Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tomy And Jerry

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  • InTheQueue05
    05-13 09:09 AM
    So got I-485 approval email for self and wife last night at 11:30pm MST.

    My American Dream journey:

    Came to the US in 99'Fall for MS.
    1st GC Labor applied in 2002 but got laid off due to bad economy.
    2nd GC Labor applied in 2005 then changed company.
    3rd GC application in Jun'06 and still with the same company.
    Center : NSC.
    Priority Date: June23rd'06

    Good Luck to the rest of the junta here. And Thanks to ImmigrationVoice for the support and for creating this platform to share a wealth of information and for fighting our cause.
    I continue to support IV through monthly donations and will continue to spread the good word. Thanks also to all members who have contributed so much to this website.

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  • Dandruff
    10-05 03:43 PM
    I see absolutely no change in EB from oct.

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  • ImmiLosers
    01-15 01:55 PM
    Guys, books are the best way to learn something and here is a free link to one of the ebooks which teaches trading...
    (a small help from my side)

    The book name is "Come into my trading room - a complete guide to trading" written by elder alexander

    This book looks cool...

    Thanks for sharing it.

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  • pintoo007
    08-24 11:22 AM
    My son was born physically disabled (cerebral palsy). He his wheel-chaired bound and is totally dependent on us. He speaks and understands everything. He went to High School here,and got his Diploma and Certificates. That's why when me and my wife came here in 1992, from Bombay, India for my son's operation and came with B-2 visas medical visa. By the doctor letters our visa had continued for three and half years, and temporary work permit for two years only. Then we tried to change our status, but that didn't work out We also went to the INS local office, they advised us at that time it was better for us not to change our status. We did not get a deportation letter. We got a letter from INS saying that had they had CLOSE our case. We all three have SSN.
    My employer filed for LC in 01 and approved in 06. Also my brother filed for I130 in 01. In Feb 06 filed for I140 and approved in July 06. Due to backlog with the Labor Dept, my son is now 23. So my son can not file for I485 with me. He also can not file for PERM because he is disabled. Though he is very good at computers but who would hire a disabled person.



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  • pappu
    04-10 12:00 PM
    please answer this poll if you are EB3 ROW only. Thanks

    Please update your profile with details so that it can be helpful to everyone tracking the success

    on IV tracker

    IV members are requested to update their profile with valid dates so that we can make IV tracker helpful for everyone.

    I have personally decided to make this request to everyone who does not have their details completed and only then respond to the member. If a member has bogus data in their profile for tracking purposes I would not be replying to that post. This might help encourage members wanting replies from IV core team for their questions.

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  • kasanski33
    01-18 09:58 PM
    Come on guys we still have an hour........We can reach at least 850.
    This is the only chance we will have to prove that we are united and have the strength to influence law makers.

    It's just $20 a month...........


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  • amitjoey
    01-12 04:58 PM
    we have 1000s of people debating about a bill on IV, but there are less than 10 people actually talking to the lawmakers to get the bill to come on the floor.

    The real work is to talk to the lawmakers so this bill has a chance to come on the floor, if and only if it comes on the floor, we can then discuss how we can tweak it to benefit all EB Categories and add ammendments.

    Otherwise, it is just one of the 100's of bills that will never ever even be debated.

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  • msyedy
    02-02 08:59 AM
    If you read closely, it appears like the 290,000 immigrant visas would be true for years from now on and for years 2001-2005 (the diffrence between current limit and this section). If that's the case and if that becomes a law, there is possibility there will be no backlog after that for some time...short time probably. Please correct me if I am wrongly reading this section. But for me, it appears it applies retroactively and will add the diffrence (150k a year) between years 2001-2005. If my calculation and understanding is correct, once this act becomes a law, the first year there would be 290k + 600k from years 2001-2005 ......I am not sure if my understanding is correct. I prey it is..

    I don' think there is a point which says the visas from 2001-2005 will we
    290K. From this fiscal year it will be 290K.

    1) The total number of visa available that were not used last year
    2) the total number of visa available that we not used from 2001-2005

    From 2001-2006 the total was 140K

    140 / 4 categories = 35000K for each(India-china-mexico-other). Now we do not know how many were unused from 2001-2006.

    From what I understand, I do understand the country limits, and my guess is
    There is no country limits, but only EB type limits.

    If I am correct the dates of Each should move at least 2-2.5 years from now.

    I believe people who need I-485 filling option without priority date should hope to get this too. STEM section has more support to be passed because it was never an issue in any of the houses.

    This is my understanding-- I may be wrong


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  • franklin
    09-20 06:36 PM
    as for logiclife...he has had "enough of flowery protests"...i'll leave the rest to your imagination ;)

    I am actually very dissappointed with myself. In the post rally MC fluster, I had made a mental note to introduce Logiclife and then give him a flower. But I hear he strongly opposes measures such as this :)

    I had also promised to get Macaca on the stage and write with colorful Sharpies on his forehead.

