Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • nsk123
    05-22 10:52 AM
    I entered US on H4. Then applied for H1 for software job and I still have to go for stamping.
    I have completed CPA and I would like to move to an accounting firm ( they have to file my H1 transfer with accounting domain).
    Is this change in domain going to cause any problem during H1 transfer or stamping:confused:


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  • indiangcseeker
    03-22 08:46 PM
    Thanks for the offer, but this is just a preliminary meeting for me to meet some of the people I have worked with over the past year via phone and email. However, since these people have some influence, I also wanted to discuss with them some of the more important issues facing skilled immigrants. I will mention the idea of meeting with more people in the future. I think it is important for them to be more in touch with those who are affected by immigration policies. My sense is that many of them don't understand the issues very well.

    Very sure that you can help in making them understand the issues.

    We can also write/fax to the officials who can help us if they have a better understanding of our plight. I'm thinking of sending a fax/letter to Sheila Jackson Lee, Janet Napolitano, Senator Richard Durbin, Linda Sanchez and Zoe Lofgren.

    Not sure how much this will help but definitely want to go this route.

    Please share your opinion. - Thanks.

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  • flthere
    07-15 12:14 PM
    Stupid thought: can USCIS sell spillover visas at premium (say $5k or $10k) rather than distributing them in a socialistic way :D .. even @ $5k, USCIS will gain $200 million in 2010 itself :) And this selling be based purely on Priority Date, neither on the category of EB nor on country. Purely Priority-Date based - just straight out to tackle retrogression overall.

    how stupid isn't it?

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  • tamil12
    07-16 03:48 PM
    Well, I think every one should write in their own way, but here are few imp things i feel.
    -> sympathy point first ,How long you have been waiting
    -> how much +ve impact was from your contribution to this country ( employer )
    -> what are you
    -> how you can be helped.

    here is my cry...i have x'ed to mask some personal matter.

    Let me know if i have send any wrong inline information!

    Excellent ...I will do mine....


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  • mach1343
    11-22 03:58 PM
    Hi All,

    I have a question in the online passport registration form. When it comes to
    "Address to be printed in passport" and "Other Address",
    I am filling my residential address under the section "Address to be printed in passport" but for "Other Address" what should I fill in?
    Am I doing it right? Please respond.
    Thanks a lot,

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  • iambest
    06-14 11:14 AM
    LC stuck in DBEC......I submitted my final documents end of May and hoping to get my LC certified end of this month (fingers crossed).


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  • hsingh82
    03-20 12:09 PM
    Totoro: I really liked the way you alone initiated and handled the fight against Stimulate Package - ITIN issue. You can be a true leader and helpful in many way to this/any community. People like you can make difference in people's lives.

    There are so many issues we are facing as a community. Let's pick top 3 ( OR 5 )for you to discuss with them. If there is any room, you can discuss least imp. issues as well.

    Issue NO 1: Retrogression / Backlog for EB3/EB2
    How to solve it ?
    - Visa Recapture
    - Saving visa by not issuing visas to applicant who are not current as per "Processing Times' Currently, CIS is approving many I-485s with PDs having currant but are not currant as per ' Processing Times'. 'Processing Times' needs to be respected. This will save huge number of visa for retrogressed countries.
    - Buying Visa for dependants and not counting towards annual cap. ( Easy way to reduce backlog - more than 50% visa would be saved. Will solve problem in 1-2 years. No other action required.)
    - Removing per country limit.( Requires changes in law - tough task/long shot.)
    - Buy a house and get a GC idea ( its been widely discussed in media ...)
    - Any more suggestion ?

    Issue NO: 2 Allowing people to file I-485 /EAD/AP even their PD is not current. - MUST BE DONE.
    Let's help these guys who can't file I-485/EAD as their PDs are not current. These are the people who are likely to suffer most in case of a job loss/visa issue. Even, their LCA/ I-140s are approved, it will become useless if they get fired/companies run some in problems etc. which can happen to any one in current times. Personally, I say - this should be our priority - can be fixed easily. It would also attract them to join us. A dying soldier saves other first.

    Issue NO: 3

    Issue NO : 4

    Issue No - 5 Allowing work-permit for H4/dependants ( Not that important but will change lives for many)

    Issue No - 6 AC21 - Helps greatly to individuals in tough times in maintaining their status. Any further modifications for AC21 ?

    You mentioned Stimulus package and ITIN issue, as I remember people with spouses having ITIN didn't get any rebate...

