Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fiat 500 Interior Pink

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:43 PM
    So typical of you guys. Once you lose an argument you start abusing and if the opponent is a female its more the merrier for you guys. Do you even know the basis rule of being polite with everyone in USA. So if the guy is an american you will kiss his feet. The moment the person is an indian you start abusing if it is an indian female then you have a licence to abuse

    And these are the kinds of people who will get US citizenshiph

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-08 05:38 PM
    No need to shout here...I know this is an educated community and I am trying to hold a logical debate. But very few posts have any logical responses. So far no convincing argument has been put forward explaining why they deserve the coveted work permits (aka Green Cards). This shows the immigration system need to be fixed to filter out such nuances.

    To support my point, please see my additional posts: 101, 105,110 and 117. All responses I got were just BS, with no logic. These people know only how to talk with no action. America is a country of actions with razor sharp focus.

    So my friend ,a personal advice to you: I have been following yours and others posts closely. You are wasting your time arranging all those buses and all other BS. The rally will not succeed. Just take a look how many people you have so far? Admit it you just don’t have the numbers to succeed.

    Moderators/IV leadership please note that I would want to complete my series of replies and there are 10 more replies remaining. I feel that those posts are worth being replied to. I will appreciate if you will let me put my points. Thereafter, I really don't care. If you want to discuss this on phone, send me an e-mail first on and we can set up some time.

    You really are getting on my nerves now.

    You are no future predictor... How can you say Strive Act is doomed?...
    You as well as I know that we need just handful (probably four) of votes to pass this bill.

    The rally is being done to lobby for the support. And if those undecided lawmakers come into our camp then we will win and you will LOSE!

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  • DD_1977
    07-06 06:11 PM

    Your order number is 1183761155. Please keep this number handy until you receive your order. You may also want to print this page for future reference.

    Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

    Thanks for giving us hope for few hours
    on July 1st and taking it away (I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    - A Legally admitted Resident from the country of Gandhi.

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  • ganesha
    12-04 05:45 PM
    This is ridiculous. Just trying to blame a good Sherrif.

    I am from AZ and Sherrif Joe is the best and the whole country should be proud of him.
    He is doing the job which is supposed to be done by Federal govt and ICE, trying to take care of a border state county.
    Well you always have critics when you are doing a good job or he wont keep getting elected again and again.

    I'm from AZ too but that's besides the point. We are definitely not discussing if Sheriff Joe is the best or not. Being humane is what most people are talking about.


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  • vin13
    02-25 08:29 AM
    This is a brilliant idea. We are not asking a lot here. Even if they want to call it Pre-adjudicated, It should be fine.

    Good Job, 'Realzeit'

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  • praveenuppaluri
    08-12 02:33 PM
    people who already applied for GC (any EB) and are waiting, understand that you are lucky to cross that line.. in currrent economy, it doesn't matter if its EB2 or EB3, any job posting out there will get 100s of resumes and we are politely told to look for other options outside the country.. guess the below statement is true for everyone who needs to apply now..

    EB Guys, ..
    No green card for you. ... Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.


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  • reachinus
    07-05 12:52 PM


    Name: Emilio Gonzalez
    Company: US Citizen and Immigration Service
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: Dear Mr. Sanchez Thanks for giving us
    hope for few hours on July 1st and
    taking it away(I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

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  • TomTancredo
    03-06 03:39 PM
    for $50...


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  • vin13
    03-04 08:39 AM
    Just a reminder folks for those who are planning on attending the conf call

    conf call details : Dial in number 218 339 2626
    Access code: 245906

    Time: 9:00 PM EST 3/4/2009 Wednesday


    newbie2020, can you also log into IV so if there is any trouble connecting to the conference call, there is a back up way to inform/instruct individuals.

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  • longq
    02-04 10:22 PM

    I would have to be an absolute moron to contribute to IV, and to work for it, if at the end it costs me more in getting a green card.

    So, either you think that IV-ers from ROW are morons. Or you want them to quit, and turn this organization into an Indians-only group.

    Its as simple as that. You can quote all the laws in the universe, and come up with all the fancy logic that you want. But what I have said above is what it all boils down to.

    I do not care whether you contribute to IV or not. What I am writing here is law or facts and how it is affecting oversubscribed countries becuse of wrong interpretation of law. I am not here to unite or divide any group. In my level, I am contributing to end retrogression by sending mails to law makers. Even any law passes to remove retro, this misinterpretation of law is screwing Indians and Chinese. A EB2 person from Iran/Iraq/Pakistan with PD 2007 can get GC with in 6 months (right from PERM labor to 485 approval) why should Indian with PD in 2003 has to wait for ever?

    My employer hired me not based on citizenship. They hired me based on their requirement for the job and my skills. They do not care, if I am male or female or Indian or Chinese or Iranian or Iraqi or Pakistani or European. I am penalized for just I am Indian not able to adjust LPR even I have priority date in 2003 after a long wait for Labor certification and 140 approvals. However, if I am from other than India and China I would have got GC with in six months even if my PD in late 2006. If a person with a Priority Date 2007 can become LPR immediately in EB2 category even if he is from a state sponsoring terrorism (provided if his background check is cleared). However a person from India having priority date in 2003 can not become LPR and sitting in dark to hope to see the light at the end of tunnel. How fare it is? Is it not the discrimination by country of birth?


