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Tamale Pie Recipe

images Tamale Pie Tamale Pie Recipe. ad hoc snob (with Tamale Pie recipe)
  • ad hoc snob (with Tamale Pie recipe)

  • venky08
    11-13 04:47 PM
    3-4 weeks, best to apply in person and pick up in person.

    Hi Guys do you know how long it is taking CGI Huston TX to send new passport for expired passports, Original passport was done in India.

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  • tamale pie

  • sanju
    02-23 05:22 PM
    I am surprised to find out that someone is still trading in the stock market. It seems CNN just reported that everyone who used to trade stocks have declared bankruptcy or were thrown in jail for running a ponzi scheme, so no one is left in the stock market. Great guys, you are still holding the fort and trading stocks to keep the hopes of humanity alive. 3 cheers for ya all!


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  • neelu
    12-13 01:52 PM
    got two more who will register by eod

    Great, thanx nycgal. Sent emails to three people myself.
    Will post responses here!

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  • roseball
    05-15 09:49 AM
    Is the birth certificate required for dependants too or just the principal applicant...Can someone please clarify.....My PD is not current (EB-3 India Nov 2003)..But hoping it will be current in a few months....So just want to keep all docs ready if the dates are current.....


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  • gc_on_demand
    01-31 03:47 PM
    me and my wife will try to attend this event. If not for any reason will contribute 100 USD for event.

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  • Tamale Pie is included in a

  • buddhaas
    07-16 01:33 PM
    scroll down half way to see the chart from DOS USCIS.

    Let Them In Page 2 of 2 - (


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  • Libra
    09-19 11:52 AM
    I heard some one saying 'we waited long enough, now let the traffic wait' when we were crossing the streets :D

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  • EB3IFiasco
    04-13 09:34 PM
    Attorney filed it on 05APR10 with NSC; automatically transfered to WAC and received the receipt notices last week.


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  • Harivinder
    03-20 11:39 AM
    2) Remove the country limit
    3) Capture the unused Visa

    Thank you, Totoro for leading this effort. My suggestions are same as gc_dream07, but I would like to reword the suggestion
    2) Remove the country cap for employment based immigration (the argument we should put forward is that when it comes to employment based immigration the deciding criteria should be individual�s skills now where the individual was born).
    3) Capture the unused Visa (Green Cards)

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  • GCard_Dream
    07-11 05:31 PM
    I think you are right. I don't think the exacutive privilege would apply here. What we have here is clearly a big mess created by imcompetence of USCIS and congress has the oversight power over government agencies to make sure that they are functioning properly and according to law. I would love to see USCIS get nailed for this mess. They have gotten away with pretty much anyting in republican congress.

    They didnt provide docs for the US attorney firings because Bush cited "Executive privilege" ... there is no such "privilege" in this case .... Bush hopefully had nothing to do with the DOS/USCIS screwup :)


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  • Kodi
    06-05 08:52 AM
    Did anyone recently get approved at Atlanta?

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  • Recipe For Tamale Pie Loaf

  • indian111
    08-19 09:57 AM
    I am very happy to let you know guys that I did receive the card prodcution ordered for my EAD after waiting so long .
    E-filed May 22
    FP done 06/17
    LUD 07/22
    CPO 08/19

    I guess they are processing all the cases as tey reach 90 days . Mine was approved on 91 days .I had a scheduled infopass appt which I have just cancelled.


    Hi indian111 ,
    Please let me know, if you get any update on your case. I think our cases are similar. I will also update, If I get any updates.


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  • tamale pie recipe moosewood

  • trojan
    05-03 04:13 PM
    This is the email I got:

    Your Case Status: Decision

    On May 2, 2011, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.

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  • conchshell
    05-16 11:31 AM
    I could get an email id from Ron's website ( I have sent a message to support this campaign and mention in his website forum. If someone know's Ron's actual email id, please post here. Thanks.

    Go IV Go ....


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  • amitjoey
    06-13 02:07 PM
    Funds are what is needed, not mere members. Although at one point I thought the more the members, the more the funds. Oh!. Excuse me, I really did not want to say "Funds" or "Contribution". :D

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  • sachin76
    06-01 02:18 PM

    I applied my EAD Renewal on April 5th. I have receipt with me but my EAD is not approved. Right now I don't have any other option other then EAD. I am little bit worried. Please let me if anyone on the same board. as well pls let me know and what are my options. EAD is going expire on end of July.


    I applied on 4/19. No response yet. Mine is expiring in end of July.


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  • Tamale pie

  • sheela
    08-13 11:46 AM
    I was current per the june VB and the Texas processing dates were current tat that time too.... but no change in status.
    This all is so frustrating. Good luck

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  • tamale pie recipes free

  • krishnam70
    04-06 12:17 PM
    I agree with this 100%, BUT we (US degree holdeers) have to understand that in the GC aspirant community there are tons of people who came in through "desi consultnats" (even this word makes my blood boil), who will never agree with this or support this. Classic Indian mentality, one crab pulling the other back in the basket.


