Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dodge Ram Logo Wallpaper

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  • nbhuvan
    12-19 03:02 PM
    Sent my 2nd contribution. 50 bucks this time around...

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  • desi3933
    08-27 04:41 PM

    Someone gave a RED and left these comments...


    Just gave you green.

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  • 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty

  • AirWaterandGC
    07-17 07:36 PM
    Thanks you CORE Team. We are proud of you.
    Thank you Zoe Lofgren. Will call her today to thank her.

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  • fatjoe
    08-25 07:36 PM
    People we have a question, throw us some light now that our application officailly falls under current dates....

    Our service center is Texas Center and the dates -
    Priority Date - Oct 18 2004
    485 Received Date - Aug 17th 2007
    485 Notice Date - Oct 16th 2007

    The current processing time for Texas Service Center is August 23rd 2007. Do they process based on reciept date or notice date? From the past experience we know that they donot process based on priority dates (We have been current for 3 times in the past and saw approvals for PD's in 2006 with earlier notice and receipt dates)

    I called uscis a couple of weeks agoand again today, I was told (by two different resp) that they go by Receipt date.


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  • kdprasad
    08-14 01:33 PM
    Note: Checks got cashed after 2 days of Receipts.

    I-140 Approved (NSC) 11/2006
    485 -- July 2nd 11:30a.m
    Receipt rcvd -- Aug 10th (Rcvd copy of receipts Aug 13th).
    LUD Not updated.

    I have seen some one else like me had the same process. Checks got cashed after 2 days of receipts.


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  • vin13
    02-26 12:57 PM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

    The link you have posted seems to talk about allowing to file for 485 even though the priority date may not be current.

    It would be difficult to combine both the proposals. The combination would mean that everyone would enjoy the benefits of being allowed to continue living and working in the country with no annual limit. Which basically means no control of immigrants.

    I am not in anyway opposing this. But we need to look at it based on how the decision makers are going to perceive it.

    I feel what is being proposed by 'realizeit' is realistic and will not hamper the annual limits. It would be good if someone has contacts with the AILA and can persue the matter as a coalition effort.


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  • wallpaper Dodge Ram - Front

  • Pineapple
    07-17 07:26 PM
    IV strikes a blow for the high skilled community!

    Remember the time when members were ringing up the phones of Senators and Congressmen during last year's CIR discussions? I suppose we all came of age around then.. and grass roots members got the idea they could make a difference.. From then on, IV has been going from strength to strength, a snowball finally on the move.. leading to the flower campaign, then the rally, and now, this!!

    My hats off to the core members, who have skilfully steered this sometimes raucous, but always enthusiastic ship.

    I was going through my Paypal transactions, and totting up my contributions. The tally? not nearly enough!! So adding some more to the kitty.

    Its a small price to pay for the biggest payback, of all: A voice!

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  • ramaonline
    02-03 08:31 PM
    note that unused visa numbers from prior years do not automatically go to a specific category such as EB2/EB3/ Schedule A etc
    There needs to be a legislation to recapture unused visa numbers - In 2004 a bill was passed which provided 50k additional visas for schedule A occupations (EB3)


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  • 2011 Dodge Ram Logo.

  • gcdesirer
    08-20 11:05 AM
    I saw a couple of cases from 2003 updating their status yesterday in EB2 India Texas..... in

    Just sharing info...
    I was trying to figure out all these greens and reds... How does one get them.... and the mouse on the green squares to the right say stuff like "distinguished road", "Aura", "jewel on the rough" etc... what does this mean?

    And the circular green light next to name means "I am online now" right???

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  • reddymjm
    03-09 05:25 PM
    Click on the donate tab on top of this page.


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  • reedandbamboo
    09-12 09:24 AM
    I think USCIS actions are too random . I do not think they want to see the real projections or the real demands. If they wanted to , believe me it should not have been difficult at all. Nevertheless, the first step towards that would be asking for transparency. The letter and poster campaign can do that.