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  • deecha
    07-20 09:50 PM
    Yup, it was a typo. 1994 should read 2004. I don't have a time machine, you know ! :D

    Ummm, come to think of it I do have one, but it only moves forward in time. It's called a clock ! :D

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  • gc28262
    05-11 10:19 PM
    Some of the members are so used to "short cuts" in their life. They hope they can get their GC tomorrow by pulling down another one in the queue. They are not willing to come in terms with the reality that retrogression is due to insufficient visa numbers and country cap.


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  • dvb123
    07-09 08:10 PM
    I understand that IV leadership is agains't lawsuits because they take time. However most of the timelines immigration lawsuits are of 1 to 2 years time.

    We have a number of things to argue in a lawsuit. One can be the double dipping thing that a USCIS official himself agreed.

    Then the lost visa numbers due to USCIS inefficiency can also be argued. There is a slim chance of visa bills being passed. Those people who are counting on Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill to pass there is a very slim chance also because Zoe Longfren herself told in a TV interview that anti immigrant groups are very strong now. The OPT lawsuit is the best example of hue and cry that anti immigrant groups are making.

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  • McLuvin
    05-11 01:49 PM
    Folks, please stop this infighting and try to concentrate all your frustrations in a single direction.

    This infighting is not going to take us anywere... If some anti-immigrant happens to read this thread... he would serious think about reducing his decibell levels... The reason being... he would easily be able to read that there is a big level of difference between us folks.

    Lets not fight... Please for once lets act as grown ups.



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  • SunnySurya
    08-21 04:36 PM
    He may be right, let us give him benefit of doubt and explore this further before we put this issue to rest.
    This is a totally wrong message someone out there put out to make people nervous. Application support centers do no have IO's. The only IO's you will meet would be at a different USCIS facility where you take appointment and stand before the counter and ask the questions.

    There will be no reason why someone would meet a IO at the fingerprinting place which generally have technicians and security to monitor the process. You sit in a waiting room alongwith 100 other people, then once your name is called, you do the fingerprinting and get out of the door.

    There is no time to mingle with IOs nor there will be IOs(friendly or not) who would be willing to disclose any information to you.

    Some people online gloat at having pleasure to spread disinformation. this seems to be the case...

    Guys take it easy...

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  • jetflyer
    04-15 08:46 PM
    View Post
    While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........

    PlainSpeak...F1 are not burden to US, they pay big college fees for the education.

    You know who is real burden, thats H4 visa holders like you. who have nothing to do. they just sit home eat and fight.

    you are a classic example of burden to the society.. you are spending all the time here and fighting with everyone.

    if anyone starts talking about anything, you just come and start fighting.



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  • santb1975
    11-29 02:27 PM
    We need committed Members like you

    Signed up for $50 monthly recurring contributions.

    Together, we can do it! Go IV!

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  • transpass
    08-22 01:57 PM
    I can understand your concern......I am worried about myself sometimes too!!! :D but I am capitalist and so byt US definition would be republican.....

    next time I gotta think about someone great than a guy making money over his opinions!! :)

    Man, you are getting confused capitalism with Republican...:p Even democrats and independents are capitalists...To make things complicated, communists of china are also capitalists...He..Hee...Heee....:D:D

    Anywhooooo, it's better to go by correct definition of capitalism rather than defined by the republicans, the so called torch bearers of capitalism (How funny:D...This cracks me up...No offense, but that includes my butt...:D:D)

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  • Junky
    11-12 08:26 AM
    Well said "ItIsNotFunny",
    I have seen lot of ppl wine about the Dec bulletin, inefficiency of USCIS, cursing IV, EB2 Vs EB3, exploitation by Desi Employers, leaving negative comments ETC. ETC.... but when it comes to just sending letters, they won't do it but some how they will manage to find the time to reply non-immigration related issues in very detail.
    Therefore I request all the members to please send the letter (regarding AC21 Denial issue) ASAP.
    BTW: As a father, I fully sympathize with this guy & understand his situation. Whatever happened to his kid is tragic but again as mentioned by few other members, he should have posted this issue on sulekha or some other websites.


    I saw there are 50 replied to this post. Looks like people are more interested in others problems than their own.

    Its pity that MOST CRITICAL issue we are facing at present - AC21 Denial issue, is having only 77 mails but everyone is jumping gossipping. Come out of this and show a unity to real problems.

    Grow up and don't escape from real problems. Its our problem and we need to fight to resolve it.

    07-09 02:50 AM
    Order #88006989

    04-15 01:43 PM
    Do you know why all arguments against F1 to GC are moot? It's because US does NOT view it as misuse. They are talking about not letting the students go, and stapling GC's to certificates. Do you think there will be any result from fighting that sentiment?

    This is another rant idea and it is wasting everyone's time. I request all to pls stop bumping this thread on that count

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