE IS NOT THE FORUM FOR THIS!!!!

    2. Immediately talk to a criminal defense attorney. The fact that you know about child abuse and have not reported it yet is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS, SERIOUS,....., SERIOUS issue. It varies from state to state but not reporting child abuse may or may not be a crime IF you an establish that you took immediate steps to protect the child from the abuser. Again, this depends on how zealous the prosecutor and child protection services are.

    Depending on how your attorney advises you, proceed to inform the authorities.

    Trust me man, I have done projects with state and county level agencies and this is serious stuff and you need to act now to get in the driving seat. Inaction is NOT an option.

    Best of luck and may God protect every child out there.


    Well said. the person needs to know his liabilities. He has to go to proper authorities. IV forum is not the place.

    This person can help the community by posting warnings on IV and other blogs including sulekha or other places - cn also post the video on internet and share it , if he wishes to


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  • missourian
    07-17 10:08 PM
    You guys done a great work, Special thanks to core IV

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  • sdrblr
    08-20 10:06 AM
    In EB2 I, is 2003 all clear? I have not seen anybody (except one who had Dec 03 ...sorry forgot the user id). So is it safe to assume that 2004 is the oldest.


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  • sugaur
    11-11 04:31 PM
    1. Fire the nanny
    2. Go to the cops ASAP with the camera. Dont let your greed for a GC stand in the way of doing whats right for your own child. Civil cases are separate from immigration and you should be fine.
    If you dont report her, you will loose the respect of your wife (irrespective of what she says) and yourself.

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  • Macaca
    02-04 06:50 PM
    Who can sue them? A non-US citizen? An organization?

    A US Citizen can ask for a PIL??

    USCIS gives a rats ass to US citizens. I know cases where they have told US citizens (caucasians) to f*ck off. They have changed their tone these days but the message is the same. I saw a posting at some US web site that politely asks US citizens to f*ck off.

    Any one can sue them. The question is : what will you get? What did Khanna get?


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  • number30
    05-11 02:03 PM
    I also looked around for subLC, could not get one and had the same state of mind. I was not willing to take risk for it, like leaving my current job etc. so I know first hand the exact state of mind.

    regarding ur post: the point u r missing is the lcSUB was legal till middle of july 2007. It is not any more. At this point, it is like crying over something which is stopped 2 years back.

    if you think from a balanced mind, that "visa recapture" and "end of discrimiation based on country of birth" can end woos to all of us.

    As far as your argument for under representated countries, yes they do have visa lotterry and for your kind knowledge, india is not listed for this.

    Lastly, would appreciate if you can update your profile and make some educated arguments.

    Yes it was stopped in 2007. But it still has its shadow. Back in India Did you leave in area where there was shortage of water? All I said is do not call them as jealous. They have valid grievances. If they want they can fight.
    Profile is not needed for an educated guess. Any way I became a citizen last week.

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  • ronhira
    12-04 08:28 PM
    Lets see, she
    1. was here illegally
    2. was convicted of shoplifting.
    3. Drove without a license.
    4. Had unpaid driving fines. (Bet she didnt have driving insurance either).

    1. documented / undocumented is a matter of immigration status..... no human can be illegal..... an activity can be illegal which makes a person undocumented...... as defined by human law...... but above human law there is another law..... which is defined by an entity more or less we all believe in..... how can a new born child.... a creation of the creator be illegal? delivery of a child is not just a matter of mother.... its a matter of another life being brought into this world..... how can that child be illegal?

    2. even felons are not shackled to bed.... unless someone is danger to others..... how can a pregnant woman just about to deliver a child be danger to anyone else.....

    3. i lost my wallet few days back.... anyone could lose their wallet sometime or the other ..... it happens..... and during that time we are all driving with a license..... does it mean we all must be shackled to bed when delivering a child......

