Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • immi2006
    10-16 09:43 PM
    I know many folks here who have 2 I140 pending from same employer, for same category. One which is current. the other with a newer 140, since u can get 3 year H1 extension

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  • GCBoy786
    10-30 01:23 PM
    Today, our AP status has changed to "Document mailed to applicant". Does this mean that they have mailed the approval document or is it an RFE document?

    For most of the applicants the status has turned to "Approval Notice sent" but mine is different. Is anyone in the same boat.

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  • pyrosleepy
    07-24 03:11 PM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.
    Why did you quite your previous employer when they got your I-140 approved?

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  • supers789
    09-21 05:07 PM
    Thanks for the reply. But I have not yet received the approval. I have just received the receipt of H1B transfer application, and I am worried if they would not approve H1B transfer application since middle name has a typo. Please reply.


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  • iman.karta
    12-27 04:20 PM

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  • ss1026
    07-22 09:51 PM
    Previously worked on H-1B visa for six years. Left US when visa expired.
    Then worked in Canada for 6 years.

    Currently on TN-1 Visa with 13 years of IT Program Management and IT Project Management, IT Governance and IT Audit experience.

    Looking for a company willing and able to apply for Labor Certification in this short duration, so I can apply for I-140 and I-485 before August 17th.

    Thank you for your information and advice.


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  • prince_waiting
    09-11 12:58 PM
    Given the general apathy and hatred towards the term 'H1B' most anti immigrant groups after the rally are likely to come up with headlines/captions for their stories such as 'H1B Temporary workers rally in Washington' and so on. During the flower campaign I happened to come across such a headline on, 'H1B workers in flowery protest' or something on similar lines. These anti immigrant groups deliberately downplay the term 'High Skilled Immigrants'.

    Since most of us have filed for AOS under the revised August visa bulletin we are termed as Adjustees. As we all know adjustees can stay in this country without a visa under the protection of the Attorney General of the United States. Also we are aware of that adjustees are given EAD to work and AP to travel in and out of the country which are special rights till their case is decided. I think we should highlight this point if we come up across forums/interviews which use the 'H1B workers' stick to beat down our rights as 'Adjustees under the protection of the Attorney General of the US'.

    Just a thought I wanted to share it with this community. If not found relevant to the cause please feel free to delete this post.

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  • haisylu
    06-16 04:10 PM
    I'm going to get married to a Divorcee and she has a son. Is there any issue in bringing her son as my dependent. Currently I'm on L1B. If so, what is the procedure.

    Thanks for your advise.



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  • spgtopper
    03-15 08:41 AM

    Anyone working for Tata/Infosys/Wipro or any other big Indian software companies, please write to

    We would also like to know if anyone from Indian companies is affected by the labor backlog and retrogression problems. So, if you are please reply on this thread, or write to us.

    Thank you,


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  • GCcomesoon
    03-30 04:20 PM

    I have been listening to the Senate proceedings for last few days & I'm very unhappy to say that so far there has been no mention of legal immigrants.None of our issues have been discussed or debated.I was thinking after doing so much of hard work ( especially by the VI team ) & all the contributions,lobbying, we would get some changes done but looks like ..

    I'm not being negative here, but its just a thought.

    PD - 05/2003
    PBEC Victim


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  • seemashah
    02-21 05:29 PM
    usually a CPA can give an audited report ...or the bank auditors can
    Is the company a Corp, LLC or sole prop?
    >>The company is a Corporation. Can any CPA give an audit report... can you be more elaborative about the process of getting audited report... like what are we supposed to provide the CPA to get the audit report...

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  • kishdam
    03-10 10:39 AM
    we are going through it right now.
    planning to file g-28 only and not AC-21 letter.

    Will wait for a RFE to send a AC-21 letter.
    Are you self filling G-28 or doing through another lawyer?

    Thanks for the info.

    Planning to thru another lawyer - only because I dont know how to do it on my own and dont want to take any chance. Someone earlier mentioned that if we do it on our own - we may not receive any acknowledgement but if we do it thru antoher lawyer they receive some sort of confirmation.

