Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rolls Royce Interior 2010

images The 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 Porsche Panamera Interior
  • 2010 Porsche Panamera Interior

  • eb3retro
    12-18 07:06 PM
    can we make this thread a sticky on the top..

    wallpaper 2010 Porsche Panamera Interior Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 Fenice Milano Rolls-Royce
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  • vpadman
    07-17 07:07 PM
    Great work IV!!!

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost Driver
  • 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost Driver

  • amitjoey
    12-19 01:05 PM
    Just sent in my contribution

    2011 2010 Fenice Milano Rolls-Royce Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Report: Rolls Royce Could
  • Report: Rolls Royce Could

  • abq_gc
    08-28 05:42 PM
    I just received a letter from the person who took my AOS interview

    The letter reads like this,

    The Priority date for your classification is not current at this time. Your case meets the requirements for abeyance until a visa number is available for your priority date. Please refrain from making status inquiries until 90 days after your priority date is available. To view priority dates go to:

    wow...she screwed us royally..on face she said she is going to approve our petition as it every thing and also PD is CURRENT..Now she sent a letter saying my PD is not current and adding insult to an injury she sent a link to the DOS bulletin which says I am current.

    Only you can Do USCIS..Long live.


    you are current and did not get approved... elsewhere people with PD in 2007 EB2-I are getting approved.. Classis USCIS !!


    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost
  • 2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost

    09-08 01:39 AM
    Just before ending, one thing I would like to say to sherman and zazona types.. Please go ahead and do what you have to do; have the strangest notions in your mind about numbers in the rally, we not succeeding etc.. We will prove you wrong in every sense of the word. We will do what we have to do! Amen..

    just read about ur rally. won't we all see how many of u show up. u r job stealers and u are guilty to cause job desctruction in america. so ur scared to show up. u�ll see that no more than 5-10 job stealers will show up. u guys will all be shipped to siberia, that is where all stealers should be sent.

    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010-rolls-royce-ghost-19
  • 2010-rolls-royce-ghost-19

  • prashantkh
    07-05 06:02 PM
    Order Number: FNK1819608

    Order Date: Thursday 07/05/2007
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: Emilio Gonzalez
    US Citizenship and Immigration Service
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001


    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost
  • 2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost

  • gauravsh
    08-12 05:44 PM
    Everybody's case is different, when it comes to how they feel being a in a foreign country and hanging by a thread to get a stable status and stable life. You seem to have gotten a stable job which probably means you are better than most of the people who are working as contractors. But what matters is being on Visa, are you able to enjoy your life here? Will getting a GC help you have a better life or will you continue to lead the same life?

    I think if you believe getting a GC will help you lead a better life you should stay here - since your i140 is cleared its another 4-5 yrs wait max. On the other hand if your job here is unstable and you think you will have a better life back home, then you should move. Bangalore is a great city as long as you have a comfortable job and good pay.

    Thanks man. My decision was mainly based on the waiting period. Within 4-5 years I can get ultimate post based on my experiance at india but here I have to be in same role.
    Also I am trying to start my own IT training firm there so with gods on my side in 4-5 years that company can grow to a mid size firm.

    2010 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost Driver Rolls Royce Interior 2010. The 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom
  • The 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom

  • pa_arora
    08-22 03:51 PM
    where is vldrao and 22K visas??

    i think v r f'ed up big time; part of the problem was setting our hopes higher.

    on another note, if some ppl call this a rumor, I would say this is US and "almost all" rumors in US are true.
    I just hope its not true.


    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 Rolls-Royce
  • 2010 Rolls-Royce

  • bsbawa10
    09-11 07:20 PM
    I was just thinking and then this came up on me . How about sending a poster along with the letter campaign. I can contribute atleast four posters. They do not have to be full size posters ..can be just A4 size pamphlets kinds. We can just print them in color printer and send them along with the letters. These posters may make it to the press also as they will be funny and spicy for news. Actually, we can send copy of our letters to press as well along with our posters. If we make about 10 such posters, we can send one random poster along with the letter.
    Something like :
    feel free to edit and make better.

    hair Report: Rolls Royce Could Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom
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  • Max
    08-14 09:49 AM
    Got receipt# yesterday.
    Application Received:NSC July2, 1025AM J.BARRETT
    I-140: EB3 Jan 2006


    Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Rolls Royce Cars Special
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  • bsbawa10
    09-05 04:55 PM
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

    Because many of us the green cards the fire got extinguished. I am ready to write letter to Zoe. Can the following be the rough draft ? Also, does anybody have the address where it can be sent ?
    One more thing, if you think this thread will become very long editing this letter, feel free to use collaboration by visiting the link and editing the letter. Please keep a local copy also just in case some mischievous element wipes it off.

