Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • bliss
    07-17 07:09 PM
    thanks everyone at IV, Zoe Lofgren, AILA, Murthy, Greg, immigration-law and whoever came forward.

    It was a great experience being part of both Flower campaign and San Jose Rally.

    Sincere thanks and all smiles to all who contributed & helped

    Reminds me of just one line : United we stand, divided we fall !!!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Cheers !!!

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  • ash0210
    02-02 08:55 PM
    Last time, strong lobby Schedule A/Nursing forced Congressman's to allot 50,000 non-used visas to "Nursing" Schedule A....

    I dont know how WE will protect once again from this Schedule A lobbiest!!

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  • pappu
    12-20 03:49 PM
    Made another $100 contribution through Paypal.
    Transaction ID: 7RL94888U3632145P

    Those of you who have not contributed yet, please do so ASAP. Please contribute to this worthy cause.

    Thanks for your contribution

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  • crazydesi
    04-13 01:33 PM
    I know lot of my friends still waiting for GC since last 7/8/9 years. As you can see MY PD is Oct 2001 and I got my approval email last week.

    So dont think that everyone who is getting approved with old PD has bought a Sub labor.

    People are waiting patiently for the queue to get clear and wait for their turn.


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  • chandra_mb
    05-27 03:23 PM can i still get under H1B masters quota....
    Yes. DDS/DMD can apply under Masters quota.

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  • ssreenu
    04-14 07:50 AM
    From the following information:

    1.Grant GC to all EB 2 / 3 class pimary applicants who have completed 8 years of continuous stay in the USA without any criminal record.

    Personally, I do think the above bill you requested in the #1) is extremely difficult to work. It is because there was a bill proposed to the EB-2/EB-3 applicants to occupy the annual DV-lottery of 55,000 quota but it is NOT becomed a law yet. Now is April, 2011 and the DV-lottery results of this year will be announced soon online and the coming year of DV-lottery will be drawn again later during this coming Oct, 2011 but there is still NO hope to give those EB-2/EB-3 applicants into this DV-lottery quota. If this quota is occupied by EB-2/EB-3 applicants, less applicants will be in GC line.

    Also, there is a proposed bill to allow foreign US accreditated universities' advanced graduates of STEM and with a US job offer to have GC but again it is NOT becomed a law yet. Also, your proposed EB-2/EB-3 applicants who have continuous stay of 8 years in US without criminal record to have GC may not fit the requirement of US needed because some of these EB-2/EB-3 applicants are NOT graduated in US universities and some of them are NOT in Science, Medicine, Engineering and Techology academic major which US society in demand.

    Last time I have read some other online news or forum, it talks about there is guy who was graduated in a US university with double Master degree---one is M.Sc in computer science and the other is MBA and he still get stuck in getting his first new H-1B visa and later he decided to back home without choice. Yesterday I have read some other online news or forum, it talks about some people who graduated in US Ph.D or doctorate degree in Science/Engineering/Medicine cannot get the GC or some of them get stuck in his or her first new H-1B visa application (due to quota was full or from other reasons) or get stuck in the H-1B visa renewed. So without H-1B visa, how can they get into the EB line for GC?----They are all US graduates and have stayed in US for more than 6-8 years to study with social security card and drivers' licenses and without criminal record !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So you can see if your requested bill in #1) is working, so how about those who graduated in US university in Advanced degree of Science/Medicine/Engineering with US job offer or without H-1B visa?------They are US STEM graduates and have stayed in US with 6-8 years either study or work without criminal record (and with social security card and drivers' licenses)

    Personally, I do believe since US demand Science/Medicine/Engineering (STEM) type people and also need the inflow of money to rescue the national debt, so why don't allow those US STEM type graduates get the GC and bring the money to immigrate to start up companies to create job opportunities and to buy houses. Then the non-STEM graduates who want to stay in US can also go into the second path of immigration such as bring money to set up companies to hire 3-6 persons for better economy. The DV-lottery can open to any US STEM graduates to enrol online by " first come, first get" basis and if once annual immigration quota of 55,000 is filled, those graduates need to wait for another year to enrol online for immigration. So every STEM or non-STEM graduates bring money to start companies in US creating job opportunities, paying taxes and bring inflow of money----better economy is growing up.

    Moreover, those graduates will invite friends/relatives to visit US, increasing sales of both international and dosmetic airline tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and uplift the profits all kinds of retail businesses. Tourist visa fees will also add monetary income. Overall, inflow of money and jobs creation are dual powers to uplift the economy.
    With inflow of money from immigration, there is NO government shutdown and there is NO hiking taxes needed for the existing US companies.