    I am not sure if its true or the logic behind it but thought of going thru a lawyer - he is charging me for both G-28 and AC21 even though AC21 is not done now (which is ok with me).

    If RFE does come at some point - do you know how much time we typically have to reply?


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  • aranya
    05-17 01:00 PM
    As far as I know/understsand : to be eligible for H1B visa for 2010, a company should applke for H1B on april 1st 2010, so that the person gets it by october 1 2010 right??

    if the 65000 limit is still available , lets say after october 1st 2010, can the company still apply for H1B after october 1st or november or even ion december, as long as the H1B cap 65000 is still available??

    thank you?


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  • gcbackup
    10-09 10:34 AM
    I recently sponsored for my uncle and his wife and had no problems. Just send the sponsor docs with I-134, letter to consulate etc. Uncle had to provide info on his ties back in India.
    My last name was not same as uncle's ( guess that is what your doubt is) and that was not an issue at all.


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  • smartboy75
    08-05 11:33 AM
    Some more information on this....I just spoke to another CSR @ NSC and asked her about Extended review....she mentioned that it is a normal process and that they have various agencies involved and that they r waiting for response ...did'nt mention what the agencies are or what is it that they r waiting on....also I asked her if I should take and INFOPASS appointment to find out more....she said that would'nt be of any help cause they will also not be willing to tell me more.....

    She said wait for about 90 days and if you still don't here from us ..give us a call and we can then take it from there....

    I guess I am going to stop worrying and expecting any results soon...lets just wait and see....

    will keep u guys posted...


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  • kirupa
    09-15 02:26 AM
    Hi Gazman - for the most part, almost everything is run. There may be some animation-related things that we suppress, but you can have a nested class that controls some UI on a grandparent class, and Blend will happily show you the results of it.

    Let me know if you are running into any limitations.



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  • sanju_dba
    01-28 03:59 PM
    not sure at this critical moment you are seeking your answer in a forum instead knocking the attorney's door.

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  • nhfirefighter13
    June 6th, 2005, 04:14 AM
    Not too shabby for your first attempts. You do need to use a smaller aperture, though. For example, on your shots of the mixing boards, guitar and railing (the one with all the circles), if you had used f/16 or f/22 instead of say f/5.6 you would have gotten a lot more "depth", ie: more stuff in focus, to the shots. This isn't to say that you always want everything in focus but sometimes you do.

    Don't forget that the trick to using smaller apertures for maximum depth of field is to focus on the object (or point of an object) that is closest to the camera....everything else behind it will be in focus (even though it won't look that way when taking the shot.

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  • h1bdude1
    04-09 04:11 PM
    Hello guys,
    Need little advice from you guys.

    My wife is having her citizenship interview and oath ceremony on April 30th.
    My AOS Documents are almost ready and i am just waiting for her to become US Citizen. I just need her Naturalization certificate which i can attach with my I-130 application as proof of her citizenship.

    after she become citizen, should i wait for a week or 2, before i send my AOS application to USCIS or just send it right away.??? if i send my application on the same day she become citizen........does that gonna create any problem for my AOS case ???


    03-24 08:41 PM

    Hello Everyone

    I have sent a message to president Obama requesting his help by issuing executive order either to increase per country cap temporarily atleast till the EB backlogs gets over for india and china


    Issue executive order to allow visa re-capture to utilize wasted immigrant visas

    i am waiting for the reply . i am not sure if i will be heard .

    I had sent similar message to my senators requesting them to support the visa recapture bill . i got a call today from his asistant . He said they understand the issue and the senator is supporting the CIR this year . i told him that wont help the skilled immigrants, he said that the provisions with relief for legal skilled immigrants will be added into that CIR and passed .

    when i asked him why not do a piece meal approach and pass smaller bills like visa re-capture etc.. his reply was that the anti immigrant groups will basicall y kill the bill . so he said that it is better to wait for CIR hopefully this year.

    I said thank you for response and hungup the phone.

    so bottom line is i guess we have to wait for CIR and if any good will comeout from that for EB categories.

    07-13 06:49 AM

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