    Commendable effort. The ideas presented in the forum and your personal experience as well as some research by you were taken to the people who might have some say in this process. The outcome of it does not matter right now, atleast the process has started and we need to follow on it with some targeted activity. Lot of my fellow IV'ians gave suggestions and some presented stories too. I did come across this thread only today and I missed out on an opportunity to present my story but nevertheless others have done so, i am somewhat lucky that despite the pain and hardship I did get my GC a year and half ago but I feel the pain my friends go through every day and continue to associate with IV.

    I have read through each and every post made in this thread and these are good responses. There are some very good proposals - some likely to benefit a small set of
    people ( GC's for Master's from US universities) and others wide encompassing.
    I think the fix for this needs to go beyond smaller subsets of people.
    A single master stroke is not going to erase the backlog it will need a series of fixes and the best way to go about it is to push for 1 or 2 main goals which will eliminate most of the issues. IV's core efforts are in the right direction.

    IV'ians need to be united in getting a broadly accepted solution to majority of people rather than a small minority. Clearly my allegiance lies with people with priority dates which are more than 5 years old, people who are stuck in backlog centers, name check's and unexplained delays for no fault of theirs. This is not to belittle other people who are in the line for their GC's everybody have to wait their turn.

    Friends who are espousing the cause of faster GC's for US Masters, do not sit on the high pedestal and belittle the people who came in on 'work visas'. They have as much right as you to have that 'Green card'. The time is not to fight EB2 vs EB3 or by ethnicity. A big deluge starts with a small drop of water, let us begin somewhere and once we get a fix to the larger problem other things will fall in place.

    oh for the people who are ready to bash me, please see my profile, been in this country since 1996 and earned 2 Masters and yet classified as EB3 by employer. Yes I joined IV late officially but I try to do my bit in whatever way I can.

    - cheers

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  • And Cornbread Tamale Pie

  • StarSun
    01-31 07:30 PM
    The online registration form is up and running, please check the first post. Please make sure that you are committed to attending the event before registering.

    10-08 01:54 PM
    It seems some people already coverted\or in the process of coverting from Eb3 to Eb2. Even I did that recently.


    When you do that, will you retain both cases or give up one?

    And, say, my case is CP and is already in Consulate awaiting interview. If I start a new LC in EB2, do I have to give up my existing case?

    01-23 06:48 PM
    texcan, it is a bit off topic but it is so funny.....
    This really captures a lot of what all the "desis" do. Eat a lot of food and watch movies.
    Me and my friends joke about it all the time. We try very hard to break from it but its really hard.

    On a serious note I agree one should live life to the fullest but I think there is a balance.

    Money is not everything but one shouldn't go bankrupt or end up in foreclosure trying to live life to the fullest.

    I know those desis who are super savers and will never improve life style and I know those who are always on the edge of bankruptcy because they wanted to live the american dream.

    I believe there are always two camps in any group, different view points, ideas and observations.

    I firmly believe even if words are harsh from some members they donot mean that bad, or they just simply cant see other's view point.

    Over last few year, i have observed something and that bothers me, the point is
    "We (Indians) are interesting people, we want to live as an indian in america";
    save a lot of money, go home(india) for 15 days ....say bad things about india
    and then come here...start saying bad things about america.

    I like some points aobut half hearted work from some fellows. I totally agree.
    Here is my simply take, if we want to live and compete hapilly, we have to really live in america as an american.
    How can an indian who slept all afternoon on weekend, then watched a movie and ate heavy dinnner at night with 5 indian families who all taked about negative things in america; will /can compete with american on monday morning...when this american
    got up early on saturday, ran 10 miles ...full of energy....took his/her kids for camping or went on its own, ran /exercised on sunday may be a long trek in woods...he is fresh, ready to work, creative...
    I donot think anyone who slept all week/watched movie/talked negative about american society /about america can compete with someone who lived for full weekend.

    These are just small observations.
    In short, most of us are still living an indian life in america. This will not take us far,
    If we want to be happy we got to live as an american in america.
    Money is not everything,a big bankbalance will do no good to anyone at age of 65 when you cant move your leg let apart run or play.

    I also believe, we (indians) donot give time to ourselves. Ex. husband, wife, kids all together all the time. No good, give time to yourself, do somtihngs togehter and some things seperately, This will give time to observe life as an individual too.

    how many indian go out for just all boys groupings, not many. Why??? how bad it can be, when you just go out kick some dust drink beer if you please, atleast releax.
    When i started doing it, it was lot of fun.

    Same should be with girls, wives, you all should go out and do things with your friends for a change.

    same for kids, if your kids want to go camping with school friends, let them go. Let kids live their life. Imaging what your kids talks about weekend, when rest of american kids talk about running in wood, fishing, hunting, mud racing.....????

    Just my thoughts and i believe in living life to fullest; and try to live it to fullest too.

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