    Also, in Australia, it allows foreign graduates who have stayed in Australia for over 5 years and without criminal record to get the GC automatically

    OK first of all this proposed bill has no relation to the DV lottery neither does it have any relation to H1B visa. We are talking about the people who are stuck in GC queue for 8 years or more. Which means we are referring to people you started their GC application 8 years ago and still waiting in queue without knowing when their number will come. I hope this clarifies your doubts. Just because you stayed legally for 8 years does not/should not qualify you for getting permanent residency, you have been legally here and paying taxes for the past 8 years there by contributing to the economic growth of the country and this should be the reason why the US govt should consider you for giving you permanent residency. Think about the kids of EB3 holders who are on H4 and want to join college after 16 years, They are not considered residents in US and there by all the international rules apply for their college studies. So much for being in US for 8 years or more and paying taxes to the government and contributing to the economic growth and you get to pay more and more. When illegals can get a DREAM ACT why not our kids? if you are married recently and had your kid born here in the US you might not understand this because your kid is a US citizen but it has a huge impact on EB category members whose kids are not born in the USA, just think about them.

    One has to start somewhere to achieve their goals without even trying to start how can we think this is not possible. I don't want to give any examples here but I would like to say that out motive should be to turn the IMPOSSIBLE to I'M POSSIBLE. Those who are with me please contribute. Critics are welcome without them we would never get new ideas for discussions.

    Wishing for the betterment of everyone in this forum!


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  • rxk2303
    08-09 02:52 AM
    I am really sorry about your situation. While, it is true that there is a lot under USCIS' adjudicator's control, we need to give it our best try and exhaust our options before we give up. I think that being Indian, IT and skilled (I am all 3 !) does not have that much of a bearing on one's life situations and connection to green card being approved. Case in point : I went through a rough time myself (see beginning of the thread) and even paid the price (divorce, heartbroken) for taking a chance. However, everyones situation is unique.

    If you can post details of your case, then someone from here is sure to be able to give you some guidance. One last piece of advice, there is no substitute for a damn good lawyer who can get you the results. It might not come cheap though. There are instances of people having accrued unlawful stays beyond 1 year and lawyers having gotten them their EB based green cards later through CP using tricks such as waivers etc.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.

    1).I came to USA on L1-B in 2003 October and the I-94 was till september-2006.
    2). Then i changed my Visa to H1-B in 2005.
    3). I was asking my employer to file for change of status from L-1 to H-1.
    4). Those guys filed for a new H-1 and sent it to a consulate in India.
    5). I was not aware of this and i thought i am legal till september the expiration date on my Visa.
    6). Labor got cleared in July-2007.
    7). Thought i would file for I-140 and I-485 together and found out that my I-94 was expired since September-2006.

    What is the best course of action here to remedy my situation??
    Any advice or details of a great Immigration lawyer who dealth with such cases before would be of great help.

    Thanks in Advance !!

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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 02:32 PM
    :DWhy are u late to the party man?:D All the booze is gone...:D:D

    Awasome comment......all Booze is gone and everyone is lateral looks full of GC stars hahahahaha......:D


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  • malibuguy007
    03-06 04:17 PM
    I will contribute $25. Did the relevant poll selection as well.

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  • nareshg
    07-07 01:52 PM
    I sent mine from with Emilio's address as shipping address....

    I see mine as billing he going to get my complete name and address ?????

    Is that the case for everyone and is it a problem ?


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  • chanduv23
    07-06 09:39 AM
    Contribute to IV - IV needs funds, contribute to IV and spread the message.

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  • pappu
    12-18 05:19 PM
    Thank you very much for starting this campaign. After this was started, the drought for the past few days has ended and 4 members have contributed today till now. Thank you very much for starting this. We will be able to use all our resources in the coming months to get something done if we have sufficient funds that meet our target of 60K by December end. If all members get active, there is no doubt that we will succeed very soon.


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  • nozerd
    02-03 08:54 AM
    Its like your boss asking you to tell him how many hrs you do actual work v/s how many hrs do you do non work related things. Would you volunterily disclose your wasted time at work every day ?
    You will disclose total hrs you worked but not time you didnt work :)

    USCIS does not give how many Visas they have used and how many are left

    like how many unused have gone to EB3 or Eb2 etc
    if its Vertical or horizontal visa distribution

    they have been some Law Suits on them to give the data

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  • ragz4u
    04-24 10:25 PM

    Are we still compiling or the stories have started going out to the right people. It was amazing to watch Sen FIenstein talk about a poor hardworking undocumented worker in the US. She was so eloquent. Every passing day makes u feel more like a 2nd class citizen. Anyways, let us chug on. I had sent my story. Pls let me know If you would any further action from the story senders like myself.