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 06:30 PM
    Yes. you are indeed having a discussion - a discussion with yourself because little of what you are saying is making any sense to anyone on this forum.
    Yelling out a lie a hundred times doesnt make it the truth.
    If you read IV's provisions, the one on tops is removal of per-country limits. Basically, it would remove all EB3 backlogs and WAS a part of the legislation introducted by rep lofgren in 2007/2008. for political reasons, it never passed in the house. Of course, you would blame IV for lobbying in such a way that the bills did not pass.
    its very easy to criticise. Why dont you start an organization that would (in your opinion) do more for EB3? I am sure you will get the support of the thousands you claim do not believe in IV? If you succeed in doing that, there is no reason to have this "discussion".
    you are a typical arm-chair critic who probably has done and will never do anything even one cents worth for the EB backlog cause.
    Well what can i say it took less that 24 hours to get shot down again.

    No one in EB3 is questioning IV's sincearity. What is being question is the approach which is impacting EB3

    No one is yelling out a lie. What is being articulated (Not Yelled) is the impact of IV's direction

    I have read IV's provisions and i have already stated in another thread that removal of per-country limits is a pipe dream and will never happen how many number of times it gets introduced in congress because it is there since immigration started and is the corner stone of US immigration policy

    I will let the rest of your statement without comment because we are going back to the start of this discussion and is of no use name calling


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  • willgetgc2005
    03-01 07:51 AM
    mdforgc and other PERM gurus,

    Please help.

    I am in the process of filing PERM. Ads have been placed etc and all the
    formalities completed. Now, we are at a stage where the forms have to be prepared, signed and submitted. However, i am very unhappy with my attorney. He is unethical and i am afraid he will screw me up. So here are the questions

    1) At this stage ( not yet filed PERM) but on the verge of filing, is it possible to change attorney or is the job order etc specific to the Attorney.

    2) In form ETA -9089, in the Alien Work Experince section, it says to give the name of the aliens supervisor and the employers phone number.

    MY attorney says this is not required. Any thought on this. Did your forms mention this ?

    3) I am afraid my Attorney will deliberately mess up the form. What should I watch out for in the form before signing on it ?

    4) IS there any redressal system at all in this country for Attorney Malpractice ? Anyone taken this route before ?

    Guys, please help me as I have to take a qucik decision.

    Thank You

    The first step you should get your employer to do is to file a job order in the state job bank or americas job bank. You have to keep this ad for 30 days and then wait another 30 days to file PERM. This is the longest time. All other forms of recruitment needs to wait only 30 days and you can file PERM on the 31st day. There is no mention of working days or weekends, it is 30 continuous days. As you know in addition to this job bank order, and two Sunday newspaper ads, there has to be three other forms of recruitment before you can file PERM. If your employer and lawyer are really proactive it will only take 60 days to file PERM from start to finish. You also have to get a prevailing wage determination and post it at your job site for 10 days not including holidays and weekends. Hope this helps. Please contribute and incrase the membership of IV for the good of all of us.

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  • Legal
    07-11 08:59 PM

    Posted July 11, 2007

    Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
    We have confirmed with a knowledgeable official in the Department of State Visa Office that USCIS was requesting visa numbers on Sunday July 1st, and Monday morning July 2nd - and that visa numbers were still being issued as late as the morning of July 2nd!

    In fact, close to 30,000 visa numbers were requested and issued in July - through the morning of July 2nd. And we believe that many - if not most - of the requests made in the first two days of July were for applicants whose priority dates were not current in June!
    So how can USCIS refuse to accept I-485 filings received BEFORE the State Department issued its notice that all visa numbers had been used???? We have not yet confirmed the return of any I-485s filed in July. But we do know that applications were reaching the USCIS before the State Department announcement - and while the USCIS was frantically working to use up the entire year's allocation.

    USCIS did not use all visa numbers before July 2nd.

    Did USCIS actually use the visa numbers it requested????
    Historically, the USCIS doesn't request a visa number from the Department of State until it is ready to grant the adjustment of status application. US Consuls overseas request visa numbers the month before they intend to issue the immigrant visa. This is the reason why consuls return about ten percent of the visa numbers requested - and why USCIS does not generally return any numbers.

    In fact, in making allocations of visa numbers, the Department of State factors in an expected return rate for consuls - but not for the USCIS. And the USCIS - before this June - used about 85% of the total immigrant visa numbers available.

    However, already this month, the USCIS has been returning visa numbers. This confirms our earlier suspicion that the only way the USCIS could request 68,000 visa numbers in a matter of weeks was to request them in advance of adjudicating cases.