    Its probably best I forgot both...

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  • rabs
    09-25 06:35 PM
    I agreed with you.

    Use spill over visa to give GC based on PD not on country specific. It will solve the backlog in 2 uears. Right now EB2 I and C getting spill over from EB1 as well from EB2 ROW.

    This is not fair for EB3.

    I fully agree. I mentioned the same a month back. But got only reds :mad:

    ---------------My Old Post ---------------------------------------------------------

    Well said....I some times wonder, they should allocate the spill over based on priority date instead of just category.

    Already because of the categorization (country based limit) we have such a big queue...Why further categorize each country as EB1/2/3..etc.? ....As you aptly mentioned most of EB2 & EB3 guys do the same job...but the employer decides whether it is EB2 or EB3, even though many have masters degree and more than 5 years experience.



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  • dkshitij
    01-19 01:09 PM
    Got mine back in 7 days. Awesome job Houston CGI!

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  • fromnaija
    05-16 01:32 PM
    However, should the dates be retrogressed before you file, you will not be able to file until your PD becomes current again.

    There is no time limit. You can file it as long as your PD makes the cut off time


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  • willwin
    10-05 10:09 PM
    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...

    Yes, I agree. For the same reason, there may not be much EB3 2001 and 2002 cases left. Hence Eb3 would move to 2003 soon.

    BTW, my PD is not 2003 :-)

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  • mpadapa
    06-09 10:54 AM
    We need active participation from members for the action item listed on this thread. CHC member are taking a very hard stand on the 3 bills introduced by Lofgren. If members (esp. constituents) don't call in large numbers and urge the CHC members to support the bills. The 3 bills may not even see the house floor. CHC members want only one immigration bill (CIR), nothing else is accepted.

    Please ask u'r friends and colleagues (who are constituents of CHC lawmakers) to participate in this crucial action item.


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  • msyedy
    02-02 03:10 PM
    >>I start to feel that my US dream is so stupid.
    feel the same here.. just about to enter the 9th year on H1

    PD Dec2003
    140 Approved
    485 nohope

    9 years oh my god... I read on one of these threads(May be threads for US students), a person is waiting since 2002. He has done his PHD from here and has children in colleges.
    He went to extend his visa stamp to india, and they refused becuase the consulate asked him to wait till a decision on his case is made, then upon that decision they will give him a visa or not.

    As per Pappu this is the only year... We have to do it this time by hook or my crook. All our provision should be met.

    1) People waiting with I-485 get more visas to get GC.
    2) People waiting to apply for I-485 should be allowed.
    3) People should have the AC21 portability available so that they can leave their desi companies that torture them.
    4) People with Master's Degree should also get priveledge.
    5) Let their dream be fullfilled too (Increase in H1-B :D )

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  • Deepika
    05-15 12:37 PM
    If the certificate doesn't have your name, how will they know it's your birth certificate? :confused:

    I don't think birth certificate without your name is acceptable by USCIS

    Usually they give saying baby girl was born to the following parents on this date at this place. because at the time of birth the baby may not be named.


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  • ebizash
    01-15 10:09 AM
    Any one who renewed from Chicago??

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  • satyasaich
    04-09 05:13 PM
    Well that would be an option make H1b portable.
    But then most consulting companies will not hire H1B's because it won't be cost effective.
    Anyway just by checking most of this consulting firms businesses they will be able to uncover all the fraud.
    It's very unethical to make you lie on your resume and then try to market you to an employer with fake experience, also nobody has responded to my comment. Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    Hmm, being an Ex-IBM Employee and for the record, let me tell you something. As long as one can charge his or her time to a billable project, no one cares. Otherwise, all you get is a grace period of 2 paychecks to prove the worth of employment. I'm telling you this truth with a verifiable employment history of more than 8 years in USA.
    My friend, all that matters is how much revenue one can generate. Just doesn't matter whether you are working for Big5 or small and tiny consulting companies.
    Challenge me if i'm wrong

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  • needhelp!
    04-11 03:53 PM
    So this $300/$500 collection target is something to work towards, but once I am in the team, I get to run/walk even if I am unable to raise the full amount, right?

    07-31 09:02 AM
    When did you get your FP notice? I filed on 7/1, still waiting for FP. My FP for I-485 is just 6 months old. Will it have any bearing?

    I e-filed both EAD and AP together for my wife on 6/30. Got AP approval but no FP for EAD yet.

    03-26 12:26 PM
    I booked my ticket a month ago but haven't yet figured out accommodation and travel within DC. I'm flying into DC on Sunday, 3rd morning.

    Is someone looking to share a hotel room? Alternately, is any DC area member still looking to offer a spare sleeping bag? :)

    I don't know how the DC area works but would preferably like to stay closer to the event hotel. If not, I'm open to renting a car and sharing cost to get in/out of DC (heard the traffic is a nightmare though).

    Please PM me directly or reply here. I'm joining the conference call tonight as well.

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