    Just because there is not much happening in front of the media circus, do not for a moment believe nothing is happening behind the scenes.

    The IV core members are still working and talking to senators and congressmen. In fact one of the core members of IV met with his congressmen today and it was a very productive meeting

    The media team has also got some very important leads. Thanks to all the contributors of stories, we were able to immediately capitalize on an opportunity from a world renowned publication. We are hoping that this will be out soon.

    Another US top-3 publication's article is in the works too.

    As I had mentioned earlier, we have received quite a few stories and its encouraging to see people now willing to speak publicly and realizing that maybe it won't help, revealing one's story will not hurt for sure. Plus, we will never be able to conduct rallies like illegals. Approaching media with our stories is the only way to get ourselves heard.

    Someone had asked a question that how many stories have we received. The answer is about 20. That might seem a lot but let me give you a very recent example of how this was too little.

    We were approached by a award-winning reporter to provide her two members of IV that fit two criteria

    1) Should be non-IT
    2) EB1 or EB2

    Given the 20 stories we had only 2 such folks that fit the criteria and they who were gracious and spoke to the reporter. The reporter then wanted to speak to one more person and we did not have any readily available person. So we had to do a crazy search for a person that fits this criteria. We were able to find someone at the last moment and we did not squander our chance. But chances are pretty high that such a thing can happen in future!

    We might have a reporter who wants to write an article but is looking for an EB2 from the state of Texas. Currently we do not have anyone that fits the criteria. We would lose this chance which anyways are not easy to come by.

    Also, when our IV core member met with the congressman today, he asked for someone who was suffering in his district. Fortunately our core member was from his dictrict and hence we were okay, else it would not have been a productive meeting!

    So please please send us your stories......we will not reveal your info to anyone without your expressed permission. We promise....


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  • hpandey
    11-11 04:33 PM
    If he goes to cops what happens to his 485? He is worried that's why he is on this forum - I think he was looking for posters with similar experiences and whether complaining to cops worked or not.

    Is 485 the sole purpose of our life now ? Personally I don't give a damn about the GC if I have to see my family suffer and I don't think any crime can be worse than seeing an adult abusing an infant who can't protect himself and not doing something about it.

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  • paskal
    12-19 02:45 PM
    and shukla was 75...


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  • pointlesswait
    02-27 04:32 PM
    that guy was unbelievable... he sounded more white than the hick who wrote that speech.
    if he is rep. party nominee for 2012.. i will be a million $, obama will win..hands down.

    On a positive note, the best that we can do is, learn from our surroundings. We can learn a lot from Republicans to understand what not to do.

    One of the main reason why Obama enjoys high rating - Republican party sucks. Who is making Republican party look bad - Republicans. The best response to Obama is not to pitch twisted Jindal against Obama, because that just makes Obama look good and it help Democrats. The better response to Obama is, let Obama respond against Obama. So simply don't respond to Obama, which will prevent Republicans making him look good. And like every politician, Obama will commit mistakes, which will cause the demise of Democrats. Its that simple. So what do we learn from this?


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  • npatel
    04-25 08:05 AM
    I completed my MS in Computer Science from US around 6 years back, was on OPT for a year & thereafter moved out of US and came back to my home town. Have been working here for 6 years now as in the software field & have now applied for H1B under masters Quota. Was wondering if I am eligible to apply under this quota as I am neither a fresh graduate nor have any status in the US. Also, my lawyer has only filled out the I-129 form. Is there any special form that needs to be filled out to be considered for Master's quota?
    Please reply�

    You are eligible to apply under masters quota. There is no special form for the masters cap. However, lets hope that your attorney has checked the box of h1b for "US Masters" and send application to USCIS with ATTN: H-1B U.S. Masters Cap D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • nareshg
    07-07 01:45 PM
    no movement ? :)...

    08-11 09:23 PM
    Awesome, fantastic! One beautiful post I have seen after a loong time :)

    Pity on u are asking the the lord..the supreme for a freakin green card..ask for something bigger:)

    07-17 09:36 PM
    This is fantastic! Continue with the great work.:)

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