    I agree!! What the few of us gathered here are trying to accomplish is to get the USCIS to FOLLOW THE RULES.

    We are SICK of the monthly visa bulletin RANDOMNESS. We are not demanding our GCs to be approved immediately. We want transparency so that we can MAKE PLANS and get on with our lives.

    WHY THE HELL can they not produce a figure for the number of pending cases in each category? They just pull figures (with a wide margin of error AND subject to correction) out of their BACKSIDES!

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  • gc_dream07
    02-25 12:51 PM
    I like the idea. We had enough talk (positive and negative). Let us start working on it.

    How do we start? Where to start?


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  • gc28262
    03-09 11:33 AM
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: gc28262)
    $25.00 USD for one month
    Effective Date: Mar. 9, 2009 $25.00 USD

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  • sweet_jungle
    09-06 03:40 AM
    This is also for all and it is not about recapturing the visas alone. It is about justice to anybody whose PD is current. What kind of justice would it be if your PD is current after the visas have been recaptured and you are waiting for 10 years just because your case is not being picked up in the random lottery ?

    Once again, please visit and make constructive contribution to editing this letter adding impressive thoughts. I am ready to post the letter. If nobody joins hands with me, I will go alone but it will be good if we are together.

    lets start posting on Monday morning.
    Over the weekend, people will comment and make constructive suggestions. By Monday, we should have enough material to post.
    lets post together. sending a single email will not help


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  • Leo07
    11-28 01:02 PM

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  • leoindiano
    08-21 05:14 PM
    What about the people who got RFEs for 485?

    Do you guys think the visa numbers are counted for those people or not:confused::mad::o:(

    RFE cases, have very good chance that a visa number is counted towards it. Since, case was opened for processing.


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  • santb1975
    11-17 01:23 AM
    I have a Wii gaming console that I bought earlier during the year but never actually got around to play it much

    I want to donate that to IV.

    ************************************************** *

    That Idea has to come from you Gopal. we were talking about you at our SanDiego event last week.

    Can you please put the gaming console on eBay or Craigs list and send the donation to IV. Thanks for comming forward with the Idea

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  • ilangocal
    04-07 02:06 PM
    First of all, welcome to IV!

    So far there is no information about how many H1B applications have been filed under US Master's or higher quota, but there is a rumor that it may reach as early as this week (I can't provide you a source for this rumor).

    There is no tracking facility provided by the USCIS, however they will issue new release if the cap is reached. Note that the USCIS has to go through all the petitions they received so far to estimate how many of those applications fall into this specific category. As of now, the USCIS is accepting new H1B petitions falling under master's quota.

    You may want to re-enroll as a student at one of the universities after June'08 to maintain your status, if you can not file for new H1B this fiscal year.

    Hope this helps!

    Do you think that all applications filed under Masters quota from April 2-6 will be accepted? Do you think people whose applications reached the USCIS on April 6, stand a chance under the Masters quota?

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  • afialam
    09-27 08:27 PM
    I think ur's was a simpler case than mine.

    The problem with mine is that the entire name is on one single line and I would like it separated, first and last name on their respective lines. The NY consulate has refused to do so without an affidavit.

    The procedures on the website also clearly say so for a name split:


    Looks like this is a battle that I will have to see through :rolleyes:

    My passport was renewed by Consulate of Chicago and the fields last name and first name were interchanged.

    I used the miscellaneous service form. The reason i gave was other and also did not fill my name on the form. I took it to the consulate along with my old passport and showed them the error. They agreed to make a correction and then I filled in the name on the miscellaneous service form the the way i wanted it to look like.

    They provided an endorsement on the second page of the passport and this should be good for travel and all other purposes. I did not need an affidavit as the old passport was used as the proof.

    I believe you should be able to use the same.

    12-18 07:50 PM
    just made the $50 contribution...guys and gals, keep 'em coming!!! Happy holidays:cool:

    09-08 04:39 PM
    vote to delete thread, not constructive when time is key, we don't have enough time for everyone to keep going back on forth. Lets get back to this after the rally.

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