    4. unpaid driving fines?? big deal.... obama had unpaid tickets.... which were paid just before announcing presidential nomination.... majority of the people voted him to become the president..... but according to you..... its ok to shackle someone when delivering a child if that person had unpaid tickets..... nice....

    for anti immigrants...... we all r no different than undocumented..... anti immigrants want all immigrants to be thrown out..... period..... u may think that u'r better than undocumented..... & somehow its ok to treat someone inhumanely becoz of their undocumented status.... but the types of that deputy of sheriff joe will not hesitate to do the same to u (if u r a immigrant woman with legal status) ...... or to ur wife (if u r wife is an immigrant woman with legal status)..... they will just make up for the reason .... like resisting arrest..... attacked officer at the time of arrest.... blah blah blah .....so don't pretend that u r any better than that undocumented woman..... becoz u r not........


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  • EndlessWait
    07-20 11:23 AM
    We members of IV focus only for legal immigrants who haven't and will not break the law.

    out of status is not illegal if you reenter..

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  • tcsonly
    07-17 08:06 PM
    I thank all new contributors, I think the efforts from members in the last 2 weeks are truly inspiring.

    If you haven't done already, please consider contributing and donating some money to IV. It is entirely run from our donations (and the shortfall made up by the core team).

    Talk is cheap guys, put your money where your mouth is so we can continue fighting for us all! The battle is won, the war is far from over



    I cannot thank IV more. I just contributed $100.00 thru' Google checkout.

    Every member,

    Make sure you add a donation to IV as part of 485 filing expenses, and it'll be worth a lot more than you can imagine.


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  • vzlan
    07-22 12:17 PM
    My wife is in F-1 status, but I�m afraid to change to F-2 right now and loose the opportunity of transfer the H1 to a new employer... unluckily finding a job has not been an easy task, since I am in Puerto Rico and here the situation is not good.
    My last paystub is June 14th, and I was wondering to apply on July 2nd, but because on delays with the medicals I got trapped in the Visa Bulletin fiasco mess.
    I've talked with several local lawyers and none of them has given me hopes beyond the F-2 status.
    Some friends recommended to file I485, but I don't want to risk for an RFE :(

    I'm trying to be strong for my family specially for my kids, the older one cries everytime he hears us talking about leaving PR.

    Good luck to you all.


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  • andy garcia
    02-05 08:19 AM
    No cap would be the best solution... but that is very tough to sell in Washington....That's why all this complications of asking to take dependents out of the cap and allowing overflow to go to China/India...

    As I understand, IV already made these arguments to senators and even the senators who are sympathetic to immigration are not willing to remove the cap..The only thing they would accept is that the overflow would go to India/China/oversubscribed countries....I wonder if one of the core members would comment on this.....You do not need to name names....Just a request give a description of your interactions with law makers in this regard...That would put this issue to rest.....

    theortically what longg says is correct.The system is not fair......but not many are listening to us at this point...So we have to find some way out of the situation.....

    We need both alisa and longg as members because we need more to get traction in Washington.....the only common solution for these would be to get the numbers increased somehow....Otherwise EB3-EB3-India-China-ROW keep fighting each other...you would have nothing....

    If the DOS says this is because this what the law establishes:

    "The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    How do you like if people from a certain country go to India to take all your jobs?

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  • needhelp!
    11-29 04:45 PM
    crew members... are we going to keep our ship afloat?

    03-06 10:18 PM
    $25 from me please!


    07-06 07:03 AM
    Not everybody is afraid of sending flowers. I think you might end up getting a 2 min coverage from one channel nothing more. I find this whole thing pointless. You can yell and scream but you asked for my opinion.

    Guys, any reason why we have a whopping 70% of the members not interested in contributing to this idea??
    There is nothing illegal or offensive in a humble protest, so why the lack of interest?? Are you worried that you'll be pulled up for a humble protest?
    It's not even that expensive to send a bunch of flowers. We have to come together and do something here to implore the USCIS to reform the immigration process. Just lurking around , and not doing anything about this is not going to bring about any reforms to this dysfunctional system.

    I would love to know the rationale behind your lack of interest. Appreciate if you can speak up as to why you wouldn't want to join in. Atleast let us know if you have a better idea. Doing nothing and playing the wait-and-see game is probably the worst option.

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