    We believe USCIS exhausted the visa numbers by simply requesting them - not by using them. If so, and for reasons we will post shortly, we believe that over 30,000 visa numbers requested by USCIS will go unused - and will be wasted this year!
    Posted July 9, 2007


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  • smuggymba
    05-11 10:01 AM
    His second post will come when he will get Citizenship.


    BTW: Congrats to you.

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  • dbmurali
    09-03 03:08 PM
    Approval mail sent on Sep 2, 2009 and card Production Ordered on Sep 3,2009.

    My Application Details:
    PD: 12/09/2004
    RD: 08/08/2007
    ND: 09/12/2007

    Wish you all good luck.


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  • sam_hoosier
    06-02 12:24 PM
    Application received by NSC on April 8th.

    Still no sign of the EAD :mad:

    Beginning to get jittery now...

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  • Slumdog
    01-22 06:27 PM
    Coming to point, in my previous blog �Peace of mind � Do you have?� the whole purpose of writing that story detailing every minute & every hour is I want people to come out of comfort zone & see the reality. There are lot of people who live in comfort zone & when I say comfort zone all they care is they have a job, paying bills on time, enjoying weekends with family, vacation etc. I want them to come out of this comfort zone & see the reality out there & that is the reason I tried my best to put out my story in detail so I want people to imagine in my shoes for 1 min & think of what they would be doing if they have to face this situation tomorrow so they can better prioritize & plan accordingly. I have written this �Peace of mind topic� keeping in mind for both who bought houses & also those who did not buy house because not having a house will not put anyone in comfortable position when a job is lost.

    I was under assumption after I finished & posted my article that people will take my experience & take a quick look at their priorities & be prepared but instead I have seen some comments like �bullshitting, Bollywood Melodrama, Cribbing, loan defaulter�s, fools, pretent to be shell shocked, overly optimistic etc but I failed to understand that how these comments are going help others ( I know your intentions were good ) instead my whole point of writing has become useless because some wants to target only the original poster & neglecting the actual content. To clarify few things let me explain on some serious concerns raised by others on why I bought a house in first place & as I said in this article this belongs to people who bought houses by mid 2008 & before. My simple answer would be �good quality of life� & I know that this wont suffice you & it might lead to another negative debate. So let me explain in detail.

    I have been in this country Since 2000 & I have seen & survived previous recession so I know what it�s like. I was also present in NY city when 9/11 happened & I have to go through what every asian looking went through those tough period & believe me it was not easy. I also survived NY Blackout spending the whole night at port autority. The reason I am saying all this I am not a new comer to this country & I have seen both good times & worst so I know deep inside that whatever decisions I take I am not just taking for sake of it & neither did I buy house as soon as I came so I can gain equity. Now after all this 8 years & moving two Jobs & shifted to California in 2005 on a full time job my priority date is still now 2007 EB3 after so many years. When I shifted to California in 2005 on fulltime job I would have bought a house but I didn�t because of several reasons like many of you 1) i was not able to afford 2) My wife moved to H4(worked on H1 in NY) at that time. It is only after my wife got EAD in july fiasco & after she got a Job we started looking for house in beginning of 2008. My H1 was approved & stamped on January 2008 & I know for sure that I will be in this country for next years & we also have a EAD . Now that we have Dual Income & market has come down slow low & no one can predict when it will reach bottom we started looking for bargain foreclosures houses.

    The only reason we want to buy a affordable house is to give a good quality of Life, stability & good neighbourhood for my daughter ( actually born in September ). So here you have two options either you choose to be in rented place & pay almost same amount in good neighborhoods for what you pay in mortage or you start looking for a house for affordable house & mortgage in good neighbourhood. I chose the later as the only downside is I have to pay that 10-15% downpayment & I was willing to take the risk as I knew I am here for sometime. Now for the current 30 yr fixed mortage payment is only 300$ more than what I used to pay for rent. Little did anyone know during early January that major financial companies will file for bankruptcy. It is only in late 2008 when Lehman failed & the actual crash started to happen & market collapsed which lead into recession.