    Dear Zoe Lofgren,

    Once again we wanted your help in getting the broken and unorganized process of green card streamlined. In July, 2008 USCIS announced that the people with priority dates upto June 2006 are eligible to have their I485 applications processed. When the time actually came to process them.

    1. Instead of processing them according to the priority dates, they started processing them randomly (although the claim is that they process them according to received dates which is neither true not justified even if it was true) causing people who have been waiting for years(Many of them since 2003 or 2003) to not get their green card and the people who had their priority dates as late as 2006 were issued the green cards.

    2. In the middle of August, they unofficially put the processing on hold (no official announcement to prevent the situation/lawsuit as the last year).

    3. The customer service is totally inconsistent in giving individual answers. We get different answers at different times and most of them are either incomplete or unsatisfying. They also direct us to write letter to the service center directly which results in the response asking us to check website or call 1.800 number none of which again inform the real status of the case. In other words, it is a never ending loop.

    Please help us in resolving the problem as you did last year.



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  • nirenjoshi
    03-09 02:56 PM
    Pledged $25, donated $50

    wow! you already have your card and are still contributing.... ( bows :) )


    house Yas Eagle Rolls-Royce Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Rolls Royce personalized
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  • pappu
    09-18 12:07 AM
    Kinda agree on the lack of momentum. One indicator being that IV hasn't been "In the news" since Sept 11 2007......a year back!!... This is from the IV website.

    Would you help us compile all the news stories since then for the website. We just never had the time to compile them and post. There have been several stories about IV since then.

    tattoo 2010-rolls-royce-ghost-19 Rolls Royce Interior 2010. 2010 rolls royce interior.
  • 2010 rolls royce interior.

  • downthedrain
    03-06 07:29 PM
    I am in $25


    pictures 2010 MANSORY Rolls Royce Ghost Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Two more unique Rolls Royce
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  • amitjoey
    12-19 02:04 PM
    Originally Posted by khodalmd

    Since inception of IV, I contributed four time total $400. To encourage members who have not contributed so far, I have following deal.
    Five members who are first time contributing more than $50 each should post here. After I will have information about five new members' contribution, I will contribute $100 more

    Time : 12/19/06 11.43 ET

    Thanks Khodalmd Come on first timers - we only need one more.
    And Thanks to Anurakt too for his commitment. I know he is donating $1000, once we reach 50%. Which we ought to do before 31st Dec.

    dresses Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Rolls Royce Phantom 2010
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  • vparam
    09-08 10:44 AM
    r u serious
    As said... I am seriously hoping what i stated should not be true or it is very disappointing.


    makeup 2010 Rolls-Royce Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Yas Eagle Rolls-Royce
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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 02:32 PM
    :DWhy are u late to the party man?:D All the booze is gone...:D:D

    Awasome comment......all Booze is gone and everyone is lateral looks full of GC stars hahahahaha......:D

    girlfriend 2010 rolls royce interior. Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Mansory Rolls Royce White
  • Mansory Rolls Royce White

  • pa_arora
    08-22 04:59 PM
    Vldrao is not a god. His assumptions are based on the facts from USCIS data, Do you know that 22k visas were not issued. If yes,quote that. Nobody knows and all are playing guessing game. Leave him alone.
    Take it easy dude. Lets put it this way, do you know that 22K visas were USED? If yes, quote that.

    For me as one, I do NOT think 22K visas were used up in 21 calender days(ie approx 15 working days).

    As for as concerned, I wanted his input cause his GUESS seemed to be pretty accurate as the thing were going. So to say, chill.

    hairstyles Rolls Royce Cars Special Rolls Royce Interior 2010. Rolls-Royce Phantom Silver
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  • himu73
    07-07 04:50 PM
    I got it, Just put in google maps
    Where is this address on USCIS web site. I cannot find it .Can someone post the link . I want to verify before I send the flowers

    12-19 03:31 PM
    Will inform colleagues about the drive.

    04-11 10:50 AM
    This is the sad reality. A lot of people applied using sub labor during the June and July fiasco. A lot of people made it through the July 15th deadline by atleast filing a 140 through sub labor.
    Now USCIS is processing all these 140s and as they have old dates, they are becoming approvable.
    As long as there are visas with old dates approvable - USICS will exhaust them. As long as USCIS exhausts old visas, DOS need not move the dates forward.

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