Friday, July 1, 2011

Sugar Snap Peas

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  • chanduv23
    09-19 11:49 AM
    Please share - incidents like - pulling legs - teasing - little pranks etc...

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  • hello
    02-03 02:20 PM

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  • sweet_jungle
    04-02 02:46 AM
    SFO is taking 3 weeks for in person renewal. I gave mine and got date of April 2 (which was 3 weeks away). Probably mail would take few extra days.

    I got it in 3.5 weeks. I did it over mail

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    12-26 02:20 PM
    This is awesome!! I just came to know about this effort and I have joined the team right away to accomplish this. I will definitely have a few more join the group ASAP..

    Thank You everyone for contributing and/or supporting.


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  • shantak
    07-28 08:31 PM
    Wow, I am in exactly same boat, So , basically FP results are blocking EAD card production!!... next renewal, It will paper based EAD.!!


    EAD e-filed: May 27th
    Receipt notices received: 1st week of June
    FP done: June 19th
    Card production ordered LUD: June 28th
    Other soft LUDs: July 25th, July 27th
    Still waiting...

    InfoPass: This morning...07/28/08
    Per the guy at the InfoPass counter, the FP report was received on July 24th (which probably explains the July 25th LUD). He said EAD will not be printed or sent out before FP check is complete. In 2007, they did not run FP checks to issue the first EAD after July fiasco.

    So could this explain the delay that folks here are seeing? FP Code 2 was done for EAD, so not sure why this should take so long :mad: Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought that only FP Code 3 that's done for I-485 can take a long, long time. Can someone post info on EAD FP checks?

    Update: Here's what I have after some quick research on USCIS biometrics:[/QUOTE]

    You guys are atleast having some news to celebrate where in your petitions are approved. Im getting really concerned now as Im approaching closer to the end of my current ead expiration and I dont have any approval yet.
    I just dont know what to do
    Do you guys have any ideas for me??
    eFiled: May 23rd

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  • indian111
    08-18 12:17 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    I got the CPO email just now.. i'm not sure if it's because of the SR that my wife opened on Friday evening or it just happened without that.. but anyways it's a relief now.. i also see a lot of people getting cpo emails today.. btw, just curious, does the cpo stage come before "approved" status or after it?

    now hope that i receive the card in time.. will post about its validity and start date once i receive it. (i'll be current for the month of September as my pd is july 06)

    good luck to others who are waiting and hope that they get cpos soon


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  • greencard_fever
    04-08 09:08 PM
    Based on the approval trend and VB movement, looks like USCIS is working on cases based on PD order..i know my friends who got their GC recently with PD's from Oct-Dec hang on guys we all get there...its common to show our frustation when there is no advance in VB dates...

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  • 12samanta
    05-22 11:34 AM
    I think we can print the letter and sign it and send it. We can have a poll here just to track the numbers. Once we are ready with the letter then we can ask the users from and murthy PERM forum members to help us in increasing the numbers.


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  • AreWeThereYet
    08-02 03:25 PM
    Problem being that last page of that thread keeps refreshing itself and everytime i scroll down to the bottom of the page it keeps going back to the top. Sounds like some script is running in the background.
    I had the page scrolling issue too on IE 6 (at work) . Now, I open IV forumns on firefox and I do not have the problem anymore.

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  • amitjoey
    01-04 03:41 PM
    Welcome to our newest member, "mailkoneru"


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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:20 PM
    ...majority of approvals are from Feb06/jan06. It looks like uscis is again following LIFO not FIFO

    Feb 06 and still waiting...So I doubt what u r saying is true (however I wish its true and I get it sooner)

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  • WaitingBoy
    05-27 04:25 PM
    Hi Usirit
    How do you know that your case has been moved to Atlanta and is not in Chicago?
    Did you get a letter or something.


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  • kartikiran
    09-25 08:32 AM
    ChrisRock, Raju & other EB3 members must realize as long as members like I_Got_Skillz are here who are lurking just to ruin any EB3 conversation, it is very difficult to come up with a solution.

    Also, the idea that an EB2 is more skilled and EB3 is not, is wrong since EB2s are nothing but the same qualification with a few more years of experience and EB3s are the same but who have been misguided by the attorneys when retrogression was never there.

    Example, in my case, I have a masters, 7 years of experience before starting my green card app. Currently, I have a total of 15 years of experience as of today working in various domains.

    In my opinion if you are looking for a solution which is more radical but practical, it should be in a way where there is a highly skilled category which should be more like EB1 and the rest. I think EB2 should be eliminated and merge both EB3 & EB2 candidates and do a FIFO processing. Isn't this the way most of the countries in rest of the world gave their process?

    These are all changes which cannot be done due to politics, but in my opinion is the right approach.

    Even some of the IV state chapter leaders etc are people with EB2 apps and they shoot down anything which works to their disadvantages.

    It is only the IV Core & a few other members which really care about the backlog irrespective of category.

    Please note, I am not naming any state chapter leaders in particular, but I have observed via threads & posts how their line of thoughts are.

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  • HV000
    01-20 02:58 PM
    Anyone Please??


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  • saileshdude
    04-22 02:37 PM
    Does this mean it is better to efile and send the documents to respective service center instead of doing based paper based filings . This will be faster. Any suggestions?

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  • jchan
    05-21 09:21 AM
    It would be great if all those messages were from IV. But how do we know that our opponents are not doing the same thing ? Let's be optimistic though. Good job, IV members. Let's keep those phone calls going.

    So I read that the amendment for recapture has been removed from the funding bill. Guess we are back to the start again? This really makes me to start hate the fact that we are held as the hostage of illegals


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  • hellomms
    05-01 10:21 PM
    I am glad to see the responses, and am sure that there are more to come. I decided to create a tracker of people who have posted their dates here or confirmed that they are waiting for the audit response.

    If you dont see you name below, please let me know and I will add it, we need MORE...not necessarily to take the action but to make our Voice strong and loud enough for the people to hear. (

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  • enthu999
    04-13 01:09 PM
    Which number you called for USCIS.

    1800-375-5283. I guess it is option 1, then 2 , then 3( lost receipt #)

    Good luck

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  • Sachin_Stock
    07-14 03:28 PM
    I understand that. However, apart from canvassing the support for CIR by writing to senators, lawmakers, in what capacity can IV influence USCIS to take up EB-3 cause?

    Even if IV has intentions to ameliorate our pain, is it truly capable to influence the agency to do something for only one specific category ? At a micro-level, we EB-3 need to do something about changing our situation ourselves, lest we stand in the filthy excreta for eons. :mad:

    08-02 01:40 PM
    Same is the case when i try to view those two threads from office.From home i am able to view thouhg.

    05-04 12:28 AM
    After 9 years in US and 4 years of 485 pending, GC Approved.

    Case at NSC
    Online Status:
    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    Praise the Lord!
    Thank You Jesus.

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