    So imagine even if I did not buy a house & had that down payment with me, the fact that loosing a job will not put me into comfortable position even if I had a GC. The least it would help is pay bills for few months without a job & I am sure all those people who did not buy houses didn�t plan to live on their savings until market gets back. I also mentioned in previous article �is it easy to leave everything behind? Yes if you want & No if you want to fight� & I said No, I want to fight. I mentioned that I did have some reserves & I have many backup plans even incase of worst scenario. I was merely pointing out that it was one of my worry but I did not mention anywhere that I am bankrupt. Also since my wife was on EAD now we were confident that atleast one of us will find Job sooner than later

    So the notion that people who bought houses without a GC are dumb, fools, morons & all other filthy language against these people should change. As every individual is different & everyone has their own priorities & life style they chose to Live. Also people who came here ( highly skilled ) know what they are doing & some take calculate risks & some chose to lead simple life. No one should dictate others life on how they should live their life. Again I read somewhere interesting that there is very thin line between stupidity & guts & ultimately it is the person who take decisions will have to face the consequences (good or bad). So guys� buying a house is not choosing happiness for material things, at least not for me. You need not associate all the people who bought a house are trying to live American dream at whatever cost.

    So guys/gals I sincerely believe that you did nothing wrong & should not be ashamed if you have bought a house because that is the quality of life you chose to live. The worst anything could happen is you will sell all this & go back to your country but not empty handed. You will go back with your assets ( lovely wife, children & skills you gained ) & these assets will help you shine wherever you are. You can also proudly tell your children & grand children that you never had to live pathetic life in America & you have always lived American dream in America.

    I will end this by telling a very short story.

    Back in 2002 one of my colleagues daughter who was 10 yrs at that time immigrated to USA. After living for few days one day she asked her mother �Mama have we become poor� The reason the girl was asking was back in home country in their village they used to live in big bungalow with 4 bedrooms, big backyard, two cars, so many friends, maids etc� but when she came here she was living in Single bedroom, No backyard, No Car at that time & no friends sadly. The answer to her daughter question can be given in two ways, 1) no baby we are richer than before as we now have more bank balance or 2) give her a good quality life style which you can afford & that means nice community, friends, decent house etc what ever makes you & your family happy. ( it is also possible in rented community ) but again that�s what I meant by choosing their own lifestyle.

    Finally I did not buy a house because of material benefit, ego, equity etc. Home Owners should be ashamed if they don�t have proper justification on why they bought the house in first place & I know deep in my heart that I did nothing wrong & I am still & always be happy as long as I am in my own house.

    Thank You ��. Slumdog


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  • priderock
    05-16 11:51 AM
    In my opinion filing TWO application does not seem right choice. What if both get approved ? Do you get two cards each ? What if there is a collision in their database and raises flags ??

    Using one PD that best suites you seems to be the right way.
    Or file independently with no dependents (less likely to fly with most)

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  • desi3933
    02-25 11:38 AM
    Today's chart for SP&500 Mini (3 minute chart)

    Disclaimer: Information/Educational use only and should not be onstructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.


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  • cnag
    01-21 10:23 AM
    I had contributed three times earlier.
    I just signed up for $20 monthly today. Go IV!

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  • sarav98
    03-25 02:53 PM
    I have sent the PIO card application for my son on 03-Mar-08, thru mail.

    We have a medical situation that we need to return, but his passport is stuck with the consulate, and i can not apply for emergency visa too.

    1) If you go in person, will they issue a PIO on the same day?

    2) What is the usual time it takes for the consulate to issie the PIO card?

    Thanks for your replies.

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  • cshen
    02-22 06:59 PM
    There is new data available regarding the PERM LC data, like how many PERM has been approved so far, I have tried to copy and and paste, but could not make it work. To sum it up, it is very bad for indian born applicants, while China Mainland is not too bad, since they have far few people in line comaring to Indians.
    I can find the link for you guys. It is seems with any policies changes, it will be decades for Indian priority date to be surrent.

    01-12 02:17 PM
    I did not write this bill. You should go to challenge Rep. Issa for that clause. In my previous post, I already said I am perfectly OK if the IV core want to modify the bill, so that the 55K can be applied to everyone. Is that very clear?

    Politics is all about compromise
    This kind od statements have been used time and again to justify actions taken by a section of people to skew things in their favor. How come there has been no compromise from EB2 folks or folks who hvae done MS here in US.

    This bill might do something good for some EB3 folks who have advanced degree but then again instead of a EB2 and EB3 difference we will now have an EB3 MS and EB3 Non MS difference and as i see it there is not much difference between those two. Same wine new bottle.

    Being at the bottom of the totem pole is not a good place my friend. Shit always flow up to down never down to up.

    In any case what is being discussed here wil have no impact on the outcome of the bill. If the bill goes through MS educated EB3 folks wil get GC and non US educated folks will still be stading in the line applying for AP and EAD.

    02-23 09:14 AM

    I cannot find any information the location where we are going to meet in DC. It would help me to find accomadation or public transport to the event location. I am planning to attend this event.


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